The “Vajaycial”

So I was looking for my new chiropractor’s office recently, which located in a strip mall near my office. As I pulled into a parking spot nearby, I looked up and saw this sign:


Never having heard of this particular beauty treatment, I had to do some research.  It’s also known as The Peach Smoothie. It costs a lot less than a regular facial; typically around $50 for a 30-min treatment.

It includes exfoliants, cleansers, masks and more:  Typically your area is cleansed, exfoliated with a gentle scrub, possibly followed by an acid peel, and of course the use of tweezers to remove ingrown hairs. Yow!!!

Experts say it’s best after you get a Brazilian wax. Apparently, the whole point of getting a vajaycial is to heal your vulva after you’ve just waxed off all of the hair. Want to clear your bikini of ingrown hairs 2 weeks after your wax? Then this is the answer.

Another gift idea for Valentine’s Day, folks! You’re welcome.

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  1. #1 by larryarcher69 on January 10, 2015 - 2:54 am

    Laser is also good because after a couple of treatments, you never have to shave again and are always bald.

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