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At This House Party, Three is Never a Crowd

threesomePhoto credit:

Last weekend Rick and I went to our first house party in a couple of years and had a great time. We had met the hosts Ronnie and his lovely wife Alicia several weeks before.  After chatting online a few times they invited us to their home one night for drinks and conversation. After we left their home, Ronnie called us to say Rick had left his sunglasses behind, telling him that “you can have them back if I can see Shay’s tits!” We knew he was joking, but when we returned I offered one of my breasts to him in his driveway. He accepted my offer and we shared a fun kiss before hitting the road again.

Then last weekend we returned for more fun. This party was smaller and intimate, with about 6 or 7 other couples. We were the only newbies, as far as I could tell. The others seemed to know each other already, but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. After introductions and the first round of drinks, everyone got naked and got into the pool and/or hot tub. Rick and I made our way into the pool and talked to some people then decided to get into the hot tub. We weren’t groped or hit on by anyone in either place, but we felt comfortable and were having a good time. The guests started to trickle back into the house, and we followed.

We refreshed our drinks and got a snack then Ronnie asked me if I’d like to get back into the pool. I said “yes” so he and I returned to the pool alone. We chatted for a few minutes before being joined by a petite woman named Julia.

“Am I interrupting anything,” she asked?

“Not at all,” Ronnie said.

Julia got in the pool, came over to me and started making out with me. Then she kissed Ronnie. Then I kissed Ronnie, then Julia. We had a nice little threesome makeout and groping session going on. Julia is very petite, as I mentioned before, and has a great little ass. Ronnie commented several times on how hot the two of us ladies looked as we pleasured each other. Ronnie is in great shape and nicely endowed. He pulled a bottle of lube out of the landscaping around the pool, telling me it works well in water. He was right. Whatever this stuff was, it lubed his stiff cock nicely so it slid right in. Julia and I took turns being in the “middle of the sandwich” making out with each other while Ronnie fucked both of us. I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice how much time had passed when Rick came out of the house and sat on the edge of the pool.

“Hey baby,” I said with a smile.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Very much so,” I replied.

Our little threesome continued a few minutes longer before I swam over to Rick to include him in our fun. At that point, Ronnie and Julia cooled off a bit then got out of the pool, dried off and went into the house. Rick told me how hot it was to watch me and Julia enjoying each other as I reached under the water and discovered his cock was hard. I stroked and licked him for a bit then used some of Ronnie’s magic lube and rode him for a few minutes. Afterward,  I asked him if he played with anyone and he said after Ronnie and I came outside, he stayed in the kitchen, chatting with the others and started rubbing Alicia’s neck. After a few minutes she invited him upstairs. Rick said they lay down on the bed and Alicia almost immediately went down on him. After a few minutes, he suggested she climb on top of him for some 69 action. This went on for a while before she told him she wanted Rick to cum in her mouth. Their 69 play continued until he gave her what she wanted by exploding with a mouthful of jizz. She really seemed to enjoy it as she licked off every last drop.

They relaxed on the bed for a bit afterward, chatting before getting up to return downstairs. When he didn’t see me in the kitchen, he came out and found me still having fun in our little threesome.

When we went back in the house, we saw that the group started to wrap things up. We had one final snack and drink before getting dressed to say goodbye. As Rick put his pants on, one of the ladies eyed his cock and said, “Oh, my.”

“You can touch it,” Rick told her.

She grabbed it and giggled. But she didn’t go any further, so he finished getting dressed.

We kissed our hosts as we said goodbye and look forward to playing with them again soon!

(Note: the picture above doesn’t exactly represent how my threesome went down, but you get the idea…)

PS – a few days after this awesome party, I met two new friends –  separately – and will write about our sexy adventures soon…

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nude woman

“You’re sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it,” she answered, gripping his hand as they approached the door.

Derek and Sophie entered the swing club. She stood off to the side as he checked them in. The man behind the counter took his time giving Sophie the once-over as she removed her full-length coat to hang in the community closet. Her long, golden-brown hair fell softly over her shoulders, providing accent to her ample breasts and cleavage peeking above the snug blue dress she wore. Derek smiled ever so slightly as he realized the old fart behind the counter was mentally fucking his wife.

After they got their wristbands they proceeded to their VIP table. “So are any of them here yet,” Sophie asked.

“I’m not telling you a thing. That’s what you wanted,” he replied as he popped the cork on a bottle of champagne. While most people drank champagne only on special occasions, Derek and Sophie drank champagne when they played at swing clubs. Sophie couldn’t drink champagne very fast, and when she did drink it, the buzz came on very slowly, which she liked. Derek could drink paint thinner if he wanted, but for the sake of simplicity, he indulged her champagne habit as long as the bottles weren’t too pricey.

“Did you bring the restraints?” Sophie asked as she slowly rolled her first sip around her mouth before swallowing the bubbly.

“Yes, it’s here in the bag. Let’s dance,” he answered.

They danced throughout the night, sometimes together, sometimes with another woman, sometimes with several other women. Sophie couldn’t help but look around the club, wondering which man or men were going to have their way with her tonight. She wondered if the women she danced with were aware that Derek may or may not have asked their husbands to fuck his wife. This turned Sophie on even more.

At some point, Derek grabbed Sophie’s hand and simply said, “It’s time.”

Sophie’s heart nearly stopped as her anticipation and excitement mounted.

Derek led her to a private room he’d reserved in advance. The room contained a queen-sized bed with a wrought-iron headboard, a full-length mirror, and a couple of chairs. Derek shut the door behind them as he set his bag down on one of the chairs. Calmly and firmly he said, “I want you to take off your dress and panties. Leave the shoes on for now.”

Sophie stood in front of the mirror and slowly unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She shimmied out of her thong panties and kicked them aside. She admired herself in the mirror while looking at Derek out of the corner of her eye.

He walked over to her and began slowly kissing her, his tongue lapping up the last bit of champagne on Sophie’s lips as his fingers brushed lightly over her hardened nipples. He knew that would get her motor running even faster.

“I know you, Sophia, and I know your body and what turns you on,” he whispered. She dropped her head back as his lips and tongue explored her neck. He could hear her breathing harder. He grabbed her ass with one hand as his other hand softly caressed her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. He knew she was ready.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs,” he ordered.

Sophie did as she was told, never taking her eyes off her husband. He opened the bag and pulled out two black cords. He softly stroked her leg before wrapping the cord around her ankle and tying it the bottom of the bed frame. Then he walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the action.

He returned to the bag and took out two more cords and a blindfold. He tied each of her wrists to the corners of the headboard then leaned down to slowly kiss her once again. Tiny beads of sweat glistened on her breasts in the dim light.

“I love you,” she breathed as he put the blindfold over her eyes. The room went black. She was at his mercy.

“I love you too. Enjoy,” he replied.

She lay there for what seemed like forever, hearing nothing but the dance music blaring on the sound system. She was feeling a little deprived of touch and began to feel somewhat vulnerable when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she heard Derek say.

She heard the door open and shut again.

A few seconds went by.

“Hello?” she asked.


Then she felt a hand on her thigh. Fuck, this is was really going to happen, she thought. The hand began stroking, softly. The hand felt rougher than Derek’s; slightly calloused. Her mind raced through the possibilities. Was it the hot black guy she saw at the bar? Or was it the guy behind the counter when they checked in? Was it a friend of theirs? She had no idea, because this guy, whoever it was, wasn’t talking.

She felt a hand on her breast. She began to relax and enjoy the stroking. Then she felt his lips on hers, and opened hers to respond to his kiss. He began squeezing her tits then ran his hand down to her pussy and began stroking her clit. She moaned and tugged slightly at her restraints. He kissed her neck, her left breast, left nipple then moved over to her right breast and nipple, playing with her nipples between kisses as he continued stroking her clit. Sophie’s hips began moving up and down as her arousal heightened.

“Omigod, this is amazing!” she moaned.

Then she felt him adjust his position on the bed and the next thing she knew, she felt her clit being sucked on. She rode a wave of pleasure as he brought her to her first orgasm. Not wanting  her to come down, he gently inserted a finger into her pussy and continued to suck, quickly bringing her to a second climax as her juices gushed all over his face.

Next she heard what sounded like someone opening a condom wrapper. But his fingers were still in her pussy so she was confused. The fingers came out and she felt weight above her. Then she felt him penetrate her with what seemed like a huge cock. She gasped as he opened her up and began thrusting. Sophie’s mind raced as she realized she was being fucked by a man she couldn’t see. It could have been anyone. The anonymity of it turned her on all the more, and before she knew it, she felt another wave of pleasure as she came again on his cock. He laid still on top of her as she climaxed then he began thrusting again, slowly at first then furiously as he took himself over the edge and exploded.

He took a moment to catch his breath, kissed her slowly one last time and withdrew. After a couple of minutes she heard the door open and shut.

“Derek?” she called out.

“Stay quiet,” Derek ordered. “We’re not through here.”

There was another knock on the door.

“Come in,” Derek ordered.

The door opened and shut. Sophie heard nothing until she felt someone sit down on the bed and stroke her cheek. The hands also ran over her breasts and one reached around and grabbed her ass. Then the hand went back up to her cheek before she felt another kiss. She parted her lips and returned the kiss. This kiss felt more forceful, insistent. Sophie’s mind raced with the possibilities. The hand caressed her chin and opened her mouth. She tasted a huge cock covered with precum.

She was being facefucked.

She quickly covered her teeth with her lips and relaxed her gag reflex. She loved the feeling of helplessness that overcame her. He played with her hair as he kneeled above her, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. She applied light suction, which he apparently liked because she could feel his cock grow even harder. After a few minutes he exploded in her mouth. She tightened her throat to keep from choking as her mouth filled with hot, creamy spunk. He withdrew his cock as she strained to swallow the load. She felt him kiss her on the cheek as he got off the bed and left the room.

Derek walked over and dabbed the corners of her mouth with a cloth.

“Having fun, little slut?” he asked.

Sophie was on sensory overload by this time so all she could do was nod ‘yes’.

She heard another knock on the door.

“Come in,” Derek said.

The door opened and shut again. This person started kissing Sophie, but not on the mouth. Rather the kisses were directly on her pussy lips and clit. Wasting no time, she thought. His oral skills were excellent as he brought her to orgasm almost immediately. She squirmed on the bed and moaned.

“GOD! Please don’t stop!” she squealed.

The tongue continued. It felt so good that, for a moment, Sophie thought it may have been another woman going down on her. But then she felt a slight beard nuzzling her pussy and realized it was a man. Next she heard the pop of a cap, like maybe a toothpaste cap. She heard a squirting and felt her legs being raised high and up near her head. A finger slick with lube slid into her ass as another massaged her clit. He’s going to do me in the ass, she thought. Sophie loved anal sex.

The finger continued to massage her hardened clit as she felt the tip of a cock nudging its way inside her tight hole. She exhaled and made a conscious effort to relax as the cock slowly filled her. He began thrusting as the finger stopped massaging and stayed in place, on her clit, applying gentle pressure. Sophie wondered how this person knew how she liked her clit touched with a cock in her ass. Her pussy dripped juices down around his cock, providing even more lube. Her nipples ached to be played with, but she concentrated on the feeling of fullness combined with the pleasure emanating from her clit.

As her hips gyrated against the man’s finger, the sensations drove her over the edge to another orgasm, this time she squirted all over whoever was fucking her in the ass. Her body convulsed with pleasure as he buckled and grabbed her hips, cumming in her ass. He groaned as he dumped his load inside her. After a couple more thrusts, he caught his breath as he pulled out and got off the bed.

Sophie lay there, basking in the knowledge that she’d just been fucked by three men she couldn’t see.

“Derek?  You there?” she asked weakly.

There was no answer as she felt another pair of lips kiss her neck. Oh my god, another man, she thought. I’m not sure if I can handle it. But the kisses continued, down to her breasts, her nipples, eventually her pussy. Is it Derek? She wasn’t sure. Regardless, the lips found her swollen clit. A finger slipped inside her pussy and found her g-spot. The combination sent her into orbit once again. With little effort she climaxed again, her pussy muscles contracting as she squirted into her lover’s mouth.

He straddled her then lowered himself inside her. Her pussy, thoroughly wet and used, opened to him. She was fucked to another orgasm before he claimed her pussy by coming deep inside her. He covered her face with kisses before moving down to her nipples, taking each one into his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue.

He got off the bed and she heard a door open and shut. She lay there for a few minutes, catching her breath. She felt Derek taking off the blindfold. Her eyes strained as they adjusted to the dim light. He stood there, fully clothed, smiling.

“So was it as good as you imagined?” he asked.

“Better,” was all she could muster saying. “You fucked me too, right?”

“That’s for me to know. I love you, baby,” was all he would say.

Stunned, all she could say in response was a weak “Love you too.”

As they returned to the dance floor, Sophie could feel cum oozing out of her as she silently wondered which men had been in the room, using her for their pleasure. She felt like every eye was on her.

Derek poured two more glasses of champagne and drank a toast to one hell of an evening. She felt like a queen on her throne.


Photo credit: An Erotic Gentleman

“Fantasy” first appeared on Copyright 2015

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Halloween and Swingers go together like…peas and carrots!


Actually, Halloween for swingers is like Fat Tuesday for Catholics and Christians. The analogy is even more striking after reading Wikipedia’s definition of the holiday: “…Popular practices include wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc.” While I don’t think I’ve seen a sports competition at a swinger’s Halloween party, (yet, anyway) I think the comparisons are eerily familiar.

pretty lady in toga costume

This is NOT me, but my costume looked a LOT like this.

Rick and I attended a costume party at a swinger’s club last weekend. It was our first time dressing up for Halloween as a couple. Yes, ever. (Hey, that’s only 5 1/2 years). After some discussion, we decided to go as gladiators/Romans/Spartans/one who wears a toga. We had already purchased these costumes last spring to take with us on our trip to a couples’ resort in Mexico, but ended up not wearing them then. We looked hot, if I do say so myself. We invited our favorite unicorn, Angelina, to join us, and she agreed. She came dressed as a…unicorn. It was a very cute, sexy outfit that she got many comments and compliments on.

Sexy guy in toga costume

This is NOT Rick, but his costume looked sorta like this…

We arrived at the club just as it opened, knowing that it would soon be packed to the rafters with hot and horny people.  We danced and enjoyed cocktails and met several new, fun couples.  Most everyone wore a costume, although there were a few who arrived in regular street clothes and club wear. (Ok, so you’re a swinger and decide to venture in to a club sans costume on the Saturday before Halloween. Really??? Do you own a calendar?) Despite the plain Janes, there were lots of creative, sexy and barely-there costumes represented. French maids, Playboy bunnies, latex princesses, schoolgirls, you name it.

But my absolute favorite costume was worn by a guy who came dressed as Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad. Rick and I became fans of this show very late in it’s existence. Like this year. Once we discovered it, we watched five years of episodes in about three months. I so wish we had discovered this gem years ago, but better late than never, I suppose. Anyway, this guy looked like Bryan Cranston‘s twin (the actor who plays Walter White). He wore Heisenberg’s black fedora to start with, then as the evening progressed he donned Walter’s typical meth-cooking attire: tidy whities, a chef’s apron and Doc Martens boots. His wife/girlfriend came as

Walter White fucks Cleopatra

Does he fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?

the sexy French maid (I must have missed the episode she was in, LOL) and didn’t leave his side for most of the evening. I loved the creativity of his costume so much that I tried to think up a clever pick-up line. (“I know Walter White is a chemistry teacher, but do you think he enjoyed history enough to fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?”)

But alas, I didn’t.

As the club rapidly filled with people, I thought it might be time to go play for a bit. By now Angelina had pulled Rick’s cock out from under his toga and was stroking it to a full hard-on. He said to her, “You’re being very naughty,” to which she replied “YES, I AM!” She and I had also been making out from time to time, so I figured we should get a bed before they were all taken.

We found an empty bed fairly quickly. One thing about Halloween sex: sometimes the costumes can be a big pain in the ass to deal with. Although mine and Rick’s costumes were easy to get off, poor Angelina had to get out of a corset, take off a wig, a tutu, knee-high stockings, heels, and her unicorn horn. I silently wondered how many swingers decide NOT to have sex at a Halloween party due to the sheer hassle of dealing with costumes.

After we collectively helped Angelina out of her costume, we got busy. One thing I love about Angelina is that she’s crazy fun. She loves to be our “dirty little slut” so I told her I wanted her to fuck Rick while I watched for a few minutes. I put his cock inside her, which is always fun, and watched her grind on top of him. She did that for a while then Rick told her to get off and eat my pussy, which was already soaking wet.

“Is she always this wet?” she asked him.

“Usually. Unless she’s exhausted or not feeling well, she’s usually good to go,” he replied.

Their exchange struck me as funny because it sounded like they were talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

She went down on me while Rick played with my nipples. In no time they had sent me over the edge to a delicious orgasm. She played with me a little longer then BAM! – she rolled off the bed and onto the floor, sending all three of us into uncontrollable laughter. As she quickly climbed back onto the bed, we heard some girl’s voice say, “Oh, my God! Is she naked?”

She composed herself and moved over to Rick’s cock, taking it in her mouth. I got behind Angelina and went down on

Sexy woman in unicorn costume

This isn’t Angelina, but she’s close… 😉

her at the same time. She licked and sucked and I heard his breathing quicken so I decided to move up to join her in giving him some oral pleasure. He enjoys having two girls take turns sucking his cock so that’s what we did. I took his balls in my mouth as she worked his shaft. He got up on his knees as we continued running our tongues and lips over his hard shaft and swollen balls. When he was close to cumming, we pulled back and told him to cum on our faces. He stroked himself a few more times and shot his wad all over our faces, necks and tits.

We could hear more people gathering in the room to look for beds to play on. I overheard some people lamenting the lack of beds, but we had no interest in giving ours up.  Angelina and I cleaned ourselves off then she lay back and it was my turn to taste her wet pussy. Her clit was rock hard. I ran my tongue around it and started sucking on it as she moaned. I inserted two fingers inside her and started massaging her g-spot. After a few minutes Rick took over massaging her, using his big fingers to bring her to a climax. We all sat back and relaxed for a few minutes afterward, then decided to take on the task of getting our unicorn back into her costume. Re-lacing and hooking that corset took some time with the limited light available but we managed to get her put back together. We looked around for a clean sheet to replace the one we’d played on but by the time we found one and returned to the bed, it had been claimed by a handful of patient albeit horny folks.

Angelina and I made a quick trip to the ladies’ room before the three of us returned to our spot, which had by that time been claimed by some other partygoers. However, they moved their beer bottles to let us back in. We danced a little while longer into the wee hours before calling it a night. Angelina promised she’d try to bring her friend Antonio along for the next play date.

We had so much fun at our pre-Halloween party that I don’t feel like I missed out on anything as I hand out candy to the neighborhood kids tonight. Although I wish we’d remembered to get a picture of us in our costumes.

Did you dress up this Halloween?

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When “No” Doesn’t Mean “No”

One of the cardinal rules of swinging is “no means no.”

Unless it’s your girlfriend asking…

This week’s weird sex news comes from NBC Miami and patrons of the “Shake Your Booty Club”.


A Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend in the eye with a knife after he refused to have sex with her and another woman she had brought home from a local club, authorities said.

The late September incident occurred after La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28, came home from a spot called Shake Your Booty Club with another woman at about 4 a.m. The two women had sex, and then King-Woolfork asked her boyfriend to participate, according to an Indian River Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

When he refused, the intoxicated King-Woolfork “became very angry and grabbed a knife,” the boyfriend told authorities.

The two struggled until the man was able to take the knife from King-Woolfork and hide it between the mattresses of the bed, according to deputies.

He left the house and called for a ride to the hospital, the report said. She was arrested on an attempted murder charge on Sept. 26 after police spoke to her boyfriend.

When police spoke to King-Woolfork, she said confirmed that she brought the woman home to have sex and wanted her boyfriend to join.

When the other woman left, and her boyfriend was in bed, King-Woolfork said she “picked up a knife off the dresser because she knew (her boyfriend) was going to get mad,” the arrest report said.

She said her then boyfriend took her hand to take the knife and the two struggled, which cut her knee, the report said.

The fight escalated and she hit her boyfriend in the head with her cell phone, King-Woolfork said.

She denied stabbing him but said she had hit him in the face several times with a metal candle holder, according to deputies. Then he punched her in the nose, the report said.

It wasn’t immediately known if she had an attorney.

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Ladies: Are You A Picky Eater?

Recently I was surfing through online profiles at the lifestyle website my hubby and I are members of, and stopped to read a profile in its entirety. The author (not sure if it was the male or the female) wrote something that piqued my interest and attention. In the box that read, “Describe your bisexuality, if applicable”, the person answered:


Wow, I thought. He or she must have had one too many encounters with women who were happy to let you munch their carpet, but didn’t return the favor. I had an experience like that myself, a few months back. Although at the time, I was too drunk to realize it.

We were at a club in another city. We were spending the weekend there and decided to see what the local lifestyle had to offer. Rick set us up online and got directions to the party. When we arrived, I was dubious; this “party” was at a low-budget hotel in a seedy part of town. Oh, well, I thought, let’s see what fun we can have. We went inside and it was the biggest off-premise party I had ever been to: it was several ballrooms of this old hotel combined together. You could probably seat 500 people comfortably. There were a lot of tables to be sure, but there was also a huge dance floor, full DJ booth, a smaller stage with a dance screen in one corner (so you could see your silhouette on the screen, I wrote about this in another post). In the other corner was a full kitchen with volunteers to replenish the fruit, cheese, meat and dessert trays. There were three stripper poles mounted in a row against one wall and the playroom (so it wasn’t really an off-premise club after all).

We sat through the lengthy newbie orientation (with about 50 other people) then went out to have fun. We met several people, thanks to Rick’s Apple Pie Moonshine, that he shared with anyone passing by our table. We had been at our table about 30 minutes when another couple, in their early- to mid-thirties sat down and asked, “Can we sit with you? The people over at our table are boring.” “Sure,” we answered, and proceeded to get to know our new tablemates, with no immediate intention of playing with them.

After a few drinks, including moonshine and DIY margaritas, my newfound lady friend were dancing the conga line and doing who knows what else. After I went behind the dance screen, squirted for a complete stranger and returned to our table, the man at the table next to us asked Rick if he could touch me. Why he didn’t ask me himself is a mystery. But Rick said “yes”, so the nice man began stroking my thigh as I enjoyed the attention. Until my newfound lady friend (we’ll call her NLF because I don’t remember her name) came over and sort of shoved the guy aside, saying “Sorry, she’s MINE!” and started making out with me feverishly. She was massaging my tits and had her tongue all over my throat.

We continued this for a few minutes until Rick got nervous about table fucking, so he directed us all to take it to the tiny playroom. This room had four small couches/loveseats and a sex swing. That was it. For 300 people. Unreal. I think we may have cut in front of some people and found a couch to start playing. It was pretty apparent that all NLF wanted was me to play with her. She dropped her pants and took off her shirt, and I did enjoy her full tits and soaking wet pussy. I massaged her G-spot and licked her pussy until she squirted on my hand. I continued for a few more minutes then we switched places, when her HUSBAND started eating my pussy while NLF went to work on Rick’s cock.

Mr. NLF was pretty good with his tongue and I climaxed fairly quickly. We switched places and I started working on his cock. Then NLF left Rick high and dry and went over to her husband to start sucking her husband’s cock with me. After a few minutes of sharing cock, I went back to my husband, and he indicated he was ready to go. He later said she wasn’t really into sucking him, either.

I had a good time generally at this party, but the next morning I realized this girl was a taker and not a giver at all. I chalked it up to experience, but it made both of us realize that we need to do a better job of screening our future playmates – and maybe drink a little less moonshine…

So back to this posting I read: it started me thinking that all of us in the lifestyle have our likes and dislikes. Some are pickier eaters than others. I created this poll to find out what my readers like – hope you’ll participate!

© Shalynne and, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shalynne and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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Is your kiss on my list? Check out this swinger’s to-do list?

My husband and I got into the swing lifestyle to add a bit of zest to our relationship and sex life. I believe it’s brought us closer together, if only because we are forced to talk about some very intimate subjects. While there isn’t a shopping list of people and experiences we take with us when we go to a club, or a meet & greet, there are some specific things I’d like to say I did before it’s all said and done.

Here’s my Lifestyle Wish List (Swinger Santa, I’ve been a really good girl this year!)

  1. To have several women lavish me with attention, much like in the Red Room on Playboy Channel’s “Swing”.
  2. To squirt all over a stranger’s face.
  3. To watch my husband fuck another woman.
  4. To have my pussy eaten by several men with perfect 5 o’ clock shadow (Don’t Fear the Beard stories are based on that fantasy!)
  5. To travel somewhere with another couple just for the purpose of recreational sex in a beautiful setting.
  6. To have a threesome with Christina Hendricks.  And that’s my fantasy, not his. (Isn’t she gorgeous?? And what a rack!)Christina%20Hendricks%20in%20Easy%20Living%20Magazine-01[1]
  7. To convert the extra room over the garage into a play room.
  8. To sit on my husband’s face while another woman rides his cock and makes out with me.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on. And as I fulfill the items listed, I’ll come back and check them off – and spill all the naughty details!

What’s on your swinger to-do list?


© Shalynne and, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shalynne and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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This Really Happened

Recently we were at a club in another city, and I was feeling pretty sexy, so I got up and started dancing behind the screen. Not long after a guy (not my hubby), asked if he could join me and I said ‘yes’. He came in and started fingering me as I danced and I squirted all over my shoes, my legs, him, everywhere.  After I pulled myself together, I stepped out from behind the screen and saw a couple of men with their women, who all said “thank you for that”. Too funny

© Shalynne and, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shalynne and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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