Sex in the Office

Had to re-blog this post from fellow blogger Dominant Soul. This is just an example of the hot scenes he can create in a reader’s head. Enjoy!


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Photo credit: A Lady Looks Up

We arranged to play a sexy role play at my office after hours. In the role play, I am interviewing for the position of my new executive assistant. You arrive dressed in a tight short grey pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, dangling pearl necklace, black glasses, black stilettos and with your hair up…

We sit in the empty boardroom. I sit at the head of the table and you sit next to me. We first exchange pleasantries and discuss the position and the hiring process. You hand me your resume and I begin to ask you difficult, probing questions about your education, your experience and your fit of this job. I can see you getting visibly nervous by all my hard questions…

I suggest we take a break and offer to get you a glass of cold water. In your haste/nervousness, you spill the water on your white blouse which makes your white blouse become transparent showing your lacy/sheer white bra and abundant cleavage underneath.

My questioning becomes decidedly more flirty and suggestive about the “soft skills” required to meet all my “executive needs”. I tell you that I need someone who can anticipate my needs and fulfill them completely…

You immediately understand what I am hinting at. You stand up and seductively walk over the windows facing into the office area and you slowly draw the blinds, let down your hair and slowly unbutton your blouse as you seductively walk back towards me. You stand next to me then slowly bend over the boardroom table so your skirt rides up to expose the top of your stockings and your bare thighs as you display your ass for my inspection. I tell you to remove your skirt… You slowly unzip then let it drop to the floor to display your beautifully round ass in sheer black panties and beautifully framed by the tops of your sheer black stockings & garters…

You strut around the table seductively in just your blouse, sheer black panties and black garter/stockings until you reach the far end of the table. You bend over facing me with almost all the button undone on your blouse so your heaving breasts are in full view. You tell me that you sometimes need firm direction because you can be lazy or forgetful. You ask me, “How would You discipline me so I become a good assistant?” You stand stiffly with your legs wide apart, ass high in the air and face resting on the table… I can see your wet pussy lips pressed against your sheer panties… Without any warning, I wail on your round white ass with my bare hand which ushers a sharp yelp and a full-body shiver. I can see your body heave as you take deep breaths. There is a bright red handprint clearly visible on your right ass cheek. I can see your entire body become covered in goose bumps. You turn to face me and softly kiss me on the cheek saying softly in a breathy voice, “Thank you, I will always obey you Sir”.

I ask you “How do I know you are the best person for this job”. I seem the naughty glimmer in your eye. You smile then say “Let me remove all doubt from your mind right now”…

You push my chair away from the desk, remove my shoes, undo my belt and slide my pants off. You neatly lie them on the cherrywood table. You undo my tie slowly then unbutton my white dress shirt… You gently stroke my boxers as you look up into my eye with the most wickedly, naughty look in your eyes…

You pull my throbbing brown cock from my black Calvin Klein boxer briefs and slowly swallow me all the way down with your mouth. I am intensely aroused by your blatant eagerness and boldness. You throw your hair from side-to-side as you play, tease and arouse my cock with your tongue with your fingers firmly wrapped around the base of my cock for what seem forever. You wrap your dangling pearls around my cock base and around my balls as you suck me… What an erotic sight and feeling to see your neck connected physically to my manhood by your grandmother’s pearls… The pearls slide up/down my cock feel amazing in unison with your moving hands and mouth. How naughty! It feels amazing to see your pearls gently encircling my manhood as you suck me.

I say to you, “What kind of boss would I be if I didn’t appreciate my staff? Lie back on the table for me” You lie on the rosewood table with your legs spread wide apart and your pussy right at the edge of the table with your legs draped over my back. I pull your panties to aside then back softly pull back your clit hood with my left hand and suck it into my mouth. My tongue dances on your clit from side-to-side and up-down to draw out deep moan from your throat. I slide two fingers deep inside you then gently stroke your G-spot. In no time, your breath becomes hurried and arousing moans begin to leave your mouth… I begin to lick your clit furiously as I my fingers stroke furiously inside you. You suddenly shudder wildly with a great gush of fluid all over the table… I don’t relent until I see your body convulse a second time then I ease you back down…

Once you compose yourself, you look at me with hunger into your eyes then reach for your purse and remove a small bottle of lube… You push me back into my chair then drizzle the lube all over my throbbing cock then begin to stroke me; first very softly with each hand then hard with both hands in a circular pattern as you go up and down… You hold your left hand firmly at the base with a squeeze then you give long slowly strokes up as you look my directly in the eye with naughtiest look ever!

You stand up and say “You look ready for me”… You walk over to the side of the table, grip the edge and then bend at the waist then look back over your shoulder at me. You playfully say “this is my come-fuck-me look, do you like the view?”

I don’t need to be told twice! I grab your hips firmly as I slide my cock deeply into your soaking pussy. You are so horny for me you meet each thrust with your hips thrusting back toward me. You are screaming for me to fuck you harder as I am pistoning my cock into you sweet wet pussy as fast and as hard as I can muster… You reach between your legs and begin to stroke your clit and caress my balls… In no time we are most moaning and screaming like wild animals as we cum together…

We collapse naked and sweaty on the table… You ask jokingly, “well, did I get the job”. I smile, “was there any real doubt?”. We both laugh and kiss slowly in a love embrace… We collect all our props and clothes then go home to continue our long,  passionate evening…


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