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Photo Credit: A Lady That Kneels


Sitting on bath’s edge,

Feet dangling in water,

You kneeling between.


Taking my right foot,

Tickling the slippery toes,

Kissing on each one.


Repeating with left,

This time nibbling on the toes,

Sucking them deeply.


Hands caress upward,

Massaging ankles and calves,

Way up to the knees.


Pushing knees apart,

Your touch continue upwards,

Up over my thighs.


Sliding around them,

Then fingers move back on top,

Your soft lips follow.


Caressing my balls,

Weighing them in your small hands,

Suckling upon each.


Your tongue exploring,

Running all over roundness,

As cock knocks on head.


I’m hard and erect,

Your small fingers wrap around,

As your eyes inspect.


Touch finger to tip,

Smooth juices over the head,

Making it glisten.


You lower your head,

Inhaling the scent of me,

Before your lips brush.


Your tongue encircles,

Tasting my seeping essence,

Rolling all over.


Tongue sliding on me,

My cock pushing against it,

As tip probes the slit.


Seeking more essence,

Sucking hard to draw some out,

Your mouth envelopes.


Fingers start to play,

Caressing around the balls,

Then between cheeks stray.


You make me shudder,

As mouth sucks me in deeper,

Fingers come back up.


Your head bends forward,

As you take me inch by inch,

Tongue rolling round me.


Take all that you can,

Your lips wrapping tightly round,

Enjoying fullness.


Swiveling your head,

Moving it this way and that,

As slick tongue flickers.


Lowering my hands,

So fingers knot in your hair,

As breathing quickens.


You’re fully aware,

Of how much I love your mouth,

And what it can do.


You grab my buttocks,

Pulling my body closer,

As head starts to bob.


Slowly to start with,

Slides up and down on my shaft,

As hand grips the base.


Tongue swirls over crown,

As your mouth rises right up,

Then sucks me back in.


Deep into your throat,

My thrusting hips drive my cock,

As momentum builds.


I swell even more,

As my balls start to tighten,

In warmth of your hand.


Your mouth descending,

Meet my hips thrusting forward,

Taking me deeper.


Faster and faster,

Your head bobbing up and down,

As your fingers stroke.


Harder and harder,

Thrusting cock as you descend,

Need becomes urgent.


My groans fill the air,

As my release fills your mouth,

Giving you pleasure.


You drink it all down,

Milking me of that last drop,

Leaving both sated.


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