Back in the Saddle for Round Two with My Little Pony


We had so much fun with Angelina last time that we invited her to play with us again last weekend. As you may recall from my last post that Angelina is very uninhibited sexually and is pretty much game for anything in the bedroom. So I texted her and asked if she wanted to get together. She sent back an enthusiastic “yes” so the date was on. She said her husband was ok with it (he does not swing but has given his approval for her to participate).

We decided to take her to a different club so she could get a taste of something new. A few hours before we were scheduled to meet, she sent a text asking if she could bring along a guy friend. I hesitated to say “yes” right away, because I thought, ‘What if we don’t like him, or he doesn’t like us, how awkward would that be?’ But after thinking about it for a little bit, I thought it would be fine. We’d just deal with whatever comes up, when it comes up. So I texted Angelina back that she was welcome to bring him along and she said he was fine with just watching, since we hadn’t met, and that he’d abide by whatever rules we set. Rick and I don’t have a lot of rules (at least anymore) when playing with others, so that wasn’t a problem at all.

We decided on a meeting time. Rick and I arrived first, and started to play the icebreaker game. It was a fun way to meet others and get conversations rolling. About 20 or 30 min after we arrived, Angelina and her friend arrived. His name was Antonio and she explained that they were really good friends who played occasionally, but their relationship was more platonic and supportive of each other than just fuck buddies.

Antonio was very attractive and really, really friendly. I liked him immediately, and later, Rick said he liked him too. We both felt very comfortable around him and didn’t feel self-conscious at all about our past history with Angelina, or about swinging in general. Antonio explained that he was married, but his wife had no interest in sex. He’d never been to a swing club before and was quite taken with all the things he was seeing. He naturally asked Rick and me a lot of questions about the lifestyle, which we were more than happy to answer.

They joined us in playing the icebreaker game with the other couples, and soon we’d amassed quite a little pile of prize tickets. We went through nearly 3 bottles of wine (for Angelina and me), while Rick enjoyed his signature cocktail of spiced rum and Coke. Antonio drank gin, and the conversations got louder, looser and much funnier.

Angelina leaned over to Rick and started kissing him. She said as soon as she’d arrived that she was horny, and I knew she wasn’t kidding. After she was kissing him she reached over and stuck her hand down the back of my dress and reached around to grab my breast. The dress I wore that night was pretty short, but wasn’t low-cut at all. I paired it with my black thigh-high boots, so there wasn’t a whole lot of skin showing, but it’s a sexy look, nonetheless. Angelina and I started making out, as I heard Rick and Antonio talk about something. She whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to play with you both tonight, I’m so horny.”

We continued kissing as someone came over to do the icebreaker game with us. Antonio and I had the cards they were looking for, so the three (or maybe four) of us went up to the front desk to collect our prize tickets. When we returned, Angelina had that “look” in her eye that said, “I want to fuck NOW”, and had both legs up on the table, her pussy splayed for everyone to see, as she fingered herself.

“Are you wet?” Richard asked.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she replied. So he did. He discovered quickly how wet she was as his fingers went inside her sopping pussy.

“You want to move to the play room?” I asked her as I sat down. “God, yes,” she answered. So we grabbed our bags, leaving the liquor on the table and headed off to a play room. The swingers at this club tend to start playing much later into the evening, so we had the room all to ourselves for a while. The playroom had several double beds lined up against the walls, with sheer fabric hanging between each bed. Not being sure exactly what Antonio was going to do, I got undressed and climbed on the bed and waited as Angelina and Rick took their clothes off.

Rick joined me first and we began to make out. Then I decided to sit on his face, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. Because he is so tall, he laid diagonally on the mattress with his head in the corner. When I lowered my pussy on his tongue, I was facing the wall and couldn’t see anything at first. As Rick’s tongue worked its magic, I looked over my shoulder to find Angelina sucking Rick’s swollen cock with Antonio fucking Angelina from behind. I was pleased to see everyone was having a good time. I started banging on the wall with my hand and squealing with ecstasy as I came on Rick’s face.  Then my legs started to feel weak, so I climbed off Rick and lay down on the bed next to him. Angelina came over and started licking my pussy and I came again. I noticed Antonio had a very nice cock himself so I gave him a blow job while Angelina’s mouth went back to work on Rick’s cock.

I really started to get into Antonio. He seemed to enjoy all that was going on as well. He climbed on the bed so we could do 69. I felt a finger go inside my ass, and I think it was Angelina’s. “I love to eat pussy,” Antonio announced, and he was exceptional. The finger felt pretty damn good too, and I came hard on Antonio’s tongue. I looked over and saw Rick fucking Angelina from behind, with a finger in her ass too. I heard her squeal as she came on his cock.


Then Antonio lifted himself off me, turned me around, and started fucking me. Hard. He was in great shape and had great lasting power. I was still riding high from my last orgasm and it didn’t take long for me to cum again. Right afterward, he pulled out and shot his huge wad all over my stomach. Rick finished by cumming all over Angelina’s ass.


As we collectively caught our breath, I asked Antonio what he thought about swinging. “This was great,” he replied. “We’ll have to do it again,” he added.

“Definitely,” I said, as we all got dressed. We went back out to our table, where our booze sat undisturbed (swingers are great about that, by the way). I did notice that our prize tickets were gone and I mentioned it to Rick. “We knew we were going to miss the prize drawings, so we gave our tickets to some other couples.”

Angelina had a curfew, so we knew we were going to have to wrap things up. We try to be respectful of his wishes even though he isn’t part of our group. So we all kissed goodnight and we agreed that we’d get together for more fun very soon.

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  1. #1 by Poetic Passions on September 21, 2013 - 11:34 pm

    A hot, arousing night…

    • #2 by shalynne on September 21, 2013 - 11:51 pm

      Definitely – it was fun for all!

  2. #3 by Angelina on September 27, 2013 - 1:11 am

    You are a wonderful writer. I had a wonderful time. You and Rick are amazing! Thank you for letting us play together.

    • #4 by shalynne on September 27, 2013 - 2:36 am

      Thank you for the compliment. We had a great time too, and I hope we can do it again soon! Thanks for reading. 😉

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