My First OM – Orgasmic Meditation

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Rick and I spent this past weekend learning more about Orgasmic Meditation (OM). I wrote about my experience attending a TurnON! meeting a couple of months ago (you can read about it here).  So learning to OM was a natural next step.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice in which one partner gently strokes the other partner’s clitoris for 15 minutes. It consists of defined sequences of steps, and is a goalless practice – the only job for both partners is to feel. It’s deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It’s a meditation, equally powerful for both partners – only the object of focus is the clitoris. (Nothing wrong with that, right?)

Our day started by meeting at the specified location. I was surprised to see about 20 people in attendance. We were the only married couple in the group; the rest were either single, divorced or attending without their spouse. Alex and Donna, the faciliators from the OneTaste meeting I attended back in September, were both there, as was Kevin, who was also part of that meeting.

After introductions and playing the “Inside Out” game (where we would go around the room and answer a question with a specific prompt), we discussed basic female sexual anatomy, answered some questions, then we got to watch a live demo of an OM. Our instructors, Kevin and Sandra, brought out a massage table. Alex wore a black dress and a great pair of sexy heels. She took off her shoes and removed her black panties from underneath her dress, lifted her dress then got up on the table and spread her legs wide. Kevin pointed out the key parts of her anatomy and did what is called “Noticing” where the man makes objective observations about the woman’s pussy. (“Your labia is slightly pink, there is a bit of hair growing at the top of your pussy, etc.)

He put on some latex gloves, dipped his index finger in some lube, then began massaging ever so lightly. Alex responded immediately, her moans filling the room. Kevin massaged her to what sounded like several orgasms for a solid 15 minutes.  When he finished, (and I’m skipping a few details for the sake of brevity), he wiped her off and she sat up with an enormous grin on her face!

We broke for lunch, and Rick and I went off on our own to enjoy a meal together. When we returned, we participated in more “relating” exercises where we partnered up and practiced asking for and receiving and OM. Believe it or not, there is OM etiquette that includes certain ways to ask for an OM, proper ways to reject an offer, etc. It was then that I realized how valuable this exercise would be for swingers. Through these exercises I learned that there are better ways to ask a potential play partner than others, and gracious ways to decline an offer.

Afterward we returned to our half-circle for some final thoughts before concluding the class. After we were dismissed, there was an open lab for those of us who wanted to try OM-ing for the first time with some guidance. As the floor was hardwood, I was a little concerned about being able to lie on my back for 15 minutes, but agreed to try. We built the “nest” with pillows and a blanket then along with the seven or eight women participating I removed my pants on cue and lay down. We got into position and my back started hurting immediately. Oh, God, I hope this isn’t terrible, because you’re not supposed to break an OM before the 15 minutes are up. Rick got into position and lubed up his finger then started massaging my clit. It felt amazing, but the pain in my back consumed my attention. I held on for the 15 minutes and enjoyed a few twinges of pleasure but realized that I am going to need a more comfortable nest in order to fully enjoy this.   As we got dressed and got our things together, there was some discussion about an OM circle coming together in the Dallas area, which we plan to remain part of.

Driving home that evening we were both excited to have learned something new about our sexuality. As Rick is working out of town these days, we haven’t OM-ed since, but are planning to during the holiday weekend. J

At OneTaste men are trained to touch women skillfully, and women are trained to feel more in their bodies. OM is a structured practice offering immediate results. It’s Yoga for your orgasm.

And what do men say about this phenomenon? Watch this video.

You can find out more about OneTaste at:

Orgasmic Meditation

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