What’s on your swingers Christmas list?

Santa with a lot of naked girls

I think deep down, Santa is a swinger. With all those sexy little “helpers” and elves around, you know it’s true. (What else are they going to do the other 11 months of the year, anyway?) It occurred to me that during this season for gift-giving, it would seem, well, sooo vanilla, to give a gift card or a fruitcake to your favorite unicorn, or your best “friends with benefits” or your own swinging spouse, for that matter. Gifting a fellow swinger requires thoughtfulness and creativity, so here are a few suggestions to consider:

Toys – Be creative and look beyond the typical cylindrical vibe to something both of you can enjoy during private lovemaking as well as playtime at the clubs. How about the We-Vibe III? Like its predecessors, this hot little insertable vibrator can be worn hands-free for mind-blowing pleasure. It has 40% more power than before, plus it’s now outfitted with an easy-use handheld remote control and is totally waterproof! Turn it by tapping the raised nub at the tip of the vibrator. Keep tapping to switch between purring vibrations, buzzing patterns, and tingling escalation. Use water-based sex lube to get your vibrator all slick, then insert the larger end inside your vagina for G-Spot thrills. The vibrator’s other end will cup your clitoris. Use the handheld remote to change functions. The We-Vibe III’s dual motors put the power right up against your pleasure centers for amazing orgasms. It’s such a good fit that your partner can comfortably slide right in alongside. A gift that both Santa and Mrs. Claus can enjoy! Available at finer sex toy shops and websites.

wake her up with a vibrator

Does she have a hard time waking up after a hard night of playing? Get her the Little Rooster, named GQ’s “Valentine Gift of the Year”. This alarm clock vibrator will slowly wake her up smiling and get everyone’s day off to a good start. What Glamour Magazine calls the “raciest alarm clock in the world” has two motors for extra sensation.  One motor feels great, two is something else. They interact, resonating and pulsating, with extra power to boot.  Little Rooster’s stimulation goes from butterfly to beast.  Other features include 27 silent settings for precision pleasure, plus three extra powerful “turbo” levels for those moments when intensity is the only thing that counts. Visit www.littleroosterstore.com for details.

Erotic Fiction – Were you one of the lucky guys who found himself getting all kinds of nooky once your lady started reading Fifty Shades of Gray? You don’t want to lose the momentum so it’s important to keep the free flow of erotic fiction coming to refill her mental Rolodex. Amazon has a great selection of reasonably-priced erotica available in both e-book and hard copy formats. Check out some other publishers, too, like Circlet Press (www.circlet.com) for high-quality, imaginative erotic literature. Circlet embraces BDSM and GLBTQ stories, along with gender and relationship nonconformity, with some vanilla thrown in too.  And don’t forget my own Erotic Fiction featured on this blog. If she doesn’t get hot from reading Stacey and Justin’s swinging adventures…may I suggest counseling? (LOL; only kidding!)

Erotic photography sessions – I have written about the benefits of spicing up, sexing up, and classing up your swinger pics. I highly, highly recommend having some professional shots taken for the profile.  Rick and I have found that our profile got a lot more traffic after we changed out the pictures. Websites like Living Social and Groupon often have photography deals for “boudoir photos” and sometimes include hair and makeup sessions as part of the deal. What a sexy time it could be, the two of you, scantily clad, striking sexy poses. Maybe with more than two of you. Maybe you have a special couple you like to play with. If everyone’s game, why not?

Swinger vacations – Rick and I had a great time at Temptations Resort in Cancun, although I hear that Desire is FAR better, since it’s an actual swinger resort rather than a couples’ resort. Read more about our experience here.  There are swinger cruises, if you are into those, or even a weekend in a fun town with a hot swingers’ club (like Lagniappe in Shreveport, LA, or the Red Rooster in Las Vegas) would be a great gift.

Sexy board game

And what about a hostess gift for that special couple who throw the best house parties? “It’s a Tease” is the liberating board game for couples and groups. Tease combines a classic drinking game with an array of sexy and titillating features, such as massage, lap-dance and sexy fantasies.

Designed in the classic 1950’s pin-up style, Tease warms you up with five levels of rewards and forfeits, releasing your inhibitions and removing your clothes as you progress around the beautifully designed board. Your hostess will love you, and if you’re lucky, will want to play with you (in more ways than one). Visit http://www.teasegame.co.uk for details.

So here’s to a holiday shopping trip that will not only help check those “special” friends off your list, but maybe give you a special ‘gift’ in return!



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  1. #1 by Joy on November 22, 2013 - 8:16 am

    Maybe this chair should also be on your list 😉

    • #2 by shalynne on November 23, 2013 - 2:28 pm

      OMG – I just did a photo shoot last week and posed nude on that exact chair! It is unbelievably comfortable and would make be a great lovemaking chair, so you’re right. Can’t wait to get the proofs back so I can post a couple on my blog. Stay tuned!

      • #3 by Joy on January 9, 2014 - 12:00 pm

        I’m looking forward to it

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