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Fucking in a Stranger’s Front Yard

girls9This is what we’d hope to see. Sadly, we didn’t.

This past weekend Rick and I decided to take the Harley to a “lifestyle friendly” nudist resort outside of town that hosted a poker run and bike rally. We were curious about how well bikers and nudists played together in the sandbox and assumed that nudists would also be into, well…swinging.

We were wrong. About the swinging, that is.

When we called we learned that all the cabins had been booked a year ago. However, we were directed to a lady who is a permanent resident at the resort and recently began renting out rooms in her mobile home to supplement her income. She was highly regarded by the resort staff, so we got a room. I honestly wasn’t too thrilled about this arrangement when I first heard about it from Rick, but I figured ‘what the hell’; how bad could it be for two nights?

Our hostess, Elaine, greeted us warmly upon our arrival, and quickly gave us a tour and laid down her house rules.

“By the way, are you swingers?” she asked bluntly. “If so, you can’t do that in my house,” she said.

Rick and I just looked at each other and said, “Ok.”

Elaine was chatty and friendly, inviting us to eat dinner with her and serving us ice cream with grilled peaches for dessert. Rick and I had a guest bedroom and bathroom. Elaine had rented out her master suite, which was surprisingly large, to another couple. It was weird to walk around nude in a stranger’s house. Although it was a “clothing optional” resort, Elaine maintained that we needed to be nude or semi-nude as much as possible in and around her house.

Saturday morning we left for the poker run for a 150-mile round trip. It was a beautiful ride as we made five stops at various watering holes, taverns and gas stations to pick up a random playing card inside a sealed envelope. We made it back to the starting point in plenty of time and to get naked and present our envelopes to the organizers to open and reveal our poker hand. It was funny to see Rick stand there nude, his cock just 18 inches away from this old guy’s face. Both our hands were crappy so we didn’t win anything. We were hot and tired and dusty and ready to jump in the pool.

After we climbed out of the pool to chill on the lounge chairs, we discussed how the crowd in the pool, open-minded as they appeared to be, weren’t really into flirting with anyone. All they wanted to do was smoke and drink and smoke some more. You could see how that lifestyle had really taken its toll on these 60 and 70-year-olds. Even if they were into swinging, these were not people I’d be interested in playing with. Don’t get me wrong; we’re not Ken and Barbie. But I do take some pride in trying to keep myself in decent shape so I can enjoy sex. I told Rick I didn’t think any of these people had fucked anyone in years.

We discussed just jumping back on the bike and leaving early. It was only an hour and a half away, so why not cut out and leave early? The main event was over and there wasn’t much left to do but sit around and listen to some bar band that didn’t sound any different than the one we’d heard the night before. We picked up our stuff and made our way back over to Elaine’s place to find her gone, roommates gone and all the doors locked.

Exasperated, we sat down on some chairs in her side yard and waited. The time passed and it got darker. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I walked a short distance to the community restroom. When I returned, I touched Rick’s cock and found it semi-hard. He said he’d been thinking about having some fun of our own. Inspired, I began stroking and thinking. I looked around at Elaine’s yard, taking note of the shrubs, palm trees and furniture. Elaine lived in the back of the resort, off any well-traveled paths. She also had a nicely manicured lawn.

“Let’s put our towels down and do it right here in her grass,” I suggested as I stroked his growing cock. “I mean, it’s not like there’s anything else to do,” I added.

“Really?” he said.

“Sure, why not?”


We spread the towels out to make enough room for me to lie on them. Rick played with my nipples and fingered my pussy which is a surefire way to get me wet. We started fucking doggy-style, which I thought would be good so we could both keep an eye out for Elaine’s golf cart (or someone else’s). We eventually switched to missionary with my legs over his shoulders, which was amazing. We were going at it and I had a small orgasm right before Rick’s cock exploded inside me. Which was convenient, as Elaine’s cart came whizzing down the trail and right up into her driveway. Luckily she didn’t see us right away which gave us a chance to get my cover-up back on. (Like that mattered; we were at a nudist resort).

We had just fucked on a stranger’s front lawn. While it wasn’t on either of our sexual bucket lists, it was still pretty fucking fabulous.

“I remembered I didn’t tell you where I hide my key,” she said frantically. “I keep it right here,” she said as she showed us her hiding spot. “I came back to get something then I’m going back to hear the band. Are you coming up there?”

“Maybe in a little while,” we replied.

She grabbed whatever she came back for and quickly left. We rushed to pack up our stuff, got dressed and hightailed it out of there before she returned. I felt bad about leaving without telling Elaine goodbye, but I figured she was just weird enough to not be bothered too much by it. Clearly this resort advertised itself as a lifestyle-friendly place, but these people seemed to have not a shred of interest in it. There was even a designated ”playroom” that opened after 10 pm but we didn’t see anyone go inside – not one time.

We made it home at a reasonable time and were grateful to sleep in our own bed. The next morning, though, Rick realized his wallet was missing. So he ended up calling Elaine to ask if it was in the guest room. In our haste to leave due to a mysterious “family emergency”, Rick didn’t notice it had fallen under the bed.

So he had to drive back (in his truck) to retrieve it. Then drive back home.

But, hey, at least we managed to have some sexy fun.

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