I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It – So We Did It Again


Interesting how life imitates art sometimes. As I wrote a recent post (Girls’ Night Out), I realized how much I would like to have the same experience of enjoying another woman’s touch without any men involved. Which got me thinking of Janelle, my recent makeout companion (read more about her here).

After our last encounter, Janelle and I continued to stay in contact, but our work schedules didn’t leave much room for more dates. We finally decided to meet at a swing club and take our makeout session to its natural conclusion. Janelle’s husband elected to stay at home, while Rick came with me – at my request.

We arrived at club just after it opened this past Friday night. This club is easily the nicest on-premise swing club in town. It’s exceptionally clean, with a LOT of beds and sofas to play on. After Rick and I arrived we poured ourselves a drink (vodka for me, rum for him) and discussed the evening ahead. Rick is very indulgent of my desires and curiosities, and had no problem with me playing alone with a woman. We agreed that he would give us some time alone at first, then come in to watch and perhaps participate (with me, as we determined that there just wasn’t the same chemistry between him and Janelle).

We had prior discussions about what we wanted sexually, and she said she wanted a “pillow princess”, which I had no problem with. She said she liked being the more assertive one in a relationship. Again, no complaints here…

Janelle arrived, looking sexy and relaxed in a low-cut animal print dress that offered just a peek of the sides of her breasts. The three of us enjoyed a drink in the common area before she took my hand and asked if I’d like to show her around. I gave her a quick tour, then she asked what room would I like to play in. We agreed on the “red room” and left as Rick went to flirt with some young ladies.

Janelle led me to the bed and instructed me to lie back on the small pile of pillows that are placed on each bed. She lowered herself on top of me and began to kiss me passionately. She whispered, “I’ve been thinking about nothing else but doing this with you,” which I thought was very sweet and sexy. As I returned her kisses I caressed her lower back and noticed she had a tiny waist that led to her firm and curvy ass.

We weren’t 10 minutes into our foreplay when the couple next to us pulled back the curtain between our beds and asked if they could watch. “Maybe later” I said back and they respectfully lowered the curtain and went about their business. We chuckled quietly as this just further illustrated my occasional irritation with people constantly wanting to watch me fucking or being fucked, which Janelle and I discussed earlier.

We began kissing again, and decided to take our dresses off. Janelle has really lovely breasts. Her nipples were aroused and sensitive to my touch. She gasped with delight as I gently tugged on her nipples rolled them between my thumb and index fingers. She returned the favor by kissing and teasing my own nipples that were standing straight up. She looked like she was in heaven as she suckled on them.

“Let’s try something else now,” she said as she raised up and pulled out some latex gloves and put them on. Then she put a dental dam over my wet pussy and began to lick my clit. At that very moment I experienced what men have been saying for years about condoms: it takes away some of the sensation. Gentleman, I have to agree with you.

But it still felt pretty damn good. She lifted up the dental dam and inserted a latex-covered finger into my pussy and found my G-spot. Massaging firmly as she licked my clit, I came quickly. And again. And again.


As I came down from my orgasmic high, Janelle straddled my thigh and began rubbing her pussy against my leg. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she lost herself in pleasure. Within a few minutes she shuddered through her first orgasm, then seconds later her body spasmed through another, and another, and another. I had a birdseye view as I watched her bring herself to multiple orgasms on top of me. Then she opened her eyes, smiled and lay on top of me as she kissed me again.

We lay there a few minutes longer before she asked, “Do I need to send you back to your husband now?”

“I probably should go check on him,” I answered.

I got dressed and went back out to the main party room. It was full of horny couples by now. I eventually found Rick at the bar, chatting up the pretty bartender. I saw him and went over. “Hey there,” I said.

“There you are,” he replied. “Have fun?” he asked.

“Yes, I did, thank you. I thought you were coming back to join us?” I asked.

“I tried, but the security guy wouldn’t let me because he didn’t believe me when I said my wife was already back there. Seems they won’t let men back there if they aren’t with a woman. So I came back out here and met Jill, who’s done a splendid job of keeping me company,” he said as he motioned to the bartender.

Jill smiled and said, “Sorry, but we have to enforce the rules.” She stepped away to take care of another couple at the end of the bar.

“I’ve probably had too much to drink,” Rick continued. His allergies had been bothering him all day so I wasn’t surprised when he added, “My head is starting to hurt a little, too.”

“It’s time to go then,” I said. “Let me go get my bag and say goodbye to Janelle.” I went back to find Janelle dressed and ready to go. I told her what was going on and she said she needed to get home as well, since her husband was watching their kids.

We kissed and she said, “I hope we can see each other again.”

“We will,” I assured her.

I went back to collect Rick. After getting the car from the valet, we decided that I would drive home. Rick took a nap and awoke as I pulled in the driveway. “Feel better?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think I slept it off,” he said.

We went inside and got ready for bed. As I climbed in next to Rick, I snuggled next to him and he asked me to tell him about my experience. As I did, his hands started exploring me and we both started getting worked up. Soon I felt his large, manly fingers fingering my clit and filling up my soaking wet pussy. I made a mental note of how nice it felt to have skin-on-skin contact. In no time I was on top of him, riding his hard cock through several explosive orgasms. I climbed off of him so he could fuck me doggy style. He shot his wad inside me and we collapsed, falling off to sleep.


What an evening – it started off with me kissing a girl (and really liking all that she did afterward) and ended with hot lovemaking with my very manly husband (and loving all that he did, too). But I realized that, as much as I enjoyed playing with Janelle, I definitely need a cock to make things complete. Really complete.

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