Having Fun Keeping Austin Weird

Just returned from a sexy and relaxing holiday weekend with Rick in beautiful Austin, Texas. We planned to relax, do a little costume shopping for my upcoming burlesque routine and check out a new Lifestyle club. Mission accomplished. I managed to find a couple of items for my costume (more on that later) and we had a great time at Friends, a fixture in the Austin LS scene.

Friends is a smaller club, but with a lot of fun amenities: a pole-dancing stage, a shadow box and a go-go cage. The dance floor was nicely-sized, and although it’s billed as an off-premise club, there is a small playroom in the corner that offers a place for sexy action.

Since we visited the day after Valentine’s Day, the crowd was a bit smaller than the night before, according to the manager. But we still met some nice people of varying ages, enjoyed a bottle of wine and some tequila shots, danced to a great playlist and capped the evening with Richard getting a Pop Rocks blowjob from me in the playroom.

The following night we attended a play called “Everybody ❤ Boobs!” at The Vortex in Austin. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this production. Using a combination of drama, comedy, music and video, this production explored the uniquely individual, ever-changing and emotionally intimate relationship women have with their breasts throughout life. The production also featured a performance by Ruby Joule, a gorgeous burlesque dancer, which we especially appreciated. You never know what to expect with performance art, but this show was a real treat. If you’re in or around the Austin area next weekend (Feb. 21-23), the show has been held over for another week – don’t miss it. You’ll be glad you went.

drawing of boobs

The weekend was a lot of fun. Now back to the daily work grind. Thanks for the memories, Austin. We enjoyed helping to keep it weird and kinky.

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