sins of the flesh

I had to share this beautifully written tribute to a man’s cock. Thank you, rougedmount, for sharing.


I forgot what it felt like to have a man inside my body who not only fits but who has stretched you to the point of knowing that you have truly been filled to your limit; a man who has a thick cock that weighs substantively. It’s actually heavy when lifting it in hand and its dense topography of ropy vein’s  make looking at his engorged shaft a study of concentration. It is completed by a large fleshy circumcised head with a deep and defined ridge. Even when he is tumescent, his cock lays heavily against his leg in a promise of what his potential is. When erect it is straight with a pleasing 60 degree angle and its overall shape is uniform from base to head. He truly does have a beautiful cock.

I keep thinking to myself that he is the most fortunate of men, being both…

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