The Hall Pass

Blake smiled broadly as he walked toward the bed, pulling an empty suitcase behind him. His wife, Vanessa, was lying naked on their bed, with her hands resting behind her head and her right ankle crossed over her left knee.

“Sure I can’t come with you, baby?” she asked him sweetly.

“Only if I can fit you in this suitcase, and you don’t mind hanging out with a bunch of techno geeks at this conference,” he answered. “When I checked in for the flight, it was completely full.”

“Well, take these to remember me by,” she said with a wry grin, before pulling a pair of lacy panties out of her pussy and tossing them into his suitcase.

He looked at her, slack-jawed, and stammered. “I…don’t think…that will happen. How long were have those been inside you?”

“Long enough to make an impression,” she said. “Let’s give you a proper send -off.” She crawled over to her husband, unzipped his slacks, reached through his underwear and pulled out his cock. It grew to a full hard-on in no time as she licked and sucked him in all the right places.  He ran his hands through her silky blond locks in the silence, pierced only by her occasional slurping sounds.



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God, Vivi, you know how to treat a man,” he said to her and she looked up at him with those big, round green eyes that made him want to melt. But instead, he withdrew from her mouth and said, “Turn around, baby.”

Vivi obeyed, and Blake slid his throbbing red cock into her waiting pussy. He marveled at how wet she was. Even after pulling out those panties. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting. She rose up on her knees and began playing with her huge nipples. He wrapped one arm around her waist and with the other hand began massaging her clit.

“Bla-a-k-e!! She called out his name as her pussy clenched around his cock. He loved to feel her cum on his cock. She dropped back down to all fours to catch her breath and he grabbed her hips again and owned her pussy as he thrust firmly into her tight, wet hole. Vivi arched her back and gripped Blake’s cock with her pussy muscles and milked his cock to orgasm. She looked over her shoulder to watch him as she coaxed his load into her. He groaned in ecstasy and laid his head down on her back.

“I wish I could take you with me, baby, I really do,” he said breathlessly. “I know,” she replied. “I’ll be fine for a couple of days…”


An hour later, after they showered and got dressed, they were on their way to drop Blake off at the airport. While waiting at a stoplight, Blake took his eyes off the steering wheel in front of him and turned to Vivienne. “You know, baby,” he started, “I totally trust you. And we’ve been in the Lifestyle long enough that I am comfortable with our circle of swing friends,” he continued as Vivi looked at him quizzically. “I think it would be cool to let you play with another couple on your own this weekend while I’m gone,” he said. “In fact, I really want you to play with someone and tell me all about it when I get back. Or text me after it happens.” He started to get aroused just thinking about his hot blond wife fucking another guy. Or another woman. Or both.

Vivienne just stared at Blake, motionless, until a car behind them honked so they would start moving. “Really??? What made you decide this? Are you going to play with someone while you’re gone?” she tried not to sound upset, but wasn’t really sure what to think. After all, they had not really discussed playing without each other, until now.

“No, baby, I’m going to be with the guys from work. You know that. You can call me anytime, or call them. There aren’t going to be any women with us, you have my word,” he reassured her. “I just think it’s hot to think of you with another couple. Why don’t you call Natasha and see if she and Roman are going out this weekend and tag along with them?” he asked.

Natasha was Vivi’s best friend. Her husband, Roman, was as hot as his name sounded. He owned a gym and worked out every day, resulting in a hard, chiseled body that Vivi loved to gaze at when they went to swing clubs. The foursome occasionally played together, but most of the time went to clubs together then went their separate ways to find their own fun. Roman was pretty old school; he kept to a strict diet, which drove Tasha crazy, but both ladies loved Roman’s thick, long cock, that was his sole motivation for avoiding anabolic steroids. Tasha was a raven-haired beauty, with flawless olive skin, long legs and perfectly formed C-cup breasts. Vivi always thought Roman and Natasha would be perfect models for covers of erotic novels. Although sometimes, Vivi thought she and her own tall, dark-haired gorgeous husband would serve as pretty good models themselves.

Vivienne let out a sigh. “Well…it might be interesting to try. I’m still shocked that you even suggested this. We’ll see,” she said. They pulled up to the gate entrance at the airport and got out of the car. Blake pulled his suitcase out of the trunk as Vivi walked around to the driver’s side of the car to get in. Blake walked up and put his arms around his wife. “I love you, baby. I want you to have fun while I’m gone. Can’t wait to hear all your adventures,” he said as he kissed her slowly and deeply.

Blake’s kisses always took Vivi’s breath away. “Ok baby,” she said. “Be safe. I’ll miss you.”

Blake pulled his suitcase behind him as he turned his head back and smiled at his wife. “Call you when I get there,” he said as he disappeared inside the terminal.

Vivi’s head spun as she drove back home. The thought of her playing alone, being the unicorn, with Tasha and Roman, or maybe with someone totally new, was overwhelming yet intriguing. By the time she got back home her legs were tingling and her pussy was throbbing. She unlocked the door, walked straight to her bed, stripped off her clothes and tossed them to the floor and collapsed on her back. She could still smell the musky scent of her and Blake’s lovemaking. She closed her eyes, played with her hard nipples for a minute before spreading her legs and plunging three fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She pressed her clit with her thumb and fantasized about Roman’s huge cock plunging inside her as she went down on Tasha. In a few short minutes, Vivienne heard herself moaning through several orgasms. When she exhausted herself, she rolled over on her side and fell into a blissful sleep.


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She awakened an hour later, put her robe on and called Natasha, who recognized her friend’s phone number and answered cheerfully. “Hey girl, whatcha doin’?” she asked.

“Nothin’ much,” Vivi replied. “Blake’s out of town at one of his tech conversions. He’ll be back Sunday night. Guess what he told me before he left?”

“What?” Tasha asked.

“He wants me to play alone with another couple. To be their unicorn. This weekend. Then he wants a blow-by-blow description of what happened when he gets home.”

Tasha’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “You’re kidding? What brought that on?”

“I have no idea,” Vivi answered. “But to be honest, I’m kind of turned on by the whole thing,” she added.

“So who ya gonna do?” Tasha asked.

“Well….” Vivi started. “I was thinking maybe you and Roman and I could go to a club and see what happens. Blake trusts you guys with my safety, and maybe we can find another couple and have our own little orgy.”

Sounds amazing,” Tasha replied. “Roman will love it. You know how much he has the hots for you. If you weren’t my best friend on the planet, I’d be jealous. But I love you too, girl, and I’d love you to be our unicorn. Let me talk to Roman and we’ll get something set up for tomorrow night. God, I’m getting horny just thinking about it. Where is my husband???” she added.

Both women laughed and said goodbye with a promise to talk again in the morning.

Vivienne spent the rest of the evening watching TV, catching up on some emails and going through her closet looking for something sexy to wear. She and Blake had partied with Tasha and Roman so often that she thought Tasha had seen all her outfits. Finally she settled on a sparkling red mini halter dress that showcased her full, teardrop-shaped tits. She put the dress on and found a pair of strappy gold stiletto heels to go with it. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled as she thought about how this time tomorrow, she would be pleasured by two or more people, and get to enjoy pleasuring them on her own.

Without her husband.

Blake called her to tell her he arrived and where he was staying. She told him about her conversation with Tasha, how she and Roman were going to take her to their favorite swing club, and how they were both surprised and excited to hear about Blake’s decision to let Vivi play without him. Blake was pleased that his wife would be with a couple whom he completely trusted.

“Cool, babe. Sounds like you’re going to have fun. Remember every detail so you can tell me all about it afterward. That means not much drinking,” he laughed.

“Yeah, I know,” she agreed. “I’ll make sure I pace myself.”

They talked for a few more minutes before saying goodbye. Blake said he would not call her Saturday, but rather wait for her to call him on Sunday morning. “Love you, baby,” Vivi said at the end of their conversation.

“Love you too, gorgeous,” Blake answered.

Vivi hung up and climbed in bed.

The next morning, she slept in and took her time getting up to start her day. She decided to get a fresh mani/pedi, so she ate a leisurely breakfast, threw on some shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and headed out the door to the nail salon. She was feeling sexy so she decided to go braless. She loved the feeling of the soft cotton brushing against her nipples, which always made them harden. She also loved to watch them jiggle as she walked.

Afterward she stopped by her parents’ house to have lunch then went back to her own house to get ready. She showered, curled her long blond hair, applied her makeup and put on her hot little red dress and heels. She had just finished adding some condoms and a small bottle of lube to her handbag when the doorbell rang. It was Tasha and Roman.

“Heyyyy!” they greeted each other with hugs and kisses before getting in the car. Roman said, “Vivi you look amazing. I’m the luckiest motherfucker in town tonight. Look at my two gorgeous dates.” Tasha wore a sheer green top with a black leather miniskirt. Underneath her top Tasha wore a black push-up bra.

They soon arrived at Club Nouveau, their favorite on-premise swing club. The place was packed, but Roman snagged a table for them in the corner. After the first round of drinks the girls went out on the dance floor. Roman loved to watch his wife and her best friend dance. He loved to watch them caress and grind against each other. The women caught the attention of the other men, too. And the ladies. After the song ended, the two went back to the table and sat down.

“Honey,” Tasha started, “we’ve decided we want to play with girls tonight.”  Vivienne grinned in agreement. “Think you can handle that?” she asked.

“Just me and a bunch of girls? I’ll try my best,” he replied without hesitation.

The trio broke up and began mingling separately. Before long, they reconvened at the table. Tasha and Vivienne returned alone, but Roman had a woman on each arm; a blond and a redhead.

“Ladies, meet Denise and Kendra,” Roman said. He then gestured toward Vivienne. “This is my friend Vivienne and my wife Natasha. Let’s sit down for a drink.” He played bartender and poured a glass of wine for each woman then poured another scotch on the rocks for himself.

“Cheers,” he toasted the group as everyone clinked their glasses together. Vivi chatted with Denise, the blond. She thought Denise was pretty hot. She was tall and had a pierced tongue. Kendra the redhead had creamy white skin, green eyes and lovely, pert, full breasts. Vivi imagined herself sucking on Kendra’s nipples while Roman fucked her from behind. He was sure going to get a workout tonight, she thought.

Roman suggested they move to Caligula’s Penthouse, which was a large playroom designed for a group interested in a small orgy. There was one huge, round, blue velvet bed in the center of the room with large floor pillows surrounding it and a mirror on the ceiling.

Roman and the women went inside the room and put their bags in the corner. Tasha put the rope across the doorway, which indicated that visitors were not allowed in the room unless invited, but they could watch.

Roman hopped up on the bed and rested back on his elbows. He was going to let the ladies dictate the pace for the rest of the evening. He just hoped he could satisfy all four of them, inasmuch as they wanted him to.

Tasha took her blouse and skirt off but left her heels on. Vivi did the same. Both girls climbed on the bed next to Roman and started making out with each other. Roman caressed them softly, his cock growing. Kendra stripped her dress and shoes off and joined the women. She started kissing Vivi on the back of her neck, sending shivers down Vivi’s spine.

Denise stripped off her dress and shoes and made a beeline for Roman’s thickening cock. She licked her lips then took his member in her mouth, slowly swirling her tongue around the head before slowly deep throating him. Vivienne was enjoying the kisses from both her old friend and her new. Kendra gently pulled Vivi back and lay her down on the bed. Tasha spread Vivi’s legs and positioned herself between them, lowering her mouth to Vivi’s glistening mound. Kendra kissed Vivi on the lips before slowly moving down her neck and breasts, stopping at her hard pink nipples. She sucked gently on one and tugged on the other with her fingers.

“Oh, my god,” Vivienne whispered as she ran her fingers through Kendra’s thick red hair. “You’re so pretty,” she added.

Kendra lifted her lips and smiled, “Thanks. You are too.” She returned to her suckling.

Tasha knew just where her best friend’s hot spots were. Inserting one finger in Vivi’s tight, wet pussy, she found Vivi’s G-spot and went to work on bringing her BFF to her first orgasm of the night. She pressed her tongue flat and firm against Vivi’s clit and began the come-hither motion with her fingers. Vivienne arched her back as her pussy contracted. She moaned loudly.

As she came down from her climax, Vivienne opened her eyes and looked over at Roman, who had his eyes closed as Denise’s head bobbed up and down on his huge, glistening cock. She wanted that cock inside her. She rolled over and asked Denise, “Can we share?”

“Of course,” Denise said. “In fact, why don’t you take over so I can go ravish your friend?” Denise got up and started kissing Tasha. Within a few seconds, Tasha was on her back, legs spread, with Kendra eating her pussy and Denise sitting on her face.


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Vivienne climbed on top of Roman and put the tip of his cock inside her. Slowly lowering herself down around his throbbing erection, she savored the sensation of her pussy being filled and stretched.  She sat still for just a moment, her eyes closed, savoring the sensation of another man’s dick inside her. She slowly rocked back in forth on his cock, then started bouncing up and down for deeper penetration. She glanced over at Tasha, then locked her eyes on her best friend, who returned her gaze as she was riding blissful waves of ecstasy.  Vivi watched Tasha reach a shuddering orgasm as she rode her friend’s husband’s cock.

Denise, who had by now climbed off Tasha’s face, crawled over to Vivi and said, “turn around on his cock.” Vivi stopped bouncing and swiveled around to the reverse cowgirl position, still mounted on Roman’s throbbing spear. “Lean back,” Denise whispered. Vivi put her hands behind her on Roman’s chest and slowly moved up and down. Denise positioned herself in front of Vivi’s pussy and began licking her clit as she rode Roman.

Vivienne had never felt such a sensation. Denise tickled her clit with the piercing on her tongue. In no time Vivi reached orgasm, sweat droplets forming between her breasts, nipples hard and erect. She was breathing so fast and so hard she could not speak. She came multiple times, and thought she’d lost consciousness at one point, even though she hadn’t. When she could stand no more, she let her arms relax and collapsed backward onto Roman. His hands reached around her and started playing with her nipples. “It’s so fun to make you cum,” he whispered in her ear.

“God, that was amazing,” Vivi said, staring up at the ceiling. She rolled over and lay on her side, watching  Denise finish off Roman. She swallowed his cock deeply, then came up to tickle the head with her piercing. She stopped long enough to lick her finger and inserted it in Roman’s ass. She found his prostate and began massaging. This massive man became putty in her hands. Tasha had never done this for Roman and now she was fascinated. Her husband’s face contorted in sheer pleasure. Denise sucked and licked, and although from the outside her finger didn’t appear to be moving, it must have found the right spot, as he panted uncontrollably. As the ladies quietly positioned themselves to watch both her technique and his reaction, he felt his orgasm building. Denise took his cock out of her mouth and, with a few strokes of her hand, jerked him to an explosive climax. He shot his wad so hard it went straight up in the air and landed in Denise’s hair. The ladies chuckled and Kendra got off the bed to get a tissue to help her clean up.

As Denise cleaned herself off, the group relaxed on the big round bed, hugging and caressing each other. Then one by one they got off the bed to get dressed. After Roman got his clothes back on he told them, “I’m going to get our booze, then out to get the car. Meet me out front, ok?”

The four girls gave each other final goodbye kisses. Vivienne enjoyed soft, slow French kisses with her new friends Denise and Kendra. They exchanged phone numbers with promises to call each other for girls’ nights out. After they left, Tasha and Vivi kissed each other once again. “Thanks for sharing him with me tonight,” Vivi whispered in her friend’s ear. “Any time, love,” Tasha replied.

By the time they dropped Vivienne off at home, it was well past 3 am. She washed her face, got undressed, climbed into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The sun was bright the next morning as the sound of the phone ringing woke Vivi up. At the other end was Blake’s voice. “Morning, love,” he said. “So…how was your night?” he asked.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea how amazing it was,” she said softly…


Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

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