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Some girls like long walks on the beach but I like watching my boyfriend fuck other women. We’re all different.

Found this great post over at thecuriousadventuresofme and thought it worth sharing. Kind of sums up my feelings on polyamory, threesomes and watching dear Rick fuck another woman. Enjoy!


Some girls like long walks on the beach but I like watching my boyfriend fuck other women. We’re all different..

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Trying Something New…with Delightful Results!

Rick and I have been exploring a lot of new things lately. I’ve been exploring a growing interest in adult nursing relationships (ANR) and Rick and I each had our first dates with other people as we dip our toes into polyamory.

We also decided to have some fun last weekend by inviting my friend Madeline to spend some time with both of us. Madeline loves suckling. It may be a fetish, or it may be just a hobby; only she knows for sure. But I thought it would be fun to take her out for some fun on the town then maybe spend some time suckling me, and, if we were lucky, she’d be up for a little threesome action.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. I met Madeline online about a year ago. She reached out to me through an ANR website, and after some chatting, we finally met. She has a great job that allows her a flexible schedule, generous time off and flying privileges. She isn’t married and doesn’t have kids, so she can travel at the drop of a hat, although she lives several states away.

Our first experience was when I was traveling myself, and she met me while I was out of town at a conference. Our first nursing experience wasn’t bad; my nipples just weren’t accustomed to having that much attention after not having had that kind of treatment for at least a decade. But despite the soreness over the next few days, we continued to stay in touch and my interest in pursuing ANR grew as well.


A few months later we met up again, this time while she had a long layover during another trip to see other friends. We spontaneously decided to meet up at a local hotel. We spent some time talking before getting down to business and this time it was so sexy and gentle and sensual and tender.  Madeline has no interest in lactating herself, but instead enjoys the closeness that suckling affords. She soon discovered that breast play and suckling gets me very wet, hot and bothered. She asked if she could touch me “there” and I said yes. Her tiny, dainty hands traveled south to my soaking wet pussy, found my throbbing clit and softly massaged me until my back arched and fell back into the soft folds of the mattress as my pussy covered her hand with juices. As I caught my breath she moved her hand back to my left nipple as her mouth found my right nipple and began suckling. She lightly tugged at my left nipple, which drove me wild and caused me to ask her if she minded if I used my vibrator while she suckled.

She said, ‘no’, so I got my Hitachi and rubbed it on my clit, causing me to cum even harder, moaning and convulsing all at once.

After resting for a minute, I told her I’d like to return the favor and she quickly flipped over, spreading her legs to reveal a beautifully shaven pussy. Her tiny clit was as hard as rock as I flicked it back and forth, inserting a finger inside her tight pussy, finding her g-spot, and massaging it till her pussy walls clamped down on my finger. I looked up and saw her in a trance-like state, totally lost in the moment as she climaxed. Her thick nipples stood at attention like good little soldiers. I ran my tongue around each one of them as she came back down to earth.

We relaxed by watching a little TV. Madeline decided to suckle again so she moved over to my left breast for a few more minutes before I had to leave. We kissed for a little while before I got up to get dressed.

We left each other very satiated with promises to get together again soon.

That didn’t happen…for nine months. But we’d been talking about it off and on, about having her come for a visit so that Rick could meet her, so we could have another nursing session, and to just see what else our friendship could lead to.

This time, we played the good host, meeting at her hotel room, which was a very nice, spacious suite with plenty of room for us to move around. We picked her up and took her to one of the nicest strip clubs in town, which seemed natural for a breast girl. After arriving at the club, we got a table close to the stage so Madeline could see it all.

We ordered drinks and some food and enjoyed the first dancer on stage. I am slow to go to the stage to tip dancers (I have no idea why, but I AM getting better about that). Rick got plenty of singles to last a while. We eventually got up to tip some of the cuter ones, and Madeline was having the time of her life. She had never been to a club before and was thoroughly enjoying the entertainment. We were thoroughly enjoying her reaction to it all.

After several hours, we decided to go back to the room for some suckling time. I told Madeline at the club, while Rick was in the bathroom, that if she wanted to play with him in the room, I would be fine with it. I have grown to love watching Rick with other women. I love to watch how they react to him, and vice versa. I took off my clothes and got into bed. Rick sat on the sofa and took off his shoes. Madeline followed our lead, albeit slowly.

After Madeline undressed, she climbed into bed with me and took my nipple in her mouth. She began suckling and it felt amazing. Her latch was perfect, and her suction was just right. Her eyes began to roll back into her head as she put her tiny hand on my massive breast and went to her happy place. Rick got undressed and climbed in bed next to me. He caressed both of us as she continued nursing. Eventually I switched nipples with her. Rick got up and went to the other side of the bed so Madeline was in the middle.


Rick caressed Madeline silky skin and firm little ass as I moaned obliviously. He fingered her and commented on how wet her pussy was. He continued until I came out of my trance and suggested we give Rick some attention. We switched so he was lying on his back as Madeline and I took turns sucking his cock and balls. Then she sat on his face while I mounted his cock, then we did the “Eiffel Tower” and made out.  Rick marveled at Madeline’s pussy, which was shaved clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I played with her thick nipples and she kept her hands on my tits.

We played in that position for a while, then he got up and we got on the bed. She started suckling me again as Rick fucked me. I was in heaven! I came hard and fast then he pulled out. We rolled a condom on his cock which was still rock hard, then I guided her to sit down on it. This was so much fun for me to watch. It was fascinating, sexy and fun to watch him fuck her and to watch her facial expressions. He commented repeatedly on how tight her pussy was. After a few minutes of her riding him cowgirl, she pulled off and he finished by cumming all over my tits and her belly. Then she snuggled down between us to suckle; I offered her my nipple and we spent the next 20-30 minutes just quietly relaxing. Rick and I would look at each other across Madeline as she hungrily sucked my nipple like a starving baby. We commented on how soft her skin was and what a great little ass she had, almost like she wasn’t even there.

But she was there, and reached back to stroke Rick’s cock as we talked. She spread her legs wider so he could finger her pussy. He said how wet she was and, as if on cue, she got up on all fours to show she was ready to be mounted. All while her mouth was full of my tit. Rick got behind, spread her legs and entered her from behind. He thrust firmly as she suckled. I held her tight as Rick fucked her and pulled out to cum all over her ass.

As we recovered, the compersion started to flow. Rick got off to clean himself up and Madeline snuggled up next to me to continue suckling. I stroked her cheek and her hair and kissed her forehead. She is so sweet and when she suckles, the feelings of tenderness just start to bubble forth. Rick was smiling from ear to ear as he watched Madeline and I in our element, sharing ourselves with each other; me offering my breast to fulfill her need, her suckling me to fulfill my need. And Rick getting to have some threesome fun.

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Suffering Sappho – The Secret Life of Wonder Woman

poly2After randomly tuning into NPR’s “Fresh Air” one night last fall as I was driving, I heard Terry Gross interviewing the author of a book titled “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”. The teaser before the break was “come back to hear about the person who created the Wonder Woman comic strip, and how he had a much more interesting life than the icon he created.”

Well that piqued my attention, so I stayed tuned.

The guest was the book’s author, Jill Lepore. She and Terry discussed the book, and what made the author’s life so interesting; William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator, was polyamorous.

Well ok, then. NOW I’m really interested.

As the interview went on, the two women giggled like schoolgirls as Ms. Lepore discussed how Marston met his wife, Elizabeth when the two were in elementary school in the 1900s. They grew up together, got married, and lived a yuppie life of him teaching at a university and her working at a life insurance company. Things were hunky dory until one day, Marston informed his wife that he’d fallen in love with one of his students (more giggles) and wanted to bring her home to live with them (even MORE giggles),  and Elizabeth’s initial reaction (LOTS MORE giggling here – and I’m not going to spoil this review by revealing what that reaction was).

I was feeling somewhat irritated at all the damn giggling and yet becoming insanely curious about how these three could pull off polyamory at a time when women weren’t allowed to vote or use birth control, among other things. The two giggled throughout the interview until the end, but they had achieved their desired outcome: using my phone, I bought the book before I even made it home.

It would be an understatement to say this book was painstaking researched by Ms. Lepore. At 410 pages, it’s roughly divided into four parts: Part One is the backstory of William and Elizabeth’s childhood and education, and ends when William meets Olive Byrne, one of his students, and falls in love. Part Two is the most interesting; how the three of them negotiate their relationship as a polyamorous triad. Their very unconventional approaches to sex, childbearing and childrearing make this section an excellent read. Later on a fourth female appears, Marjorie Huntley, and lives with the triad off and on as William Marston’s occasional lover. It is assumed, but never directly revealed, that the women engaged in sex with each other.  Readers will also be in awe of the things that Olive Byrne gave up in order to live her life as Marston’s lover.

Part Three covers the evolution of Wonder Woman, from concept to completion, and Part Four is a blow-by-blow listing of references, annotations and attributions. The entire story is set against the backdrop of the Women’s Suffrage movement; a time of great political, social and economic change. Marston himself was influenced by early suffragists and feminists, and argued that Wonder Woman was the missing link in the history of the struggle for women’s rights.

What makes this such an interesting book is the irony in their stories. Marston and Byrne wrote a regular column for Family Circle magazine in the 1930s, celebrating conventional family life as they themselves pursued lives of extraordinary nonconformity. Marston was also an internationally recognized expert on truth – he invented the lie-detector test. But he himself lived a life of secrets, only to subliminally and subtly spill them later on the pages of Wonder Woman.

If you were a Wonder Woman fan, like history and are intrigued by how early polyamorous lovers survived against the stigma of ethical non-monogamy, this book is for you.

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Looking Forward to a Happy (and Sexy) New Year

Well it’s WordPress annual report time and I was stunned and amazed at this blog’s statistics for 2014 (which is guess is better than being dazed and confused). This blog was viewed an astounding 71,000 times this past year – although I haven’t posted anything new in the last six months. I’m humbled and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest and your support. And God bless the Cancun Swingers, who no doubt kept the fire burning by referring readers to my post about my sexy experiences there…a year and a half ago.

To borrow a headline from my fellow adorable blogger Seattlepolychick, “sometimes writing is hard.” I couldn’t agree more. Especially when you write a blog about sex while your own sex life becomes less of a priority on the daily to-do list. At least that’s how I used to view it, but more about that later. I have gone through a treacherous bout of writer’s block that I’m still working through. Writing about sex became very hard for me as I went through some major life changes that consumed all of my mental energy: Rick’s taking a job in another city, and subsequently developing back problems that made daily living painful and sex difficult, sending one of my children to live with his dad in another state until he could get his head back on straight; selling a home and finding a job in another city so I could be with my husband. In less time than you could say “indiscretions”, swinging dropped to the bottom of our priority list.

And writing became very hard for me. So I stopped.

I was probably depressed for a while. I never saw a doctor about it, but rather just worked my way through. I reached out to a few friends about the vanilla stuff, which helped, but kept the sexual frustrations to myself. My imagination and desire to write erotic fiction dried up like west Texas in the summertime. Rather than force myself to write crap, though, I chose not to panic about my lack of creativity and simply focused on what needed doing.  Rick would ask me about it from time to time but never pressured me or made me feel guilty for not producing sexy fiction.

Eventually I turned a corner. During this hiatus, I’ve discovered that I don’t really miss swinging. I’m now taking a more holistic approach to sexuality. That is, learning more about all the things this body can do. I’m studying the Chakras, tantric sexuality and the more spiritual aspects of sex. Rick and I are exploring polyamory, which is very exciting. The idea of opening ourselves and our relationship up to include loving and caring for others is very appealing. Rick is feeling better lately after finding new doctors to help. We moved and I got a new, better-paying job and I also get to sleep in the same bed as my husband every night. My kid is doing a lot better. So I’m hopeful that with this stress behind me, my creative juices will start flowing again. I’m reading a really interesting book on the creation of “Wonder Woman”, of all things, as her creator lived in a polycule for decades back in the 40s and 50s – something virtually unheard of during that time. It’s sparked some really thought-provoking discussion about the poly lifestyle.

Thanks for sticking with me. I wish each of you a happy and sexy 2015.

And since I usually include a sexy image with each post, here is one from my burlesque photo shoot earlier this year. I haven’t given up entirely on that hobby either; we’ll see what 2015 holds in store.

Curvy redhead, big boobs

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Packing Up

Well, it’s official – we are moving to the Houston area. Actually Rick has been working there for nearly a year now, and it’s making more sense that I join him there permanently rather than have him drive home every weekend. I have been very resistant to moving again; during my previous marriage I moved many times to accommodate the ex’s career. When I arrived here about eight years ago I told myself I’d never again move for a man. Famous last words, right?

Nonetheless, after weighing the options, we decided to go for it. It’s kind of exciting to look for a house without needing to consider which school district. I’ve been searching out like-minded swingers and poly couples around my future hometown, trying to make some connections. So far I’ve chatted online with a few lovely married ladies looking for a gf to share some alone time with. The idea of having a gf just for me is very intriguing; but I have to admit it’s a little scary when I think about the potential drama that could ensue. But it’s exciting just the same.

You tease me so well!

Photo credit: Sexdicted

I am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing lifestyle. We’ve taken a self-imposed break due to the fact that when Rick is home, we have to prioritize our time carefully and over the months the swinging has taken a back seat to other activities. But with kids out of the house and the opportunities to make new friends, I’m excited about what the future holds. And for those who think casual sex is bad for your health, a recent study conducted by researchers from NYU and Cornell dispels the popular notion that casual hookups — defined as sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship — will leave you with low self-esteem and depression. The research, published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, involved a group of NYU students who kept a weekly diary over the course of 12 weeks documenting any and all adult snuggles — and the effect those instances had on their overall well-being.

Sociosexually unrestricted students reported higher well-being after having casual sex compared to not having sex, the researchers found. Also, those who were sociosexually unrestricted reported lower stress and greater overall emotional health after casual sex. (This is … maybe not super surprising.)

Although past reports have shown that women are less likely than men to orgasm during casual sex, this particular study showed few overall differences between genders.

The study’s authors explained that “the effects of casual sex depend on the extent to which this behavior is congruent with one’s general personality tendencies.” So, in other words: if you want to have casual sex, you definitely should. If you do not want to have casual sex, you shouldn’t.

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What? There are other things to do besides swinging?

Believe it or not, yes, there are other things to do. Lots of other things. Rick and I have kinda sorta taken a break from swinging, although not entirely by choice.  As many of you who read this blog already know, Rick works out of town, about four hours away, and comes home on weekends. Being apart five nights a week can wreak havoc on a marriage, no matter how solid it was prior to the separation. We have come to recognize the importance of reconnecting on the weekends, although we still attend the occasional events at swing clubs and house parties. Along the way we’ve met some couples who we’d like to play with, but it’s been hard to find mutually convenient times and places to hook up when your schedule is so limited.

That’s not to say, though, that I’ve been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I’m pursuing my burlesque obsession – and my first performance is on the calendar (April 26, in case you’re interested). I’m making new friends along the way and learning a lot.

man eating woman's pussy

Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

I’m also reading (or more accurately, listening to) a new book called “Opening Up” by Tristan Taormino. It’s written for folks interested in polyamory, which Rick and I have talked about, but I’ve learned far more about relationships in general than just polyamory. It covers every aspect of non-monogamy including negotiations, clarifying needs and determining what you truly want in a relationship.  I highly recommend it . Taormino also has a blog called “Opening Up” that appears to be an uber-comprehensive resource for non-monogamous relationships.

woman's bald pussy

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Another new interest I’ve discovered is tantra. Maybe because I’ve taken up hot yoga. Whatever the reason, I find it fascinating. In my research I came across a website called My Tiny Secrets, which has some great articles on Yoni massage, how to properly go down on a woman (the video is hilarious yet so TRUE – but NSFW!) among others.

This is my 100th post. Indiscretions is almost a year old. When I started writing this blog, I never imagined it would last this long. It’s still a work in progress and I look forward to expanding my writing to include other articles and maybe even a book or two.

But back to swinging – Rick and I are looking forward to a big party at a swingers’ club this weekend. We have several friends also attending, and I think we’ll both have a great time. But during this temporary “downturn” in swinging activity, I am devoting my time to learning new things – including how to twirl my tassels.


Readers, what sort of “alternative” relationships are you interested (or participating) in? What are the pros and cons?

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I’m Still Here

Seems like an eternity since I last posted – about anything. I hope you are all well and enjoying some fun ‘indiscretions’ of your own every now and then. Rick and I are still alive and kicking (but not each other, mind you), but we’ve cut back on swinging activities, for a couple of reasons, mostly, although we still consider ourselves ‘in the lifestyle’. So what’s been keeping us busy?

After much consideration, Rick took a job in another city and basically lives there Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. The money was too good to pass up and he really enjoys what he’s doing and the people he works with. He will eventually get a job back here so we can live like a normal (?) couple again, but for now, it’s me, two dogs, a cat and a kid here at home during the week. When you only have 48 hours a week to spend together, hanging at the swing clubs is one priority that tends to get pushed down the list a few notches.

We’ve also begun to pursue other sexually-themed activities. We’ve enjoyed our little exploration into OM (Orgasmic Meditation) and intend to pursue it regularly. Once we get a massage table. Long story, but suffice it to say that Rick is very tall, and finding a comfortable position for him to stand or sit while he massages my clit for 15 minutes is no easy task. I think a padded massage table with adjustable legs would be perfect. We’d also like to learn more about tantric techniques, so we have to find time to pursue those interests in our precious 48 hours each week. We are also journeying (albeit slowly) into the D/s lifestyle and finding that it’s really fascinating and sexy, although we haven’t done enough yet to write about. Yet.

I’m also going to venture into the world of erotic self-publishing and write a book in 2014. Look for more adventures from Stacey and Justin (Don’t Fear the Beard) and perhaps stories from a brand-new set of horny, polyamorous characters. (Now that I wrote this, I guess I actually have to do it. LOL)

One thing I think every woman should do at least once in her lifetime is pose nude. Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha poses nude, then hangs the photo of her naked ass right next to her front door, where the pizza delivery man and anyone else who comes to her door can see it? Well, I posed for some fine art photography a few weeks ago as a gift to Rick, who agreed to share a couple of pics with you. The great thing about fine art photography (vs. boudoir) is that the focus is on a part of your body, rather than your entire body, or your face. Using shadows in black and white photography creates a very flattering photograph, even if you’re thick. My female photographer did a great job of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to focus on the pose rather than “Omigod, does she think I’m fat?” Ladies, you should definitely try it.

breasts chains, nipplesorg_usrimg_2864_57647

If I don’t get back on here before then, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (started off with a very sexy New Year’s Eve)!

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The Varieties of Intimate Relationships

According to The Daily Infographic there are as many different intimate  types of relationships  as there are species of bats in Texas.

For some people as soon as they turn 16 and start their first intimate relationship it never stops. They have relationship after intimate relationship and being with someone at all times is like breathing.  In this situation the people begin to know each other better than they know themselves.   They spend every moment of everyday together. If they have nothing important to do, they will with most likely be with each other. For other people, that first relationship doesn’t happen until they are much older or have very big spaces between their relationships and therefore spending long periods of time getting to know themselves.  Here we have 2 different kinds of people, one who spends ¾ of their time with another person’s affection, and one who is mostly alone to themselves.

When a couple starts swinging, that changes the dynamic totally. Polyamorous couples change the dynamic even more. Readers, where do you fall in this graphic?


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