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More Swinging Etiquette – What to do When Playtime is Over?


Photo credit swinging4real

Continuing my thoughts on swinging etiquette, I thought I’d discuss another situation that could possibly cause awkwardness – at least, for me it can.

What do you do after playtime is over?

After you’ve gone through the basic “get to know you” stage (i.e. after you’ve determined that a) you’re attracted to your new playmate, and b) you’ve determined that said playmate is not an axe murderer), then generally you move to a more comfortable location and, um, get your freak on.

You have mind-blowing sex, in whatever form that takes, experience multiple orgasms, shrieks heard to the rafters.

What do you do next?

For me I usually lie back and relax, then get up for a drink, or go to spy on Rick. Sometimes I get lucky and can catch him banging another woman before they finish (watching him is a huge turn-on for me). Sometimes my play partner and I will cuddle, which usually doesn’t last long. Then we get up.

From time to time I’ve wondered what others do. Is there a better or more graceful way to end the play session?

I posed this question to some fellow swingers and here’s how they answered:

“You do what feels right: talk, play cards, play games.”

“We use the cool down period to actually get to know them.” (I LOVE this answer. I can just see it now: “You’re a great fuck. I’m Shay, by the way (extending my hand). Nice to meet you.”)

“We usually shower and go to bed!!  At a club, “thank you” is sufficient.  Our friends, those we have to our home or us to theirs, are very easy; we look at the clock, figure the drive time and act accordingly.  Sometimes, there is a last drink, maybe even a little more playfulness, a dip in a pool or its simply, “great time, good night” accompanied by hugs. It just depends.”

“Well you could tell him, now that he has blown his nut, to get off his ass and go make you a sandwich”

“Every situation is different. Number one rule, what would you like to hear when you are done, so act accordingly. If you are not with your spouse, simply state “let’s go look for our spouses”.  If you are all together, usually not everyone finishes at the same time, so you either get up and leave for a drink (or a sandwich or you watch until they are finished.  If it was a good time, you can cuddle as you watch. When it is over, break the ice with something polite, or all of you get up for that sandwich.  If you did not have the best of times, when your spouse is finished, just remind them you need to get up early in the morning or some excuse like that so you leave.

And if nothing else, heed this sage advice from a wise swinger:

“Just treat others as you would like to be treated”.

So I guess I’m doing ok. I try to practice the golden rule whenever possible. As a result, I’ve had mostly decent experiences, and haven’t been in too many awkward situations. Still, it’s always good to know what’s generally accepted.

Couples – how do you handle the end of play session? What are your tips?

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From The Mouth of Babes (Sort of)


Swingers say the darndest things. A few months ago when Rick and I were in Las Vegas, we played with another couple we’d contacted on a swinger site, and who were staying at the same hotel as we were. What a convenient coincidence! Their names escape me (I swear), so we’ll call them Carrie and Ned. They were on vacation from New York. We met at the pool and chatted for a couple of hours in the hot tub until we were kicked out so a crew could do some cleaning. Carrie and Ned went back to their room to change and get some booze before coming over to our room.

When they arrived we chatted some more before moving to the balcony to start some play. It was an amazing spring night in Vegas. Low humidity made the temperature so pleasant and there was a privacy screen on each balcony (not that we cared).

Anyhoo, after some blowjobs and nipple play, we decided to take it to the bedroom. RIck and Carrie claimed the bed and took turns going down on each other. Ned said he wanted to be on the bed too, so he could watch his wife go down on Rick. I agreed and Ned soon went down on me with a tongue much more aggressive than I was accustomed to. I discovered right away that I liked his voracious approach and he soon drew several loud orgasms out of me. Rick reported similar results from Carrie. Yay.

But soon thereafter I tumbled down from that orgasmic high when Ned kissed his way up my stomach and breasts and whispered in my ear in his sexiest Brooklyn accent…

“Youse taste nice.”

I had to bite my cheek and tongue to keep from laughing.


Last Saturday Rick and I visited an offsite swinger’s bar here in town. It’s a favorite of Rick’s because there’s a sexy young bartender whom he’d love to have his way with. Sadly, she’s not a swinger (or says she’s not) and engaged to be married to a non-swinger (or so she says). Blondie wasn’t working on Saturday but we sat with a lovely couple named Molly and Bill. They are veteran swingers and it was fun to swap stories. Since it’s an offsite club, we went with no expectations of play, but rather to make some new friends and have fun.

At one point, I got up to use the bathroom. I came out of the stall to wash my hands, and as I did so, a girl came into the bathroom, slapped me on the ass and said, “You have a great ass. Wish mine were that big. I want to see you shake that big ass on the dance floor.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Then I went out and shook my ass on the dance floor.

Kim K Naked Huge Ass

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Pussy-Sucking Skills – How Are Yours?

man sucking pussy

Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

For women who swing, a man who knows how to eat pussy well is a gem to behold. I’ve read lot of couples’ profiles that tout the pussy-eating prowess of the man, only to discover that the guy’s idea of cunnilingus is licking a few times, followed by a couple of quick kisses and that’s it.

But if you really want to please a woman, gentleman, you’ll need to take your time and go slow. If you want her to brag to all her other swinger friends (and you know you do), then read this excerpt from “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm,” by Nicole Daedone, the founder of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). She wrote a full chapter of pussy-sucking. Remember, guys, we females want sex that feels connected, even if it’s really not. Just because female swingers participate in recreational sex with complete strangers, we want it to feel amazing. So here are a few tips to ponder. While you read, I’m going to imagine some slow sex with Hugh Jackman as I watch “Real Steel” on TV. When not playing Wolverine, he grows the most perfect facial hair of any man I’ve seen. Oh, what that would feel like on my pussy…but I digress.

Remember…GO SLOW. Slower than you could ever imagine. Slow so you can feel her, smell her, taste her every cell. 

Help your woman take her clothes off. Go slowly. Linger. Show care with every button, every hook, every zipper. Lay her down on the bed and begin with her feet.

Press your thumbs into her arches until you feel her let go and relax. Ask her to communicate sensations to you. Ask her to tell you what it feels like in her body. Keep drawing out her sensation until you feel that she is truly ready to begin.

Treat her whole body as a sex organ and put as much attention on her neck, her chest, her nipples, her stomach. Don’t just go straight for her pussy. Spend some time teasing and coaxing her body to open and surrender to your touch and confidence.

Firmly and gently place a hand on each knee and press her legs open. Feel the heat increase between you. If she moves, tell her to be still.

With one soft finger, gently skim along her inner labia. Add lubrication if that would feel good. Feel how soft her labia are, like tissue paper. Feel how, when you stroke very lightly, you can almost feel the ridges of your own fingerprints.

Bring your finger to rest just below her clit but without touching it. Ask her to tell you a secret. Tell her you won’t budge your finger until she tells you something confidential. As she starts talking slowly move your finger closer to her clit getting as close as you can without actually reaching it.

Draw out her desire with soft kisses, firm intention, and gentle pressure on her inner thighs. Ask her to tell you how her pussy feels. Tell her a sensation in exchange, be specific.

Lick the outer rim of her labia on both sides. Lick just enough to feel the blood pumping in your lips. Then slowly, starting at her introitus (the opening of her vagina), draw your tongue up the centerline of her pussy.

After a few gentle strokes take the whole of her clit into your mouth. Draw it in. Move your tongue along the bottom ridge of her clit, where the inner labia begin to separate. Up and down in the ridge, as gently as you can. Pause and feel how her clit extends itself father into your mouth.

Now take the whole of your mouth and engulf her clit. Move the soft inside of your lips around her hood while keeping the center of your lips wrapped around her clit. Make your mouth big and soft. Try pulling back and exhaling heat onto her clit before diving in and sucking some more.

Curve your tongue and insert it into the pocket that forms under her hood, just above her clit. There is a spot somewhere along the top ridge of the clit where you can feel a slight electrical current, like when you rub your tongue over a copper wire. Keep moving your tongue over that spot.

Fuck her there, digging deeply as if you were burrowing inside her. The more attention you give the more the spot expands until its pulsing under your tongue. Once it’s pulsing you know she’s open. Wrap your mouth around the whole of her hood as you move your tongue around this spot, just above the clit.

While you are sucking her, take two fingers and slide them inside of her reaching up to the spot that would be the back of her clit. Rest your fingers there. Don’t move, just press very gently. Notice how the pressure pushes her clit from behind, how it pops forward into your mouth. Suck it as if you were sucking all the juices out of it. Feel the flow all the way down to your cock.

Begin to move your tongue in a slow rhythm that she can catch on to. If it starts to feel tight or tense, pull back and breath. Exhale. Ask her if she desires a climax, if she wants you to suck her until she comes. If she says yes, tell her you will be drawing her over rather than pressing her over. Gently ask her to communicate if she would like you to move faster or apply more pressure.

Continue to push her clit slightly from behind, while sucking and moving your tongue over her. You do not need to add speed or pressure unless she asks for it. Keep sucking, but pull your tongue back on top of her clit so she can lock into you. You can create a beautiful arc where you hold her in total stillness as she comes.

Once you’ve gotten her to a place of intense sensation, don’t move. Hold there as long as possible so she can absorb all the pleasure that’s available.

If, or as she goes over stay present and connected, do not try to make anything happen.

Simply magnetize her orgasm towards you. As you release the sucking, feel her body go into familiar contractions. The longer you stay in the stillness the more powerful the contractions will be.

As the contractions slow, move back slowly so that you can apply pressure anywhere on her body. Heavy pressure feels very good and grounding after she’s climax. Put pressure on her thighs, her legs, her chest. When you feel her relax, stretch out and lie on top of her until you can feel every part of her body exhale.

Men, if you can pull this off, even in a swinger’s club, you and your woman will have more women chasing you both than you can count. Go on now, it’s time to practice, practice, PRACTICE!

And ladies, here’s something for you:sexy hugh jackman

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12 Myths About Sex

Funny thing about the swing lifestyle; participating in any form of group sex can make a woman (or man) more conscious of who does what for how long and how many different positions can she (or he) get into with how many different people.

There’s a large spectrum of sexual “achievement” out there and many false impressions on where the average person sits on this spectrum. Despite all of this, it doesn’t seem like anyone is enjoying sex any less though. So, what difference do the numbers make? This graphic, originally posted by Dylan Cope at, debunks many myths and misconceptions about sex that even we swingers still sometimes believe.

Read on then share with us what you’ve learned!



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Bisexuality: 13 Types – Which Type Are You?

threesome sex, man plunging into woman's pussy

The topic of female bisexuality is so pervasive in the swinger community these days, I was intrigued when this post on caught my eye. Scroll through a handful of online swinger profiles and you’ll find women (or their partners) describing themselves as mostly bi-curious, bi-sexual, bi-friendly or bi-furious. Swinging has become a very acceptable way for women to test their bi-sexuality, and Lord knows I’m no different.

I invite you to read on, and I’ll let you know where I fall on the spectrum at the end of the article. I would also love to hear whether this list holds true for bisexual men. (KDaddy23, any thoughts on this?)


We all know the definition for homosexual and heterosexual. These terms are specific and definite in the description of the gender to which a person of either sexuality is attracted to, emotionally and sexually. A homosexual is attracted to his/her own gender and a heterosexual is attracted to the opposite gender. These encompass the identifying labels of gay, lesbian and straight. People whose sexuality is not specific to gender attraction fall into the general category of bisexual. There is a lot of confusion about the concept of bisexuality and what it means.

A significant percentage of people experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings towards people of both genders, at varying times throughout their lives. Thus bisexuality is an all-encompassing term. Many find the term too vague and all-inclusive, lacking the definition to describe their particular sexuality, and prefer the labels pansexual, non-preferential, sexually fluid, ambi-sexual, or queer.

Alfred Kinsey’s sexual orientation scale allows for a continuum of zero to six. Heterosexuals score at zero and homosexuals score at six. That leaves the entire inside range of his scale in the bisexuality realm. So what does this mean?

Those whose sexuality fall at the one or two range, are primarily heterosexual, but have some attraction and experiences with same-sex partners. Those who score a three are more or less equally attracted to both sexes. People at four and five on the Kinsey scale choose primarily same-sex partners, but are not completely gay or lesbian and have some heterosexual tendencies and relationships as well.

In recent years, many have ascribed to a more gender-fluid identity, especially those who have had surgery to transition from their birth gender to the opposite gender. The labels heterosexual, gay, lesbian, and bisexual do not take into consideration those who identify as transgender. This is a recent addition to the sexuality definitions and requires additional labeling to adequately consider all sexualities.

Many transgender people are transitioning from male to female, or from female to male, or identify as “gender-queer” because they do not comfortably fit into either the male or female gender. Since sexual orientation has always been based on the gender of your sexual partners, if gender is not a rigid category, labels such as straight and gay become much less meaningful or relevant.

Bisexual people are a very diverse group. Psychologist J.R. Little has identified at least 13 types of bisexuality in his extensive research on the subject. If you identify as bisexual, perhaps one of these will sound familiar to your particular sexual orientation.

1.  Alternating – This is the bisexual who choses one gender at a time and has a relationship with that person. This person may appear to others to be straight during their relationship with the opposite sex and then appear to be gay during a time when they have a same-sex relationship.

2.  Circumstantial – This bisexual is primarily heterosexual but will choose a same-sex partner when no opposite sex partner is available. Private same-sex school, military and prison are examples of the environment where this type of bisexuality presents itself in the person.

3.  Concurrent Relationship – This bisexual has a primary relationship with one gender and concurrently has casual sex with the other gender, in an uncommitted secondary relationship.

4.  Conditional – This bisexual is primarily either gay or straight, but chooses to switch to a relationship with the other gender for a specific purpose, not related to their sexuality. An example would be a lesbian woman who marries a man for social acceptance or to have children. Also, prostitutes who will have sex with a gender outside their sexuality, is another example.

5.  Emotional – This type is primarily either gay or straight, but has intimate emotional relationships with the other gender.

6.  Integrated – This bisexual has more than one primary relationship at the same time with both genders. An example would be a polyamorous woman, living with her husband and another woman, with both relationships taking a primary position with a long term commitment.

7.  Exploratory – This bisexual is either straight or gay/lesbian, but has sex with the other gender just to satisfy their curiosity and see what it’s like.

8.  Hedonistic –  Primarily straight or gay/lesbian but will sometimes have recreational sex with a different gender purely for sexual satisfaction.

9.  Recreational – Primarily heterosexual, but will engage in gay or lesbian sex only when under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

10.  Isolated – This type had one or more same-sex experiences in the past, but identifies as straight or gay/lesbian now.

11.  Latent – This type has desires, but only fantasizes and dreams of having bisexual sex. Their actual sexual behavior is clearly limited to either homosexual or heterosexual.

12.  Motivational – This type is women who are straight but have sex with other women purely as a means to pleasing their male partner who has requested it for his own satisfaction. An example would be a threesome escapade.

13.  Transitional – This is the type that is going from being straight to being gay, or vice versa. A lot of bisexuals receive criticism based on this type, and are pigeon-holed as being transitional, because transitional type bisexuals exist.

Most of the millions of bisexuals that exist in the world do not openly out themselves. Since most bisexuals keep their sexual orientation to themselves, bisexuals as a group have little visibility in society.

Moreover, many bisexuals feel unwelcomed in both the straight and gay communities. As they don’t fit in anywhere, they feel like outsiders to the mainstream, well-established hetero and homosexual communities. This breeds isolation and confusion among many, as they lack an established community of their own, where they can find acceptance and role models. Gay men believe that bisexual men are really gay, but claiming to be bisexual to ease the impact or because they are in denial. Straight men display homophobia by victimizing gay and bisexual men. Straight women reject bisexual men, fearing they may have AIDS or are on the verge of changing their sexuality. Lesbians distrust bisexual women, thinking they are all transitional, or just using men to maintain their heterosexual identity in society. Straight women distrust and reject bisexual women, fearful of sexual pressure to partake in bisexual escapades.

The two types of bisexuals that the straight and gay communities see, are not representative of the bisexual community at large. The transitional type, on their way to becoming straight or gay, and the pathological type, that of neuroses, confusion and metal instability, unable to determine what sexuality they are. Both are examples of a temporary bisexuality which is characterized by a phase, rather than an authentic sexuality.

As more information, studies and public awareness allows for a deeper understanding and acceptance of the bisexual community, there is hope that stereotypes of bisexuals will diminish and society will broaden their ability to accept bisexuals, regardless of their type.


True confession: On Kinsey’s scale, I would place myself as a one or two. I do feel attraction toward certain women and toward certain types of women. Being married to a red-blooded American male, he of course, is very supportive of my occasional desires to play with other women.

And among this list of 13, I would say I started at #11, then moved to #7, and now alternate between #8 and #3. It’s definitely been a journey and a learning experience. One that I’ve enjoyed every step of the way.

Ladies (and gentlemen)? Where do you fall on the scale?

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In the Market for a Clitaurus?

Small pink car


Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women.

Mixing the Renault ‘Clio’ and the Ford ‘Taurus’ they have designed the ‘Clitaurus’.

It comes in pink, and the average male car thief won’t be able to find it – let alone turn it on – even if someone tells him where it is and how to do it.

Rumor has it though, that it leaks transmission fluid once a month, and can be a real bitch to start in the morning! Some have reported that on cold winter mornings, when you really need it, you can’t get it to turn over.

New models are initially fun to own, but very costly to maintain, and horribly expensive to get rid of. Used models may initially appear to have curb appeal and a low price, but eventually have an increased appetite for fuel, and the curb weight typically increases with age. Manufacturers are baffled as to how the size of the trunk increases, but say that the paint may just make it LOOK bigger.

This model is not expected to reach collector status. Most owners will find it is best to just lease one, and replace it in a few years..

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What’s on your swingers Christmas list?

Santa with a lot of naked girls

I think deep down, Santa is a swinger. With all those sexy little “helpers” and elves around, you know it’s true. (What else are they going to do the other 11 months of the year, anyway?) It occurred to me that during this season for gift-giving, it would seem, well, sooo vanilla, to give a gift card or a fruitcake to your favorite unicorn, or your best “friends with benefits” or your own swinging spouse, for that matter. Gifting a fellow swinger requires thoughtfulness and creativity, so here are a few suggestions to consider:

Toys – Be creative and look beyond the typical cylindrical vibe to something both of you can enjoy during private lovemaking as well as playtime at the clubs. How about the We-Vibe III? Like its predecessors, this hot little insertable vibrator can be worn hands-free for mind-blowing pleasure. It has 40% more power than before, plus it’s now outfitted with an easy-use handheld remote control and is totally waterproof! Turn it by tapping the raised nub at the tip of the vibrator. Keep tapping to switch between purring vibrations, buzzing patterns, and tingling escalation. Use water-based sex lube to get your vibrator all slick, then insert the larger end inside your vagina for G-Spot thrills. The vibrator’s other end will cup your clitoris. Use the handheld remote to change functions. The We-Vibe III’s dual motors put the power right up against your pleasure centers for amazing orgasms. It’s such a good fit that your partner can comfortably slide right in alongside. A gift that both Santa and Mrs. Claus can enjoy! Available at finer sex toy shops and websites.

wake her up with a vibrator

Does she have a hard time waking up after a hard night of playing? Get her the Little Rooster, named GQ’s “Valentine Gift of the Year”. This alarm clock vibrator will slowly wake her up smiling and get everyone’s day off to a good start. What Glamour Magazine calls the “raciest alarm clock in the world” has two motors for extra sensation.  One motor feels great, two is something else. They interact, resonating and pulsating, with extra power to boot.  Little Rooster’s stimulation goes from butterfly to beast.  Other features include 27 silent settings for precision pleasure, plus three extra powerful “turbo” levels for those moments when intensity is the only thing that counts. Visit for details.

Erotic Fiction – Were you one of the lucky guys who found himself getting all kinds of nooky once your lady started reading Fifty Shades of Gray? You don’t want to lose the momentum so it’s important to keep the free flow of erotic fiction coming to refill her mental Rolodex. Amazon has a great selection of reasonably-priced erotica available in both e-book and hard copy formats. Check out some other publishers, too, like Circlet Press ( for high-quality, imaginative erotic literature. Circlet embraces BDSM and GLBTQ stories, along with gender and relationship nonconformity, with some vanilla thrown in too.  And don’t forget my own Erotic Fiction featured on this blog. If she doesn’t get hot from reading Stacey and Justin’s swinging adventures…may I suggest counseling? (LOL; only kidding!)

Erotic photography sessions – I have written about the benefits of spicing up, sexing up, and classing up your swinger pics. I highly, highly recommend having some professional shots taken for the profile.  Rick and I have found that our profile got a lot more traffic after we changed out the pictures. Websites like Living Social and Groupon often have photography deals for “boudoir photos” and sometimes include hair and makeup sessions as part of the deal. What a sexy time it could be, the two of you, scantily clad, striking sexy poses. Maybe with more than two of you. Maybe you have a special couple you like to play with. If everyone’s game, why not?

Swinger vacations – Rick and I had a great time at Temptations Resort in Cancun, although I hear that Desire is FAR better, since it’s an actual swinger resort rather than a couples’ resort. Read more about our experience here.  There are swinger cruises, if you are into those, or even a weekend in a fun town with a hot swingers’ club (like Lagniappe in Shreveport, LA, or the Red Rooster in Las Vegas) would be a great gift.

Sexy board game

And what about a hostess gift for that special couple who throw the best house parties? “It’s a Tease” is the liberating board game for couples and groups. Tease combines a classic drinking game with an array of sexy and titillating features, such as massage, lap-dance and sexy fantasies.

Designed in the classic 1950’s pin-up style, Tease warms you up with five levels of rewards and forfeits, releasing your inhibitions and removing your clothes as you progress around the beautifully designed board. Your hostess will love you, and if you’re lucky, will want to play with you (in more ways than one). Visit for details.

So here’s to a holiday shopping trip that will not only help check those “special” friends off your list, but maybe give you a special ‘gift’ in return!



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The Varieties of Intimate Relationships

According to The Daily Infographic there are as many different intimate  types of relationships  as there are species of bats in Texas.

For some people as soon as they turn 16 and start their first intimate relationship it never stops. They have relationship after intimate relationship and being with someone at all times is like breathing.  In this situation the people begin to know each other better than they know themselves.   They spend every moment of everyday together. If they have nothing important to do, they will with most likely be with each other. For other people, that first relationship doesn’t happen until they are much older or have very big spaces between their relationships and therefore spending long periods of time getting to know themselves.  Here we have 2 different kinds of people, one who spends ¾ of their time with another person’s affection, and one who is mostly alone to themselves.

When a couple starts swinging, that changes the dynamic totally. Polyamorous couples change the dynamic even more. Readers, where do you fall in this graphic?


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Girls’ Night Out

Tits are lookin’ good, girl…

Ashley admired herself in the full-length mirror. She had just bought the royal blue dress, thinking the color accentuated the auburn undertones in her dark brown hair. She figured it would cover enough of her C-cup breasts to avoid getting arrested, but not enough so her date for the night wouldn’t notice. As she turned to the vanity to finish her makeup, her husband, Dalton, let out a whistle.

“You’re going out dressed like THAT?” he teased as he slapped her on the ass.

“You got a problem with it?” Ashley retorted back, as the corners of her mouth began to turn upward in a sexy smile.

“No, I just think your date is going to be speechless when she sees you,” he answered.

Ashley turned her attentions back to finishing her makeup. She and Dalton had been married for a few years and still loved to tease and flirt with each other. They started swinging two years ago and really enjoyed the friends they’d made in the Lifestyle. They started off gradually; enjoying occasional threesomes before moving onto full swapping with other couples. They’d even invited another man to join them one night at the club for some MFM activity, which is how they’d met Jesse. Jesse and his wife Roxanne were longtime swingers. One night at their favorite swing club Roxanne was invited to participate in a threesome without Jesse. He didn’t have a problem with it and told her to go enjoy herself. He sat at the bar chatting with the bartender when Ashley began flirting with him, which ultimately led to Jesse participating in a threesome with her and Dalton. Roxanne met up with them later for some play, and the foursome hit it off, becoming fast friends.

Several weeks ago, after a fun night of play, Ashley suggested to Roxanne something different.

“Have you ever thought about playing with another woman…without husbands being around?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, sometimes I think it would be really nice to have a girl’s night, where we can do girly things. All kinds of girly things,” Roxanne answered, winking at Ashley.

Ashley’s eyes widened. “You want to?” she asked.

“Hell yes, you’re so hot, Ash,” she replied. “I love it when the four of us are together, and I love playing with Dalton, but I think it would be nice to enjoy a woman without a man trying to get a poke in, right?” Both girls giggled.

They agreed to talk to their respective husbands about it and text each other the next day. On their way home from the club, Ashley casually asked, “Would you mind if Roxy and I had a girl’s night out in a couple of weeks?”

“You mean like getting your nails done and going shopping?” Dalton asked.

“Not really. More like dinner, drinks and pussy for dessert,” she answered nervously.

Ah-ha. I see. Where is this girl’s night going to be?” he queried.

“We were thinking of getting a room at the Renaissance so neither you nor Jesse would have to give up your house,” she answered.

“Very thoughtful of you,” Dalton teased. “Can we at least get a couple of souvenir photos?”

Ashley playfully punched him in the arm and sighed in exasperation. “Men are such pigs.”

The next day Roxanne reported a similar conversation with her husband and the two women laughed as they agreed on a date.  As Ashley put the finishing touches on her makeup, she remembered the excitement she felt as they discussed all the particulars. Ashley was always very open about how beautiful she thought Roxanne was, and Roxanne returned her admiration.  Roxanne was a blonde, of average height with a tiny waist, sexy hips and the most perfect pair of DDD cup breasts money could buy. Ashley was stunned when she learned Roxanne had implants. There were virtually no scars to be found. In swing clubs and at house parties Roxanne gave out her surgeon’s name and number more often than she gave out her own.

Ashley finished her makeup, grabbed her clutch purse and walked to the front door. She stopped to kiss Dalton goodbye. He was immersed in a rerun of Duck Dynasty, to be followed by a football game at a bar with Jesse.

“You’re kidding,” was all Ashley could say.

“Have fun honey,” was his reply.

Ashley felt her palms get a little sweaty and noticed her heart beating a little faster as she drove to the hotel to meet Roxanne. The hotel had a fabulous restaurant that was a local favorite. It was small, dark and quiet, but with a sexy vibe that couples loved. She hoped Roxanne was as excited about having lesbian sex as she was. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian, but Roxanne aroused her desires like no other woman had.

She pulled into the parking lot and saw her friend’s car already there. She parked and quickly walked inside. Roxanne stood up to wave her over to their table. Ashley was breathless. Roxanne was wearing black silk pants, black stiletto heels and a sheer black top. Her ample cleavage spilled out over the top of her lacy bra. She looked like a movie star.

“Wow! You look amazing!” Ashley gushed as the women greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek.

“Girl, you look pretty hot yourself,” Roxanne answered.

For the next hour the women enjoyed themselves, ordering a bottle of wine to go along with their seafood entrees. They both started to feel the effects of the alcohol, and wisely cut themselves off after one glass. They would take the bottle to their room to finish later.

After the women finished their meal and paid the bill, they grabbed the bottle of wine and went off to the room upstairs. Ashley booked the room but hadn’t seen it yet. Both ladies gasped in delight as Ashley opened the door. There was a luxurious king-sized bed and built-in Jacuzzi tub.

“I’d carry you over the threshold, baby, if I wasn’t so drunk,” Roxanne said. Both girls laughed hysterically for a minute.

“I’m going to find some music,” Ashley said as she started tinkering with the in-room sound system.

“I’ll start the bubbles,” Roxanne replied as she turned on the tub faucet and poured her favorite bubble bath that she remembered to bring, along with some other sex toys.

Ashley found a light jazz station while Roxanne evenly poured the last of the wine into two glasses. She walked over to Ashley and began kissing her lightly along her neck and collarbone. Ashley, already feeling relaxed from the effects of the wine, dropped her head back so her dark hair cascaded down her back and let out a moan.

“I’m so glad we decided to do this, Roxy,” she whispered.

“Me too, Ash,” she replied. “We’re going to have some fun tonight, right?” Ashley realized at that moment Roxanne had lowered the straps on her dress and was playing with her nipples, hardened with excitement.

Ashley lifted her head and started kissing Roxanne on the mouth, lightly at first, then using her tongue to part Roxanne’s succulent red lips to where both women had their tongues deeply down each other’s throat. Ashley wrapped her hands around Roxanne’s waist, then moved them down to grab her ass. Roxanne continued working Ashley’s nipples, arousing her to near orgasm. Roxanne knew Ashley’s hot spots, and, as the more aggressive of the two, intended to push those hot buttons to their ultimate limit, which would drive them both wild.

Ashley began unbuttoning Roxanne’s shirt, then reached back to unclasp her bra. She pulled out of their kiss in time to see Roxanne’s huge tits tumble out of her bra and her nipples harden in the cool air. Ashley tossed her friend’s clothes aside and bent down to caress Roxanne’s right nipple with her tongue.

Roxanne pushed Ashley’s dress down to the floor, leaving her standing nude, clad only in her heels. Roxanne unbuttoned her own slacks, dropped them to the floor and kicked off her heels.

Ashley was about to do the same, but Roxanne said firmly, “No, baby, leave them on.” She took Ashley by the hand and led her over to the edge of the bed and sat down. When she sat down, her eyes became level with Ashley’s smooth, shaved pussy. Ashley’s stiletto’s lifted her high enough so Roxanne could lick her pussy. She parted Ashley’s legs ever so slightly and began fingering her slit. Ashley dropped her head back and began caressing Roxanne’s hair, using her head to balance herself.

Roxanne leaned in and went to work. Ashley began moaning on first contact. She’d wanted Roxy all to herself, and knew that Roxy wanted the same thing. She also knew Roxy was a little more aggressive in the bedroom than she was, and she eagerly awaited whatever surprises her friend and playmate had in store for her.

Roxanne ran her tongue back and forth along Ashley’s soaking slit. Then she gently pulled back the hood, exposing Ashley’s swollen, throbbing clit and began sucking gently. Ashley’s eyes opened wide and her moans grew louder.

“Yesssss, Roxy,” she said as her hips rocked back and forth. Ashley turned her head to get a glimpse of herself in the mirror and saw a tall brunette wearing only stiletto heels, nipples hardened, a red glow spreading across her upper chest, legs spread and seemingly glued to her blonde friend’s mouth. The image, plus Roxy’s insistent sucking, brought her to her first shuddering climax of the evening. As she came on her friend’s face, her knees buckled and she had to reach out to brace herself against the wall as her pussy contracted over and over again.

“OHMIGODDDD, I’m cumming!!” Ashley moaned as her legs swayed back and forth. Roxanne kept licking as she felt her friend come down from her climax. She pulled away and fell backward on the bed, panting.

She looked up at her beautiful friend and said, “You like?” with a smile.

Ashley straddled her friend on the bed, panting, “Like?? I LOVED IT!” She lowered herself down on top of Roxanne and began kissing her slowly and deeply. She caressed one of Roxanne’s giant breasts. They were so firm, yet so sensitive. Ashley took a nipple between her thumb and index finger and tugged gently. She knew Roxy would love it.

Roxanne began moaning through Ashley’s kisses. Ashley slowly began kissing her way down to Roxanne’s honey pot. She lightly caressed Roxanne’s smooth mound and continued south to part her pussy lips, already soaked. Roxy spread her legs wide, exposing her womanhood to her friend. Ashley moved down and lightly blew cool breath over Roxy’s hungry pussy. She swore she could see Roxy’s clit throbbing. Ashley inserted two fingers into Roxy’s wet pussy and found her g-spot. It was already engorged when Ashley began massaging and applying pressure.

Roxanne arched her back and began to play with her own nipples. “Do me, Ash,” she half-moaned, half-whispered.


Photo credit: Dane Jones

Ashley reached down and began licking Roxanne’s swollen clit. She loved how Roxanne tasted. She licked all around her pussy lips, then back up to her clit. She used her tongue to apply light pressure to her clit as her fingers stroked the g-spot inside. Roxanne could hardly keep her hips still and they began to grind back and forth on Ashley’s face. Ashley knew she was close. She continued until Roxanne let out a high-pitched wail.

“Ashhh…!” Roxanne squealed as she squirted cum juices all over Ashley’s face and hair. She soaked the sheets. Ashley kept massaging her spot and watched her friend squirm as she squirted several times more.

As Roxanne caught her breath, Ashley climbed up and lay down next to her and kissed her lips, cheek and neck. Roxanne rolled over and hugged Ashley, saying, “God that was so amazing. This is great, just being here with you.”

“Yeah, I agree. Hey, you want to get into the tub before the water gets cold?” Ashley asked.

“Sure,” Roxanne answered. The girls slowly peeled themselves off the bed and lowered their spent bodies into the warm tub.

As they sat and sipped wine, Roxanne’s hands found their way over to Ashley’s sudsy tits. Even though they were a lot smaller than her own, Roxanne loved their perkiness and sensitivity, especially the nipples. Ashley returned the attention by running her own hands over Roxanne’s pendulous and sudsy breasts. Both women quickly became aroused again. Roxanne began kissing Ashley on the neck and whispered in her ear, “I brought my strap-on. Want to play with it?”

Ashley opened her eyes and locked them on Roxanne’s. “Do I get to be your bitch tonight?” she asked.

Ashley loved anal sex. Dalton introduced her to it when they were dating and Ashley loved it from the start. She loved how intense her orgasms were when Dalton fucked her ass and played with her clit. When she and Dalton would swap with Jesse and Roxanne, Ashley often asked Jesse for anal, and Jesse always obliged.

Roxanne didn’t enjoy receiving anal as much as Ashley did, but she did enjoy wearing a strap-on dildo and fucking other women with it. She and Ashley had only had sex with the strap-on a handful of times, but Roxanne noted how much Ashley seemed to love surrendering her tender asshole to Roxanne’s big black dildo.

Roxanne got out of the tub, dried off and pulled the strap-on and anal lube out of her bag. Ashley loved to watch Roxanne transform into this more dominant persona and she felt herself becoming even more aroused. “Where are you going to fuck me, Mistress?” she asked with a mocking sweetness.

“Right there where you are, little girl,” Roxanne replied. She stepped back in the tub, pulled Ashley to a standing position and turned her around, so she was bent over the tub. Ashley braced herself on the side of the tub and looked behind her to see Roxanne pouring lube on her finger as she spread Ashley’s ass cheeks. She warmed the lube with her fingers before slowly inserting a finger in Ashley’s ass. She felt another pair of fingers gently stroking her clit.


Roxanne slowly pumped her finger in and out of Ashley’s ass to prime it as she fingered her clit with the other hand. She could feel her friend relax as her pussy began spilling its juices. Ashley arched her back and growled in delight.

“Fill me up, Mistress!” Ashley begged.

Roxanne slowly removed her finger, positioned her dildo at Ashley’s ass opening and slowly entered her friend as she held the base of the huge plastic schlong. Roxanne could see the dildo disappear inside Ashley’s tight little ass and heard her squeal with delight as she filled her friend. She handed Ashley a small, waterproof vibrator to put on her clit. Ashley grabbed it and began massaging her swollen love button as Roxanne grabbed her hips and began to thrust in her ass.

Water splashed with each thrust. Roxanne’s thrusting quickened and she grabbed Ashley’s damp hair and pulled it, raising her friend’s head. Ashley loved being Roxanne’s sex slave, even for just a few minutes. In no time, Ashley’s pussy contracted in orgasmic pleasure. Roxanne didn’t let up at all and continued thrusting through her orgasm in hopes of drawing out another. She let go of Ashley’s hair and began lightly stroking her back and asked, “Ready for another?”

“Y-y-y-e-s-s Mistress, please may I cum again?” she asked.

Roxanne continued thrusting. Ashley placed the vibrator inside her pussy and began rubbing her clit with her hand. She nearly approached sensory overload as her pussy contracted again from all the stimulation. She howled in delight as her orgasm flooded her body. Roxanne sensed her friend’s exhaustion and stopped thrusting. She caressed her friend’s body as she slowly pulled the dildo out of Ashley’s ass. She helped Ashley out of the tub, wrapped her in a thick bath sheet, walked her over to the bed and laid her down.  She smoothed the damp hair away from Ashley’s face and softly kissed her.  Ashley, still panting from the most amazing climax she’d ever experienced, wrapped her arms around Roxanne and hugged her tightly.

“This is so much fun, Roxy,” she said. “Let’s take a nap and do it some more.”

“Absolutely, baby,” Roxanne replied as she pulled back the blankets so they could snuggle underneath. Ashley spooned Roxanne, holding her huge breasts as she dozed off. She could hardly wait for Round 2.

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Swingers’ Humor!


There are a lot of humorous things about swinging. What’s that saying about an element of truth in all humor??


And who knew that basic swinger etiquette so closely mirrors the basic rules of swimming pool safety? (Pay close attention to the bold print.)



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