The Week in Sex

I’ve been working on a new burlesque routine while fighting off illness and spending my evenings moving stuff in preparation for house painters arriving this weekend. Thank goodness we have enough sexual deviants in the world to keep the news interesting enough for me to share with you (hey – I’m right in there with the deviants, so no judgments! LOL). So without further adieu, here’s is a week’s worth of sexy news.


1. Here’s another reason why communication is key when swinging – and why alcohol isn’t always the best icebreaker…especially when cops are involved…


2. What up, player? Need a fundraiser for your fourth-grader’s field trip? Maybe you could offer up a “Ride a Sybian For Charity”? These guys did (although not for a grade-school project).


3. No week is complete without yet another illustrated guide to eating pussy. Swingers can never get enough instruction on it, because, well, every woman is different. Plus if you’re good at it, word gets out. Swingers talk, you know…


4. And finally, we all know that ATM withdrawal fees can be higher at some machines than others. Let’s hope for this couple’s sake, the fee wasn’t so high they couldn’t make bail after getting arrested…

atm sex


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Happy Monday, readers!




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