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The Perfect Ending to A Hard Day


Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

Brantley sat down in his armchair. It had been a long day and he was tired, both mentally and physically. His job had been especially demanding lately and when he got home, he just wanted to sit. Willow brought him a beer and gently stroked the back of his neck. Brantley closed his eyes.

“Why don’t you take a quick shower and meet me in the bedroom. I think you need a massage,” she whispered in his ear.

Brantley opened his blue eyes and nodded, offering a tired smile in agreement.

Willow watched her Brantley, stand up and walk into the other room. She loved watching her Brantley walk. Despite his height, facial hair and rugged hands, his sweet face reminded her of a young boy. His wavy hair and sweet smile melted her heart every time she looked at him.

She heard the water running in the shower as she walked into the bedroom to quietly change. She said nothing to him as he washed off the day’s stresses. She heard him turn off the water and step out to dry. He didn’t notice her standing in the bedroom until he’d finished toweling off.

He stood in silent shock as he saw his Willow standing there, in a red corset, g-string and stiletto heels. She had a rope in her hand.

“Time for Brantley to lie down and relax,” she said. “Willow is going to make you feel better.

Brantley obediently dropped his towel to the floor and walked over to the bed and lay on his back. He knew not to speak. He’d learned in the past, that if he protested, Willow would deny herself to him.

And he couldn’t stand that.

Willow came over and kissed her Brantley. She slowly parted his lips with her tongue before darting it around his mouth, teasing him. Her huge breasts were nearly spilled out of her corset and Brantley thought he caught a glimpse of her erect nipple. He suddenly felt very thirsty as he felt his cock hardening. He didn’t resist when Willow took both his wrists and tied them to the headboard.

“You work so hard to take care of us, Brantley,” she said. “You deserve to relax and to not have to think about anything,” she added.

Brantley just watched her as she gently stroked his thighs before drawing his knees up and placing a pillow under each one. “To protect your lower back, my sweet boy,” she said.

Willow expertly wrapped more rope around his thighs, tying them to the sides of the bed. His cock was fully erect and Willow could see it throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

She firmly secured the ends of each rope to the bedpost. Brantley lay there, thighs open, wrists tied, helpless. His thick cock stood upright, ready for attention. Willow smiled at her work. His dark body hair made him look so masculine. His hands reflected the hard physical work he did each day. But behind closed doors, he became her Brantley and lovingly submitted to her every demand.

Willow walked up the side of the bed near his head and leaned down and slowly kissed him again with great intent before bringing out the blindfold to cover his eyes with.

“Time for night-night,” she said. “I want you to relax and concentrate only on what I am doing.”

He nodded obediently.

Willow climbed atop the bed and positioned herself in front of Brantley’s pulsating cock. She delicately licked the head and heard Brantley gasp for breath. She moved down to the base of the shaft and slowly dragged her tongue up to the tip. Brantley’s precum started to ooze out. Willow lapped it up like a thirsty kitten.

Brantley started breathing harder. He moaned ever so quietly. Willow allowed him to moan and groan during their dominance sessions. He just couldn’t speak.

She started sucking his cock more aggressively. After years of observation, she could tell when her sweet boy was going to cum. His legs would tremble and his breath quickened, sometimes to the point of a high-pitched gasp. When she could tell he was close to orgasm, she deliberately slowed down until she felt his throbbing cock soften. At which point she would begin sucking and stroking until he started gasping again.

She did this four times. The last time she got him hard, she stopped and started breath play. She opened her mouth wide over the head of his pre-cum soaked cock and exhaled her warm breath around it, torturing him with anticipation.

“Willow, please!” he groaned. Oh, shit, he thought. I broke the rules.

He felt very nervous and unsure when he heard Willow say in a low, firm voice:

“I’m going to forgive you this time for breaking my rule, Sweet Boy. But you won’t forget what I’m going to do to you.”

He felt a stab of fear in his heart that immediately disappeared when he felt her warm mouth around his cock, which stiffened in quick response.

He then heard what sounded like a POP, then slippery fingers lubing his ass. By now his cock was raging hard. He felt Willow’s finger slowly penetrate his asshole where it expertly found his prostate. Each time she applied pressure to it, waves of ecstatic pleasure spread throughout his body.

Willow continued to suck his stiff cock. She would take her mouth down to the base, then press against his prostate as she worked her way up to the tip, adding suction as she went. Christ, he thought. She’s never done this before was the only thought he could formulate. His body shook in sheer pleasure.

He came in her mouth almost immediately, entire body trembling with spasms. His arms were numb. He couldn’t stop shaking. As his cock pulsated, she applied one last suction that made him squeal and arch his back as he tugged on the ropes.

Willow swallowed his load, slowly removed her finger and licked him clean. She removed the ropes from his wrists and massaged the feeling back into his arms. The blindfold came off next and she could see the dried tears on his face. She kissed him and smoothed his sweat-soaked hair back from his forehead. She felt her breasts leak milk into her corset, so she hurriedly unwrapped the ropes from around his thighs. She climbed onto the bed and pulled her Brantley close to her and offered him her leaking nipple. Without a word, he eagerly accepted it and nursed hungrily. She looked down at her sweet boy and ran her fingers through his hair. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she stroked his cheek until they both fell asleep.

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Fill ‘Er Up!


“Party at my house on Friday. Starts at 9. Get here early.”

Stacey glanced at the text on the cell phone sitting on her desk next to her computer. She had been expecting her friend Kathy to text her with details of her upcoming house party. Stacey and Kathy were friends from college and, along with their respective husbands, were swingers. Kathy and her husband, Scott, had a great house with a pool, spa, outdoor bar and plenty of extra bedrooms. Stacey and her husband, Justin, lived in a townhouse about a mile away and were enthusiastic co-hosts of their BFFs house parties.

Stacey smiled and tried to concentrate on finishing a legal brief. She liked her job as a paralegal, but some days the paperwork was tedious. Her mind began wandering as she thought about Kathy’s party. Would this be the night she’d try it? She and Justin had discussed it briefly, and she felt like he was ok with it, but the right guy just hadn’t come along yet. Maybe I need to stop waiting for the perfect person and just try it, she thought.

Stacey wanted to be DP’d. And to take a third cock in her mouth at the same time.

She wanted to be filled. She wanted to take in as many men as possible. At least once in her lifetime.

Stacey had heard Kathy talk about being simultaneously fucked in her ass and pussy. To hear her tell it, it was no big deal and way overrated. Stacey had watched her a couple of times and had to admit, it didn’t look as scary as she thought it might be. But although Stacey and Kathy had been best friends for over a decade and had played with each other on more than one occasion, Stacey felt that Kathy was far more advanced sexually.

Stacey started to fantasize. Do I want to do it in a bedroom, on a sofa, or somewhere else? Do I need to buy some new lube? Kathy says you have to be totally relaxed and lubed in order to enjoy it. Where would Justin be? No doubt he’d want to be one of the three. She and Justin often had anal sex, so he was no stranger to her ass; would he want to be in a different position this time? The ringing phone forced Stacey to put those thoughts on the back burner as she answered her boss’ call.

Later that night, as she and Justin got ready for bed, she mentioned Kathy’s party.

“Starts at nine but she wants us to be there early,” Stacey said casually.

“Cool. Did she say who was on the guest list?” Justin asked.

“Not yet. They always invite some newbies, and I think Scott said last time he wanted her to invite her lesbian friends,” Stacey answered.

“Ah, yes, the hot lesbians,” Justin remembered. “Scott swears he can turn them straight if he invites them to enough parties. I’m not sure that looking at Scott’s dick is gonna do it for them but I give him credit for trying,” he added. “Maybe I can change their way of thinking.”

“Yeah, good luck with that,” Stacey teased. “Do you think you could tear yourself away from them long enough to do a DP with me and a couple of other guys?” she asked.

Justin smiled. “So you’re finally going to go through with it this time. What changed your mind?” he asked.

“I decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and just do it,” she answered.

“Do I get to pick my entry, or do you have the holes assigned already?” he asked, which made him laugh and caused Stacey to throw a wet washcloth at his head.

“Douchebag,” she said.

Friday after work, Stacey rushed home and changed into her favorite dress, a micro-mini red halter that showed off her tan, her long legs and her C-cup breasts. It was a favorite of both Justin’s and Scott’s, so Stacey figured other guys would like it as well, even though she knew in her heart of hearts that the men at this party would more than likely not notice the finer details of her red dress. She stepped into a pair of stiletto sandals and went downstairs to Justin, who was finishing up his first beer of the night.

“You look beautiful as usual,” he said as she descended down the staircase.

“Thanks,” she replied as they headed out the door.

They were the first to arrive, as promised. Scott and Justin went outside to finish setting up the outdoor bar while Kathy and Stacey did a last-minute check in the rooms. Condoms and lube were on hand in each bedroom and the two bathrooms were piled high with extra towels.

“Ok, Kath, I’m going to try DP tonight,” Stacey announced.

“No kidding? It’s about time,” Kathy joked. “Seriously though, who are the lucky guys? Does Justin get to be part of the fun?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Stacey replied. “Hey, I forgot to ask, did you invite Matt and his wife?” she added.

“Yeah, I think they’re coming. Scott said he talked to him yesterday.” Kathy answered.

“Good,” Stacey replied. “I like him.”

The guests began to arrive and soon the house was full of sexy, horny couples. Because Kathy invited the same people, the group was very comfortable with each other. The newbies were introduced to the regulars and, in no time, partners started pairing off and finding their way to bedrooms, sofas and lounge chairs.

Stacey poured herself a glass of wine and introduced herself to Nick and Lisa. They were not new to swinging, but new to the house party scene. Nick was a friend of a friend of Justin’s. Stacey was attracted to him immediately. After a few pleasantries, Lisa excused herself to get another drink. Stacey and Nick continued talking and laughing. She was just about to ask him to be part of her trio when she felt a hand on her back and heard a familiar male voice speak softly in her ear.

“Hello Stacey.”

She turned around. It was Matt. She sat her glass down and greeted him with a big hug.

“Hi Matt, I’m so glad you’re here!” she shrieked.

Stacey introduced Matt to Nick. They shook hands and Stacey did her best to keep them there, talking to her. She wanted to steer the conversation toward her DP. Fortunately, the two men seemed to get along well. They were chatting about their swinging experience when Stacey blurted out,

“I want to get DP’d tonight. Would you both join me?”

As soon as it came out of her mouth, Stacey felt her face burn. Inside she thought, Omigod, I can’t believe I just said that.

Nick smiled and said, “I love a woman who knows what she wants. I’m game to play.”

Matt said, “Sounds great to me.”

“Ok, let me get Justin. I want him to be part of it too,” Stacey said. She hurried outside, hoping Justin wasn’t in the middle of receiving a blow job or wasn’t fucking someone at that moment. She felt relieved to see him standing at the bar talking to Kathy.

“Hey, babe. I got my two guys and they’re ready to play. Can you join us?” she asked her husband.

“That was quick,” he replied. “Sure, honey. Let’s go.”

As they walked back inside, Stacey told Justin, “I want you in my mouth.”

“Absolutely,” he replied.

She walked back to Nick and Matt and asked them to follow her. She took them into Kathy and Scott’s bedroom that had the king-sized bed. Stacey and Justin were the only ones besides their host friends, who were allowed into the master bedroom.

They walked in and Justin shut and locked the door. The nightstand lamps cast a soft glow as Stacey began to undress. Justin purposely held back as Matt went over and kissed her. She returned his kiss and unbuttoned his shirt. Nick removed his own clothes and walked up behind Stacey to caress her ass and kiss her neck.

Stacey felt so alive. To have hands belonging to two gorgeous men touching her most intimate places was an amazing feeling. She opened her eyes briefly and glanced over at Justin, who sat naked on the bench near the closet stroking his cock. He took some delight in sharing his wife with other men and she knew it.

Stacey wrapped her hands around the two throbbing cocks looking for a warm spot to play. Both felt thick. She felt Matt’s finger rubbing her clit and Nick’s finger massaging her asshole. She heard someone snap open the bottle of lube, then felt a finger covered with the cool liquid begin to penetrate her ass. Matt had two fingers inside her, massaging her soaking pussy as he tugged on one of her rock-hard nipples with the other.  Nick covered his massive cock in lube.

“Let’s get you down on the bed, baby,” Nick whispered in her ear.

He sat down and guided Stacey to lie down on top of him, facing away from him. Matt lifted her legs and spread them apart while Nick slowly opened up Stacey’s ass with his cock. Matt rubbed her clit to heighten her arousal.

Stacey dropped her head back to rest on Nick’s shoulder and moaned, “Oh, God, that feels amazing.” When Nick was fully inside Stacey’s ass, Matt braced his hands on either side of them, keeping Stacey’s legs spread wide and lowered his cock inside Stacey’s wet pussy. She could feel both men inside her, separated only by a thin layer of skin. Matt began a slow rocking motion as Nick slowly thrust upward.

Stacey rubbed her clit to an explosive orgasm after just a few minutes, screaming, “Yes! Yes! Y-E-S-S-S-S!”

Justin decided it was time to join in the fun. He climbed onto the bed and kissed Stacey. She returned his kiss then breathlessly reminded him, “I want you in my mouth.”

Justin obliged, and fed his cock to his wife. She opened her throat to take in as much of her husband’s throbbing cock as she could.

Within seconds Stacey focused inward, enjoying her three holes being filled. She opened her eyes to see Matt, thrusting faster as he played with her glistening tits. She felt Nick’s hands on her hips as his breathing increased in her ear. She looked straight up at her husband, enjoying the oral pleasure she was giving him. Nick reached around and took over massaging Stacey’s clit. She loved the feel of his fingers and soon he brought her to another climax. Since she was deep-throating Justin, all she could do was moan inaudibly as her pussy contracted in waves of pleasure.

“Can I cum in your ass, baby?” Nick whispered. Stacey nodded yes. She felt his hands tighten on her hips as he rocked beneath her.

“This is it…” he muttered as he blew his load in her ass.

Matt said nothing as he was overcome by the moment. He held Stacey’s legs still, stopped thrusting and arched his back as he dumped his jizz in Stacey’s pussy.

Stacey loved what was happening. While both men were still inside her, she turned her focus to Justin. With a combination of stroking, licking and sucking, she brought her husband to the session’s final climax, swallowing his milky cream.

As Matt pulled out, Stacey took Justin’s cock out of her mouth and rolled off Nick and smiled.

“Well, baby? What did you think?” Justin asked.

All she could say was “Amazing. When can we do it again?”

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Back in the Saddle for Round Two with My Little Pony


We had so much fun with Angelina last time that we invited her to play with us again last weekend. As you may recall from my last post that Angelina is very uninhibited sexually and is pretty much game for anything in the bedroom. So I texted her and asked if she wanted to get together. She sent back an enthusiastic “yes” so the date was on. She said her husband was ok with it (he does not swing but has given his approval for her to participate).

We decided to take her to a different club so she could get a taste of something new. A few hours before we were scheduled to meet, she sent a text asking if she could bring along a guy friend. I hesitated to say “yes” right away, because I thought, ‘What if we don’t like him, or he doesn’t like us, how awkward would that be?’ But after thinking about it for a little bit, I thought it would be fine. We’d just deal with whatever comes up, when it comes up. So I texted Angelina back that she was welcome to bring him along and she said he was fine with just watching, since we hadn’t met, and that he’d abide by whatever rules we set. Rick and I don’t have a lot of rules (at least anymore) when playing with others, so that wasn’t a problem at all.

We decided on a meeting time. Rick and I arrived first, and started to play the icebreaker game. It was a fun way to meet others and get conversations rolling. About 20 or 30 min after we arrived, Angelina and her friend arrived. His name was Antonio and she explained that they were really good friends who played occasionally, but their relationship was more platonic and supportive of each other than just fuck buddies.

Antonio was very attractive and really, really friendly. I liked him immediately, and later, Rick said he liked him too. We both felt very comfortable around him and didn’t feel self-conscious at all about our past history with Angelina, or about swinging in general. Antonio explained that he was married, but his wife had no interest in sex. He’d never been to a swing club before and was quite taken with all the things he was seeing. He naturally asked Rick and me a lot of questions about the lifestyle, which we were more than happy to answer.

They joined us in playing the icebreaker game with the other couples, and soon we’d amassed quite a little pile of prize tickets. We went through nearly 3 bottles of wine (for Angelina and me), while Rick enjoyed his signature cocktail of spiced rum and Coke. Antonio drank gin, and the conversations got louder, looser and much funnier.

Angelina leaned over to Rick and started kissing him. She said as soon as she’d arrived that she was horny, and I knew she wasn’t kidding. After she was kissing him she reached over and stuck her hand down the back of my dress and reached around to grab my breast. The dress I wore that night was pretty short, but wasn’t low-cut at all. I paired it with my black thigh-high boots, so there wasn’t a whole lot of skin showing, but it’s a sexy look, nonetheless. Angelina and I started making out, as I heard Rick and Antonio talk about something. She whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to play with you both tonight, I’m so horny.”

We continued kissing as someone came over to do the icebreaker game with us. Antonio and I had the cards they were looking for, so the three (or maybe four) of us went up to the front desk to collect our prize tickets. When we returned, Angelina had that “look” in her eye that said, “I want to fuck NOW”, and had both legs up on the table, her pussy splayed for everyone to see, as she fingered herself.

“Are you wet?” Richard asked.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she replied. So he did. He discovered quickly how wet she was as his fingers went inside her sopping pussy.

“You want to move to the play room?” I asked her as I sat down. “God, yes,” she answered. So we grabbed our bags, leaving the liquor on the table and headed off to a play room. The swingers at this club tend to start playing much later into the evening, so we had the room all to ourselves for a while. The playroom had several double beds lined up against the walls, with sheer fabric hanging between each bed. Not being sure exactly what Antonio was going to do, I got undressed and climbed on the bed and waited as Angelina and Rick took their clothes off.

Rick joined me first and we began to make out. Then I decided to sit on his face, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. Because he is so tall, he laid diagonally on the mattress with his head in the corner. When I lowered my pussy on his tongue, I was facing the wall and couldn’t see anything at first. As Rick’s tongue worked its magic, I looked over my shoulder to find Angelina sucking Rick’s swollen cock with Antonio fucking Angelina from behind. I was pleased to see everyone was having a good time. I started banging on the wall with my hand and squealing with ecstasy as I came on Rick’s face.  Then my legs started to feel weak, so I climbed off Rick and lay down on the bed next to him. Angelina came over and started licking my pussy and I came again. I noticed Antonio had a very nice cock himself so I gave him a blow job while Angelina’s mouth went back to work on Rick’s cock.

I really started to get into Antonio. He seemed to enjoy all that was going on as well. He climbed on the bed so we could do 69. I felt a finger go inside my ass, and I think it was Angelina’s. “I love to eat pussy,” Antonio announced, and he was exceptional. The finger felt pretty damn good too, and I came hard on Antonio’s tongue. I looked over and saw Rick fucking Angelina from behind, with a finger in her ass too. I heard her squeal as she came on his cock.


Then Antonio lifted himself off me, turned me around, and started fucking me. Hard. He was in great shape and had great lasting power. I was still riding high from my last orgasm and it didn’t take long for me to cum again. Right afterward, he pulled out and shot his huge wad all over my stomach. Rick finished by cumming all over Angelina’s ass.


As we collectively caught our breath, I asked Antonio what he thought about swinging. “This was great,” he replied. “We’ll have to do it again,” he added.

“Definitely,” I said, as we all got dressed. We went back out to our table, where our booze sat undisturbed (swingers are great about that, by the way). I did notice that our prize tickets were gone and I mentioned it to Rick. “We knew we were going to miss the prize drawings, so we gave our tickets to some other couples.”

Angelina had a curfew, so we knew we were going to have to wrap things up. We try to be respectful of his wishes even though he isn’t part of our group. So we all kissed goodnight and we agreed that we’d get together for more fun very soon.

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Reblogged from Poetic Passions


Photo Credit: A Lady That Kneels


Sitting on bath’s edge,

Feet dangling in water,

You kneeling between.


Taking my right foot,

Tickling the slippery toes,

Kissing on each one.


Repeating with left,

This time nibbling on the toes,

Sucking them deeply.


Hands caress upward,

Massaging ankles and calves,

Way up to the knees.


Pushing knees apart,

Your touch continue upwards,

Up over my thighs.


Sliding around them,

Then fingers move back on top,

Your soft lips follow.


Caressing my balls,

Weighing them in your small hands,

Suckling upon each.


Your tongue exploring,

Running all over roundness,

As cock knocks on head.


I’m hard and erect,

Your small fingers wrap around,

As your eyes inspect.


Touch finger to tip,

Smooth juices over the head,

Making it glisten.


You lower your head,

Inhaling the scent of me,

Before your lips brush.


Your tongue encircles,

Tasting my seeping essence,

Rolling all over.


Tongue sliding on me,

My cock pushing against it,

As tip probes the slit.


Seeking more essence,

Sucking hard to draw some out,

Your mouth envelopes.


Fingers start to play,

Caressing around the balls,

Then between cheeks stray.


You make me shudder,

As mouth sucks me in deeper,

Fingers come back up.


Your head bends forward,

As you take me inch by inch,

Tongue rolling round me.


Take all that you can,

Your lips wrapping tightly round,

Enjoying fullness.


Swiveling your head,

Moving it this way and that,

As slick tongue flickers.


Lowering my hands,

So fingers knot in your hair,

As breathing quickens.


You’re fully aware,

Of how much I love your mouth,

And what it can do.


You grab my buttocks,

Pulling my body closer,

As head starts to bob.


Slowly to start with,

Slides up and down on my shaft,

As hand grips the base.


Tongue swirls over crown,

As your mouth rises right up,

Then sucks me back in.


Deep into your throat,

My thrusting hips drive my cock,

As momentum builds.


I swell even more,

As my balls start to tighten,

In warmth of your hand.


Your mouth descending,

Meet my hips thrusting forward,

Taking me deeper.


Faster and faster,

Your head bobbing up and down,

As your fingers stroke.


Harder and harder,

Thrusting cock as you descend,

Need becomes urgent.


My groans fill the air,

As my release fills your mouth,

Giving you pleasure.


You drink it all down,

Milking me of that last drop,

Leaving both sated.


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Our Private Rodeo With My Little Pony

threesome2We did a little of this, a little of that

With little effort, Rick and I found a unicorn that was willing to be the filling of our love sandwich. (Fortunately, she also has a great sense of humor.) After exchanging a series of emails she and I texted each other for a couple of days prior to meeting. We agreed to meet at a local bar for drinks before heading off to one of our favorite swing clubs. She had never been to a swing club and said she felt a combination of nervousness and excitement.

Angelina was a tall, attractive blond with great boobs. She wore a black party dress with thigh-high black stockings and heels. We discovered we had a lot in common; we lives in the same general area, had kids around the same ages and were married. Yes, Angelina is married, but her husband has medical issues that apparently aren’t conducive to a happy and healthy sex life. She was on her date with us with his blessing.

Angelina was like a genie trapped in a bottle trying to pop that cork off from the inside. In other words she was ready to get her freak on.  She spoke openly about her desires, what she liked in the bedroom, what she wanted to do with me, with Rick, and with the two of us. It was pretty refreshing, actually, to hear someone speak so confidently about her sexuality.

After a couple of hours getting to know each other, and loosening up with a few drinks, we made our way to the club. She was very curious and asked a lot of questions about lifestyle etiquette, practices, customs, etc. We gave her a quick tour of the place then found a table near the bar. She wasted no time running her hand up Rick’s thigh. He wore shorts so she didn’t have to go very far before she found his cock and began playing with it. Somehow we started talking about boobs and she asked what size bra I wore. “38DD,” I answered, as I lowered my strapless dress to reveal my tits. “What about you?” I asked.

She lowered the straps of her dress and pulled out her own tits and answered, “I’m a 38DDD in this boob and a 38DD in the other.” I knew that most women have one breast slightly larger than the other (I do myself), but Angelina’s size difference was very obvious. It wasn’t unattractive at all, but rather fascinating.

So we talked boobs for a little while. She reached across the table to feel me up then started caressing my arm and shoulder. I caught a glance of a couple sitting at the table next to us, giving us a wide-eyed stare. Angelina leaned over to kiss Rick then reached across the table to kiss me. At that point, Rick said, “Let’s take this to a play room.”

We grabbed our bags and walked back to a playroom that had two double beds pushed together. We undressed each other and got onto the bed. It felt so natural. She and I started kissing, then she’d kiss Rick, then I’d kiss him, and so forth. Her hair and skin were unbelievably soft. She went down on Rick and got him rock hard pretty quickly. I straddled his face and lowered my pussy down to his hungry lips and tongue. Angelina sucked him for a while, while Rick got me off with his tongue. I happened to glance up and saw that a crowd was building around the bed. I climbed off Rick’s face and said to Angelina, “I want you to fuck him. Get on top of him and ride him like a horse.” I kind of surprised myself, being that bossy, but it was fun. Plus, Angelina said during our meet and greet that she liked to be told what to do in bed. So she lowered herself down around his cock as I put him inside her.

She rode Rick to her first climax of the night. It was a blast to watch, frankly. As she climbed off of him I told him, “Fuck her from behind.” He did as he was told and took her from behind. She said to me, “I want to taste you. Get in front of me.” So I got in front of her and spread my legs as she went down on me. Her tongue felt amazing, and in no time I came all over her face. At that point, we decided to take a breather. I noticed the crowd was still there.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes, talking quietly and caressing each other.  I laid on top of Angelina and started making out with her. Rick started fingering both of us. At the same time. With one hand. He had his thumb in one of us and his middle finger in the other. Which is a testament to his huge hands. Then I decided it was time to have a taste of Angelina’s sweet, shaved pussy. She sucked Rick’s cock while I went down on her.  Her pussy was dripping wet as I put two fingers inside her to massage her G-spot while I licked her clit. Rick’s cock fell out of her mouth as her head dropped to the pillow. She moaned loudly as she came on my fingers. Her pussy juices gushed down my hand.

She caught her breath as she put Rick’s cock back in her mouth. “I want to taste you,” she told him as she began sucking him. She and I took turns for a few minutes licking his cock and balls. I could tell he was close to a climax by the sound of his breathing, so I kept licking his balls as she stroked and sucked his cock. He spasmed and came in her mouth and she gulped every drop.

She wanted to get a toy out of her bag, and pulled out a purple vibrator. It was one of those amazing Lelo vibrators that cost a small fortune, but worth every penny. She used it on herself while I kissed her lips, neck and nipples. Rick lay down on the other side of her and began stroking her clit as she inserted her purple friend inside her pussy. Her kisses started to become more urgent and hungry. She took her vibe out of her pussy and put it on her clit. Rick put two fingers inside and found her swollen G-spot. He massaged it faster and faster and as she squealed, “I’m gonna squirt! I’m gonna squirt!”

Rick said, “Holy shit, she’s soaking wet,” Angelina continued moaning and thrashing about on the bed as her pussy contracted a few more times. She looked a little disoriented for a few seconds then started kissing Rick furiously, saying, “You made me squirt!” She kissed me hard and said, “I want to do the same to you.” She rolled over and spread my legs apart and put her vibrator right on my clit. God, it felt amazing. I’m definitely asking Santa for one this year. Rick pinched and tweaked my nipples, which always accelerates my excitement. I came pretty quickly, pussy juices gushing all over that purple love machine.

We were kind of worn out after that, and decided to let someone in the growing crowd take our big bed for a while. So we got up, stripped the wet sheets, got dressed and went off to touch up hair and makeup. She noticed the time and said she probably should get home, because her husband would be expecting her soon.

During the car ride back to the bar (where she’d left her car), we talked about other things we’d like to do. She said she loved that others watched us in the playroom.  We also learned that Angelina recently discovered a taste for BDSM, and was already in training with a Dom. She suggested I come along with her some time, hoping her Dom would force her to do things to me. Basically she would be his Sub, and I would be her Sub. Rick and I weren’t sure if or how that would ever pan out, but it was fun to consider the possibility.

When we dropped her off, we both kissed her goodbye and all promised we’d do it again soon.  On the ride home, the thought of what we did made me so hot and horny that I demanded Rick fuck my brains out when we got home. We got ready for bed, laid down, and within a few minutes we realized we were exhausted from the two-and-a-half hour fuckfest we’d just engaged in. So we dozed off.

But in the morning, I felt the unmistakable poking of my lower back that meant only one thing. Rick was ready for action again, and frankly, so was I. We started the day the same way we’d ended it the night before. It took a couple of days for my sore muscles to recover, but they were an awesome reminder of a great time.

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