March Badness – Part 1

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Photo credit: Threesome Pics

March came in like a lion and went out…like a lion. Some days it was hard to comprehend just how much sexy fun we were having. Our bracket was full!

Kicking things off was a weekend visit from Madeline, who is just the sweetest thing. She flew in for a quick visit and we made the most of it. I stopped by her hotel room after work for some play time. She suckled me for a while before we dozed off. There is something incredibly relaxing about nursing. I guess I had forgotten what it was like when I had my own babies years ago – somehow I don’t remember it being that relaxing. LOL Sweet and bonding, yes, but not relaxing.

After we woke up I got dressed and went home where Rick was waiting. I changed then we went back to the hotel to pick up Maddie, initially to hit another strip club, but after more playtime as a threesome, we decided to just eat dinner across from the hotel then go back for more play. It’s such fun for me to watch the two of them interact. He gets a kick out of her playfulness and she is so willing to try new things. In between nursing sessions, which are only about 15-20 minutes, we would take turns sucking his cock, sitting on his face, eating each others’ wet pussies, making out, riding his cock, you name it. After several hours of fun he and I went back home, and I returned the next morning for more girl-girl playtime before her flight. We had breakfast together, went back to the room for a repeat of the night before, then as she was ‘saying goodbye’ to my breasts, she began massaging them lightly. Just caressing them, one then the other, then back again. Her tiny hands felt like feathers as she would take my breast in both hands and run her fingers around the sides then up to my areolas then back around the sides again. I was so taken by how good it felt that I must have zoned out for a couple of hours . When I came to, we finally said goodbye, and I got dressed and returned home.

Next weekend we decided to organize a little party in honor of my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, so we invited several couples to join us at our local swinger’s club. One couple and one-half of another couple, a beautiful lady named Tricia. I met Tricia online, along with Pam, who brought her husband, Jeff. I’d met Pam online several months back. We’d since met for lunch and they joined us a couple of months ago for a poly group event, so we thought they’d be a fun addition.

The club was full that night, with lots of sexy Lassies dressed in various green outfits. Ireland would be so proud. After several rounds of dancing and drinks, Tricia and I decided to play together in one of the rooms. She was only interested in playing with me, but I wanted Rick to be part of it too, so we invited him in. I soon learned that threesomes only work if all three parties are interested in playing with each other. That seems so obvious now, but I thought that I could play with Tricia and Rick, even if she had no interest in playing with him. It didn’t quite work out that way, though. If Rick so much as caressed Tricia’s arm, she’d chastise him with ‘no touching’.  I tried to interact with each one individually but it became more of a frustration to Rick, so he got up and left the room so we could continue our play.

After he left, we focused on each other. I have to say, Tricia knows how to eat pussy. She teased me with her tongue ever so nicely that I enjoyed several orgasms. We got into 69 position with me on top and she said afterward my pussy juices dripped on her face. Very hot. She was delicious. We continued licking each other’s pussies until I climbed off and gave her some focused attention by sucking her clit as I worked her G-spot. She came hard and soaked my hand, wrist and face.

Spent, we rested for a minute before dressing and going back to the group. I didn’t realize how long we’d been gone, and I saw Rick going toward a room with Pam and her husband, saying he was going to play with them. I was kind of surprised, as he had not played with another couple without me, but I was fine with it. Tricia and I went back to our table, had another drink and chatted for a while. I really wanted to watch Rick with another woman so I told Tricia I was going to go find him. She went with me and we found Pam’s husband standing guard at one of the playroom doors and I told him I was going in to watch. He stepped aside and I went inside. Pam was lying on her back with Rick inside her, kneeling, and I think she was right in the middle of a climax. She howled pretty loud and long and I could see that Rick was enjoying it. He told her to turn over after she came down and she obliged. She is in pretty good shape and has a nicely shaped ass. Rick began pounding her doggy-style and he motioned for me to come over and kiss him, which I did. Shortly after, he shot his wad inside her. I left to get some air, as the room was hot and steamy. We decided to leave after they dressed and came out. He said he really enjoyed playing with her because she was so enthusiastic about fucking him. (Not that that’s an unusual occurrence).

All in all, it was a fun way to celebrate my birthday. And we were only halfway through the month. We had two more weekends of fun coming up. Which I’ll post next time. Stay tuned!

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