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Fucking in a Stranger’s Front Yard

girls9This is what we’d hope to see. Sadly, we didn’t.

This past weekend Rick and I decided to take the Harley to a “lifestyle friendly” nudist resort outside of town that hosted a poker run and bike rally. We were curious about how well bikers and nudists played together in the sandbox and assumed that nudists would also be into, well…swinging.

We were wrong. About the swinging, that is.

When we called we learned that all the cabins had been booked a year ago. However, we were directed to a lady who is a permanent resident at the resort and recently began renting out rooms in her mobile home to supplement her income. She was highly regarded by the resort staff, so we got a room. I honestly wasn’t too thrilled about this arrangement when I first heard about it from Rick, but I figured ‘what the hell’; how bad could it be for two nights?

Our hostess, Elaine, greeted us warmly upon our arrival, and quickly gave us a tour and laid down her house rules.

“By the way, are you swingers?” she asked bluntly. “If so, you can’t do that in my house,” she said.

Rick and I just looked at each other and said, “Ok.”

Elaine was chatty and friendly, inviting us to eat dinner with her and serving us ice cream with grilled peaches for dessert. Rick and I had a guest bedroom and bathroom. Elaine had rented out her master suite, which was surprisingly large, to another couple. It was weird to walk around nude in a stranger’s house. Although it was a “clothing optional” resort, Elaine maintained that we needed to be nude or semi-nude as much as possible in and around her house.

Saturday morning we left for the poker run for a 150-mile round trip. It was a beautiful ride as we made five stops at various watering holes, taverns and gas stations to pick up a random playing card inside a sealed envelope. We made it back to the starting point in plenty of time and to get naked and present our envelopes to the organizers to open and reveal our poker hand. It was funny to see Rick stand there nude, his cock just 18 inches away from this old guy’s face. Both our hands were crappy so we didn’t win anything. We were hot and tired and dusty and ready to jump in the pool.

After we climbed out of the pool to chill on the lounge chairs, we discussed how the crowd in the pool, open-minded as they appeared to be, weren’t really into flirting with anyone. All they wanted to do was smoke and drink and smoke some more. You could see how that lifestyle had really taken its toll on these 60 and 70-year-olds. Even if they were into swinging, these were not people I’d be interested in playing with. Don’t get me wrong; we’re not Ken and Barbie. But I do take some pride in trying to keep myself in decent shape so I can enjoy sex. I told Rick I didn’t think any of these people had fucked anyone in years.

We discussed just jumping back on the bike and leaving early. It was only an hour and a half away, so why not cut out and leave early? The main event was over and there wasn’t much left to do but sit around and listen to some bar band that didn’t sound any different than the one we’d heard the night before. We picked up our stuff and made our way back over to Elaine’s place to find her gone, roommates gone and all the doors locked.

Exasperated, we sat down on some chairs in her side yard and waited. The time passed and it got darker. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I walked a short distance to the community restroom. When I returned, I touched Rick’s cock and found it semi-hard. He said he’d been thinking about having some fun of our own. Inspired, I began stroking and thinking. I looked around at Elaine’s yard, taking note of the shrubs, palm trees and furniture. Elaine lived in the back of the resort, off any well-traveled paths. She also had a nicely manicured lawn.

“Let’s put our towels down and do it right here in her grass,” I suggested as I stroked his growing cock. “I mean, it’s not like there’s anything else to do,” I added.

“Really?” he said.

“Sure, why not?”


We spread the towels out to make enough room for me to lie on them. Rick played with my nipples and fingered my pussy which is a surefire way to get me wet. We started fucking doggy-style, which I thought would be good so we could both keep an eye out for Elaine’s golf cart (or someone else’s). We eventually switched to missionary with my legs over his shoulders, which was amazing. We were going at it and I had a small orgasm right before Rick’s cock exploded inside me. Which was convenient, as Elaine’s cart came whizzing down the trail and right up into her driveway. Luckily she didn’t see us right away which gave us a chance to get my cover-up back on. (Like that mattered; we were at a nudist resort).

We had just fucked on a stranger’s front lawn. While it wasn’t on either of our sexual bucket lists, it was still pretty fucking fabulous.

“I remembered I didn’t tell you where I hide my key,” she said frantically. “I keep it right here,” she said as she showed us her hiding spot. “I came back to get something then I’m going back to hear the band. Are you coming up there?”

“Maybe in a little while,” we replied.

She grabbed whatever she came back for and quickly left. We rushed to pack up our stuff, got dressed and hightailed it out of there before she returned. I felt bad about leaving without telling Elaine goodbye, but I figured she was just weird enough to not be bothered too much by it. Clearly this resort advertised itself as a lifestyle-friendly place, but these people seemed to have not a shred of interest in it. There was even a designated ”playroom” that opened after 10 pm but we didn’t see anyone go inside – not one time.

We made it home at a reasonable time and were grateful to sleep in our own bed. The next morning, though, Rick realized his wallet was missing. So he ended up calling Elaine to ask if it was in the guest room. In our haste to leave due to a mysterious “family emergency”, Rick didn’t notice it had fallen under the bed.

So he had to drive back (in his truck) to retrieve it. Then drive back home.

But, hey, at least we managed to have some sexy fun.

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More Swinging Etiquette – What to do When Playtime is Over?


Photo credit swinging4real

Continuing my thoughts on swinging etiquette, I thought I’d discuss another situation that could possibly cause awkwardness – at least, for me it can.

What do you do after playtime is over?

After you’ve gone through the basic “get to know you” stage (i.e. after you’ve determined that a) you’re attracted to your new playmate, and b) you’ve determined that said playmate is not an axe murderer), then generally you move to a more comfortable location and, um, get your freak on.

You have mind-blowing sex, in whatever form that takes, experience multiple orgasms, shrieks heard to the rafters.

What do you do next?

For me I usually lie back and relax, then get up for a drink, or go to spy on Rick. Sometimes I get lucky and can catch him banging another woman before they finish (watching him is a huge turn-on for me). Sometimes my play partner and I will cuddle, which usually doesn’t last long. Then we get up.

From time to time I’ve wondered what others do. Is there a better or more graceful way to end the play session?

I posed this question to some fellow swingers and here’s how they answered:

“You do what feels right: talk, play cards, play games.”

“We use the cool down period to actually get to know them.” (I LOVE this answer. I can just see it now: “You’re a great fuck. I’m Shay, by the way (extending my hand). Nice to meet you.”)

“We usually shower and go to bed!!  At a club, “thank you” is sufficient.  Our friends, those we have to our home or us to theirs, are very easy; we look at the clock, figure the drive time and act accordingly.  Sometimes, there is a last drink, maybe even a little more playfulness, a dip in a pool or its simply, “great time, good night” accompanied by hugs. It just depends.”

“Well you could tell him, now that he has blown his nut, to get off his ass and go make you a sandwich”

“Every situation is different. Number one rule, what would you like to hear when you are done, so act accordingly. If you are not with your spouse, simply state “let’s go look for our spouses”.  If you are all together, usually not everyone finishes at the same time, so you either get up and leave for a drink (or a sandwich or you watch until they are finished.  If it was a good time, you can cuddle as you watch. When it is over, break the ice with something polite, or all of you get up for that sandwich.  If you did not have the best of times, when your spouse is finished, just remind them you need to get up early in the morning or some excuse like that so you leave.

And if nothing else, heed this sage advice from a wise swinger:

“Just treat others as you would like to be treated”.

So I guess I’m doing ok. I try to practice the golden rule whenever possible. As a result, I’ve had mostly decent experiences, and haven’t been in too many awkward situations. Still, it’s always good to know what’s generally accepted.

Couples – how do you handle the end of play session? What are your tips?

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Halloween and Swingers go together like…peas and carrots!


Actually, Halloween for swingers is like Fat Tuesday for Catholics and Christians. The analogy is even more striking after reading Wikipedia’s definition of the holiday: “…Popular practices include wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc.” While I don’t think I’ve seen a sports competition at a swinger’s Halloween party, (yet, anyway) I think the comparisons are eerily familiar.

pretty lady in toga costume

This is NOT me, but my costume looked a LOT like this.

Rick and I attended a costume party at a swinger’s club last weekend. It was our first time dressing up for Halloween as a couple. Yes, ever. (Hey, that’s only 5 1/2 years). After some discussion, we decided to go as gladiators/Romans/Spartans/one who wears a toga. We had already purchased these costumes last spring to take with us on our trip to a couples’ resort in Mexico, but ended up not wearing them then. We looked hot, if I do say so myself. We invited our favorite unicorn, Angelina, to join us, and she agreed. She came dressed as a…unicorn. It was a very cute, sexy outfit that she got many comments and compliments on.

Sexy guy in toga costume

This is NOT Rick, but his costume looked sorta like this…

We arrived at the club just as it opened, knowing that it would soon be packed to the rafters with hot and horny people.  We danced and enjoyed cocktails and met several new, fun couples.  Most everyone wore a costume, although there were a few who arrived in regular street clothes and club wear. (Ok, so you’re a swinger and decide to venture in to a club sans costume on the Saturday before Halloween. Really??? Do you own a calendar?) Despite the plain Janes, there were lots of creative, sexy and barely-there costumes represented. French maids, Playboy bunnies, latex princesses, schoolgirls, you name it.

But my absolute favorite costume was worn by a guy who came dressed as Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad. Rick and I became fans of this show very late in it’s existence. Like this year. Once we discovered it, we watched five years of episodes in about three months. I so wish we had discovered this gem years ago, but better late than never, I suppose. Anyway, this guy looked like Bryan Cranston‘s twin (the actor who plays Walter White). He wore Heisenberg’s black fedora to start with, then as the evening progressed he donned Walter’s typical meth-cooking attire: tidy whities, a chef’s apron and Doc Martens boots. His wife/girlfriend came as

Walter White fucks Cleopatra

Does he fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?

the sexy French maid (I must have missed the episode she was in, LOL) and didn’t leave his side for most of the evening. I loved the creativity of his costume so much that I tried to think up a clever pick-up line. (“I know Walter White is a chemistry teacher, but do you think he enjoyed history enough to fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?”)

But alas, I didn’t.

As the club rapidly filled with people, I thought it might be time to go play for a bit. By now Angelina had pulled Rick’s cock out from under his toga and was stroking it to a full hard-on. He said to her, “You’re being very naughty,” to which she replied “YES, I AM!” She and I had also been making out from time to time, so I figured we should get a bed before they were all taken.

We found an empty bed fairly quickly. One thing about Halloween sex: sometimes the costumes can be a big pain in the ass to deal with. Although mine and Rick’s costumes were easy to get off, poor Angelina had to get out of a corset, take off a wig, a tutu, knee-high stockings, heels, and her unicorn horn. I silently wondered how many swingers decide NOT to have sex at a Halloween party due to the sheer hassle of dealing with costumes.

After we collectively helped Angelina out of her costume, we got busy. One thing I love about Angelina is that she’s crazy fun. She loves to be our “dirty little slut” so I told her I wanted her to fuck Rick while I watched for a few minutes. I put his cock inside her, which is always fun, and watched her grind on top of him. She did that for a while then Rick told her to get off and eat my pussy, which was already soaking wet.

“Is she always this wet?” she asked him.

“Usually. Unless she’s exhausted or not feeling well, she’s usually good to go,” he replied.

Their exchange struck me as funny because it sounded like they were talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

She went down on me while Rick played with my nipples. In no time they had sent me over the edge to a delicious orgasm. She played with me a little longer then BAM! – she rolled off the bed and onto the floor, sending all three of us into uncontrollable laughter. As she quickly climbed back onto the bed, we heard some girl’s voice say, “Oh, my God! Is she naked?”

She composed herself and moved over to Rick’s cock, taking it in her mouth. I got behind Angelina and went down on

Sexy woman in unicorn costume

This isn’t Angelina, but she’s close… 😉

her at the same time. She licked and sucked and I heard his breathing quicken so I decided to move up to join her in giving him some oral pleasure. He enjoys having two girls take turns sucking his cock so that’s what we did. I took his balls in my mouth as she worked his shaft. He got up on his knees as we continued running our tongues and lips over his hard shaft and swollen balls. When he was close to cumming, we pulled back and told him to cum on our faces. He stroked himself a few more times and shot his wad all over our faces, necks and tits.

We could hear more people gathering in the room to look for beds to play on. I overheard some people lamenting the lack of beds, but we had no interest in giving ours up.  Angelina and I cleaned ourselves off then she lay back and it was my turn to taste her wet pussy. Her clit was rock hard. I ran my tongue around it and started sucking on it as she moaned. I inserted two fingers inside her and started massaging her g-spot. After a few minutes Rick took over massaging her, using his big fingers to bring her to a climax. We all sat back and relaxed for a few minutes afterward, then decided to take on the task of getting our unicorn back into her costume. Re-lacing and hooking that corset took some time with the limited light available but we managed to get her put back together. We looked around for a clean sheet to replace the one we’d played on but by the time we found one and returned to the bed, it had been claimed by a handful of patient albeit horny folks.

Angelina and I made a quick trip to the ladies’ room before the three of us returned to our spot, which had by that time been claimed by some other partygoers. However, they moved their beer bottles to let us back in. We danced a little while longer into the wee hours before calling it a night. Angelina promised she’d try to bring her friend Antonio along for the next play date.

We had so much fun at our pre-Halloween party that I don’t feel like I missed out on anything as I hand out candy to the neighborhood kids tonight. Although I wish we’d remembered to get a picture of us in our costumes.

Did you dress up this Halloween?

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Fill ‘Er Up!


“Party at my house on Friday. Starts at 9. Get here early.”

Stacey glanced at the text on the cell phone sitting on her desk next to her computer. She had been expecting her friend Kathy to text her with details of her upcoming house party. Stacey and Kathy were friends from college and, along with their respective husbands, were swingers. Kathy and her husband, Scott, had a great house with a pool, spa, outdoor bar and plenty of extra bedrooms. Stacey and her husband, Justin, lived in a townhouse about a mile away and were enthusiastic co-hosts of their BFFs house parties.

Stacey smiled and tried to concentrate on finishing a legal brief. She liked her job as a paralegal, but some days the paperwork was tedious. Her mind began wandering as she thought about Kathy’s party. Would this be the night she’d try it? She and Justin had discussed it briefly, and she felt like he was ok with it, but the right guy just hadn’t come along yet. Maybe I need to stop waiting for the perfect person and just try it, she thought.

Stacey wanted to be DP’d. And to take a third cock in her mouth at the same time.

She wanted to be filled. She wanted to take in as many men as possible. At least once in her lifetime.

Stacey had heard Kathy talk about being simultaneously fucked in her ass and pussy. To hear her tell it, it was no big deal and way overrated. Stacey had watched her a couple of times and had to admit, it didn’t look as scary as she thought it might be. But although Stacey and Kathy had been best friends for over a decade and had played with each other on more than one occasion, Stacey felt that Kathy was far more advanced sexually.

Stacey started to fantasize. Do I want to do it in a bedroom, on a sofa, or somewhere else? Do I need to buy some new lube? Kathy says you have to be totally relaxed and lubed in order to enjoy it. Where would Justin be? No doubt he’d want to be one of the three. She and Justin often had anal sex, so he was no stranger to her ass; would he want to be in a different position this time? The ringing phone forced Stacey to put those thoughts on the back burner as she answered her boss’ call.

Later that night, as she and Justin got ready for bed, she mentioned Kathy’s party.

“Starts at nine but she wants us to be there early,” Stacey said casually.

“Cool. Did she say who was on the guest list?” Justin asked.

“Not yet. They always invite some newbies, and I think Scott said last time he wanted her to invite her lesbian friends,” Stacey answered.

“Ah, yes, the hot lesbians,” Justin remembered. “Scott swears he can turn them straight if he invites them to enough parties. I’m not sure that looking at Scott’s dick is gonna do it for them but I give him credit for trying,” he added. “Maybe I can change their way of thinking.”

“Yeah, good luck with that,” Stacey teased. “Do you think you could tear yourself away from them long enough to do a DP with me and a couple of other guys?” she asked.

Justin smiled. “So you’re finally going to go through with it this time. What changed your mind?” he asked.

“I decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and just do it,” she answered.

“Do I get to pick my entry, or do you have the holes assigned already?” he asked, which made him laugh and caused Stacey to throw a wet washcloth at his head.

“Douchebag,” she said.

Friday after work, Stacey rushed home and changed into her favorite dress, a micro-mini red halter that showed off her tan, her long legs and her C-cup breasts. It was a favorite of both Justin’s and Scott’s, so Stacey figured other guys would like it as well, even though she knew in her heart of hearts that the men at this party would more than likely not notice the finer details of her red dress. She stepped into a pair of stiletto sandals and went downstairs to Justin, who was finishing up his first beer of the night.

“You look beautiful as usual,” he said as she descended down the staircase.

“Thanks,” she replied as they headed out the door.

They were the first to arrive, as promised. Scott and Justin went outside to finish setting up the outdoor bar while Kathy and Stacey did a last-minute check in the rooms. Condoms and lube were on hand in each bedroom and the two bathrooms were piled high with extra towels.

“Ok, Kath, I’m going to try DP tonight,” Stacey announced.

“No kidding? It’s about time,” Kathy joked. “Seriously though, who are the lucky guys? Does Justin get to be part of the fun?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Stacey replied. “Hey, I forgot to ask, did you invite Matt and his wife?” she added.

“Yeah, I think they’re coming. Scott said he talked to him yesterday.” Kathy answered.

“Good,” Stacey replied. “I like him.”

The guests began to arrive and soon the house was full of sexy, horny couples. Because Kathy invited the same people, the group was very comfortable with each other. The newbies were introduced to the regulars and, in no time, partners started pairing off and finding their way to bedrooms, sofas and lounge chairs.

Stacey poured herself a glass of wine and introduced herself to Nick and Lisa. They were not new to swinging, but new to the house party scene. Nick was a friend of a friend of Justin’s. Stacey was attracted to him immediately. After a few pleasantries, Lisa excused herself to get another drink. Stacey and Nick continued talking and laughing. She was just about to ask him to be part of her trio when she felt a hand on her back and heard a familiar male voice speak softly in her ear.

“Hello Stacey.”

She turned around. It was Matt. She sat her glass down and greeted him with a big hug.

“Hi Matt, I’m so glad you’re here!” she shrieked.

Stacey introduced Matt to Nick. They shook hands and Stacey did her best to keep them there, talking to her. She wanted to steer the conversation toward her DP. Fortunately, the two men seemed to get along well. They were chatting about their swinging experience when Stacey blurted out,

“I want to get DP’d tonight. Would you both join me?”

As soon as it came out of her mouth, Stacey felt her face burn. Inside she thought, Omigod, I can’t believe I just said that.

Nick smiled and said, “I love a woman who knows what she wants. I’m game to play.”

Matt said, “Sounds great to me.”

“Ok, let me get Justin. I want him to be part of it too,” Stacey said. She hurried outside, hoping Justin wasn’t in the middle of receiving a blow job or wasn’t fucking someone at that moment. She felt relieved to see him standing at the bar talking to Kathy.

“Hey, babe. I got my two guys and they’re ready to play. Can you join us?” she asked her husband.

“That was quick,” he replied. “Sure, honey. Let’s go.”

As they walked back inside, Stacey told Justin, “I want you in my mouth.”

“Absolutely,” he replied.

She walked back to Nick and Matt and asked them to follow her. She took them into Kathy and Scott’s bedroom that had the king-sized bed. Stacey and Justin were the only ones besides their host friends, who were allowed into the master bedroom.

They walked in and Justin shut and locked the door. The nightstand lamps cast a soft glow as Stacey began to undress. Justin purposely held back as Matt went over and kissed her. She returned his kiss and unbuttoned his shirt. Nick removed his own clothes and walked up behind Stacey to caress her ass and kiss her neck.

Stacey felt so alive. To have hands belonging to two gorgeous men touching her most intimate places was an amazing feeling. She opened her eyes briefly and glanced over at Justin, who sat naked on the bench near the closet stroking his cock. He took some delight in sharing his wife with other men and she knew it.

Stacey wrapped her hands around the two throbbing cocks looking for a warm spot to play. Both felt thick. She felt Matt’s finger rubbing her clit and Nick’s finger massaging her asshole. She heard someone snap open the bottle of lube, then felt a finger covered with the cool liquid begin to penetrate her ass. Matt had two fingers inside her, massaging her soaking pussy as he tugged on one of her rock-hard nipples with the other.  Nick covered his massive cock in lube.

“Let’s get you down on the bed, baby,” Nick whispered in her ear.

He sat down and guided Stacey to lie down on top of him, facing away from him. Matt lifted her legs and spread them apart while Nick slowly opened up Stacey’s ass with his cock. Matt rubbed her clit to heighten her arousal.

Stacey dropped her head back to rest on Nick’s shoulder and moaned, “Oh, God, that feels amazing.” When Nick was fully inside Stacey’s ass, Matt braced his hands on either side of them, keeping Stacey’s legs spread wide and lowered his cock inside Stacey’s wet pussy. She could feel both men inside her, separated only by a thin layer of skin. Matt began a slow rocking motion as Nick slowly thrust upward.

Stacey rubbed her clit to an explosive orgasm after just a few minutes, screaming, “Yes! Yes! Y-E-S-S-S-S!”

Justin decided it was time to join in the fun. He climbed onto the bed and kissed Stacey. She returned his kiss then breathlessly reminded him, “I want you in my mouth.”

Justin obliged, and fed his cock to his wife. She opened her throat to take in as much of her husband’s throbbing cock as she could.

Within seconds Stacey focused inward, enjoying her three holes being filled. She opened her eyes to see Matt, thrusting faster as he played with her glistening tits. She felt Nick’s hands on her hips as his breathing increased in her ear. She looked straight up at her husband, enjoying the oral pleasure she was giving him. Nick reached around and took over massaging Stacey’s clit. She loved the feel of his fingers and soon he brought her to another climax. Since she was deep-throating Justin, all she could do was moan inaudibly as her pussy contracted in waves of pleasure.

“Can I cum in your ass, baby?” Nick whispered. Stacey nodded yes. She felt his hands tighten on her hips as he rocked beneath her.

“This is it…” he muttered as he blew his load in her ass.

Matt said nothing as he was overcome by the moment. He held Stacey’s legs still, stopped thrusting and arched his back as he dumped his jizz in Stacey’s pussy.

Stacey loved what was happening. While both men were still inside her, she turned her focus to Justin. With a combination of stroking, licking and sucking, she brought her husband to the session’s final climax, swallowing his milky cream.

As Matt pulled out, Stacey took Justin’s cock out of her mouth and rolled off Nick and smiled.

“Well, baby? What did you think?” Justin asked.

All she could say was “Amazing. When can we do it again?”

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Swinger Q & A – Inquiring Minds Want to Know



Hi readers – just wanted to say “thanks” for reading and following tales of my “indiscretions”. Rick and I have been having some fun lately, as I’ve documented here. I want to ratchet up my blog’s design and readability, so you can expect some changes in the look and navigation of this site over the next few weeks. I’d love to hear your feedback.

As the subject of swinging came up with select few new acquaintances, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about the lifestyle, as you can imagine. I thought I’d take the opportunity to publicly answer a few of them here:

  1. How did you get into swinging, and why do you do it?

Rick and I have always been pretty open with each other, about all subjects, almost immediately from the time we met. We’d talk about sex like most couples, and when we discussed fantasies, bucket lists and such, swinging came up. I’ll let Rick tell you the rest, here in this post.

We play with other couples because a) it allows us to experience other people in an open and honest way, and b) it’s sexy and fun to see each other interacting in such an intimate way with other people.

But we don’t spend every weekend having sex with other people. In fact, when you consider how hard it can be to work in a date around four (or more) work schedules, kid commitments and travel plans, it’s amazing that any sex happens at all.

2.  How does swinging bring a couple closer together?

When we play with another couple, or another woman, obviously we’re going to see each other being intimate with someone else. I think it’s sexy to watch Rick play with other women (for a while, at least). For me, it’s kind of an out-of-body experience and it’s interesting to contemplate what he would be like if I wasn’t around. I know that sounds totally weird, but that’s me.

Rick will watch me with another person, for a time, but ultimately needs to be involved at some point. Which is fine. For us, part of the swing lifestyle is about making sure each partner getting to indulge fantasies from time to time. In order for that to happen, there has to be a lot of honest, open and frank discussion, and that’s how a relationship becomes closer.

3.  Do you ever get jealous?

Rick says he doesn’t get jealous, but I must admit, every now and then I meet up with the green-eyed monster. I’ve noticed it creeps up when I’m not feeling too good about myself, because I’ve had a bad day at work, or I didn’t wear my favorite dress, or my roots are showing, or something equally trivial and goofy.

4.  How do you meet other swingers?

We’re on a few websites, and sometimes we’ll just go to clubs or house parties and meet people there.

5.  Don’t you get tired of casual sex?

Who gets tired of sex??? Seriously though, I think I’d get tired of casual sex if I weren’t married to Rick. Having these experiences with him is what makes it so much fun.

6.  Do you ever get emotionally attached to someone you’ve played with?

I have not, and Rick says he hasn’t either. There are couples and people we’ve enjoyed playing with more than others, and at times we like to “go back to the well,” so to speak. But that has more to do with how well our personalities blend together, the playmate’s sexual technique, if they’re well-endowed, or ideally, a combination of all three!

7. Why do you like to write about your sexual experiences?

Who else am I going to tell??? It’s not like I can just chat about it while standing around the water cooler with my coworkers, or tell my family about it during Sunday dinners. This is my outlet to share our experiences with others (albeit somewhat anonymously). I appreciate every single one of this blog’s followers more than I can say. My blog and it’s followers challenge me to stretch my thinking and writing skills, which stimulates the other parts of my brain that swinging just can’t quite reach. 🙂 Thank you, all.


Do you have any questions that I haven’t addressed in this post, or other posts? Feel free to ask away!

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Back in the Saddle for Round Two with My Little Pony


We had so much fun with Angelina last time that we invited her to play with us again last weekend. As you may recall from my last post that Angelina is very uninhibited sexually and is pretty much game for anything in the bedroom. So I texted her and asked if she wanted to get together. She sent back an enthusiastic “yes” so the date was on. She said her husband was ok with it (he does not swing but has given his approval for her to participate).

We decided to take her to a different club so she could get a taste of something new. A few hours before we were scheduled to meet, she sent a text asking if she could bring along a guy friend. I hesitated to say “yes” right away, because I thought, ‘What if we don’t like him, or he doesn’t like us, how awkward would that be?’ But after thinking about it for a little bit, I thought it would be fine. We’d just deal with whatever comes up, when it comes up. So I texted Angelina back that she was welcome to bring him along and she said he was fine with just watching, since we hadn’t met, and that he’d abide by whatever rules we set. Rick and I don’t have a lot of rules (at least anymore) when playing with others, so that wasn’t a problem at all.

We decided on a meeting time. Rick and I arrived first, and started to play the icebreaker game. It was a fun way to meet others and get conversations rolling. About 20 or 30 min after we arrived, Angelina and her friend arrived. His name was Antonio and she explained that they were really good friends who played occasionally, but their relationship was more platonic and supportive of each other than just fuck buddies.

Antonio was very attractive and really, really friendly. I liked him immediately, and later, Rick said he liked him too. We both felt very comfortable around him and didn’t feel self-conscious at all about our past history with Angelina, or about swinging in general. Antonio explained that he was married, but his wife had no interest in sex. He’d never been to a swing club before and was quite taken with all the things he was seeing. He naturally asked Rick and me a lot of questions about the lifestyle, which we were more than happy to answer.

They joined us in playing the icebreaker game with the other couples, and soon we’d amassed quite a little pile of prize tickets. We went through nearly 3 bottles of wine (for Angelina and me), while Rick enjoyed his signature cocktail of spiced rum and Coke. Antonio drank gin, and the conversations got louder, looser and much funnier.

Angelina leaned over to Rick and started kissing him. She said as soon as she’d arrived that she was horny, and I knew she wasn’t kidding. After she was kissing him she reached over and stuck her hand down the back of my dress and reached around to grab my breast. The dress I wore that night was pretty short, but wasn’t low-cut at all. I paired it with my black thigh-high boots, so there wasn’t a whole lot of skin showing, but it’s a sexy look, nonetheless. Angelina and I started making out, as I heard Rick and Antonio talk about something. She whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to play with you both tonight, I’m so horny.”

We continued kissing as someone came over to do the icebreaker game with us. Antonio and I had the cards they were looking for, so the three (or maybe four) of us went up to the front desk to collect our prize tickets. When we returned, Angelina had that “look” in her eye that said, “I want to fuck NOW”, and had both legs up on the table, her pussy splayed for everyone to see, as she fingered herself.

“Are you wet?” Richard asked.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she replied. So he did. He discovered quickly how wet she was as his fingers went inside her sopping pussy.

“You want to move to the play room?” I asked her as I sat down. “God, yes,” she answered. So we grabbed our bags, leaving the liquor on the table and headed off to a play room. The swingers at this club tend to start playing much later into the evening, so we had the room all to ourselves for a while. The playroom had several double beds lined up against the walls, with sheer fabric hanging between each bed. Not being sure exactly what Antonio was going to do, I got undressed and climbed on the bed and waited as Angelina and Rick took their clothes off.

Rick joined me first and we began to make out. Then I decided to sit on his face, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. Because he is so tall, he laid diagonally on the mattress with his head in the corner. When I lowered my pussy on his tongue, I was facing the wall and couldn’t see anything at first. As Rick’s tongue worked its magic, I looked over my shoulder to find Angelina sucking Rick’s swollen cock with Antonio fucking Angelina from behind. I was pleased to see everyone was having a good time. I started banging on the wall with my hand and squealing with ecstasy as I came on Rick’s face.  Then my legs started to feel weak, so I climbed off Rick and lay down on the bed next to him. Angelina came over and started licking my pussy and I came again. I noticed Antonio had a very nice cock himself so I gave him a blow job while Angelina’s mouth went back to work on Rick’s cock.

I really started to get into Antonio. He seemed to enjoy all that was going on as well. He climbed on the bed so we could do 69. I felt a finger go inside my ass, and I think it was Angelina’s. “I love to eat pussy,” Antonio announced, and he was exceptional. The finger felt pretty damn good too, and I came hard on Antonio’s tongue. I looked over and saw Rick fucking Angelina from behind, with a finger in her ass too. I heard her squeal as she came on his cock.


Then Antonio lifted himself off me, turned me around, and started fucking me. Hard. He was in great shape and had great lasting power. I was still riding high from my last orgasm and it didn’t take long for me to cum again. Right afterward, he pulled out and shot his huge wad all over my stomach. Rick finished by cumming all over Angelina’s ass.


As we collectively caught our breath, I asked Antonio what he thought about swinging. “This was great,” he replied. “We’ll have to do it again,” he added.

“Definitely,” I said, as we all got dressed. We went back out to our table, where our booze sat undisturbed (swingers are great about that, by the way). I did notice that our prize tickets were gone and I mentioned it to Rick. “We knew we were going to miss the prize drawings, so we gave our tickets to some other couples.”

Angelina had a curfew, so we knew we were going to have to wrap things up. We try to be respectful of his wishes even though he isn’t part of our group. So we all kissed goodnight and we agreed that we’d get together for more fun very soon.

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What Would Have Carrie Bradshaw Thought of Swinging?

It’s been a busy season lately; my weekends are filled with kids moving in and out of the house in preparation for the new school year. Two kids are off to college; one is going to New York for a semester to participate in a “study abroad” program, without actually studying abroad. And the best part is, not only do I get to enjoy having one less kid in my house again, but I get to go to NYC to help her get settled in. This will be my fifth trip to NYC, and, although it’s just for two and a half days, it’s going to be fun.

I went through my travel file today, pulling out all sorts of dog-eared, torn and yellowed pieces of paper with names and addresses of a few shops, museums, restaurants and other places in the Big Apple that I  want to go. I pulled out a familiar, pink program with the words “Sex and the City Hotspots” tour. I smiled as I went through the booklet and traveled down memory lane.

kristin davis 15616930122

Photo Credit: Hot Blonde

A few years ago, during a trip to NYC with my mom and daughter, I heard or read about this tour bus that would take riders to different places that were featured in the series. I couldn’t wait. Like most women in the 90s and early 2000s, I was a huge fan of SATC. I didn’t have HBO during the actual run of the series, but I rented the DVDs afterward, back in the days when you had to wait until the series ended for the season. Now of course I own the entire series on DVD and seldom watch them.


So I checked with the tour operator, who said it would be okay for my teenage child to ride the bus with us, but she couldn’t go into the sex toy shop nor into any bars. I said that would be fine; my mom would be happy to stay on the bus with her. (I’m sure that when she hung up the phone with me, she probably thought ‘what the hell kind of mom is this woman???’)


Samantha, having her first orgasm post-chemo with her boyfriend Smith.

Riding the Sex on City bus with my mom and underage daughter was one of the funniest things I’d ever done. On the bus tour, we hit some of the iconic places from the show; the Magnolia Bakery, where the SATC girls bought cupcakes, the Pleasure Chest, where Miranda bought her infamous “rabbit”, and Fogo de Chow. The tour guides were actresses and stand-up comediennes, who told sex jokes left and right. My daughter promptly stuck her iPod earbuds in her ears to tune out the drone of the jokes; at that time she had no idea what they were talking about. (I’m sure that if she heard the same jokes today, she would not only know what they were talking about, but would roll her eyes because now those same jokes would be considered lame.)

As I was going down memory lane, it struck me that, as forward-thinking as the SATC characters were considered back in the day, looking at them now in 2013, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte’s views on sex seem downright conservative and almost antiquated. I don’t think the show ever addressed swinging at all. But I still think the writing on the show was nothing short of brilliant. Just check out some of the terms they used.

Codependent Coming: When a woman fakes an orgasm because he’s a nice guy.

Deja-fuck: When you are having sex with someone and you realized you’ve slept with them before. (Which is not usually a problem in the swing lifestyle.)

Gherkin: A small penis.

Low-hangers: Balls that hang so low they get in the way.

Trysexual: Someone who will try anything once.

I wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would have thought of swinging? She never seemed all that willing to share Big, although I think she enjoyed the period when she had two men – Aiden and Big. Would they have done an MMF? Somehow, I doubt it. I think Samantha came the closest to a group sex situation when she did an MMF with the two gay guys. (Who ultimately decided, after all three were in bed, that they couldn’t go through with it after all. Then suggested they all go out for gelato or frozen yogurt or something.)

God, that was a funny show. So controversial for it’s time. Now it just seems kinda tame. You know, for all of Carrie Bradshaw’s progressive thinking, Sarah Jessica Parker never appeared nude in the show considered a milestone in celebration of women’s sexuality.


Carrie in her “naked dress.”

 I am so looking forward to my weekend in the Big Apple, if just to reminisce down memory lane.

Who was your favorite SATC character? Your favorite episode or scene?





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International Day of the Female Orgasm – Did You Celebrate?


Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

I’m a few days late on this. My day job has been kicking my butt lately and the kids are keeping hubby and I busy, which hasn’t left much time for writing. But I did get to celebrate the International Day of the Female Orgasm, albeit unknowingly…

This post comes courtesy of the International Business Times, who published it today. They wrote, “The International Day of the Female Orgasm — or Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino — is a Brazilian holiday celebrated each year on Aug. 8.

The holiday is one of the more risque occasions to have its own name and dedicated day, but it is also one that its progenitors and supporters hope will help women become more aware of their sexuality.

The female orgasm has long been a mysterious part of sex, as many women the world over have never had an orgasm, and many others find it very difficult to reach sexual climax.

But over the past few decades there has been a growing movement of women who want their fellow females to know the full pleasures offered by having sex, and the International Day of the Female Orgasm, celebrated in Brazil as Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino, is one of the realizations of that mission.”

It continues, “Sixty years ago it would have been absolutely unthinkable for a country to have an entire day dedicated to such a topic, but as more and more women became aware during the sexual revolution of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond, the female orgasm became a subject of intense interest.

According to the website, Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino originated in Brazil under some very interesting and highly personal circumstances:

“The international day of orgasm is held every year on the initiative of the Councillor of the Brazilian people in Esperantina, Arimateio Dantas, who decided to compensate his wife for some sexual debts … [and] proposed a day dedicated to stimulate sexual pleasure in its maximum expression,” the site writes, coining yet another term for woman’s climax.”

Swingers already know what the rest of the world should know: the world is a happier place when she cums first and cums often. Every day should be the Day of the Female Orgasm!


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Oh, Sir; How Clearly I Saw After You Blindfolded Me


A girlfriend of mine asked recently if I’d ever had sex blindfolded or while tied up, and I was surprised to hear myself saying, “I don’t think so. I’ve kind of had a thing about having my hands tied. And it’s not a good thing. ”

After she picked herself up off the floor after nearly fainting from shock (only kidding), she said, “You MUST try it. At least try blindfolding. And keep your hands above your head. You’ll have the orgasm of a lifetime. Promise me you’ll try it.”

“Ok, I promise,” I told her.

That night I told Rick about my conversation and he too, seemed surprised at the fact that, as long as we’d been together, we’d never really tried any kind of bondage play. He had never been the Dom in bed before, either. I had read hundreds of times how sensory deprivation can increase the intensity of orgasms, but had just never gone there.

So I laid out the appropriate toys on the bed: blindfold (that I just happened to have from a flight taken long ago; still unopened in its original packaging.), nipple clamps, a feather and my G-spot/Rabbit vibrator. He instructed me to undress completely and lie down on the bed. I did as I was told. The ceiling fan’s slow rotation created a light breeze that caused my nipples to harden. I felt myself starting to become aroused even though we hadn’t done anything.

He lay down next to me and kissed me slowly, while lightly caressing my naked body. Then he stopped and put the blindfold on me. For being an airline freebie, it did an amazingly good job of blocking out the light. He then took my arms and raised them over my head, instructing me to leave them there. (He already knew about my phobia about hand-tying.)

Then the strangest thing happened. I immediately became more relaxed. Like my brain was saying, “I can rest a little bit now that I don’t have to process all those things she’s looking at.” He kissed my neck and nipples, ran a feather around my areolas, then underneath my breasts, down my stomach, over my pussy and down my left leg. He then ran it back up my body in the exact reverse order. I was amazed at how good it felt, how much more aroused I became, and frankly, how much I enjoyed it. He then spread my legs and tickled my slit with the feather. I struggled to keep my unbound hands from moving. I was breathing so hard and fast that I sounded like I’d just finished a marathon.

But there was more to come (no pun intended). I felt a clamp being placed on my left nipple. It hurt for a split second, before the pressure sent tingles up and down my spine. I’d worn clamps before and love the sensation. He placed the other clamp on my right nipple and I was in heaven.

But my pussy was hungry for attention. I felt him kissing my stomach, moving down toward my pussy. Then he stopped and I heard the sound of my vibrator buzzing. The anticipation drove me nuts. He slowly inserted it inside my dripping, wet pussy and put the rabbit right on my throbbing clit. He slowly moved the vibrator in and out a few times, before resting the rabbit on my clit. By this time I was squirming all over the bed and struggling to keep my hands and arms above my head.  In less than two minutes I was cumming all over that vibrator, nearly screaming in ecstasy.

The vibrator stopped and I thought he was finished with our session, but then I felt Rick’s familiar scruff on my soaked pussy as he slowly licked my slit. I was still on Cloud Nine from the first climax, but he sent me over the edge when he sucked my clit. I’m surprised the kids didn’t start banging on the door or something, as I’m sure I was noisy. He gently removed the nipple clamps and kissed my uber-sensitive nipples softly before putting my arms back down at my sides and removing my blindfold. We kissed more and I felt his rock-hard cock. After I took a few minutes to relax and catch my breath, I rolled over and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted to make him feel as good as he had just made me feel. I lovingly sucked, licked and deep-throated him until he shot his load down my throat.

Since that night, exploring the BDSM lifestyle has become more and more intriguing to me. I’m not sure how it would work while swinging with other couples, because it would require a lot of trust on the part of the sub, something that isn’t usually there when you hook up with a new couple. At least I think that would be the case.

Nonetheless, we’re definitely adding this to our personal sexual menu.  Fellow swingers, I’d love to hear if you incorporate light bondage or some element of BDSM play into your swing activities. How do you make it work with another couple (or couples)?

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Is It Time to Play Separately?

7149_522165677832675_305177056_n[1]Last weekend Rick and I went to a house party. It was fun; a house jam-packed with people. There was a pre-party meet & greet at a local restaurant that was just as much as the party itself (a great way to kick off the evening, IMHO). But sadly, we didn’t play with anyone, because we’ve found ourselves at a fork in our swinging road and aren’t sure which road to take (or if we should just pick up the fork and take it home J ).

There were several good-looking men at this party; a few of them approached me, introduced themselves and flirted a little. One was a single man who actually introduced himself to me at the restaurant, and made the effort to do it again at the house. I was interested in playing with him, but his play partner didn’t interest Rick. And this scene has happened many times over the few years; sometimes I’m the one not that’s not interested, and sometimes it’s Rick. And sometimes it’s one of the other couple.

And therein lies the problem. We have had difficulty finding couples where The Other Guy is attracted to me, I’m attracted to him, The Other Girl is attracted to Rick, he to her, her to me and me to her. That’s SIX attractions that should be felt before anyone gets naked. And that’s happened to us maybe a half-dozen times.

So we started talking: how do we feel about playing separately? Would one of us be sitting around, twiddling our thumbs while the other was in a room fucking someone else? Would we feel awkward or learn how to just have our own fun and not worry about what the other person is doing? Would I start feeling resentful if Rick consistently found women to play with while I sat around trying to find my own playmate? Or vice versa?

We also talked about focusing on finding a unicorn, since the numbers would be in our favor. We’d just have to find one woman who appealed to both of us.

When we got into the lifestyle, it was because we wanted to experience non-monogamy together. There’s a dichotomy for ya. And it hasn’t been easy.

We haven’t reached a decision yet; if you have any insights to share, we’d love to hear them.

What about you, fellow swingers? Have you had issues with finding mutually attractive couples? How do you deal with that?

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