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Learning to Say No So I Can Enjoy Saying Yes (Part 2)


After reading my last post, I realized I didn’t do a good job of describing the situation I found myself in. Basically my friends Sarah and Nick and Chris were all interested in dating (and sleeping) with me. Rick and I went to a swinger’s club with Nick and Sarah one time and had a fun time. But it was just that – a fun time. I certainly wasn’t expecting to do it on a regular basis.

So fast forward a few months. Rick has already told Chris that I wasn’t interested in playing with him. Or dating him. He and I are still friendly and there haven’t been any problems with our friendship.

So Nick and I are having dinner and we discussed how much we enjoyed each other’s company and maybe we could pursue dating relationship. He said he felt like he should be the one to tell Sarah that he and I would continue to date, and that I wasn’t interested in pursuing a dating or sexual relationship with her. I wasn’t too sure about Nick being the one to tell Sarah about my feelings for her. But I let him. A couple of days later I started receiving text messages that said “I’m sorry.” “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” I was completely taken aback. I finally realized what she meant and I told her there was nothing to be ashamed of. I told her I wanted to keep our friendship and that if she was uncomfortable that I would end things with Nick. She said no, she wanted us to explore whatever we wanted and she would be supportive.  Later Nick told me that her biggest fear was that she’d be left out. Left out of what, I’m not sure.

Then I didn’t hear from or see her for a month.

In the meantime, Rick’s back went from bad to worse. The doctors’ appointments, procedures, endless pharmacy runs to get more pain meds. I decided to take a break from dating for a while. Nick said he understood. We may pick things back up somewhere down the road. We had Nick, Sarah and Chris over for dinner and card games last night and it was fun. Sarah acted much more formally toward me and less fun and friendly than in the past, but it may take some time for things to get back to normal.

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Learning to Say No so I Can Enjoy Saying Yes



I’ve been reflecting on my writing (or lack thereof) lately. I’ve been through so many changes in the past 18 months and writing about swinging, sex, erotic fiction, whatever, sort of tumbled down the priority list. Maybe because I’ve felt that I’ve been going in a dozen different directions and hesitant to write anything down about any of it because I wasn’t comfortable with any of those paths.

Rick and I don’t really play with others anymore. He’s had some chronic pain issues that have, sadly, affected his ability to enjoy most sexual play. I was taking some evening classes as part of a career change which sucked any extra energy out of me. I was casually dating men here and there, playing with some, but not really feeling like I was progressing down a poly path with any of them.

Maddie, my occasional, long-distance nursing partner, dropped out of sight for over a year. She was having some identity issues of her own. In the meantime, Rick and I had befriended several folks in our poly community and started to build non-romantic friendships with them. One of them, Sarah, and I became pretty good friends. She and I share a birthday even. Sarah dates two men Nick and Chris, who are friends with each other and with Rick and me as well. Both Nick and Chris date other women too.

For several months, we all did things together. Nick and Chris would sometimes bring along another woman, depending on whose night it was with Sarah. When Sarah’s birthday rolled around last year, Nick told me that she’d wanted to kiss me but was too shy to ask. I was flattered that she found me attractive, so at the end of her birthday BBQ I went into her bedroom and kissed her privately. It was fun, but in my brain, it didn’t mean anything other than a fun moment shared by the two birthday girls. Later Nick told me she was thrilled I’d done it.

Now I have no lesbian tendencies. I don’t pursue women. If Rick and I are at a swing club and we see an attractive couple we’d like to play with, I’ll play with the woman for a bit before wanting to do a full swap and play with the man. I believe in reciprocity. Sometimes the women don’t return the favor (going down on me) which pisses me off. I hate playing with pillow princesses.

Anyway, Nick later told me that Sarah wanted to have a “play date” with me. This is where I fucked up. I should have said “No, I’m not interested in playing with women alone” but I didn’t. I thought she just wanted to experience what playing with a woman is like. So once again, I obliged. She’s pretty enough, and very sweet to me. I thought we had a pretty good friendship.

Anyway, our play date went down ok. I just don’t enjoy the teacher role when it comes to sex. Sarah is pretty passive in the bedroom but it wasn’t a horrible experience. It did, however, reinforce my desire to NOT play with pillow princesses any more. I don’t enjoy it and I end up feeling used and rejected.

So I chalked that up to a “live and learn” experience and went on with life. Then Nick told me he was interested in me and wanted to date me alone. I enjoyed my friendship with Nick and said yes. We went on exactly three enjoyable dates when he told me how much he enjoyed my company and wouldn’t mind exploring that friendship even further. I said yes, if it was ok with Sarah. I also shared with him that, while I really enjoy Sarah’s friendship, I was not interested in a romantic relationship with her and didn’t want to fuck things up by doing anything to make her jealous. 

You know, just writing this story is wearing me out emotionally, so I’m going to stop here tonight. There’s much more and I’ll write about that in a couple of days, I promise. Sigh.


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20 Fun, Fascinating Facts About Nipples


Photo credit: Me

Use these fun tidbits to impress friends at your next house party!

1. Your nipples and your earlobes are spaced apart exactly the same.

Check in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

2. Pink nipple makeup is all the rage in Japan.

The Japanese, bless their souls, are in the throes of pink-nipple mania. Since Asian nipples tend to be browner, there’s a whole cottage industry where women use makeup to render their nips pinker.

3. No two nipples are alike—just like snowflakes!

Even your own nipples are different from one another. Diversity is a strength!

4. The left one is usually more sensitive.

“Erotic sensitivity” of the nipples is more commonly intense on the left side. Correspondingly, nearly two-thirds of women have a larger left breast than a right one.

5. Some people are born with no nipples.

The condition is known as “athelia,” and there are only about 7,000 diagnosed cases worldwide.

6. Some people are born with triple nipples—or more!

Any nipples beyond two on a human being are known as “supernumerary” nipples. One in every 18 males and one in every 50 women has more than two nipples. This means that there are over 27 million Americans with supernumerary nipples. Mark Wahlberg has three. Harry Styles has four. In 2012, a man in India was found to have seven nipples. In the Middle Ages, anyone with more than two nipples was thought to be demon-possessed. It was also thought that the Devil sucked from their triple nipples. The Devil is a stone-cold freak!

7. Innies v. Outies.

An estimated 10 to 20 percent of women have “inverted nipples,” which means instead of protruding, they actually sink below the areola. They are also known as “shy nipples.”

8. Nipplegasms.

Nipple stimulation affects the same part of the brain as genital stimulation does. A tiny minority of women are able to reach orgasm solely through having their nips caressed.

9. Some nipples get darker during sexual arousal.

This is caused by a rush of blood to the area during sexual stimulation.

10. Then again, maybe she’s just cold.

Although erect nipples can be sign of sexual arousal, they also can get hard merely because it’s too cold. So before you misinterpret her rock-hard nips as a sign that she’s ready to rut, make sure that drafty window isn’t open.

11. Those little bumps on the areola are called Montgomery glands.

These glands were first described in an 1837 scientific paper by William Montgomery. They secrete a white lubricant for the skin, but the reason for their existence remains unclear otherwise.

12. Everyone’s nipples are hairy.

You may not be able to see them with the naked eye, but if you dare grab a magnifying glass and examine, you will find hairs growing on the areola of all adult living human beings.

13. Nipples start developing in the womb before sex organs do.

This is why both men and women have nipples—because they develop in the womb before sexual differentiation does.

14. “The Great Nippulini” has the world’s strongest nipples.

Sage “The Great Nippulini” Werbock has built a career as a “nipple strongman.” His dynamic feats of nipple strength include pulling a 2,200-pound vehicle 66 feet with his nipples. Whatever floats your boat, dude!

15. Some women in Asia suffer from the fear that their nipples will be suddenly sucked into their breasts.

Throughout Africa and Asia, “koro” is a psychological syndrome wherein males dread that their penises will disappear. The female version involves a morbid fear that their nipples will suddenly sink into their breasts, never to be seen again.

16. The nipple-licking drug gangs of Thailand.

In the late 1990s, it was discovered that Thailand’s drug gangs had a widespread practice of having female members smear knockout drugs over their nipples. They would then seduce tourists and ask them to lick their nipples. The tourists would then pass out and be robbed of all their earthly belongings, as well as a huge chunk of their pride.

17. Are you Irish? Then go suck the king’s nipples.

The ancient Irish considered their king’s nipples to be sacred. During royal ceremonies, it was customary for his underlings to suck on his nipples. In power struggles, an opponent’s nipples were often mutilated to prevent them from ever ascending to the throne.

18. Men and infants can lactate.

Newborn infants have been observed with milk leaking from their nipples. It only lasts for a few days. Adult men, especially if they’ve received hormone treatments for prostate cancer, have also been known to excrete milk through their nipples.

19. Nipple cancer is known as Paget’s disease.

Affecting only the areola and nipple, Paget’s disease accounts for between one and four percent of all breast-cancer cases.

20. There’s even a word for having nipples.

That word is “mammillated.” Nearly all human beings are mammillated at least twice over.

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The Perfect Ending to A Hard Day


Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

Brantley sat down in his armchair. It had been a long day and he was tired, both mentally and physically. His job had been especially demanding lately and when he got home, he just wanted to sit. Willow brought him a beer and gently stroked the back of his neck. Brantley closed his eyes.

“Why don’t you take a quick shower and meet me in the bedroom. I think you need a massage,” she whispered in his ear.

Brantley opened his blue eyes and nodded, offering a tired smile in agreement.

Willow watched her Brantley, stand up and walk into the other room. She loved watching her Brantley walk. Despite his height, facial hair and rugged hands, his sweet face reminded her of a young boy. His wavy hair and sweet smile melted her heart every time she looked at him.

She heard the water running in the shower as she walked into the bedroom to quietly change. She said nothing to him as he washed off the day’s stresses. She heard him turn off the water and step out to dry. He didn’t notice her standing in the bedroom until he’d finished toweling off.

He stood in silent shock as he saw his Willow standing there, in a red corset, g-string and stiletto heels. She had a rope in her hand.

“Time for Brantley to lie down and relax,” she said. “Willow is going to make you feel better.

Brantley obediently dropped his towel to the floor and walked over to the bed and lay on his back. He knew not to speak. He’d learned in the past, that if he protested, Willow would deny herself to him.

And he couldn’t stand that.

Willow came over and kissed her Brantley. She slowly parted his lips with her tongue before darting it around his mouth, teasing him. Her huge breasts were nearly spilled out of her corset and Brantley thought he caught a glimpse of her erect nipple. He suddenly felt very thirsty as he felt his cock hardening. He didn’t resist when Willow took both his wrists and tied them to the headboard.

“You work so hard to take care of us, Brantley,” she said. “You deserve to relax and to not have to think about anything,” she added.

Brantley just watched her as she gently stroked his thighs before drawing his knees up and placing a pillow under each one. “To protect your lower back, my sweet boy,” she said.

Willow expertly wrapped more rope around his thighs, tying them to the sides of the bed. His cock was fully erect and Willow could see it throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

She firmly secured the ends of each rope to the bedpost. Brantley lay there, thighs open, wrists tied, helpless. His thick cock stood upright, ready for attention. Willow smiled at her work. His dark body hair made him look so masculine. His hands reflected the hard physical work he did each day. But behind closed doors, he became her Brantley and lovingly submitted to her every demand.

Willow walked up the side of the bed near his head and leaned down and slowly kissed him again with great intent before bringing out the blindfold to cover his eyes with.

“Time for night-night,” she said. “I want you to relax and concentrate only on what I am doing.”

He nodded obediently.

Willow climbed atop the bed and positioned herself in front of Brantley’s pulsating cock. She delicately licked the head and heard Brantley gasp for breath. She moved down to the base of the shaft and slowly dragged her tongue up to the tip. Brantley’s precum started to ooze out. Willow lapped it up like a thirsty kitten.

Brantley started breathing harder. He moaned ever so quietly. Willow allowed him to moan and groan during their dominance sessions. He just couldn’t speak.

She started sucking his cock more aggressively. After years of observation, she could tell when her sweet boy was going to cum. His legs would tremble and his breath quickened, sometimes to the point of a high-pitched gasp. When she could tell he was close to orgasm, she deliberately slowed down until she felt his throbbing cock soften. At which point she would begin sucking and stroking until he started gasping again.

She did this four times. The last time she got him hard, she stopped and started breath play. She opened her mouth wide over the head of his pre-cum soaked cock and exhaled her warm breath around it, torturing him with anticipation.

“Willow, please!” he groaned. Oh, shit, he thought. I broke the rules.

He felt very nervous and unsure when he heard Willow say in a low, firm voice:

“I’m going to forgive you this time for breaking my rule, Sweet Boy. But you won’t forget what I’m going to do to you.”

He felt a stab of fear in his heart that immediately disappeared when he felt her warm mouth around his cock, which stiffened in quick response.

He then heard what sounded like a POP, then slippery fingers lubing his ass. By now his cock was raging hard. He felt Willow’s finger slowly penetrate his asshole where it expertly found his prostate. Each time she applied pressure to it, waves of ecstatic pleasure spread throughout his body.

Willow continued to suck his stiff cock. She would take her mouth down to the base, then press against his prostate as she worked her way up to the tip, adding suction as she went. Christ, he thought. She’s never done this before was the only thought he could formulate. His body shook in sheer pleasure.

He came in her mouth almost immediately, entire body trembling with spasms. His arms were numb. He couldn’t stop shaking. As his cock pulsated, she applied one last suction that made him squeal and arch his back as he tugged on the ropes.

Willow swallowed his load, slowly removed her finger and licked him clean. She removed the ropes from his wrists and massaged the feeling back into his arms. The blindfold came off next and she could see the dried tears on his face. She kissed him and smoothed his sweat-soaked hair back from his forehead. She felt her breasts leak milk into her corset, so she hurriedly unwrapped the ropes from around his thighs. She climbed onto the bed and pulled her Brantley close to her and offered him her leaking nipple. Without a word, he eagerly accepted it and nursed hungrily. She looked down at her sweet boy and ran her fingers through his hair. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she stroked his cheek until they both fell asleep.

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Group Sex Positions – The More You Know

I discovered this handy primer on group sex positions today on a really cool blog called More is Merrier. Complete with photos, this post gives you ideas on threesomes, foursomes and moresomes that you may have never even thought of. I know some of them were completely new to me. What’s more, there’s even a website called if you need a visual guide. I know Rick and I will be referring to it from time to time for inspiration…

group pic

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March Badness – Part 1

3 someWe did some of this…
Photo credit: Threesome Pics

March came in like a lion and went out…like a lion. Some days it was hard to comprehend just how much sexy fun we were having. Our bracket was full!

Kicking things off was a weekend visit from Madeline, who is just the sweetest thing. She flew in for a quick visit and we made the most of it. I stopped by her hotel room after work for some play time. She suckled me for a while before we dozed off. There is something incredibly relaxing about nursing. I guess I had forgotten what it was like when I had my own babies years ago – somehow I don’t remember it being that relaxing. LOL Sweet and bonding, yes, but not relaxing.

After we woke up I got dressed and went home where Rick was waiting. I changed then we went back to the hotel to pick up Maddie, initially to hit another strip club, but after more playtime as a threesome, we decided to just eat dinner across from the hotel then go back for more play. It’s such fun for me to watch the two of them interact. He gets a kick out of her playfulness and she is so willing to try new things. In between nursing sessions, which are only about 15-20 minutes, we would take turns sucking his cock, sitting on his face, eating each others’ wet pussies, making out, riding his cock, you name it. After several hours of fun he and I went back home, and I returned the next morning for more girl-girl playtime before her flight. We had breakfast together, went back to the room for a repeat of the night before, then as she was ‘saying goodbye’ to my breasts, she began massaging them lightly. Just caressing them, one then the other, then back again. Her tiny hands felt like feathers as she would take my breast in both hands and run her fingers around the sides then up to my areolas then back around the sides again. I was so taken by how good it felt that I must have zoned out for a couple of hours . When I came to, we finally said goodbye, and I got dressed and returned home.

Next weekend we decided to organize a little party in honor of my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, so we invited several couples to join us at our local swinger’s club. One couple and one-half of another couple, a beautiful lady named Tricia. I met Tricia online, along with Pam, who brought her husband, Jeff. I’d met Pam online several months back. We’d since met for lunch and they joined us a couple of months ago for a poly group event, so we thought they’d be a fun addition.

The club was full that night, with lots of sexy Lassies dressed in various green outfits. Ireland would be so proud. After several rounds of dancing and drinks, Tricia and I decided to play together in one of the rooms. She was only interested in playing with me, but I wanted Rick to be part of it too, so we invited him in. I soon learned that threesomes only work if all three parties are interested in playing with each other. That seems so obvious now, but I thought that I could play with Tricia and Rick, even if she had no interest in playing with him. It didn’t quite work out that way, though. If Rick so much as caressed Tricia’s arm, she’d chastise him with ‘no touching’.  I tried to interact with each one individually but it became more of a frustration to Rick, so he got up and left the room so we could continue our play.

After he left, we focused on each other. I have to say, Tricia knows how to eat pussy. She teased me with her tongue ever so nicely that I enjoyed several orgasms. We got into 69 position with me on top and she said afterward my pussy juices dripped on her face. Very hot. She was delicious. We continued licking each other’s pussies until I climbed off and gave her some focused attention by sucking her clit as I worked her G-spot. She came hard and soaked my hand, wrist and face.

Spent, we rested for a minute before dressing and going back to the group. I didn’t realize how long we’d been gone, and I saw Rick going toward a room with Pam and her husband, saying he was going to play with them. I was kind of surprised, as he had not played with another couple without me, but I was fine with it. Tricia and I went back to our table, had another drink and chatted for a while. I really wanted to watch Rick with another woman so I told Tricia I was going to go find him. She went with me and we found Pam’s husband standing guard at one of the playroom doors and I told him I was going in to watch. He stepped aside and I went inside. Pam was lying on her back with Rick inside her, kneeling, and I think she was right in the middle of a climax. She howled pretty loud and long and I could see that Rick was enjoying it. He told her to turn over after she came down and she obliged. She is in pretty good shape and has a nicely shaped ass. Rick began pounding her doggy-style and he motioned for me to come over and kiss him, which I did. Shortly after, he shot his wad inside her. I left to get some air, as the room was hot and steamy. We decided to leave after they dressed and came out. He said he really enjoyed playing with her because she was so enthusiastic about fucking him. (Not that that’s an unusual occurrence).

All in all, it was a fun way to celebrate my birthday. And we were only halfway through the month. We had two more weekends of fun coming up. Which I’ll post next time. Stay tuned!

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Passionate Night

Gray Poet

A beautiful smile to warm the heart
Soft words that put others at ease
A personality that can warm any soul
She’s a woman built, her man to please.

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Suffering Sappho – The Secret Life of Wonder Woman

poly2After randomly tuning into NPR’s “Fresh Air” one night last fall as I was driving, I heard Terry Gross interviewing the author of a book titled “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”. The teaser before the break was “come back to hear about the person who created the Wonder Woman comic strip, and how he had a much more interesting life than the icon he created.”

Well that piqued my attention, so I stayed tuned.

The guest was the book’s author, Jill Lepore. She and Terry discussed the book, and what made the author’s life so interesting; William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator, was polyamorous.

Well ok, then. NOW I’m really interested.

As the interview went on, the two women giggled like schoolgirls as Ms. Lepore discussed how Marston met his wife, Elizabeth when the two were in elementary school in the 1900s. They grew up together, got married, and lived a yuppie life of him teaching at a university and her working at a life insurance company. Things were hunky dory until one day, Marston informed his wife that he’d fallen in love with one of his students (more giggles) and wanted to bring her home to live with them (even MORE giggles),  and Elizabeth’s initial reaction (LOTS MORE giggling here – and I’m not going to spoil this review by revealing what that reaction was).

I was feeling somewhat irritated at all the damn giggling and yet becoming insanely curious about how these three could pull off polyamory at a time when women weren’t allowed to vote or use birth control, among other things. The two giggled throughout the interview until the end, but they had achieved their desired outcome: using my phone, I bought the book before I even made it home.

It would be an understatement to say this book was painstaking researched by Ms. Lepore. At 410 pages, it’s roughly divided into four parts: Part One is the backstory of William and Elizabeth’s childhood and education, and ends when William meets Olive Byrne, one of his students, and falls in love. Part Two is the most interesting; how the three of them negotiate their relationship as a polyamorous triad. Their very unconventional approaches to sex, childbearing and childrearing make this section an excellent read. Later on a fourth female appears, Marjorie Huntley, and lives with the triad off and on as William Marston’s occasional lover. It is assumed, but never directly revealed, that the women engaged in sex with each other.  Readers will also be in awe of the things that Olive Byrne gave up in order to live her life as Marston’s lover.

Part Three covers the evolution of Wonder Woman, from concept to completion, and Part Four is a blow-by-blow listing of references, annotations and attributions. The entire story is set against the backdrop of the Women’s Suffrage movement; a time of great political, social and economic change. Marston himself was influenced by early suffragists and feminists, and argued that Wonder Woman was the missing link in the history of the struggle for women’s rights.

What makes this such an interesting book is the irony in their stories. Marston and Byrne wrote a regular column for Family Circle magazine in the 1930s, celebrating conventional family life as they themselves pursued lives of extraordinary nonconformity. Marston was also an internationally recognized expert on truth – he invented the lie-detector test. But he himself lived a life of secrets, only to subliminally and subtly spill them later on the pages of Wonder Woman.

If you were a Wonder Woman fan, like history and are intrigued by how early polyamorous lovers survived against the stigma of ethical non-monogamy, this book is for you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was sexy! I took this picture yesterday, but was so busy with my own V-day plans I forgot to post it:


I may be one of the four people on the planet who did NOT see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend. It’s ok though; I never read the book either…

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All’s Well That ENDS Well

I Sent Rick to Get a Massage With a Happy Ending.

girl fucking cock with her tits

Yes, I sent my husband to get a massage with a happy ending. No, he hadn’t been asking me, or pressuring me to be ok with it. It was my idea. As we were driving a few weeks ago we passed one of those typical “massage parlors” and we joked about how many men actually do that and wondered aloud if they really do work the guy up till he cums.

I said, “why don’t you get one and tell me all about it?”

“You’re shittin’ me, right?” was his reply.

“No, I think it would be cool.  You just have to remember everything so I can write about it afterward. Or you can write about it,” I said.

He laughed nervously and said, “I can’t believe my wife is suggesting I get a massage with a happy ending…”

The conversation ended and wasn’t mentioned again until last weekend we passed another massage parlor (There are tons of sexually-themed businesses in Houston. You really have no idea.)

“Hey, I want you to do this. Consider it a Valentine’s gift from me,” I insisted.

“I wouldn’t even know how to find a good one,” was his answer.

“I do,” I said, and promptly Googled, ‘Where is the best massage with a happy ending in Houston?” And just like that, several “reviews” of “Happy ending massages” popped up. That Google guy knows everything!

Rick burst out laughing, “I can’t believe you just Googled that.”

So we read a few reviews and checked out some pictures. Rick picked three ladies with positive reviews, then Googled their phone numbers which gave him each girl’s personal ad with photo. He texted each one and requested an appointment. The only one who texted back was Juliette. After they agreed on day and time, the appointment was made.

That afternoon, I sent him a text, asking if he was excited about his “date”. He texted back that he was nervous more than excited. I reminded him to “remember everything” because I wanted to hear about it all.

He arrived at the location, a nondescript office building in an industrial neighborhood, a few minutes early. He chilled out in his truck for a few minutes before going inside. He knocked on the door, which had a peephole. Juliette answered the door and invited him in. She was a tall brunette with big tits and a curvy round ass.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, very professionally. “Come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Rick took that to mean take your clothes off, so he undressed, put his clothes on a nearby chair, put the money on a table, then got on the massage table. The room was really dark, lit only by a candle. Juliette came back in the room wearing a tank top and yoga pants.

“Do you have any specific areas you’d like me to focus on?” she asked, just as if she were a real masseuse.

“Lower back always hurts a bit,” he answered.

He could hear her squirt some lotion or oil into her hand, and she began massaging his shoulders and upper back. Rick was actually surprised at how good she massaged him as she worked on some knots he had in his shoulder blades. She continued to move down his back, over his ass and down his legs.

Every once in a while she’d touch his cock or balls. Eventually she started to reach around and give his cock a light stroke before returning to regular massage.

Rick thought he’d been lying on that table for a good 45 minutes, and wondered if maybe this was just going to be a regular massage rather than the happy ending kind he’d always heard about. But just as he was starting to doubt this entire experience, she whispered in his ear, “Time to turn over.”

Ok, he thought. Here we go.

After he turned over, she started putting her tits in his mouth to suckle. Her nipples were pierced. He sucked and played with them and started to get hard. He grabbed her ass for a bit as she stroked his cock, which by now was good and hard.

“Do you want me to use these?” she asked as she squeezed her tits together.

“Sure,” he said.

She motioned for him to scoot down to the end of the table, so that his ass was right on the edge. She spread his legs apart and squirted some lotion on her tits before wrapping them around his cock to titty-fuck him.

She moved up and down, her mouth coming so close to the tip of his cock that he asked, without thinking, “Do you do oral?”

“No,” she responded.

She alternated titty fucking him with jacking him off with her hands. After a few minutes, he lost control and came, shooting his jizz all over her massive tits.

As he lay on the table, catching his breath, Juliette got up and retrieved a warm towel out of a pot and placed over his cock and got another one to clean herself off.

As he began to clean himself up, he said to her, “This was a Valentine’s Day gift from my wife.”

“That’s so cool!” she replied. “We get that a lot here.”

Rick told her about our swinging activities, and that I wrote a blog, and that I was going to write about this experience.

“I’m going to be famous!” she said. “How cool is that?”

“In fact,” she added, “why don’t you bring her with you next time and the three of us can have some fun together?”

“That sounds great,” Rick answered. “I’ll suggest it.”

Which he did…


Ladies, would you let your man get a massage with a happy ending? Guys, have you had a happy ending massage? If so, how  was it?

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