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At This House Party, Three is Never a Crowd

threesomePhoto credit:

Last weekend Rick and I went to our first house party in a couple of years and had a great time. We had met the hosts Ronnie and his lovely wife Alicia several weeks before.  After chatting online a few times they invited us to their home one night for drinks and conversation. After we left their home, Ronnie called us to say Rick had left his sunglasses behind, telling him that “you can have them back if I can see Shay’s tits!” We knew he was joking, but when we returned I offered one of my breasts to him in his driveway. He accepted my offer and we shared a fun kiss before hitting the road again.

Then last weekend we returned for more fun. This party was smaller and intimate, with about 6 or 7 other couples. We were the only newbies, as far as I could tell. The others seemed to know each other already, but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. After introductions and the first round of drinks, everyone got naked and got into the pool and/or hot tub. Rick and I made our way into the pool and talked to some people then decided to get into the hot tub. We weren’t groped or hit on by anyone in either place, but we felt comfortable and were having a good time. The guests started to trickle back into the house, and we followed.

We refreshed our drinks and got a snack then Ronnie asked me if I’d like to get back into the pool. I said “yes” so he and I returned to the pool alone. We chatted for a few minutes before being joined by a petite woman named Julia.

“Am I interrupting anything,” she asked?

“Not at all,” Ronnie said.

Julia got in the pool, came over to me and started making out with me. Then she kissed Ronnie. Then I kissed Ronnie, then Julia. We had a nice little threesome makeout and groping session going on. Julia is very petite, as I mentioned before, and has a great little ass. Ronnie commented several times on how hot the two of us ladies looked as we pleasured each other. Ronnie is in great shape and nicely endowed. He pulled a bottle of lube out of the landscaping around the pool, telling me it works well in water. He was right. Whatever this stuff was, it lubed his stiff cock nicely so it slid right in. Julia and I took turns being in the “middle of the sandwich” making out with each other while Ronnie fucked both of us. I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice how much time had passed when Rick came out of the house and sat on the edge of the pool.

“Hey baby,” I said with a smile.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Very much so,” I replied.

Our little threesome continued a few minutes longer before I swam over to Rick to include him in our fun. At that point, Ronnie and Julia cooled off a bit then got out of the pool, dried off and went into the house. Rick told me how hot it was to watch me and Julia enjoying each other as I reached under the water and discovered his cock was hard. I stroked and licked him for a bit then used some of Ronnie’s magic lube and rode him for a few minutes. Afterward,  I asked him if he played with anyone and he said after Ronnie and I came outside, he stayed in the kitchen, chatting with the others and started rubbing Alicia’s neck. After a few minutes she invited him upstairs. Rick said they lay down on the bed and Alicia almost immediately went down on him. After a few minutes, he suggested she climb on top of him for some 69 action. This went on for a while before she told him she wanted Rick to cum in her mouth. Their 69 play continued until he gave her what she wanted by exploding with a mouthful of jizz. She really seemed to enjoy it as she licked off every last drop.

They relaxed on the bed for a bit afterward, chatting before getting up to return downstairs. When he didn’t see me in the kitchen, he came out and found me still having fun in our little threesome.

When we went back in the house, we saw that the group started to wrap things up. We had one final snack and drink before getting dressed to say goodbye. As Rick put his pants on, one of the ladies eyed his cock and said, “Oh, my.”

“You can touch it,” Rick told her.

She grabbed it and giggled. But she didn’t go any further, so he finished getting dressed.

We kissed our hosts as we said goodbye and look forward to playing with them again soon!

(Note: the picture above doesn’t exactly represent how my threesome went down, but you get the idea…)

PS – a few days after this awesome party, I met two new friends –  separately – and will write about our sexy adventures soon…

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Guys – Where Is Your Picture??


I need to rant just a little bit.

Rick and I have met several couples in the last couple of weeks. Generally they’ve all been nice and we’ve enjoyed the time spent getting to know them, with the exception of the worst meet-and-greet we’ve ever had. And yet I have been repeatedly baffled by one thing that keeps cropping up:

Why are there no photos of the guy anywhere on the couples’ online profile?

I just don’t get it. If a couple’s profile has loads of pics of the female half, and none of the guy, what does that tell the reader? That the guy is too ugly? Has a little dick? Is old/fat/bald/whatever?  If Rick and I decide that the guy’s wife/girlfriend is hot enough to withstand a meet-and-greet, does her husband/boyfriend assume that we’ll be so taken with her that we’ll play with him too, just because he’s with her?

That doesn’t fly with me. At all. If a full swap is expected, then I have to see a picture of his FACE too. Without having to ask multiple times. The double standard here is ridiculous. I asked Rick (who has plenty of pics of his face, body and cock on our online profiles) for his thoughts, and he said that perhaps men just aren’t used to be objectified like women are, so therefore they are uncomfortable putting a face pic online.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD, DUDE. Get used to it.

The other thing that I love reading (insert sarcasm here) on profiles is “due to our high-profile careers, we provide pics only if asked.” Really? Like the rest of us who have pics online DON’T have careers worth protecting? So we have to go through the cat-and-mouse game of nudging, winking, then sending half a dozen messages before we get to see what your face looks like?

That is such bullshit, guys. If you want to play, you have to pay – with a photo.

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nude woman

“You’re sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it,” she answered, gripping his hand as they approached the door.

Derek and Sophie entered the swing club. She stood off to the side as he checked them in. The man behind the counter took his time giving Sophie the once-over as she removed her full-length coat to hang in the community closet. Her long, golden-brown hair fell softly over her shoulders, providing accent to her ample breasts and cleavage peeking above the snug blue dress she wore. Derek smiled ever so slightly as he realized the old fart behind the counter was mentally fucking his wife.

After they got their wristbands they proceeded to their VIP table. “So are any of them here yet,” Sophie asked.

“I’m not telling you a thing. That’s what you wanted,” he replied as he popped the cork on a bottle of champagne. While most people drank champagne only on special occasions, Derek and Sophie drank champagne when they played at swing clubs. Sophie couldn’t drink champagne very fast, and when she did drink it, the buzz came on very slowly, which she liked. Derek could drink paint thinner if he wanted, but for the sake of simplicity, he indulged her champagne habit as long as the bottles weren’t too pricey.

“Did you bring the restraints?” Sophie asked as she slowly rolled her first sip around her mouth before swallowing the bubbly.

“Yes, it’s here in the bag. Let’s dance,” he answered.

They danced throughout the night, sometimes together, sometimes with another woman, sometimes with several other women. Sophie couldn’t help but look around the club, wondering which man or men were going to have their way with her tonight. She wondered if the women she danced with were aware that Derek may or may not have asked their husbands to fuck his wife. This turned Sophie on even more.

At some point, Derek grabbed Sophie’s hand and simply said, “It’s time.”

Sophie’s heart nearly stopped as her anticipation and excitement mounted.

Derek led her to a private room he’d reserved in advance. The room contained a queen-sized bed with a wrought-iron headboard, a full-length mirror, and a couple of chairs. Derek shut the door behind them as he set his bag down on one of the chairs. Calmly and firmly he said, “I want you to take off your dress and panties. Leave the shoes on for now.”

Sophie stood in front of the mirror and slowly unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She shimmied out of her thong panties and kicked them aside. She admired herself in the mirror while looking at Derek out of the corner of her eye.

He walked over to her and began slowly kissing her, his tongue lapping up the last bit of champagne on Sophie’s lips as his fingers brushed lightly over her hardened nipples. He knew that would get her motor running even faster.

“I know you, Sophia, and I know your body and what turns you on,” he whispered. She dropped her head back as his lips and tongue explored her neck. He could hear her breathing harder. He grabbed her ass with one hand as his other hand softly caressed her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. He knew she was ready.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs,” he ordered.

Sophie did as she was told, never taking her eyes off her husband. He opened the bag and pulled out two black cords. He softly stroked her leg before wrapping the cord around her ankle and tying it the bottom of the bed frame. Then he walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the action.

He returned to the bag and took out two more cords and a blindfold. He tied each of her wrists to the corners of the headboard then leaned down to slowly kiss her once again. Tiny beads of sweat glistened on her breasts in the dim light.

“I love you,” she breathed as he put the blindfold over her eyes. The room went black. She was at his mercy.

“I love you too. Enjoy,” he replied.

She lay there for what seemed like forever, hearing nothing but the dance music blaring on the sound system. She was feeling a little deprived of touch and began to feel somewhat vulnerable when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she heard Derek say.

She heard the door open and shut again.

A few seconds went by.

“Hello?” she asked.


Then she felt a hand on her thigh. Fuck, this is was really going to happen, she thought. The hand began stroking, softly. The hand felt rougher than Derek’s; slightly calloused. Her mind raced through the possibilities. Was it the hot black guy she saw at the bar? Or was it the guy behind the counter when they checked in? Was it a friend of theirs? She had no idea, because this guy, whoever it was, wasn’t talking.

She felt a hand on her breast. She began to relax and enjoy the stroking. Then she felt his lips on hers, and opened hers to respond to his kiss. He began squeezing her tits then ran his hand down to her pussy and began stroking her clit. She moaned and tugged slightly at her restraints. He kissed her neck, her left breast, left nipple then moved over to her right breast and nipple, playing with her nipples between kisses as he continued stroking her clit. Sophie’s hips began moving up and down as her arousal heightened.

“Omigod, this is amazing!” she moaned.

Then she felt him adjust his position on the bed and the next thing she knew, she felt her clit being sucked on. She rode a wave of pleasure as he brought her to her first orgasm. Not wanting  her to come down, he gently inserted a finger into her pussy and continued to suck, quickly bringing her to a second climax as her juices gushed all over his face.

Next she heard what sounded like someone opening a condom wrapper. But his fingers were still in her pussy so she was confused. The fingers came out and she felt weight above her. Then she felt him penetrate her with what seemed like a huge cock. She gasped as he opened her up and began thrusting. Sophie’s mind raced as she realized she was being fucked by a man she couldn’t see. It could have been anyone. The anonymity of it turned her on all the more, and before she knew it, she felt another wave of pleasure as she came again on his cock. He laid still on top of her as she climaxed then he began thrusting again, slowly at first then furiously as he took himself over the edge and exploded.

He took a moment to catch his breath, kissed her slowly one last time and withdrew. After a couple of minutes she heard the door open and shut.

“Derek?” she called out.

“Stay quiet,” Derek ordered. “We’re not through here.”

There was another knock on the door.

“Come in,” Derek ordered.

The door opened and shut. Sophie heard nothing until she felt someone sit down on the bed and stroke her cheek. The hands also ran over her breasts and one reached around and grabbed her ass. Then the hand went back up to her cheek before she felt another kiss. She parted her lips and returned the kiss. This kiss felt more forceful, insistent. Sophie’s mind raced with the possibilities. The hand caressed her chin and opened her mouth. She tasted a huge cock covered with precum.

She was being facefucked.

She quickly covered her teeth with her lips and relaxed her gag reflex. She loved the feeling of helplessness that overcame her. He played with her hair as he kneeled above her, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. She applied light suction, which he apparently liked because she could feel his cock grow even harder. After a few minutes he exploded in her mouth. She tightened her throat to keep from choking as her mouth filled with hot, creamy spunk. He withdrew his cock as she strained to swallow the load. She felt him kiss her on the cheek as he got off the bed and left the room.

Derek walked over and dabbed the corners of her mouth with a cloth.

“Having fun, little slut?” he asked.

Sophie was on sensory overload by this time so all she could do was nod ‘yes’.

She heard another knock on the door.

“Come in,” Derek said.

The door opened and shut again. This person started kissing Sophie, but not on the mouth. Rather the kisses were directly on her pussy lips and clit. Wasting no time, she thought. His oral skills were excellent as he brought her to orgasm almost immediately. She squirmed on the bed and moaned.

“GOD! Please don’t stop!” she squealed.

The tongue continued. It felt so good that, for a moment, Sophie thought it may have been another woman going down on her. But then she felt a slight beard nuzzling her pussy and realized it was a man. Next she heard the pop of a cap, like maybe a toothpaste cap. She heard a squirting and felt her legs being raised high and up near her head. A finger slick with lube slid into her ass as another massaged her clit. He’s going to do me in the ass, she thought. Sophie loved anal sex.

The finger continued to massage her hardened clit as she felt the tip of a cock nudging its way inside her tight hole. She exhaled and made a conscious effort to relax as the cock slowly filled her. He began thrusting as the finger stopped massaging and stayed in place, on her clit, applying gentle pressure. Sophie wondered how this person knew how she liked her clit touched with a cock in her ass. Her pussy dripped juices down around his cock, providing even more lube. Her nipples ached to be played with, but she concentrated on the feeling of fullness combined with the pleasure emanating from her clit.

As her hips gyrated against the man’s finger, the sensations drove her over the edge to another orgasm, this time she squirted all over whoever was fucking her in the ass. Her body convulsed with pleasure as he buckled and grabbed her hips, cumming in her ass. He groaned as he dumped his load inside her. After a couple more thrusts, he caught his breath as he pulled out and got off the bed.

Sophie lay there, basking in the knowledge that she’d just been fucked by three men she couldn’t see.

“Derek?  You there?” she asked weakly.

There was no answer as she felt another pair of lips kiss her neck. Oh my god, another man, she thought. I’m not sure if I can handle it. But the kisses continued, down to her breasts, her nipples, eventually her pussy. Is it Derek? She wasn’t sure. Regardless, the lips found her swollen clit. A finger slipped inside her pussy and found her g-spot. The combination sent her into orbit once again. With little effort she climaxed again, her pussy muscles contracting as she squirted into her lover’s mouth.

He straddled her then lowered himself inside her. Her pussy, thoroughly wet and used, opened to him. She was fucked to another orgasm before he claimed her pussy by coming deep inside her. He covered her face with kisses before moving down to her nipples, taking each one into his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue.

He got off the bed and she heard a door open and shut. She lay there for a few minutes, catching her breath. She felt Derek taking off the blindfold. Her eyes strained as they adjusted to the dim light. He stood there, fully clothed, smiling.

“So was it as good as you imagined?” he asked.

“Better,” was all she could muster saying. “You fucked me too, right?”

“That’s for me to know. I love you, baby,” was all he would say.

Stunned, all she could say in response was a weak “Love you too.”

As they returned to the dance floor, Sophie could feel cum oozing out of her as she silently wondered which men had been in the room, using her for their pleasure. She felt like every eye was on her.

Derek poured two more glasses of champagne and drank a toast to one hell of an evening. She felt like a queen on her throne.


Photo credit: An Erotic Gentleman

“Fantasy” first appeared on Copyright 2015

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My Contribution to Titty Tuesday

I haven’t posted in almost two months. It’s been a busy time and I feel as though I’m being pulled in six different directions, but I have a lot of pent-up thoughts to write about. I’m starting off kind of slow, so bear with me, please.

A new friend in the swing lifestyle is starting a new lifestyle-related business. She asked for models to pose for some erotic pics to be used on her website at some point, so of course I had to give it a shot. In return we got a few pics to keep for ourselves. I promised her I’d write more about her business venture as she gets closer to launching it to the public.

And in the meantime, I will share a bit of her work. It’s me you see – she’s on the other side of the camera.

Happy Titty Tuesday!


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The Week in Sex

I’ve been working on a new burlesque routine while fighting off illness and spending my evenings moving stuff in preparation for house painters arriving this weekend. Thank goodness we have enough sexual deviants in the world to keep the news interesting enough for me to share with you (hey – I’m right in there with the deviants, so no judgments! LOL). So without further adieu, here’s is a week’s worth of sexy news.


1. Here’s another reason why communication is key when swinging – and why alcohol isn’t always the best icebreaker…especially when cops are involved…


2. What up, player? Need a fundraiser for your fourth-grader’s field trip? Maybe you could offer up a “Ride a Sybian For Charity”? These guys did (although not for a grade-school project).


3. No week is complete without yet another illustrated guide to eating pussy. Swingers can never get enough instruction on it, because, well, every woman is different. Plus if you’re good at it, word gets out. Swingers talk, you know…


4. And finally, we all know that ATM withdrawal fees can be higher at some machines than others. Let’s hope for this couple’s sake, the fee wasn’t so high they couldn’t make bail after getting arrested…

atm sex


Photo credit:

Happy Monday, readers!




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Recreational Sex and Aura

sexual chakra, energy



I am part of a secret swingers’ Facebook group. We post all kinds of material related to sex, swinging, health, and any other topic that crosses our minds.  A few days ago, I came across this post from a group (or page) called “The Mind Unleashed”. It reads as follows:

“Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours. Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be. -Lisa Chase Patterson

We don’t mean practice celibacy or wait until you find “the one” or anything like that. Just be mindful of who you share your valuable energies with.”

For the vast majority of swingers, the notion that sleeping with multiple people carries any kind of negative energy is, well, cray-cray. I mean, true swingers view recreational sex as just that; recreational. It’s just for fun. No drama. No emotion (other than healthy and reciprocal lust). No strings attached.
Or is it?
Some of my personal experiences with swinging have been full of negative emotion. I have “taken one for the team” a couple of times, because I thought Rick wanted to have sex with the man’s wife. When in reality, Rick was taking one for the team because he thought I wanted to bang the husband. It was only afterward we realized that we weren’t communicating well enough to discern if said couple was worth playing with. Fortunately this was early in our swinging days, and we’ve learned from experience.
Afterward, I learned that if you dwell too much on the negative energy from those experiences, they will affect your confidence, your self-esteem, and cause you to question your own judgment. All of which offers up plenty of bad aura.
But on the other hand, with the proper pre-screening (meaning having a bit of conversation without a lot of alcohol involved), recreational sex can add a new dimension to a marriage or monogamous relationship by allowing partners to safely explore fantasies and a deeper communication about their desires. Those sound pretty positive to me.
What do you think?

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5 Comments names Indiscretions one of 5 “Most Sensual Blogs”

naked woman with big boobs

Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

Well, what a nice surprise notification I received today. In my email box was a note from Twitter informing me that the website named this blog one of “5 Most Sensual Blogs”

In their words, says, “Sensuality is the essence of eroticism. It paints a picture in fiction and sets the literal scene in real life. It forms the tactile way we respond to sexual stimuli – something these five sites understand all too well. Our 5 Best Sensual Blogs were selected for offering a consistent canvas for exploring what sexy actually means and where you can find it.

I am indeed flattered, humbled and encouraged. The writer goes on to  further describe my blog: “Shalynne and Rick are the hosts of Indiscretions Blog, which follows their swinging adventures and the changing meaning of an open relationship. Bringing swingers into the digital age, they cover what turns them on and what makes their eyes pop. It’s a fun, decadent and serious exploration of life outside of monogamy.”

It’s heartening when others talk about my blog and you know that they really get it. I am tremendously encouraged as well, because I haven’t posted much lately in large part due to the fact that Rick is working out of town five days a week. When he’s home on weekends, by the time we reconnect both emotionally and physically, plus get the honey-dos done around the house, it’s time for him to go back. This will come to an end in a few months, but for now, that’s life. Swinging has taken a bit of a back seat for now, but we’re still in touch with several swing friends and couples, as well as getting to know some polyamorous folks and learning what that lifestyle entails.

Thank you again,, for the mention. It made my week and also inspired a new erotic fiction story that I hope to bring to you soon! 😀

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Burlesque, Being Naked and Gratitude

woman's breasts with tassels


I want to humbly say “thanks” to my blog subscribers as I have reached my 100th follower. It is so encouraging and humbling to hear people say they enjoy my stories and adventures. I’m raising my glass with hopes of bringing more stories in the future.

I’m also three weeks past my bust-out burlesque performance and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in four minutes. Nerves aside, the performance itself went smoothly and I didn’t trip over my dress. I even got the tassels to twirl, but it took some doing. I’m working on a new routine and will audition for another show in a couple of weeks. It’s one thing to be nude when we’re playing with another couple or woman, but an entirely different feeling to strip nude while dancing in front of audience. But I have to say, it’s also quite liberating.

I enjoyed a read shared by a fellow dancer about the difference between being nude and naked. Taken from the blog titled Mental Floss, the writer says, “Technically speaking, naked implies that a person is unprotected or vulnerable. It also describes something that is unadorned or without embellishment, as in the oft-mentioned naked truth. Nude, on the other hand, means one thing: unclothed.

naked woman

Photo Credit: A Lady Looks Up

Think of it this way: if you doff your duds to pose while descending a staircase for a tasteful painting done by a respected artist, then you’re nude. If a bunch of paparazzi suddenly burst in through the studio door and take your picture without permission, you are suddenly naked.

And as the late great humorist Lewis Grizzard once pointed out, “Naked is when you ain’t got no clothes on. Nekkid is when you ain’t got no clothes on and you’re up to something.”


Readers, when you are swinging, do you think of yourself as naked or nude?


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Warm Fuzzies and Bum Elbows

I’ve been having some recurring pain in my arm, particularly in the crook of my left elbow, and it’s progressively worsened over the past three months. It’s also caused me to discontinue yoga because some of the twisting poses were exacerbating the pain. I kept thinking it would go away if I didn’t put any weight or pressure on it, but sadly, it still hangs on. So I finally saw my doctor earlier this week who prescribed me a steroid to see if that would help. Unfortunately, in addition to my arm hurting, my head and stomach now hurts too. Boo.

But I realized my blog needed attention so I’m posting some updates. It’s always nice to get some warm ‘fuzzies’ and I’ve been on the receiving end of many this week. They started when I received my new business cards arrived. I keep a stack of cards with my blog address on them so I can hand them out if someone asks – much easier than finding a cocktail napkin or receipt to write it on.

I was due for a reorder when I came across this website called advertising 50 free cards. Not being one who can pass up a deal, I decided to try them out. This time, however, I added some pictures and my burlesque stage name and Facebook info. I thought they looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. When I received my order last week, they were tucked into this really nice box and the card in the front of the stack had this message:




That made me smile.

More warm fuzzies came during my debut as a stage kitten for a burly show last weekend (the girls who pick up the dancer’s clothes after her performance). I thought it would be good to get a feel for what it’s like out there in front of a crowd wearing very little. It was a great time and I enjoyed the attention. After the show there was a bunny contest, and about five of us got up onstage and showed our stuff, so to speak. The winner would be determined by applause from the crowd. I came in 2nd place and was gifted a lovely bedazzled t-shirt for my efforts.

Next evening Rick and I met a new couple for potential play, and had a great time getting to know them over a few beers. I don’t want to say much more than that, for fear of jinxing things, but I will say it was the first time in a LONG time that we had made that much of an effort to make new friends due to the limited time he and I have together on weekends. I will also say they are fun and outgoing and we are looking forward to enjoying some play time together in the near future.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was fortunate to meet a new lady friend who is interested in some one-on-one time with me (wink, wink) This is a first for me, but Rick and I talked about it and he’s cool with it so she and I are pursuing it slowly. She lives out of state, but is one of those lucky people who can pick up and travel any time she wants. We found each other online, and had an amazing dinner together a few nights ago and talked about everything: men, women, sex, swinging, travel, careers, relationships, you name it. She’s got a beautiful smile and is witty and articulate. We just had a fabulous evening and I can’t wait for next time. Again, don’t want to jinx things by saying too much so I’ll leave it at that.

And on top of ALL that, I’m eagerly looking forward to my first onstage performance this weekend. Had a great dress rehearsal last week and am now just practicing my tassel twirls and running the routine through my head over and over. Keep your fingers crossed for a my elbow to heal, for a great performance, and when you hear the song “Feelin’ Good” by Michael Buble’, think of me.

Readers, what’s made you smile this week?

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Pussy-Sucking Skills – How Are Yours?

man sucking pussy

Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

For women who swing, a man who knows how to eat pussy well is a gem to behold. I’ve read lot of couples’ profiles that tout the pussy-eating prowess of the man, only to discover that the guy’s idea of cunnilingus is licking a few times, followed by a couple of quick kisses and that’s it.

But if you really want to please a woman, gentleman, you’ll need to take your time and go slow. If you want her to brag to all her other swinger friends (and you know you do), then read this excerpt from “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm,” by Nicole Daedone, the founder of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). She wrote a full chapter of pussy-sucking. Remember, guys, we females want sex that feels connected, even if it’s really not. Just because female swingers participate in recreational sex with complete strangers, we want it to feel amazing. So here are a few tips to ponder. While you read, I’m going to imagine some slow sex with Hugh Jackman as I watch “Real Steel” on TV. When not playing Wolverine, he grows the most perfect facial hair of any man I’ve seen. Oh, what that would feel like on my pussy…but I digress.

Remember…GO SLOW. Slower than you could ever imagine. Slow so you can feel her, smell her, taste her every cell. 

Help your woman take her clothes off. Go slowly. Linger. Show care with every button, every hook, every zipper. Lay her down on the bed and begin with her feet.

Press your thumbs into her arches until you feel her let go and relax. Ask her to communicate sensations to you. Ask her to tell you what it feels like in her body. Keep drawing out her sensation until you feel that she is truly ready to begin.

Treat her whole body as a sex organ and put as much attention on her neck, her chest, her nipples, her stomach. Don’t just go straight for her pussy. Spend some time teasing and coaxing her body to open and surrender to your touch and confidence.

Firmly and gently place a hand on each knee and press her legs open. Feel the heat increase between you. If she moves, tell her to be still.

With one soft finger, gently skim along her inner labia. Add lubrication if that would feel good. Feel how soft her labia are, like tissue paper. Feel how, when you stroke very lightly, you can almost feel the ridges of your own fingerprints.

Bring your finger to rest just below her clit but without touching it. Ask her to tell you a secret. Tell her you won’t budge your finger until she tells you something confidential. As she starts talking slowly move your finger closer to her clit getting as close as you can without actually reaching it.

Draw out her desire with soft kisses, firm intention, and gentle pressure on her inner thighs. Ask her to tell you how her pussy feels. Tell her a sensation in exchange, be specific.

Lick the outer rim of her labia on both sides. Lick just enough to feel the blood pumping in your lips. Then slowly, starting at her introitus (the opening of her vagina), draw your tongue up the centerline of her pussy.

After a few gentle strokes take the whole of her clit into your mouth. Draw it in. Move your tongue along the bottom ridge of her clit, where the inner labia begin to separate. Up and down in the ridge, as gently as you can. Pause and feel how her clit extends itself father into your mouth.

Now take the whole of your mouth and engulf her clit. Move the soft inside of your lips around her hood while keeping the center of your lips wrapped around her clit. Make your mouth big and soft. Try pulling back and exhaling heat onto her clit before diving in and sucking some more.

Curve your tongue and insert it into the pocket that forms under her hood, just above her clit. There is a spot somewhere along the top ridge of the clit where you can feel a slight electrical current, like when you rub your tongue over a copper wire. Keep moving your tongue over that spot.

Fuck her there, digging deeply as if you were burrowing inside her. The more attention you give the more the spot expands until its pulsing under your tongue. Once it’s pulsing you know she’s open. Wrap your mouth around the whole of her hood as you move your tongue around this spot, just above the clit.

While you are sucking her, take two fingers and slide them inside of her reaching up to the spot that would be the back of her clit. Rest your fingers there. Don’t move, just press very gently. Notice how the pressure pushes her clit from behind, how it pops forward into your mouth. Suck it as if you were sucking all the juices out of it. Feel the flow all the way down to your cock.

Begin to move your tongue in a slow rhythm that she can catch on to. If it starts to feel tight or tense, pull back and breath. Exhale. Ask her if she desires a climax, if she wants you to suck her until she comes. If she says yes, tell her you will be drawing her over rather than pressing her over. Gently ask her to communicate if she would like you to move faster or apply more pressure.

Continue to push her clit slightly from behind, while sucking and moving your tongue over her. You do not need to add speed or pressure unless she asks for it. Keep sucking, but pull your tongue back on top of her clit so she can lock into you. You can create a beautiful arc where you hold her in total stillness as she comes.

Once you’ve gotten her to a place of intense sensation, don’t move. Hold there as long as possible so she can absorb all the pleasure that’s available.

If, or as she goes over stay present and connected, do not try to make anything happen.

Simply magnetize her orgasm towards you. As you release the sucking, feel her body go into familiar contractions. The longer you stay in the stillness the more powerful the contractions will be.

As the contractions slow, move back slowly so that you can apply pressure anywhere on her body. Heavy pressure feels very good and grounding after she’s climax. Put pressure on her thighs, her legs, her chest. When you feel her relax, stretch out and lie on top of her until you can feel every part of her body exhale.

Men, if you can pull this off, even in a swinger’s club, you and your woman will have more women chasing you both than you can count. Go on now, it’s time to practice, practice, PRACTICE!

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