Where is your sexy vacation this year?

Happy Monday, sexy people! Hope you had a great weekend. Rick and I had lots of fun with two gorgeous dancers at our favorite strip club. It wasn’t a cheap evening, but well worth the occasional splurge. So many beautiful, bouncing breasts and so little time (and extra hands)! There wasn’t much going on in the local swing club scene this weekend, as the big parties happened on New Year’s Eve, so we decided to find a little fun on our own.

Thanks to the folks at Cancun Swingers for planning their sexy vacations to Desire and Temptation resorts! There was a question on the Forum about the Sensual Massage offered at Temptation when someone very kindly mentioned my blog, which has driven traffic to this website. If you haven’t read our story, check it out here.

Rick and I have discussed spending a weekend at Sea Mountain Resort in Palm Springs. We’ve wanted to visit this Lifestyle-friendly nude spa/club/resort for a while. There is so much to do, and the dry desert climate is an amazing place to spend the day naked. The reviews on SMI’s website are glowing and enthusiastic. Several celebrity sightings are also mentioned. I can’t imagine lying naked on a lounge by the pool next to Halle Berry, but if it happened, it would be really interesting to write about afterward. LOL

I’ve been saving a few sexy pics from the Kasidie website, when they send their travel-related pictures. Perhaps when Rick and I go to Sea Mountain, we’ll see something as lovely as these:

 Breasts, erect nipples      hot woman getting cunnilingus


lesbians kissing, reverse cowgirl

pussy drenched in oil

And, maybe, just maybe, Halle and the others might get to see something as lovely as her:

beautiful woman naked ass

(Yes, it’s me.)


Are you planning a swinger-themed vacation? Where are you going?

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  1. #1 by comingcleanaboutgettingdirty on March 13, 2014 - 3:38 am

    Going back to Hedo!!! Can’t wait!! It truly is an ADULT paradise.

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