Atomic Frolic Burlesque Starts the Year Off With A Bang

burlesque dancer, semi nude

Rick and I enjoyed an evening out last weekend with some new friends, Shanna and Steve, and some lovely ladies of burlesque. Those of you who’ve been around this blog for a while know how much I love this art form, and the Atomic Frolic dancers did not disappoint. Unfortunately, my camera was not working as it should, but I found some videos from the show on YouTube. The stunning Minxie Mimeux performed (see video), as did LaDivina, another one of my favorites. However, it was burlesque legend Shannon Doah that stole the show. At age 65, she looked much, much younger. Her skin still looked as creamy as a woman decades younger. And that girl could still shake it, as you can see in this video. What an inspiration to take good care of our bodies. Enjoy the show!

Here is the gorgeous Minxie Mimieux

And of course, the beautiful LaDivina

I couldn’t find one of Shannon from the Atomic Frolic show, but here is a performance from an event a few months back. She is lovely. Enjoy!

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