Halloween and Swingers go together like…peas and carrots!


Actually, Halloween for swingers is like Fat Tuesday for Catholics and Christians. The analogy is even more striking after reading Wikipedia’s definition of the holiday: “…Popular practices include wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc.” While I don’t think I’ve seen a sports competition at a swinger’s Halloween party, (yet, anyway) I think the comparisons are eerily familiar.

pretty lady in toga costume

This is NOT me, but my costume looked a LOT like this.

Rick and I attended a costume party at a swinger’s club last weekend. It was our first time dressing up for Halloween as a couple. Yes, ever. (Hey, that’s only 5 1/2 years). After some discussion, we decided to go as gladiators/Romans/Spartans/one who wears a toga. We had already purchased these costumes last spring to take with us on our trip to a couples’ resort in Mexico, but ended up not wearing them then. We looked hot, if I do say so myself. We invited our favorite unicorn, Angelina, to join us, and she agreed. She came dressed as a…unicorn. It was a very cute, sexy outfit that she got many comments and compliments on.

Sexy guy in toga costume

This is NOT Rick, but his costume looked sorta like this…

We arrived at the club just as it opened, knowing that it would soon be packed to the rafters with hot and horny people.  We danced and enjoyed cocktails and met several new, fun couples.  Most everyone wore a costume, although there were a few who arrived in regular street clothes and club wear. (Ok, so you’re a swinger and decide to venture in to a club sans costume on the Saturday before Halloween. Really??? Do you own a calendar?) Despite the plain Janes, there were lots of creative, sexy and barely-there costumes represented. French maids, Playboy bunnies, latex princesses, schoolgirls, you name it.

But my absolute favorite costume was worn by a guy who came dressed as Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad. Rick and I became fans of this show very late in it’s existence. Like this year. Once we discovered it, we watched five years of episodes in about three months. I so wish we had discovered this gem years ago, but better late than never, I suppose. Anyway, this guy looked like Bryan Cranston‘s twin (the actor who plays Walter White). He wore Heisenberg’s black fedora to start with, then as the evening progressed he donned Walter’s typical meth-cooking attire: tidy whities, a chef’s apron and Doc Martens boots. His wife/girlfriend came as

Walter White fucks Cleopatra

Does he fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?

the sexy French maid (I must have missed the episode she was in, LOL) and didn’t leave his side for most of the evening. I loved the creativity of his costume so much that I tried to think up a clever pick-up line. (“I know Walter White is a chemistry teacher, but do you think he enjoyed history enough to fantasize about fucking Cleopatra?”)

But alas, I didn’t.

As the club rapidly filled with people, I thought it might be time to go play for a bit. By now Angelina had pulled Rick’s cock out from under his toga and was stroking it to a full hard-on. He said to her, “You’re being very naughty,” to which she replied “YES, I AM!” She and I had also been making out from time to time, so I figured we should get a bed before they were all taken.

We found an empty bed fairly quickly. One thing about Halloween sex: sometimes the costumes can be a big pain in the ass to deal with. Although mine and Rick’s costumes were easy to get off, poor Angelina had to get out of a corset, take off a wig, a tutu, knee-high stockings, heels, and her unicorn horn. I silently wondered how many swingers decide NOT to have sex at a Halloween party due to the sheer hassle of dealing with costumes.

After we collectively helped Angelina out of her costume, we got busy. One thing I love about Angelina is that she’s crazy fun. She loves to be our “dirty little slut” so I told her I wanted her to fuck Rick while I watched for a few minutes. I put his cock inside her, which is always fun, and watched her grind on top of him. She did that for a while then Rick told her to get off and eat my pussy, which was already soaking wet.

“Is she always this wet?” she asked him.

“Usually. Unless she’s exhausted or not feeling well, she’s usually good to go,” he replied.

Their exchange struck me as funny because it sounded like they were talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

She went down on me while Rick played with my nipples. In no time they had sent me over the edge to a delicious orgasm. She played with me a little longer then BAM! – she rolled off the bed and onto the floor, sending all three of us into uncontrollable laughter. As she quickly climbed back onto the bed, we heard some girl’s voice say, “Oh, my God! Is she naked?”

She composed herself and moved over to Rick’s cock, taking it in her mouth. I got behind Angelina and went down on

Sexy woman in unicorn costume

This isn’t Angelina, but she’s close… 😉

her at the same time. She licked and sucked and I heard his breathing quicken so I decided to move up to join her in giving him some oral pleasure. He enjoys having two girls take turns sucking his cock so that’s what we did. I took his balls in my mouth as she worked his shaft. He got up on his knees as we continued running our tongues and lips over his hard shaft and swollen balls. When he was close to cumming, we pulled back and told him to cum on our faces. He stroked himself a few more times and shot his wad all over our faces, necks and tits.

We could hear more people gathering in the room to look for beds to play on. I overheard some people lamenting the lack of beds, but we had no interest in giving ours up.  Angelina and I cleaned ourselves off then she lay back and it was my turn to taste her wet pussy. Her clit was rock hard. I ran my tongue around it and started sucking on it as she moaned. I inserted two fingers inside her and started massaging her g-spot. After a few minutes Rick took over massaging her, using his big fingers to bring her to a climax. We all sat back and relaxed for a few minutes afterward, then decided to take on the task of getting our unicorn back into her costume. Re-lacing and hooking that corset took some time with the limited light available but we managed to get her put back together. We looked around for a clean sheet to replace the one we’d played on but by the time we found one and returned to the bed, it had been claimed by a handful of patient albeit horny folks.

Angelina and I made a quick trip to the ladies’ room before the three of us returned to our spot, which had by that time been claimed by some other partygoers. However, they moved their beer bottles to let us back in. We danced a little while longer into the wee hours before calling it a night. Angelina promised she’d try to bring her friend Antonio along for the next play date.

We had so much fun at our pre-Halloween party that I don’t feel like I missed out on anything as I hand out candy to the neighborhood kids tonight. Although I wish we’d remembered to get a picture of us in our costumes.

Did you dress up this Halloween?

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  1. #1 by Angelina on November 2, 2013 - 6:12 pm

    Yes, what a fun night. I had a blast and still laugh me ass off when thinking about my so ungrateful fall out of the bed and the holy shit she’s naked look I got from the people sitting on the otherside of our bedroom curtain. Yes I was very naked and had a blast. And thank you for the hot sexy unicorn pic and compliment. You of course are too kind! Can’t wait to play with you guys again. You tasted delicious in every way! Having Rick cum on our faces was so hot!

  2. #2 by shalynne on November 7, 2013 - 2:24 am

    OMG, yes, we had a blast. We are soooo looking forward to getting together again! 🙂

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