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The Perfect Ending to A Hard Day


Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

Brantley sat down in his armchair. It had been a long day and he was tired, both mentally and physically. His job had been especially demanding lately and when he got home, he just wanted to sit. Willow brought him a beer and gently stroked the back of his neck. Brantley closed his eyes.

“Why don’t you take a quick shower and meet me in the bedroom. I think you need a massage,” she whispered in his ear.

Brantley opened his blue eyes and nodded, offering a tired smile in agreement.

Willow watched her Brantley, stand up and walk into the other room. She loved watching her Brantley walk. Despite his height, facial hair and rugged hands, his sweet face reminded her of a young boy. His wavy hair and sweet smile melted her heart every time she looked at him.

She heard the water running in the shower as she walked into the bedroom to quietly change. She said nothing to him as he washed off the day’s stresses. She heard him turn off the water and step out to dry. He didn’t notice her standing in the bedroom until he’d finished toweling off.

He stood in silent shock as he saw his Willow standing there, in a red corset, g-string and stiletto heels. She had a rope in her hand.

“Time for Brantley to lie down and relax,” she said. “Willow is going to make you feel better.

Brantley obediently dropped his towel to the floor and walked over to the bed and lay on his back. He knew not to speak. He’d learned in the past, that if he protested, Willow would deny herself to him.

And he couldn’t stand that.

Willow came over and kissed her Brantley. She slowly parted his lips with her tongue before darting it around his mouth, teasing him. Her huge breasts were nearly spilled out of her corset and Brantley thought he caught a glimpse of her erect nipple. He suddenly felt very thirsty as he felt his cock hardening. He didn’t resist when Willow took both his wrists and tied them to the headboard.

“You work so hard to take care of us, Brantley,” she said. “You deserve to relax and to not have to think about anything,” she added.

Brantley just watched her as she gently stroked his thighs before drawing his knees up and placing a pillow under each one. “To protect your lower back, my sweet boy,” she said.

Willow expertly wrapped more rope around his thighs, tying them to the sides of the bed. His cock was fully erect and Willow could see it throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

She firmly secured the ends of each rope to the bedpost. Brantley lay there, thighs open, wrists tied, helpless. His thick cock stood upright, ready for attention. Willow smiled at her work. His dark body hair made him look so masculine. His hands reflected the hard physical work he did each day. But behind closed doors, he became her Brantley and lovingly submitted to her every demand.

Willow walked up the side of the bed near his head and leaned down and slowly kissed him again with great intent before bringing out the blindfold to cover his eyes with.

“Time for night-night,” she said. “I want you to relax and concentrate only on what I am doing.”

He nodded obediently.

Willow climbed atop the bed and positioned herself in front of Brantley’s pulsating cock. She delicately licked the head and heard Brantley gasp for breath. She moved down to the base of the shaft and slowly dragged her tongue up to the tip. Brantley’s precum started to ooze out. Willow lapped it up like a thirsty kitten.

Brantley started breathing harder. He moaned ever so quietly. Willow allowed him to moan and groan during their dominance sessions. He just couldn’t speak.

She started sucking his cock more aggressively. After years of observation, she could tell when her sweet boy was going to cum. His legs would tremble and his breath quickened, sometimes to the point of a high-pitched gasp. When she could tell he was close to orgasm, she deliberately slowed down until she felt his throbbing cock soften. At which point she would begin sucking and stroking until he started gasping again.

She did this four times. The last time she got him hard, she stopped and started breath play. She opened her mouth wide over the head of his pre-cum soaked cock and exhaled her warm breath around it, torturing him with anticipation.

“Willow, please!” he groaned. Oh, shit, he thought. I broke the rules.

He felt very nervous and unsure when he heard Willow say in a low, firm voice:

“I’m going to forgive you this time for breaking my rule, Sweet Boy. But you won’t forget what I’m going to do to you.”

He felt a stab of fear in his heart that immediately disappeared when he felt her warm mouth around his cock, which stiffened in quick response.

He then heard what sounded like a POP, then slippery fingers lubing his ass. By now his cock was raging hard. He felt Willow’s finger slowly penetrate his asshole where it expertly found his prostate. Each time she applied pressure to it, waves of ecstatic pleasure spread throughout his body.

Willow continued to suck his stiff cock. She would take her mouth down to the base, then press against his prostate as she worked her way up to the tip, adding suction as she went. Christ, he thought. She’s never done this before was the only thought he could formulate. His body shook in sheer pleasure.

He came in her mouth almost immediately, entire body trembling with spasms. His arms were numb. He couldn’t stop shaking. As his cock pulsated, she applied one last suction that made him squeal and arch his back as he tugged on the ropes.

Willow swallowed his load, slowly removed her finger and licked him clean. She removed the ropes from his wrists and massaged the feeling back into his arms. The blindfold came off next and she could see the dried tears on his face. She kissed him and smoothed his sweat-soaked hair back from his forehead. She felt her breasts leak milk into her corset, so she hurriedly unwrapped the ropes from around his thighs. She climbed onto the bed and pulled her Brantley close to her and offered him her leaking nipple. Without a word, he eagerly accepted it and nursed hungrily. She looked down at her sweet boy and ran her fingers through his hair. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she stroked his cheek until they both fell asleep.

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He Said, She Said

She stood at the end of the bar waiting for her husband to return. She was shocked at how many people were in this club; she couldn’t take a breath without someone bumping into her. She came close to spilling her glass of chardonnay so many times that she left it sitting on top of the bar. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and was pleased at the reflection she saw. She and her husband were not new to the swing lifestyle, but this was their first time at this club. Just as she lifted the glass to her lips she felt a hand caress her ass and felt a body rub up behind her.

She tried to turn around, but the body pressed up hard against her. So she looked in the mirror behind the bar and saw a tall, sexy man smiling at her reflection. She was pretty sure it was his hand that was rubbing her ass.


“You’re a beautiful woman,” he half-yelled in her ear. “Where is your husband?”

She raised her left hand and toyed with her wedding ring, then the sparkly green bracelet that indicated her swing status. Some couples wore a yellow bracelet, indicating they were only interested in soft swapping and some wore red bracelets to let others know they were not participating in the activities tonight, for whatever reason. Green bracelets indicated to others that the wearers were wanted a full swap experience.

She replied, “Actually, I’m not sure where he is. He went to the restroom a few minutes ago but I haven’t seen him since.”

He put his hand over hers, revealing his green bracelet. “My wife and I play separately. Do you mind?”

Just as she tried to ask what he meant, she felt a hand lifting up the back of her dress and moving up her thigh. It was so loud she couldn’t protest without shouting. But it felt so good that she didn’t want to protest.  Her heart started racing and she dropped her head back against his chest. A quick glance around told her nobody was watching her or cared.

His hand moved from her inner thigh to her slit. She spread her legs apart slightly to encourage him to keep doing what he was doing. She felt herself becoming aroused and dropped her hand behind her back to see if this sexy stranger was aroused. Sure enough, his cock was hard and thick. She began to rub his cock with her hand as he found her throbbing clit and began softly massaging it.

His other hand caressed her neck before dipping underneath her dress and finding her hardened nipple. He tugged ever so slightly and the sensation it created sent a shiver right down to her wet pussy. She wanted to be fucked, right there, against that bar. And he knew it.

“Lean over, and spread your legs a bit wider,” he shouted in her ear. She complied, and felt a sudden cool breeze across her ass as he lifted her dress. Since she wore no panties, his access was going to be easy. She felt something at the opening of her pussy, then, without warning, she felt his penetration, then being filled up with his cock. She reached for the other side of the bar with both hands, steadied her legs and arched her back as he thrust into her.

His thrusts were so smooth, not jerky at all. To others, it could appear that he was simply grinding against her. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to them. She felt a hand massaging her clit and which caused her pussy to contract around his cock. He felt her juices gushing out around him and knew he couldn’t hold off much longer. He put both hands on her hips, sped up his thrusting action and soon blew his wad high up in her twat. She looked as though she were in heaven, her lips slightly parted and her cheeks flushed. She felt him pull out and lower her skirt. He turned her around and kissed her slowly and deeply. When he pulled away, all he said was “thank you, gorgeous.” He zipped his pants and walked away. She turned back to the bar to get a drink and saw her husband smiling at her from across the other side of the bar. He blew her a kiss as he sat his empty glass down and began to make his way around the bar to his wife.

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