The Retreat, Pt 2

 girl getting fucked doggy style
Photo Credit: FFMThreesome

Lauren was aroused from her slumber to feel her bed shaking ever so slightly. She opened one eye and looked over to see Layla straddling her husband, straining to ride up and down his cock without shaking the bed and awakening Lauren. Lauren opened both eyes without moving and was instantly taken with the sight of her friend starting the day by fucking Frank. His eyes were closed as his hands ran up and down Layla’s breasts, stopping occasionally to play with her nipples. Layla’s lips were pressed together, as though she were struggling to keep from saying anything. She took Frank’s hands in her own, holding onto them to maintain her balance. Both partners were breathing heavily and Lauren could see beads of sweat collect on Layla’s forehead. Her breasts were already glistening with a light glaze, a sign to Lauren that they had been at this for some time.

Lauren didn’t want to spoil the mood. She wanted Frank and Layla to come to orgasm so she lay there motionless as though she were still asleep. She could tell they were both close. Layla began to gasp and arched her back as waves of climax rolled through her body. Frank suddenly gripped Layla’s hips and lurched forward.

“Ah-h-h-h,” he grimaced as shot his morning load into Layla. She kept rocking on his cock as her pussy clenched around his cock. She exhaled deeply, opened her eyes and collapsed on top of Frank, still trying to catch his breath. She rolled off of him so he could take off the condom he was wearing.

“Well, good morning you two,” Lauren said quietly.

“Oh!” Layla replied, seemingly startled. “Did we wake you up?”

“Yeah, but it’s ok. I’ve enjoyed watching you two,” Lauren said. “Very sexy.”

“We tried not to wake you, babe,” Frank chimed in. “I woke up hard as a rock and started rubbing both of you. You were dead to the world, but Layla woke up soaking wet, so we thought we’d give it a go,”

Lauren chuckled. “I see,” She started to sit up, but the pounding in her head forced her back into the pillow.

“Ugh, I have a headache,” she said. “Did we drink all the booze last night?”

“Probably,” Layla answered. “Let me get you something for that.” And with that, she got up, put Frank’s red t-shirt back on, located her purse on the floor and rummaged through it to find an aspirin.

Layla filled a nearby glass with tap water and walked back over to Lauren. She handed her the pills and the glass. She sat up to drink it as Frank rubbed her back.

“I’m surprised you’re even awake,” Frank said. “You were crazy last night. Both of you were.”

Lauren struggled to remember, but as she swallowed the water, the memories returned. After Layla gave Frank a blow job in the shower, they took a snack break and discussed the swinger’s retreat they were scheduled to attend. It was already noon and they faced a two-hour drive. The more they talked and laughed and drank, the less they wanted to drive. Frank was perfectly content to stay home and give these ladies some additional attention.  After a quick text to some friends to say they were staying in this weekend, the trio called the pizza man and moved out to the backyard pool.

Taking off what little clothes they had on, they jumped in. The water was refreshingly cool and had they played with each other’s asses, tits and one very happy cock. Layla stepped out of the pool and lay down on her stomach along the edge. Lauren swam over to her and started chatting. Frank then swam up behind his wife and ran his hands up her stomach, stopping them to cup her breasts. Then he slid his right hand back down to her pussy. She willingly spread her legs apart as Frank’s fingers tickled his wife’s clit.

Lauren tried to hold her focus on what she was saying to Layla, but Frank’s expert knowledge of his wife’s pussy kept the conversation to a minimum. Layla smiled and closed her eyes, soaking up the warmth of the setting sun. Lauren gripped the side of the pool as Frank continued massaging her clit as he positioned one leg on each side of the pool jet.

She braced herself with her legs and leaned back against Frank’s chest. He massaged her clit as the pool jets vibrated against her pussy lips. Frank would take his finger off her clit for a second so she could feel the jets right on her clit, then he’d put his finger back to continue massaging. She started rocking her hips back and forth as her moans grew increasingly louder. Her back stiffened against Frank and he moved his hand down so he could insert two fingers into her pussy. As he did, he felt her hips buck against his as her pussy contracted over and over. Layla got up and wrapped a towel around her. Right after she stood up, she heard a doorbell ring.

“Pizza man is here,” she said to no one in particular.

“My wallet is on the counter,” Frank replied. “Get some cash out of there.” Lauren was still pressed up against him with her eyes closed and mouth open.

Layla grabbed some cash and answered the door. She opened the door and stuck her hand out to offer the cash to the driver. With a sly smile he traded the cash for the pizza and thanked her as her towel fell off.

Stunned, all Pizza Man could say was, “d-d-do you need change?”

“Nah,” she said as she picked up the towel. “Have a nice evening.”

She shut the door, put the pizza boxes on the kitchen counter and returned outside. Lauren was lying on one of the chaise lounges, wrapped in a towel. Frank wrapped another towel around his waist.

“Let’s eat,” he said. “I’m starving.”

They ate their lunch and Frank went out front to get Layla’s bag out of her car. When he brought it back inside, Lauren was in the shower. Frank pointed Layla to the guest bathroom and told her to make herself at home. She went in to shower and change.

Frank joined Lauren in their shower. “Wow, honey,” he said. “This is amazing. Can we keep her for the weekend?” he asked playfully.

Lauren laughed. “Well, she’s not a Redbox rental, but I think she was planning to hang out with us for the weekend. I take it you’re enjoying yourself?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Hell yes, I’m enjoying myself,” he answered as he began soaping his wife’s back.

Lauren reached around and began stroking his cock.

“Let’s have a proper three-way,” she suggested.

“Damn, woman, you read my mind,” he replied.

They got out and dried off. Lauren suggested they just let Layla take her time getting ready, whatever form that took. They got dressed and went back into the kitchen and heard a hair dryer.

Layla soon emerged from the bathroom wearing a sundress. Her straight blonde hair hung past her shoulders.

“Feel better?” Lauren asked.

“Much better.  Just what the doctor ordered,” she answered as she came over to the kitchen island to pour herself some iced tea.

“You know, I was thinking,” she began. “I’d really love to see you two together. I love to watch couples who are into each other. It’s so sexy.”

Frank and Lauren looked at each other. Frank smiled and said, “Well sure, we can do that. But we’d like for you to eventually join us.”

“I think I can manage that,” Layla smiled back.

With Frank leading the way, the trio took their glasses and walked back into the bedroom. Layla set hers down on the dresser then climbed on the bed. “Alrighty, I’m ready for the show,” she said. “Go slow, please, just as if I weren’t here,” she added.

Frank and Lauren stood at the end of the bed and began kissing. Slowly they parted each others’ lips and explored each other with their tongues. Frank ran his hands down Lauren’s back and squeezed her ass. Lauren pulled Frank’s shirt over his head, and Frank reciprocated by loosening the tie around Lauren’s robe. He then dropped his shorts to reveal a throbbing hardon. Lauren wrapped her hands around it and stroked softly. Frank started kissing her neck before working his way down to her nipples.

Layla began playing with her own clit as she watched.

Frank turned Lauren around and set her on the bed. He gently nudged her backward so she was lying on her back with her legs spread. Frank got on his knees and pulled Lauren to the end of the bed so he could have easy access to her pussy. He began sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy. Lauren moaned and squirmed. Frank continued sucking on her clit and inserted a finger in her ass. Lauren began gasping for breath and before long she came, squirting her pussy juices rhythmically on Frank’s face.

Frank backed off, picking up his shirt off the floor and wiping his face before standing up to mount his wife. Lauren was still moaning and Frank wasn’t even sure she was coherent when he motioned Layla to come over and straddle his wife.

Layla eagerly came over and straddled Lauren. She bent down and started kissing her neck and nipples. Frank thrust a few times in his wife then pulled out and entered Layla, which surprised her, but she didn’t object. In fact, her pussy was every bit as wet as Lauren’s.  He fucked Layla for a bit, then went back to Lauren. He continued the rhythm for a few minutes until Lauren decided she wanted to go down on Layla again. They stopped so the women could switch places. Frank fucked Lauren doggy style while she ate Layla’s pussy.

Soon Frank felt Lauren come hard around his cock. That sent him over the edge and dumped his load into her pussy. He kept thrusting until Layla moaned through her climax. Spent, the three collapsed on the bed to collectively catch their breath.  As he lay there, Frank couldn’t help but wonder if the ladies were missing out on the fun at the swingers’ resort.

“Are you two glad we stayed home and didn’t go to the retreat?” he asked them.

“Retreat?” the ladies asked in unison. “What retreat?”

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