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Fucking in a Stranger’s Front Yard

girls9This is what we’d hope to see. Sadly, we didn’t.

This past weekend Rick and I decided to take the Harley to a “lifestyle friendly” nudist resort outside of town that hosted a poker run and bike rally. We were curious about how well bikers and nudists played together in the sandbox and assumed that nudists would also be into, well…swinging.

We were wrong. About the swinging, that is.

When we called we learned that all the cabins had been booked a year ago. However, we were directed to a lady who is a permanent resident at the resort and recently began renting out rooms in her mobile home to supplement her income. She was highly regarded by the resort staff, so we got a room. I honestly wasn’t too thrilled about this arrangement when I first heard about it from Rick, but I figured ‘what the hell’; how bad could it be for two nights?

Our hostess, Elaine, greeted us warmly upon our arrival, and quickly gave us a tour and laid down her house rules.

“By the way, are you swingers?” she asked bluntly. “If so, you can’t do that in my house,” she said.

Rick and I just looked at each other and said, “Ok.”

Elaine was chatty and friendly, inviting us to eat dinner with her and serving us ice cream with grilled peaches for dessert. Rick and I had a guest bedroom and bathroom. Elaine had rented out her master suite, which was surprisingly large, to another couple. It was weird to walk around nude in a stranger’s house. Although it was a “clothing optional” resort, Elaine maintained that we needed to be nude or semi-nude as much as possible in and around her house.

Saturday morning we left for the poker run for a 150-mile round trip. It was a beautiful ride as we made five stops at various watering holes, taverns and gas stations to pick up a random playing card inside a sealed envelope. We made it back to the starting point in plenty of time and to get naked and present our envelopes to the organizers to open and reveal our poker hand. It was funny to see Rick stand there nude, his cock just 18 inches away from this old guy’s face. Both our hands were crappy so we didn’t win anything. We were hot and tired and dusty and ready to jump in the pool.

After we climbed out of the pool to chill on the lounge chairs, we discussed how the crowd in the pool, open-minded as they appeared to be, weren’t really into flirting with anyone. All they wanted to do was smoke and drink and smoke some more. You could see how that lifestyle had really taken its toll on these 60 and 70-year-olds. Even if they were into swinging, these were not people I’d be interested in playing with. Don’t get me wrong; we’re not Ken and Barbie. But I do take some pride in trying to keep myself in decent shape so I can enjoy sex. I told Rick I didn’t think any of these people had fucked anyone in years.

We discussed just jumping back on the bike and leaving early. It was only an hour and a half away, so why not cut out and leave early? The main event was over and there wasn’t much left to do but sit around and listen to some bar band that didn’t sound any different than the one we’d heard the night before. We picked up our stuff and made our way back over to Elaine’s place to find her gone, roommates gone and all the doors locked.

Exasperated, we sat down on some chairs in her side yard and waited. The time passed and it got darker. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I walked a short distance to the community restroom. When I returned, I touched Rick’s cock and found it semi-hard. He said he’d been thinking about having some fun of our own. Inspired, I began stroking and thinking. I looked around at Elaine’s yard, taking note of the shrubs, palm trees and furniture. Elaine lived in the back of the resort, off any well-traveled paths. She also had a nicely manicured lawn.

“Let’s put our towels down and do it right here in her grass,” I suggested as I stroked his growing cock. “I mean, it’s not like there’s anything else to do,” I added.

“Really?” he said.

“Sure, why not?”


We spread the towels out to make enough room for me to lie on them. Rick played with my nipples and fingered my pussy which is a surefire way to get me wet. We started fucking doggy-style, which I thought would be good so we could both keep an eye out for Elaine’s golf cart (or someone else’s). We eventually switched to missionary with my legs over his shoulders, which was amazing. We were going at it and I had a small orgasm right before Rick’s cock exploded inside me. Which was convenient, as Elaine’s cart came whizzing down the trail and right up into her driveway. Luckily she didn’t see us right away which gave us a chance to get my cover-up back on. (Like that mattered; we were at a nudist resort).

We had just fucked on a stranger’s front lawn. While it wasn’t on either of our sexual bucket lists, it was still pretty fucking fabulous.

“I remembered I didn’t tell you where I hide my key,” she said frantically. “I keep it right here,” she said as she showed us her hiding spot. “I came back to get something then I’m going back to hear the band. Are you coming up there?”

“Maybe in a little while,” we replied.

She grabbed whatever she came back for and quickly left. We rushed to pack up our stuff, got dressed and hightailed it out of there before she returned. I felt bad about leaving without telling Elaine goodbye, but I figured she was just weird enough to not be bothered too much by it. Clearly this resort advertised itself as a lifestyle-friendly place, but these people seemed to have not a shred of interest in it. There was even a designated ”playroom” that opened after 10 pm but we didn’t see anyone go inside – not one time.

We made it home at a reasonable time and were grateful to sleep in our own bed. The next morning, though, Rick realized his wallet was missing. So he ended up calling Elaine to ask if it was in the guest room. In our haste to leave due to a mysterious “family emergency”, Rick didn’t notice it had fallen under the bed.

So he had to drive back (in his truck) to retrieve it. Then drive back home.

But, hey, at least we managed to have some sexy fun.

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At This House Party, Three is Never a Crowd

threesomePhoto credit:

Last weekend Rick and I went to our first house party in a couple of years and had a great time. We had met the hosts Ronnie and his lovely wife Alicia several weeks before.  After chatting online a few times they invited us to their home one night for drinks and conversation. After we left their home, Ronnie called us to say Rick had left his sunglasses behind, telling him that “you can have them back if I can see Shay’s tits!” We knew he was joking, but when we returned I offered one of my breasts to him in his driveway. He accepted my offer and we shared a fun kiss before hitting the road again.

Then last weekend we returned for more fun. This party was smaller and intimate, with about 6 or 7 other couples. We were the only newbies, as far as I could tell. The others seemed to know each other already, but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. After introductions and the first round of drinks, everyone got naked and got into the pool and/or hot tub. Rick and I made our way into the pool and talked to some people then decided to get into the hot tub. We weren’t groped or hit on by anyone in either place, but we felt comfortable and were having a good time. The guests started to trickle back into the house, and we followed.

We refreshed our drinks and got a snack then Ronnie asked me if I’d like to get back into the pool. I said “yes” so he and I returned to the pool alone. We chatted for a few minutes before being joined by a petite woman named Julia.

“Am I interrupting anything,” she asked?

“Not at all,” Ronnie said.

Julia got in the pool, came over to me and started making out with me. Then she kissed Ronnie. Then I kissed Ronnie, then Julia. We had a nice little threesome makeout and groping session going on. Julia is very petite, as I mentioned before, and has a great little ass. Ronnie commented several times on how hot the two of us ladies looked as we pleasured each other. Ronnie is in great shape and nicely endowed. He pulled a bottle of lube out of the landscaping around the pool, telling me it works well in water. He was right. Whatever this stuff was, it lubed his stiff cock nicely so it slid right in. Julia and I took turns being in the “middle of the sandwich” making out with each other while Ronnie fucked both of us. I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice how much time had passed when Rick came out of the house and sat on the edge of the pool.

“Hey baby,” I said with a smile.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Very much so,” I replied.

Our little threesome continued a few minutes longer before I swam over to Rick to include him in our fun. At that point, Ronnie and Julia cooled off a bit then got out of the pool, dried off and went into the house. Rick told me how hot it was to watch me and Julia enjoying each other as I reached under the water and discovered his cock was hard. I stroked and licked him for a bit then used some of Ronnie’s magic lube and rode him for a few minutes. Afterward,  I asked him if he played with anyone and he said after Ronnie and I came outside, he stayed in the kitchen, chatting with the others and started rubbing Alicia’s neck. After a few minutes she invited him upstairs. Rick said they lay down on the bed and Alicia almost immediately went down on him. After a few minutes, he suggested she climb on top of him for some 69 action. This went on for a while before she told him she wanted Rick to cum in her mouth. Their 69 play continued until he gave her what she wanted by exploding with a mouthful of jizz. She really seemed to enjoy it as she licked off every last drop.

They relaxed on the bed for a bit afterward, chatting before getting up to return downstairs. When he didn’t see me in the kitchen, he came out and found me still having fun in our little threesome.

When we went back in the house, we saw that the group started to wrap things up. We had one final snack and drink before getting dressed to say goodbye. As Rick put his pants on, one of the ladies eyed his cock and said, “Oh, my.”

“You can touch it,” Rick told her.

She grabbed it and giggled. But she didn’t go any further, so he finished getting dressed.

We kissed our hosts as we said goodbye and look forward to playing with them again soon!

(Note: the picture above doesn’t exactly represent how my threesome went down, but you get the idea…)

PS – a few days after this awesome party, I met two new friends –  separately – and will write about our sexy adventures soon…

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Guys – Where Is Your Picture??


I need to rant just a little bit.

Rick and I have met several couples in the last couple of weeks. Generally they’ve all been nice and we’ve enjoyed the time spent getting to know them, with the exception of the worst meet-and-greet we’ve ever had. And yet I have been repeatedly baffled by one thing that keeps cropping up:

Why are there no photos of the guy anywhere on the couples’ online profile?

I just don’t get it. If a couple’s profile has loads of pics of the female half, and none of the guy, what does that tell the reader? That the guy is too ugly? Has a little dick? Is old/fat/bald/whatever?  If Rick and I decide that the guy’s wife/girlfriend is hot enough to withstand a meet-and-greet, does her husband/boyfriend assume that we’ll be so taken with her that we’ll play with him too, just because he’s with her?

That doesn’t fly with me. At all. If a full swap is expected, then I have to see a picture of his FACE too. Without having to ask multiple times. The double standard here is ridiculous. I asked Rick (who has plenty of pics of his face, body and cock on our online profiles) for his thoughts, and he said that perhaps men just aren’t used to be objectified like women are, so therefore they are uncomfortable putting a face pic online.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD, DUDE. Get used to it.

The other thing that I love reading (insert sarcasm here) on profiles is “due to our high-profile careers, we provide pics only if asked.” Really? Like the rest of us who have pics online DON’T have careers worth protecting? So we have to go through the cat-and-mouse game of nudging, winking, then sending half a dozen messages before we get to see what your face looks like?

That is such bullshit, guys. If you want to play, you have to pay – with a photo.

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Some girls like long walks on the beach but I like watching my boyfriend fuck other women. We’re all different.

Found this great post over at thecuriousadventuresofme and thought it worth sharing. Kind of sums up my feelings on polyamory, threesomes and watching dear Rick fuck another woman. Enjoy!


Some girls like long walks on the beach but I like watching my boyfriend fuck other women. We’re all different..

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More Swinging Etiquette – What to do When Playtime is Over?


Photo credit swinging4real

Continuing my thoughts on swinging etiquette, I thought I’d discuss another situation that could possibly cause awkwardness – at least, for me it can.

What do you do after playtime is over?

After you’ve gone through the basic “get to know you” stage (i.e. after you’ve determined that a) you’re attracted to your new playmate, and b) you’ve determined that said playmate is not an axe murderer), then generally you move to a more comfortable location and, um, get your freak on.

You have mind-blowing sex, in whatever form that takes, experience multiple orgasms, shrieks heard to the rafters.

What do you do next?

For me I usually lie back and relax, then get up for a drink, or go to spy on Rick. Sometimes I get lucky and can catch him banging another woman before they finish (watching him is a huge turn-on for me). Sometimes my play partner and I will cuddle, which usually doesn’t last long. Then we get up.

From time to time I’ve wondered what others do. Is there a better or more graceful way to end the play session?

I posed this question to some fellow swingers and here’s how they answered:

“You do what feels right: talk, play cards, play games.”

“We use the cool down period to actually get to know them.” (I LOVE this answer. I can just see it now: “You’re a great fuck. I’m Shay, by the way (extending my hand). Nice to meet you.”)

“We usually shower and go to bed!!  At a club, “thank you” is sufficient.  Our friends, those we have to our home or us to theirs, are very easy; we look at the clock, figure the drive time and act accordingly.  Sometimes, there is a last drink, maybe even a little more playfulness, a dip in a pool or its simply, “great time, good night” accompanied by hugs. It just depends.”

“Well you could tell him, now that he has blown his nut, to get off his ass and go make you a sandwich”

“Every situation is different. Number one rule, what would you like to hear when you are done, so act accordingly. If you are not with your spouse, simply state “let’s go look for our spouses”.  If you are all together, usually not everyone finishes at the same time, so you either get up and leave for a drink (or a sandwich or you watch until they are finished.  If it was a good time, you can cuddle as you watch. When it is over, break the ice with something polite, or all of you get up for that sandwich.  If you did not have the best of times, when your spouse is finished, just remind them you need to get up early in the morning or some excuse like that so you leave.

And if nothing else, heed this sage advice from a wise swinger:

“Just treat others as you would like to be treated”.

So I guess I’m doing ok. I try to practice the golden rule whenever possible. As a result, I’ve had mostly decent experiences, and haven’t been in too many awkward situations. Still, it’s always good to know what’s generally accepted.

Couples – how do you handle the end of play session? What are your tips?

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The Worst Meet and Greet Ever  (or How to Make the Worst Possible First Impression)

Young woman making rude gesture on a bad date

This past week Rick and I endured the worst “first date” we’ve ever encountered with another couple. Thank God we don’t typically play on the first date or I think we’d really be hanging our heads in shame.

We met Emmett and Hazel at an off-premise swing club. We arrived a little early to flirt with Rick’s favorite bartender, Nori. Emmett and Hazel showed up about 20 minutes late. We would have totally understood had they lived farther away. But that wasn’t the case with this couple and they didn’t even text or call to let us know if they were still coming or not.

When they arrived I knew instantly there was no chemistry on my part for either Emmett or Hazel. Still, I made every effort to be polite and friendly, in case Richard felt differently toward Hazel. I couldn’t discern how he was feeling toward her, so I made every effort to be good company.

As the evening wore on, Emmett managed to disrespect our server in every way possible, including motorboating her boobs without asking first. We later found out she had just returned to work after having a baby and was still nursing. Nori told Rick later that Willow was mortified and very pissed off about the shoddy treatment Emmett gave her.

Emmett went on to talk about how he ruled his roost with an iron hand. Hazel just sat there demurely. Every 30 minutes or so he would go out for a smoke break. While he was gone, the three of us got on nicely but we knew after reading in their profile beforehand that there would be no threesomes that didn’t involve Emmett. Their profile stated, “He may play alone separately but she never will.” We didn’t question it at the time, since I knew there was no chemistry anyway.

After a couple of hours, we excused ourselves, using an early morning work as our excuse, although entirely true. Two hours of our lives we’ll never get back, but it inspired me to want to share some universal truths about swinging, and some ways we can all be more successful in finding playmates:

  1. Truth in Advertising. How old are those photos on your profile? It isn’t necessary to hire a professional photographer every six months for updated pics, but if you’ve got less hair and/or more weight on you than you did in those two-year-old pics in your profile photos, that’s unfair and it’s time for an update.
  2. Personal habits. Do you smoke, even a little bit? Then your profile should indicate as much. There is nothing more unattractive than meeting someone for the first time who lights up every 30 minutes after thinking that he or she might have been a good match (on paper, anyway).
  3. Being flaky. If your profile says you’re seeking playmates, and you want to meet, then pull the trigger and meet. Very few of us want a pen pal or online chat mate. Vague emails or messages exchanged every four or five days are simply a waste of time. We’re looking to meet like-minded couples for play – in whatever form that takes. But you never know until you actually meet them first.

Which we did with Emmett and Hazel, but it just wasn’t in the cards. But now we know for sure. Remember how mama said first impressions are lasting impressions? It’s doubly important in the swinging world.

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From The Mouth of Babes (Sort of)


Swingers say the darndest things. A few months ago when Rick and I were in Las Vegas, we played with another couple we’d contacted on a swinger site, and who were staying at the same hotel as we were. What a convenient coincidence! Their names escape me (I swear), so we’ll call them Carrie and Ned. They were on vacation from New York. We met at the pool and chatted for a couple of hours in the hot tub until we were kicked out so a crew could do some cleaning. Carrie and Ned went back to their room to change and get some booze before coming over to our room.

When they arrived we chatted some more before moving to the balcony to start some play. It was an amazing spring night in Vegas. Low humidity made the temperature so pleasant and there was a privacy screen on each balcony (not that we cared).

Anyhoo, after some blowjobs and nipple play, we decided to take it to the bedroom. RIck and Carrie claimed the bed and took turns going down on each other. Ned said he wanted to be on the bed too, so he could watch his wife go down on Rick. I agreed and Ned soon went down on me with a tongue much more aggressive than I was accustomed to. I discovered right away that I liked his voracious approach and he soon drew several loud orgasms out of me. Rick reported similar results from Carrie. Yay.

But soon thereafter I tumbled down from that orgasmic high when Ned kissed his way up my stomach and breasts and whispered in my ear in his sexiest Brooklyn accent…

“Youse taste nice.”

I had to bite my cheek and tongue to keep from laughing.


Last Saturday Rick and I visited an offsite swinger’s bar here in town. It’s a favorite of Rick’s because there’s a sexy young bartender whom he’d love to have his way with. Sadly, she’s not a swinger (or says she’s not) and engaged to be married to a non-swinger (or so she says). Blondie wasn’t working on Saturday but we sat with a lovely couple named Molly and Bill. They are veteran swingers and it was fun to swap stories. Since it’s an offsite club, we went with no expectations of play, but rather to make some new friends and have fun.

At one point, I got up to use the bathroom. I came out of the stall to wash my hands, and as I did so, a girl came into the bathroom, slapped me on the ass and said, “You have a great ass. Wish mine were that big. I want to see you shake that big ass on the dance floor.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Then I went out and shook my ass on the dance floor.

Kim K Naked Huge Ass

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Our Perfect Unicorn

two men one woman having sex

If you’re lucky enough to eavesdrop on a conversation among swingers, you’re likely to hear the subject of unicorns discussed sooner or later. A threesome encounter (or two or 300) is typically high on a swinger’s bucket list. But finding an unattached female, or an attached one with an open-minded boyfriend/husband, is often difficult.

Today Rick and I spent some time reflecting on the two amazing unicorns we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of years. I’ve written about both of them – Angelina and Maddy. Our reflection soon turned into a discussion about “What makes a perfect unicorn?”

We decided that our perfect swinging and/or poly unicorn would have to have the following characteristics:

  1. She needs to be truly bi (or an overriding willingness to learn, as Rick says). Not a pillow princess who isn’t willing to reciprocate orally.
  1. She needs to be attracted to both of us. The attraction doesn’t have to be perfectly equal, but as I wrote in my last post, threesomes don’t work if all parties aren’t willing to touch and please each other (unless the ladies agree that there won’t be any interaction between the two of them, or unless the man is willing to just observe). Both Angelina and Maddy are really, really good at giving us balanced attention and never making one of us feel left out of the fun. Sadly, we haven’t seen Angelina in a while, but Maddy and I keep in touch regularly. And you know you have an amazing unicorn when she sends you a message that reads, “The excitement and energy I feel between the three of us is unique and something new for me. I love it.”
  1. She needs to respect our relationship. Unicorns are a fun addendum to a couple’s sex life. She isn’t there to replace anyone.
  1. A GREAT unicorn will realize that her friendship with the wife is key to receiving a return invite to the couple’s bedroom. Women rule the swing lifestyle, so keeping honest, sincere and friendly communication and respect with the wife will go a long way.
  1. She needs to have her own life outside of ours. We want our unicorn to have her own boyfriends (if she wanted them), her own regular friends, her own hobbies, her own pursuits. Of course if we were dating a woman, we would pursue some shared interests with her, but we would not want her to give up the things she enjoyed before meeting us. Again, swinging and poly are supposed to be mutually-agreed addenda to a relationship, not something to be taken away from an existing one.

Most of us in the swing lifestyle think that if you find a unicorn, you should catch it and donate it to a museum so it can be studied and hopefully replicated. That is a joke, but you get the idea. Unicorns are a rare treat to be enjoyed. Handle with care.

Couples, what is your definition of a “perfect unicorn”?

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Trying Something New…with Delightful Results!

Rick and I have been exploring a lot of new things lately. I’ve been exploring a growing interest in adult nursing relationships (ANR) and Rick and I each had our first dates with other people as we dip our toes into polyamory.

We also decided to have some fun last weekend by inviting my friend Madeline to spend some time with both of us. Madeline loves suckling. It may be a fetish, or it may be just a hobby; only she knows for sure. But I thought it would be fun to take her out for some fun on the town then maybe spend some time suckling me, and, if we were lucky, she’d be up for a little threesome action.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. I met Madeline online about a year ago. She reached out to me through an ANR website, and after some chatting, we finally met. She has a great job that allows her a flexible schedule, generous time off and flying privileges. She isn’t married and doesn’t have kids, so she can travel at the drop of a hat, although she lives several states away.

Our first experience was when I was traveling myself, and she met me while I was out of town at a conference. Our first nursing experience wasn’t bad; my nipples just weren’t accustomed to having that much attention after not having had that kind of treatment for at least a decade. But despite the soreness over the next few days, we continued to stay in touch and my interest in pursuing ANR grew as well.


A few months later we met up again, this time while she had a long layover during another trip to see other friends. We spontaneously decided to meet up at a local hotel. We spent some time talking before getting down to business and this time it was so sexy and gentle and sensual and tender.  Madeline has no interest in lactating herself, but instead enjoys the closeness that suckling affords. She soon discovered that breast play and suckling gets me very wet, hot and bothered. She asked if she could touch me “there” and I said yes. Her tiny, dainty hands traveled south to my soaking wet pussy, found my throbbing clit and softly massaged me until my back arched and fell back into the soft folds of the mattress as my pussy covered her hand with juices. As I caught my breath she moved her hand back to my left nipple as her mouth found my right nipple and began suckling. She lightly tugged at my left nipple, which drove me wild and caused me to ask her if she minded if I used my vibrator while she suckled.

She said, ‘no’, so I got my Hitachi and rubbed it on my clit, causing me to cum even harder, moaning and convulsing all at once.

After resting for a minute, I told her I’d like to return the favor and she quickly flipped over, spreading her legs to reveal a beautifully shaven pussy. Her tiny clit was as hard as rock as I flicked it back and forth, inserting a finger inside her tight pussy, finding her g-spot, and massaging it till her pussy walls clamped down on my finger. I looked up and saw her in a trance-like state, totally lost in the moment as she climaxed. Her thick nipples stood at attention like good little soldiers. I ran my tongue around each one of them as she came back down to earth.

We relaxed by watching a little TV. Madeline decided to suckle again so she moved over to my left breast for a few more minutes before I had to leave. We kissed for a little while before I got up to get dressed.

We left each other very satiated with promises to get together again soon.

That didn’t happen…for nine months. But we’d been talking about it off and on, about having her come for a visit so that Rick could meet her, so we could have another nursing session, and to just see what else our friendship could lead to.

This time, we played the good host, meeting at her hotel room, which was a very nice, spacious suite with plenty of room for us to move around. We picked her up and took her to one of the nicest strip clubs in town, which seemed natural for a breast girl. After arriving at the club, we got a table close to the stage so Madeline could see it all.

We ordered drinks and some food and enjoyed the first dancer on stage. I am slow to go to the stage to tip dancers (I have no idea why, but I AM getting better about that). Rick got plenty of singles to last a while. We eventually got up to tip some of the cuter ones, and Madeline was having the time of her life. She had never been to a club before and was thoroughly enjoying the entertainment. We were thoroughly enjoying her reaction to it all.

After several hours, we decided to go back to the room for some suckling time. I told Madeline at the club, while Rick was in the bathroom, that if she wanted to play with him in the room, I would be fine with it. I have grown to love watching Rick with other women. I love to watch how they react to him, and vice versa. I took off my clothes and got into bed. Rick sat on the sofa and took off his shoes. Madeline followed our lead, albeit slowly.

After Madeline undressed, she climbed into bed with me and took my nipple in her mouth. She began suckling and it felt amazing. Her latch was perfect, and her suction was just right. Her eyes began to roll back into her head as she put her tiny hand on my massive breast and went to her happy place. Rick got undressed and climbed in bed next to me. He caressed both of us as she continued nursing. Eventually I switched nipples with her. Rick got up and went to the other side of the bed so Madeline was in the middle.


Rick caressed Madeline silky skin and firm little ass as I moaned obliviously. He fingered her and commented on how wet her pussy was. He continued until I came out of my trance and suggested we give Rick some attention. We switched so he was lying on his back as Madeline and I took turns sucking his cock and balls. Then she sat on his face while I mounted his cock, then we did the “Eiffel Tower” and made out.  Rick marveled at Madeline’s pussy, which was shaved clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I played with her thick nipples and she kept her hands on my tits.

We played in that position for a while, then he got up and we got on the bed. She started suckling me again as Rick fucked me. I was in heaven! I came hard and fast then he pulled out. We rolled a condom on his cock which was still rock hard, then I guided her to sit down on it. This was so much fun for me to watch. It was fascinating, sexy and fun to watch him fuck her and to watch her facial expressions. He commented repeatedly on how tight her pussy was. After a few minutes of her riding him cowgirl, she pulled off and he finished by cumming all over my tits and her belly. Then she snuggled down between us to suckle; I offered her my nipple and we spent the next 20-30 minutes just quietly relaxing. Rick and I would look at each other across Madeline as she hungrily sucked my nipple like a starving baby. We commented on how soft her skin was and what a great little ass she had, almost like she wasn’t even there.

But she was there, and reached back to stroke Rick’s cock as we talked. She spread her legs wider so he could finger her pussy. He said how wet she was and, as if on cue, she got up on all fours to show she was ready to be mounted. All while her mouth was full of my tit. Rick got behind, spread her legs and entered her from behind. He thrust firmly as she suckled. I held her tight as Rick fucked her and pulled out to cum all over her ass.

As we recovered, the compersion started to flow. Rick got off to clean himself up and Madeline snuggled up next to me to continue suckling. I stroked her cheek and her hair and kissed her forehead. She is so sweet and when she suckles, the feelings of tenderness just start to bubble forth. Rick was smiling from ear to ear as he watched Madeline and I in our element, sharing ourselves with each other; me offering my breast to fulfill her need, her suckling me to fulfill my need. And Rick getting to have some threesome fun.

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Packing Up

Well, it’s official – we are moving to the Houston area. Actually Rick has been working there for nearly a year now, and it’s making more sense that I join him there permanently rather than have him drive home every weekend. I have been very resistant to moving again; during my previous marriage I moved many times to accommodate the ex’s career. When I arrived here about eight years ago I told myself I’d never again move for a man. Famous last words, right?

Nonetheless, after weighing the options, we decided to go for it. It’s kind of exciting to look for a house without needing to consider which school district. I’ve been searching out like-minded swingers and poly couples around my future hometown, trying to make some connections. So far I’ve chatted online with a few lovely married ladies looking for a gf to share some alone time with. The idea of having a gf just for me is very intriguing; but I have to admit it’s a little scary when I think about the potential drama that could ensue. But it’s exciting just the same.

You tease me so well!

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I am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing lifestyle. We’ve taken a self-imposed break due to the fact that when Rick is home, we have to prioritize our time carefully and over the months the swinging has taken a back seat to other activities. But with kids out of the house and the opportunities to make new friends, I’m excited about what the future holds. And for those who think casual sex is bad for your health, a recent study conducted by researchers from NYU and Cornell dispels the popular notion that casual hookups — defined as sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship — will leave you with low self-esteem and depression. The research, published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, involved a group of NYU students who kept a weekly diary over the course of 12 weeks documenting any and all adult snuggles — and the effect those instances had on their overall well-being.

Sociosexually unrestricted students reported higher well-being after having casual sex compared to not having sex, the researchers found. Also, those who were sociosexually unrestricted reported lower stress and greater overall emotional health after casual sex. (This is … maybe not super surprising.)

Although past reports have shown that women are less likely than men to orgasm during casual sex, this particular study showed few overall differences between genders.

The study’s authors explained that “the effects of casual sex depend on the extent to which this behavior is congruent with one’s general personality tendencies.” So, in other words: if you want to have casual sex, you definitely should. If you do not want to have casual sex, you shouldn’t.

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