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20 Fun, Fascinating Facts About Nipples


Photo credit: Me

Use these fun tidbits to impress friends at your next house party!

1. Your nipples and your earlobes are spaced apart exactly the same.

Check in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

2. Pink nipple makeup is all the rage in Japan.

The Japanese, bless their souls, are in the throes of pink-nipple mania. Since Asian nipples tend to be browner, there’s a whole cottage industry where women use makeup to render their nips pinker.

3. No two nipples are alike—just like snowflakes!

Even your own nipples are different from one another. Diversity is a strength!

4. The left one is usually more sensitive.

“Erotic sensitivity” of the nipples is more commonly intense on the left side. Correspondingly, nearly two-thirds of women have a larger left breast than a right one.

5. Some people are born with no nipples.

The condition is known as “athelia,” and there are only about 7,000 diagnosed cases worldwide.

6. Some people are born with triple nipples—or more!

Any nipples beyond two on a human being are known as “supernumerary” nipples. One in every 18 males and one in every 50 women has more than two nipples. This means that there are over 27 million Americans with supernumerary nipples. Mark Wahlberg has three. Harry Styles has four. In 2012, a man in India was found to have seven nipples. In the Middle Ages, anyone with more than two nipples was thought to be demon-possessed. It was also thought that the Devil sucked from their triple nipples. The Devil is a stone-cold freak!

7. Innies v. Outies.

An estimated 10 to 20 percent of women have “inverted nipples,” which means instead of protruding, they actually sink below the areola. They are also known as “shy nipples.”

8. Nipplegasms.

Nipple stimulation affects the same part of the brain as genital stimulation does. A tiny minority of women are able to reach orgasm solely through having their nips caressed.

9. Some nipples get darker during sexual arousal.

This is caused by a rush of blood to the area during sexual stimulation.

10. Then again, maybe she’s just cold.

Although erect nipples can be sign of sexual arousal, they also can get hard merely because it’s too cold. So before you misinterpret her rock-hard nips as a sign that she’s ready to rut, make sure that drafty window isn’t open.

11. Those little bumps on the areola are called Montgomery glands.

These glands were first described in an 1837 scientific paper by William Montgomery. They secrete a white lubricant for the skin, but the reason for their existence remains unclear otherwise.

12. Everyone’s nipples are hairy.

You may not be able to see them with the naked eye, but if you dare grab a magnifying glass and examine, you will find hairs growing on the areola of all adult living human beings.

13. Nipples start developing in the womb before sex organs do.

This is why both men and women have nipples—because they develop in the womb before sexual differentiation does.

14. “The Great Nippulini” has the world’s strongest nipples.

Sage “The Great Nippulini” Werbock has built a career as a “nipple strongman.” His dynamic feats of nipple strength include pulling a 2,200-pound vehicle 66 feet with his nipples. Whatever floats your boat, dude!

15. Some women in Asia suffer from the fear that their nipples will be suddenly sucked into their breasts.

Throughout Africa and Asia, “koro” is a psychological syndrome wherein males dread that their penises will disappear. The female version involves a morbid fear that their nipples will suddenly sink into their breasts, never to be seen again.

16. The nipple-licking drug gangs of Thailand.

In the late 1990s, it was discovered that Thailand’s drug gangs had a widespread practice of having female members smear knockout drugs over their nipples. They would then seduce tourists and ask them to lick their nipples. The tourists would then pass out and be robbed of all their earthly belongings, as well as a huge chunk of their pride.

17. Are you Irish? Then go suck the king’s nipples.

The ancient Irish considered their king’s nipples to be sacred. During royal ceremonies, it was customary for his underlings to suck on his nipples. In power struggles, an opponent’s nipples were often mutilated to prevent them from ever ascending to the throne.

18. Men and infants can lactate.

Newborn infants have been observed with milk leaking from their nipples. It only lasts for a few days. Adult men, especially if they’ve received hormone treatments for prostate cancer, have also been known to excrete milk through their nipples.

19. Nipple cancer is known as Paget’s disease.

Affecting only the areola and nipple, Paget’s disease accounts for between one and four percent of all breast-cancer cases.

20. There’s even a word for having nipples.

That word is “mammillated.” Nearly all human beings are mammillated at least twice over.

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My Contribution to Titty Tuesday

I haven’t posted in almost two months. It’s been a busy time and I feel as though I’m being pulled in six different directions, but I have a lot of pent-up thoughts to write about. I’m starting off kind of slow, so bear with me, please.

A new friend in the swing lifestyle is starting a new lifestyle-related business. She asked for models to pose for some erotic pics to be used on her website at some point, so of course I had to give it a shot. In return we got a few pics to keep for ourselves. I promised her I’d write more about her business venture as she gets closer to launching it to the public.

And in the meantime, I will share a bit of her work. It’s me you see – she’s on the other side of the camera.

Happy Titty Tuesday!


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Having Fun Keeping Austin Weird

Just returned from a sexy and relaxing holiday weekend with Rick in beautiful Austin, Texas. We planned to relax, do a little costume shopping for my upcoming burlesque routine and check out a new Lifestyle club. Mission accomplished. I managed to find a couple of items for my costume (more on that later) and we had a great time at Friends, a fixture in the Austin LS scene.

Friends is a smaller club, but with a lot of fun amenities: a pole-dancing stage, a shadow box and a go-go cage. The dance floor was nicely-sized, and although it’s billed as an off-premise club, there is a small playroom in the corner that offers a place for sexy action.

Since we visited the day after Valentine’s Day, the crowd was a bit smaller than the night before, according to the manager. But we still met some nice people of varying ages, enjoyed a bottle of wine and some tequila shots, danced to a great playlist and capped the evening with Richard getting a Pop Rocks blowjob from me in the playroom.

The following night we attended a play called “Everybody ❤ Boobs!” at The Vortex in Austin. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this production. Using a combination of drama, comedy, music and video, this production explored the uniquely individual, ever-changing and emotionally intimate relationship women have with their breasts throughout life. The production also featured a performance by Ruby Joule, a gorgeous burlesque dancer, which we especially appreciated. You never know what to expect with performance art, but this show was a real treat. If you’re in or around the Austin area next weekend (Feb. 21-23), the show has been held over for another week – don’t miss it. You’ll be glad you went.

drawing of boobs

The weekend was a lot of fun. Now back to the daily work grind. Thanks for the memories, Austin. We enjoyed helping to keep it weird and kinky.

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Hotter Than Hell Burlesque Got Me Hot ‘n Bothered

Once again, La Divina Productions offered up a great evening of entertainment with their “Hotter Than Hell” Burlesque show last Friday evening (7/26). We were really looking forward to the show, as the dancer I have become obsessed with, Minxie Mimieux, was among the performers. She did not disappoint, nor did the other beauties, such as Ruby Joule, Catherine D’Lish and La Divina herself.

The lineup included a boy-lesque dancer as well – Jett Adore of the Stage Door Johnnies from Chicago. As you can see, he’s ripped. And has quite a stage presence.

The venue, the Kessler Theater, provided a fun, intimate backdrop for the show. We bought our tickets too late to sit at the VIP tables near the stage, but we were still able to get VIP seats upstairs, where the seats were lined up around the perimeter. Very Ford Theater-style; if you’ve ever seen a movie or read a book about Abraham Lincoln, you’ll know what I mean. Nonetheless we were afforded a great view of the stage, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Here are a few snaps of my favorite girls. The next show is scheduled sometime in November. Until then, I’m going to spend some quality time with Rick’s pictures and figuring out a way to become the president of Minxy’s fan club.


Catherine D’Lish was the show’s headliner. She brought a burlesque virgin onstage and gave him the lap dance of a lifetime.


Jett Adore (below) was a master showman.


We got to meet LaDivina at the afterparty. She was so gracious and friendly and every bit as beautiful up close as she appears onstage. LaDivna

And there’s my girl. Sadly, Minxy was not at the afterparty (at least while we were there), so we didn’t get to meet her, but maybe next time… Minxy1

She is exquisite.


Rick went on and on about how she could be Christina Hendricks‘ double.


And boy, can she swing those tassels!


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A Little Ditty ‘Bout Jack and Diane (in the hot tub)

Hot Tub

As I said in prior posts, sometimes life gets in the way of swinging. Rick and I have come through six weeks of traveling, attending weddings, graduations, hosting family visits, out-of-town work projects, helping kids pack, move, unpack, you name it. For a while now, we’ve felt like our lifestyle activities kept taking a back seat to other things, and it was kind of a bummer.  But finally, we made time last night for some play with a new couple we met recently, and WOW – was it worth the wait.

I didn’t want to jinx things by writing about them beforehand, but we met Jack and Diane (not their real names, of course) at a swingers meet-and-greet event. We immediately felt at ease with them, and discovered that we had similar tastes, desires and personalities. Jack and Diane were relatively new to the lifestyle, and at this point, were only interested in soft swapping in the same room. Rick and I could relate; we started in the lifestyle at exactly the same point before progressing on. We were comfortable with their boundaries, and offered whatever guidance and input we could when they asked questions about our experiences.

After that first meeting, we got together for a second “date” of sorts at a local strip club. We enjoyed drinks and dancers visiting our table, but things didn’t go any farther than that. But it did give us an opportunity to get to know them better, so we considered it time well spent. That was a few weeks ago. Then a week ago, we were pleasantly surprised to get an invite from them for dinner and play.

Jack and Diane showed themselves to be a very classy couple. They arranged dinner at a fabulous restaurant where we enjoyed an exceptional meal and more great conversation. Afterward we went down a block or so down the street to a local landmark hotel. After parking the car, we met them inside and followed them to the room – an amazing, cool, heavenly suite.

I don’t think anyone could have picked a better place to play. The suite was in a luxurious, Western-themed hotel. It was the size of a small apartment with an enclosed, private patio that included a hot tub. The bathrooms even had the old-fashioned, pull-flush toilets. They had even stocked the bar with our favorite drinks.

After touring the room, we moved to the patio where we all got undressed and stepped into the hot tub. Diane is a beautiful girl, with blond hair, blue eyes and a megawatt smile. I should add that she has lovely, lovely breasts. Jack is a very handsome guy with salt-and-pepper hair, blue eyes and a fantastic smile. We sipped our drinks a bit then Diane settled onto Rick’s lap. I took that as my cue to get comfy with Jack. I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching Rick receive attention from another woman. Despite being new to the lifestyle, she showed no hesitation as she began kissing him and caressing him under the water. I enjoyed making out with Jack as well, especially when he began to nibble and suck on my tits, which he knew would accelerate my arousal because he reads my blog. (I learned that at our first meeting.)

Diane and Rick moved to the corner of the hot tub where he lifted himself up so she could suck his cock. I continued stroking Jack’s cock as he played with my nipples, then we decided to take it to the other corner of the hot tub. At this point, I turned around to see what Rick and Diane were doing, and saw her furiously sucking his cock and him enjoying it. I smiled at him and turned around to pay some attention to Jack.

After sucking him for a few minutes, he leaned down and whispered, “Let’s play with Diane.” So we moved closer to them and I reached my hands around her to cup her breasts and kiss the back of her neck. Jack moved his hands down between my legs and found my slit. After a few minutes of kissing her, Diane lifted her head off Rick’s cock, arched her back and turned to kiss her husband. Then she turned to kiss me. She was a fabulous kisser and we began a torrid make-out session. I loved playing with her titties. I let her take the lead, since she told me at our second meeting that she’d never been with a woman before, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable she would be.

“Everything is so soft,” she said as she stroked my tits and ass. “You are beautiful,” I replied. We continued playing and kind of forgot about the men, which can happen during a foursome (sorry, guys). But pretty soon I felt some masculine hands explore my lady parts, so apparently they managed to stay involved.

“I want to eat your pussy,” I whispered in her ear. “Really?” she replied. “Yes, let’s do it,” I said. She moved over to the side of the tub and lay back against it. I lifted her hips up and alternated suction with licking. The guys moved to each side of her to play with her tits. She started moaning and gyrating her hips, which I found to be very sexy. After a few minutes, her movements grew more frantic and she arched her back and lifted herself up before tightening her thighs around my head as she climaxed.

I continued licking her pussy for a minute or two more as she relaxed and caught her breath. “Wow!” she exclaimed as she wiped water from her face. “That was amazing!” she added.  I smiled and moved back over to Rick, straddling him and feeding him my tits. We kissed and he grew hard again. I really enjoyed watching Diane give him head earlier, so I told him to get back up on the side of the tub and began sucking his cock. Soon after, I felt some fingers expertly finding their way to my pussy and I spread my legs to allow access. Jack found my g-spot and massaged it as I continued blowing Rick, but a few times I had to stop because I got so distracted by the pleasure Jack was giving me. He massaged me to a delicious orgasm and I moaned to express my pleasure. I went back to sucking Rick, who rewarded me by shooting a hot wad of cum inside my mouth.

After a few minutes of relaxing and coming down after the climaxes, we refilled our drinks and talked for another hour before moving back inside to the living area to cool off, watch a bit of TV and talk some more. We finally kissed them goodbye and left feeling as though we had a great time with a wonderful couple who we hope to play with again soon. Maybe next time Diane and I can give the guys tag-team blow jobs! (Wink, wink – are you up for it, girl?)

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Our “Sensual Couples Experience” at Temptations Resort


During our vacation in Cancun, Rick and I indulged in a “Sensual Couples Experience,” thinking it was just another couples’ massage. We love massages, and schedule one for ourselves every five or six weeks, on average, and thought it would be fun to get one while on our Temptations vacation.

We didn’t schedule it until after we arrived, making our reservation in person. The gentleman who took our name and room number didn’t tell us to expect anything out of the ordinary, so we expected just a typical couples’ massage, despite the name “Sensual Couples Experience.” I asked for a female masseuse this time, because my last few massages at the hands of men had left me a little sore.

We arrived a few minutes early, were shown to the locker rooms so we could change into a bathrobe and slippers, before hanging out in the “relaxation room”, waiting to be escorted back to the massage room. Shortly after, Neda and Pedra, two petite Hispanic women, appeared, smiled and escorted us to the couples’ room.

The room was really sensuous. Dimly lit apart from a handful of tealight candles, the room contained two massage tables heavily draped with blankets and sheets, topped with a satin sheet. Two enormous mirrors stood at either end of the room. One of the ladies said to disrobe and cover ourselves with the satin sheet, and they would return in a few minutes.

So Rick and I got naked and climbed onto our respective tables, lay face down and covered ourselves with the satin sheet. A couple of minutes later there was a soft knock at the door, and one of the ladies opened it as they both came inside. After making sure we had our faces snugly placed in the hole at the top of the table, they went to the foot of the table and very slowly pulled back the satin sheet. I mean really slowly. I’d never experienced that before, and it really heightened my sense of anticipation for what was coming next.

I’m not sure which lady worked on me and which worked on Rick, but I soon felt a pair of soft, tiny, feminine hands rubbing my back. It was so different that what I’d become accustomed to with my previous massage experiences. Her hands were very soft, and she soon covered me with oil, making her strokes very slick. She started on my back, moved down to my ass, then legs, then arms, then started over again. I started noticing that she wasn’t massaging me per se, but rather just sensually rubbing me. She continued covering me in oil and I thought I might just slide right off the table, but her little hands felt so good. She spread my legs and rubbed my inner thighs, right up to the Y where my thigh meets my pussy. Then she whispered in my ear “please turn over”.

I complied, rolled over, and she covered my eyes with a towel. She covered my stomach with oil, then started the routine over again. She rubbed my shoulders, arms,  moved down to my thighs, legs and feet, then came back up and lightly ran her hand over my breasts, being careful to avoid touching the nipple. It felt really good, how she would caress the sides first then the bottom of each breast, then would move her hand down to my mound, rub my inner thighs, then start over again. She did this for several minutes, before leaning down to whisper, “please get off the table.”

What??? I was thinking? I’d never had to do that before. She lifted the towel off my eyes, took me by the hand and helped me off the table before leading me over to Rick’s table, where she put my hands on his stomach and instructed me to massage him. He must have been out of it for a few minutes, because he didn’t notice anything different at first, but when I started massaging his cock, he lifted the towel and got a surprised look on his face. As I massaged him to a hard-on, my masseuse continued massaging me as I stood next to Rick. Mostly on my back and ass, but every once in a while she would reach from behind me to cup my tits before sliding her hands down my stomach.

I started to massage his chest, thighs and stomach, then would return to his growing cock. I gave him somewhat of a hand job to increase his arousal. Then the ladies told me to climb on the table between his legs. So I did, as they kept massaging me. I looked down and could see that my tits were glistening from all the oil. I leaned over him and wrapped my tits around his cock and titty-fucked him as I felt four little hands rubbing my ass and back. He groaned with pleasure as I alternated that motion with a hand job.

Then the ladies said in broken English, “we’ll leave you two alone for a while” and they disappeared. I leaned over again and gave him a blowjob before we moved to the other table. He mounted me from behind and we watched ourselves as he banged me doggy-style. I got pretty noisy as I came. Then I flipped over and started sucking his cock as he stood over me. Pretty soon he started playing with my pussy then I came again as I continued sucking. When he got ready to shoot his load, I pulled out and he came all over my face and tits.

We spent a few minutes afterward just sitting on the tables, cleaning off and catching our breath. I wondered aloud if anyone had heard me and Rick said, “Who cares? It’s great advertising for them.”  We put the robes back on and went back to the locker room to shower. Neda and Pedra were nowhere to be found. We got dressed and left them each a nice tip for their services before returning to our room down the hall for a well-earned siesta…

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How We Became Swingers


This is a guest blog post by my wonderful hubby, Rick.

I’m not nearly the writer that my wife is, but she asked me to tell the story of how we came to be swingers. So here goes. When she and I began dating, I began to realize what a special woman I had met. I wanted to see if she was the kind of woman I could really love. I have always loved women, but I was always very shy as a young man. That began to change when I met a couple friends of mine who owned a strip club.

As a friend of a strip club owner, I got more than my fair share of attention. Not just the dancers, but the waitresses, beer girls and the bar tenders. They all were friendly because I was friends with the bosses.  This experience gave me a newfound confidence as a man. I know it was mostly all a façade, but it felt good none the less. Strip clubs though, are not the typical place to take a girl you just began dating. But I enjoyed going and I wanted to see if Shalynne was the kind of girl who would enjoy the strip club experience.  At that time Shalynne, was curious about women, but she wouldn’t have called herself bi-sexual. That’s changed, she loves playing with women now.

After a few months of dating I decided one night I would ask her if she wanted to go to a strip cub one night. She said “sure” and I was off to the races. Keep in mind that when we walked through the door, without paying a cover or a VIP charge, everyone and I mean everyone said, “Hey, Richard, what’s going on?” We had a great time and I even got to watch as she got a lap dance.  We went home after that and fucked like a couple teenagers. The next day I was thinking to myself, “that went very well; this girl might be a keeper. “

We went to the same club a few more times and then I began to think, “Maybe I can get her to a nude beach”. When I was in college, my friends and I frequented a place on Lake Travis near Austin called Hippy Hollow. The summer after I had convinced Shalynne to go out the strip clubs, I asked her if she would like to head to Austin for a long weekend. Once there I took the next step in my master plan. I asked if she would like to head out to the lake and do some skinny dipping and sun bathing au natural. Again she said “sure”.  I thought, “Wow, my kind of girl”. So off we went to Hippy Hollow. We stretched out for a while, and she didn’t hesitate to strip off the clothes and allow her glistening body to enjoy the warmth of the sun. She has perfect, natural 38DD breasts, very firm and beautiful; the kind of boobs that women go to a plastic surgeon and pay thousands of dollars to have created.

All around us I am noticing men and woman taking a look at her and feeling awesome that the woman I am lying naked with is catching the eye of those around us. After a short time baking in the sun we decided to take a swim to cool off. We venture into the water up to our shoulders. I take her into my arms and begin to stroke her body hoping to get her excited. The realization that if we started to fool around, we would be watched got me rather excited. My rock-hard cock was gently teasing her as the waves bumped us randomly together. She wrapped her legs around me and we started fucking, knowing all the while that everyone on the shore knew exactly what we were doing. It was the most exciting sex I had ever had.  She told me later that fucking in the water all the while people were only feet away from us was incredibly hot.

Before Shalynne, I had always been curious about the lifestyle but I never thought that I would ever meet a willing partner. I heard stories from some of the dancers at the strip club about going to sex clubs, or what I later found out were swinger clubs. After our experience at Lake Travis, I began to think,  maybe I had found the girl that might be willing to test the waters of the swinger lifestyle. But despite her willing to try the strip clubs and the nude beach, this was a big step.

At this point, I was batting 1.000 at getting her to do some different things sexually, but it took me months to work up the courage to ask her if she would be willing take things to the next step. I was way too scared to ask her if she had ever considered swinging, so I asked her if she would be interested in going to a “sex club”. She asked me “I have never heard of those; what are they?” I explained it was a club where we could go and watch others or let others watch us playing around. The thought of adding someone else to our sex life was still a distant scary thought. Again, always willing to test her own limits, she looked at me smiled and said “Why not? Sounds like fun.”. I think that was the very moment I knew I was madly in love.

We went to a club I heard to be newbie-friendly.  After some ice-breaking and a few drinks, I watched as she engaged in some some sexual touching and dancing with another couple while I stroked my cock. I have never been a jealous man and so the idea of another man or woman enjoying the sexuality of my wife has never been an issue, but until that moment I didn’t understand how sexy it would feel to watch the woman I love freely exploring the sexuality of other people. Watching her was one thing, but I wasn’t sure how she would feel about watching another woman with me. That would happen on another day.

It hasn’t always been smooth but after that first night I think we both knew there was no turning back. We were now officially a lifestyle couple and enjoying the lifestyle together has brought closer than I could ever imagine.


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Douce Chatte


Anna could not stop looking at the clock on her desk. 4:12 it said. The last time she looked it said 4:11. Time was passing at an agonizingly slow rate. She could not wait until the clock struck 5 pm because she could then leave her duties at the financial brokerage firm where she worked to get started on her long holiday weekend. Anna enjoyed her job as a new accounts manager, and especially enjoyed the attention she received from her predominantly male co-workers.  Anna stood a statuesque 5’9” with long, blonde hair, blue eyes and 34D breasts that caught many an eye, from males as well as females. Her husband Ben, was no stranger to admiration himself; he was a flirt with warm brown eyes that matched his wavy brown hair. He worked as a financial planner at a competing brokerage firm. He and Anna loved to talk business after hours. He reveled in the knowledge that many of Anna’s co-workers lusted after his wife.  He also found Anna’s intelligence irresistible and she loved their flirty banter, which usually led to an evening of hot sex at the end of a busy day for this thirty-something couple.

Lately, they had found themselves talking about adding some spice to their lovemaking. While Anna never publicly discussed her bisexuality, she embraced it with Ben, who loved the extra attention during  the times they shared their bed with other women. Before they married six years earlier, they enjoyed a steady stream of threesome action with two or three different women. But the action gradually died down over the years, as both Anna and Ben climbed the corporate ladder. They still made time for each other, but their busy schedules weren’t so accommodating to a third party. But on New Year’s Eve, they made a promise to each other after a midnight kiss.

“Let’s do something new this year,” Anna suggested to Ben. “I want us to have an adventure,” she continued.

“You mean a sexedventure?” Ben asked.

Anna cocked one eyebrow in agreement.

So they started online, on a swinger’s website. They trolled their computer, pulling off a few sexy pictures of both taken on a vacation the summer before. They carefully crafted a profile telling readers about themselves, what they were looking for and what they liked. It wasn’t long before their inbox was full of responses. One that caught their eye was from a couple named Franklin and Marcelle. They were a little older, in their mid-50’s, and owned a bed & breakfast inn located in upstate Vermont. Anna thought Marcelle was beautiful and looked like a slightly older Brigitte Bardot during her heyday. Marcelle was French-Canadian, having grown up in Montreal and moving to Northern Vermont after meeting her husband, Franklin over 20 years ago. Franklin was a successful doctor in New York City for many years before deciding to sell his practice and take his wife to Vermont to pursue her dream of owning a bed & breakfast resort. Marcelle was a talented sketch artist and worked for many years illustrating children’s books. She’d found this quaint inn three years ago and, after careful thought and many hours of discussion with Franklin, they decided to quit their jobs and pursue their dream. Not long after opening the inn, Franklin found himself working as the town doctor. As a former cosmetic surgeon, he rarely treated anything beyond a cold or other minor ailment, and referred other serious concerns among a network of local physicians and specialists.

It was Marcelle who invited Ben and Anna to spend the Labor Day weekend at their country inn. At first the younger couple wasn’t sure at first if this was a good idea, having never met them before. But after a long series of emails and several phone calls, they felt comfortable enough to go. Franklin assured both Anna and Ben that if the chemistry wasn’t there, or if they felt uncomfortable, then there would be no play and they could just enjoy a weekend getaway as their guests.

Anna was already out the door when 5:00 arrived. She got in her car and mentally rummaged through her closet to select something to wear on their flight. Something sexy, but not too sexy. Why can’t things like this be easy? She wondered to herself. Still, she was excited about meeting Franklin and Marcelle. He was ruggedly handsome in a “Magnum P.I.” kind of way and Anna was attracted to him as well, although not quite as much as she was to Marcelle…


After a relatively short flight and longer, yet picturesque drive up a country highway flanked by miles and miles of greenery, they arrived at the resort. Anna was a tiny bit disappointed that the fall foliage had not yet begun in earnest, but still this was a beautiful, Tudor-style home surrounded by acres of lush pasture. As they pulled up and got out of their rental car, Anna looked up at the house and smiled broadly. Ben walked around and took her hand as they started up the walkway. A gorgeous blonde opened the door and smiled back.

“Bonjour!” exclaimed Marcelle.

“Bonjour” Anna answered back.

“That’s all the French I’m going to say. I just wanted to impress you,” laughed Marcelle. She greeted each of them with a hug and kiss on both cheeks. Anna silently wished she’d kissed her on the lips.

“Hi there,” Franklin said as he came out the door. “I thought I heard someone at the door, but Marci beat me to it,” he said. “Did she impress you with her French? I’m not going to do that, but I will give you a hug,” he said to Anna. He hugged her warmly then shook Ben’s hand vigorously. “I’m so glad you’re here. Let me get your bags while Marci takes you inside.”

Marcelle grabbed Anna’s hand and led her inside while Ben and Franklin unloaded the suitcases out of the car’s trunk. Anna gasped as she went inside. The living room was looked like the most romantic parlour in all of Paris, with luxurious velvet drapes hanging from the windows, a baby grand piano in one corner, a warming fireplace and books everywhere. The walls were covered with framed paintings and sketches.

“This is so…..romantic,” Anna said breathlessly. At that moment Franklin appeared through in the doorway on his way up the staircase. “I’ll just take these upstairs,” he said, with their bags in each hand. “Ben, why don’t you let me show you the room we’ve got you in?” he added.

“Come, sit.” Marcelle said as she patted the sofa cushion next to her.  As she sat, she picked up a whiff of a beautiful scent coming from Marcelle. “Love your perfume,” she said.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Marcelle said.

The women continued chatting, and the men came down to join them. Pouring four red glasses of wine, Franklin decided to get the conversation really going. “So, how long have you been in the lifestyle?” he asked.

“Five or six years,” answered Ben. “Anna likes girls, so I’ve tried to indulge her over the years. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it,” he teased. “By the way, who are these sketches of?” he asked. He waved a hand toward the sketches over the fireplace. One depicted a nude woman touching her breasts, another showed a couple having intercourse doggy-style, while a third showed two women engaging in cunnilingus.

“I drew those,” Marcelle answered softly. “These are friends of mine. Some are lifestyle friends, some are just girlfriends,” she added. “I think it’s more erotic than taking photographs, although I know several talented erotic photographers,” she said. It was at that point Anna noticed Marcelle’s slight French accent. Anna’s heart started beating faster.

“Maybe you can draw us this weekend,” Ben suggested, and winked at Anna. She smiled broadly and blushed.

“Well, we have all weekend for that,” Franklin said. “I don’t know if you noticed, but there are no other guests this weekend. We have the place to ourselves.”

“R-e-a-l-l-y?” was all Anna could say.

“Yes. We wanted this to be just a special, relaxing weekend for the four of us,” Marcelle replied. “You’re such a beautiful couple; Franklin and I are very attracted to you. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and wanted to see if there was any spark among us,” she added.

“We feel the same way,” Ben didn’t want to waste any time. He knew Anna was hot for Marcelle and he was starting to get aroused at the thought of the two women doing the same thing as in that drawing over the fireplace mantle.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Franklin suggested. He grabbed the bottle of wine and instructed Ben to get the fruit and cheese platter sitting on the coffee table. “We can snack while we…snack,” he joked.

They followed Marcelle up the stairs, and into a large bedroom. There was a four-poster, king-sized bed against one wall, a dresser against another, and, in front of the bay window, a lion-claw bathtub. “It’s so pretty,” Anna gushed.

“Not as pretty as you are,” Marcelle said softly and pulled Anna close to her. She softly kissed Anna’s warm lips, parting them with her tongue. Anna was stunned but excited at the same time. She instantly decided to let this gorgeous woman take control of her body. Anna put her arms around Marcelle’s waist and returned the kiss. She felt Marcelle’s warm hands graze over her breasts, thumbs stopping at her hard nipples poking through her bra. Anna caressed Marcelle’s round ass as Marcelle pulled out of her kiss and moved down to her neck. She felt another set of hands come up from behind her, running them over her breasts again, then unbuttoning her blouse. “I’m going to help you get ready,” she heard Franklin whisper in her ear. Anna closed her eyes and let her head fall backward as she moaned softly. She felt the room’s coolness as her blouse disappeared and felt Franklin unhook her bra to expose her breasts, nipples hard and erect, hungry for Marcelle’s touch. Anna’s pants soon dropped to the floor and she found herself standing there naked but for her lacy thong. She saw Ben over sitting on a bench in the corner, naked and stroking his massive boner. He looked like he was in a trance.

Marcelle took Anna by the hand over to the bed and sat her down at its edge. She looked up to see Franklin standing behind his wife, squeezing her breasts, which Anna guessed were somewhere around a 38C. Marcelle’s hands went up and behind Franklin’s neck, kissing him as he unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She had beautiful, full natural breasts, still fairly perky despite her age. Franklin’s hands went underneath Marcelle’s skirt waistband, presumably to touch his wife’s clit. Marcelle sighed as her skirt fell to the floor. At that point, Franklin disappeared and Marcelle gently pushed Anna’s shoulders back, causing her to lie back on the bed with her legs spread. Marcelle tugged at Anna’s thong until it was off, exposing her shaved, wet pussy. Marcelle mumbled, “ah, so pretty,” and lowered her face and began licking Anna’s throbbing cunt.

Anna arched her back and let out a moan. She lifted her legs so she could put her feet on the bed to balance herself and to allow Marcelle greater access. Marcelle soon got into a rhythm of running her tongue up Anna’s slit, swirled it around her clit, back down her slit to her pussy opening where she inserted her tongue inside. Anna’s hips began to gyrate and grind on Marcelle’s face. This was even better than she’d fantasized and she was on the verge of climaxing when Marcelle stopped briefly to gently push back the hood of Anna’s clit and began softly sucking it. She took the hardened nub between her lips as Anna cried, “YES! YES! Please don’t stop!”

Marcelle continued her firm pressure on Anna’s clit then inserted a finger inside her soaking pussy. She knew just where to touch and massaged Anna’s G-spot for a few moments until Anna came, soaking Marcelle’s face and hair. “Oh, god!” Anna exclaimed, as her pussy contracted uncontrollably. She was panting like a dog and tiny beads of sweat had formed between her breasts. Marcelle let go of Anna’s clit but continued to lick her pussy lips as she slowly withdrew her finger from Anna’s pussy.  Anna sat up and grabbed Marcelle’s face and began to kiss her, “You’re amazing!” she said over and over.

The women continued their afterplay until Anna recovered and caught her breath. “May I please eat your pussy?” she asked. “Yes, but I’d like you to do something else for me first. I’d like to sketch you as you please both our men. Would you do that for me?” Anna was shocked; in all her years, she’d never been with two men before. But she felt such an overflowing desire to please Anna that she said, “sure. I’ll be glad to.”

Marcelle got up to retrieve her sketch pad from the dresser and sat on the bench where Ben had been sitting. Anna was still on the bed as Ben and Franklin stood on either side of her. She reached up and took a stiff cock in each hand. She could feel both throbbing in her hands. She looked up at Franklin and took his cock in her mouth. He had a large cock, perhaps even slightly bigger than her husband’s. She licked the underneath side of Franklin’s shaft, then swirled it around the head. She started lightly stroking Ben’s member with her other hand. She held her gaze on Franklin as she deep-throated his cock. Franklin began affectionately stroking Anna’s hair and smiled down on her. She pulled back from Franklin so she could give Ben the same attention to his cock. Slowly taking the head in first, just as he liked, she began a light suction as she moved down the shaft. She stroked Franklin’s cock with her other hand.

She continued this pattern and took a quick glance over at Marcelle, who was busy sketching with one hand and playing with her nipple with her free hand. Anna briefly wondered what the finished product looked like but then remembered what she really should be concentrating on. She was going to take both of these men to climax in her mouth. She always swallowed when Ben ejaculated in her mouth, and decided she would do the same for Franklin, who she was fast developing a crush on.

She switched her attention from Ben back to Franklin, who was still lovingly stroking her hair and shoulders. She took his erection back into her mouth, sucking it back to a full arousal. Franklin’s head fell back and he let out a deep sigh. Anna quickened her pace, matching her hand strokes to her mouth. She applied a deeper suction and he let out a low growl and said, “I’m going to bust, baby.” She continued manually jerking Ben’s cock and looked up to meet Franklin’s gaze. Their eyes locked as he shot a hot wad of sweet cum into Anna’s mouth. “Ahhhh,” he said as he trembled.  Anna continued licking until his jizz was gone. She let go of Franklin’s cock and swallowed just at the moment he leaned down to kiss her. He caressed her chin and whispered in her ear, “I think I’m in love. You’re such a beautiful lover. Now finish your man.”

Anna smiled at him then returned to her husband. She took his cock in her mouth, returned it to the stiff mass it was just a few minutes prior. She used the same technique of suction and massage, taking him a little deeper in her throat than before. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Franklin on his knees between his wife, eating Marcelle’s pussy as she moaned words that Anna didn’t understand, but assumed to be French. Anna felt a twinge of jealousy as she wanted to be the one to make Marcelle moan like that but then she remembered she had all weekend to do that. She returned her mental attention to Ben and his throbbing cock. “Suck it baby,” was all he said, and Anna complied. Soon Ben enjoyed his first climax of the weekend, shooting his own wad of cum inside Anna’s warm mouth. She licked him clean then leaned back on the bed just in time to see Marcelle’s pussy contract on her husband’s face. Ben brought over another glass of wine and some grapes, along with the sketch book he picked up off the floor. There was Anna in the middle of two beautiful hard cocks. Well, she thought, I’ve got something new to hang over my own fireplace now, she thought.


By the way, the title means “Sweet Pussy” in French…

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Not to be outdone…my hubby’s Swinger Bucket List

Rick’s Swinger Bucket List

  1. A hot threesome with very horny crazy women who just can get enough. I guess it’s OK if my wife is one of them. LOL
  2. Participate is an orgy with swinger friends and then sit and talk about it afterwards.
  3. Fuck a woman while she goes down on my wife. Watching my wife’s orgasmic ecstasy as I fuck the woman who is giving her pleasure.
  4. Engage in a threesome with my wife and Christina Hendricks. Yes I think she is exceptionally hot as well.
  5. Watch my wife get ravaged by a group of people. After which I think she would fuck me like I have never been fucked before.
  6. Be tied to a bed and then used as a sex toy by a group of women. Fuck dry until I beg for mercy.
  7. Get laid in a public place with the risk of getting caught at any moment.
  8. Go to a strip club with my wife and together pick up the stripper for a threesome.
  9. Get a couples massage with my wife and have each of get a happy ending cumming together.
  10. After a long business trip, I come home to find my hot naked wife and another gorgeous naked big breasted woman waiting for me to participate is their mutual pleasure.


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Is your kiss on my list? Check out this swinger’s to-do list?

My husband and I got into the swing lifestyle to add a bit of zest to our relationship and sex life. I believe it’s brought us closer together, if only because we are forced to talk about some very intimate subjects. While there isn’t a shopping list of people and experiences we take with us when we go to a club, or a meet & greet, there are some specific things I’d like to say I did before it’s all said and done.

Here’s my Lifestyle Wish List (Swinger Santa, I’ve been a really good girl this year!)

  1. To have several women lavish me with attention, much like in the Red Room on Playboy Channel’s “Swing”.
  2. To squirt all over a stranger’s face.
  3. To watch my husband fuck another woman.
  4. To have my pussy eaten by several men with perfect 5 o’ clock shadow (Don’t Fear the Beard stories are based on that fantasy!)
  5. To travel somewhere with another couple just for the purpose of recreational sex in a beautiful setting.
  6. To have a threesome with Christina Hendricks.  And that’s my fantasy, not his. (Isn’t she gorgeous?? And what a rack!)Christina%20Hendricks%20in%20Easy%20Living%20Magazine-01[1]
  7. To convert the extra room over the garage into a play room.
  8. To sit on my husband’s face while another woman rides his cock and makes out with me.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on. And as I fulfill the items listed, I’ll come back and check them off – and spill all the naughty details!

What’s on your swinger to-do list?


© Shalynne and, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shalynne and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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