Our Private Rodeo With My Little Pony

threesome2We did a little of this, a little of that

With little effort, Rick and I found a unicorn that was willing to be the filling of our love sandwich. (Fortunately, she also has a great sense of humor.) After exchanging a series of emails she and I texted each other for a couple of days prior to meeting. We agreed to meet at a local bar for drinks before heading off to one of our favorite swing clubs. She had never been to a swing club and said she felt a combination of nervousness and excitement.

Angelina was a tall, attractive blond with great boobs. She wore a black party dress with thigh-high black stockings and heels. We discovered we had a lot in common; we lives in the same general area, had kids around the same ages and were married. Yes, Angelina is married, but her husband has medical issues that apparently aren’t conducive to a happy and healthy sex life. She was on her date with us with his blessing.

Angelina was like a genie trapped in a bottle trying to pop that cork off from the inside. In other words she was ready to get her freak on.  She spoke openly about her desires, what she liked in the bedroom, what she wanted to do with me, with Rick, and with the two of us. It was pretty refreshing, actually, to hear someone speak so confidently about her sexuality.

After a couple of hours getting to know each other, and loosening up with a few drinks, we made our way to the club. She was very curious and asked a lot of questions about lifestyle etiquette, practices, customs, etc. We gave her a quick tour of the place then found a table near the bar. She wasted no time running her hand up Rick’s thigh. He wore shorts so she didn’t have to go very far before she found his cock and began playing with it. Somehow we started talking about boobs and she asked what size bra I wore. “38DD,” I answered, as I lowered my strapless dress to reveal my tits. “What about you?” I asked.

She lowered the straps of her dress and pulled out her own tits and answered, “I’m a 38DDD in this boob and a 38DD in the other.” I knew that most women have one breast slightly larger than the other (I do myself), but Angelina’s size difference was very obvious. It wasn’t unattractive at all, but rather fascinating.

So we talked boobs for a little while. She reached across the table to feel me up then started caressing my arm and shoulder. I caught a glance of a couple sitting at the table next to us, giving us a wide-eyed stare. Angelina leaned over to kiss Rick then reached across the table to kiss me. At that point, Rick said, “Let’s take this to a play room.”

We grabbed our bags and walked back to a playroom that had two double beds pushed together. We undressed each other and got onto the bed. It felt so natural. She and I started kissing, then she’d kiss Rick, then I’d kiss him, and so forth. Her hair and skin were unbelievably soft. She went down on Rick and got him rock hard pretty quickly. I straddled his face and lowered my pussy down to his hungry lips and tongue. Angelina sucked him for a while, while Rick got me off with his tongue. I happened to glance up and saw that a crowd was building around the bed. I climbed off Rick’s face and said to Angelina, “I want you to fuck him. Get on top of him and ride him like a horse.” I kind of surprised myself, being that bossy, but it was fun. Plus, Angelina said during our meet and greet that she liked to be told what to do in bed. So she lowered herself down around his cock as I put him inside her.

She rode Rick to her first climax of the night. It was a blast to watch, frankly. As she climbed off of him I told him, “Fuck her from behind.” He did as he was told and took her from behind. She said to me, “I want to taste you. Get in front of me.” So I got in front of her and spread my legs as she went down on me. Her tongue felt amazing, and in no time I came all over her face. At that point, we decided to take a breather. I noticed the crowd was still there.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes, talking quietly and caressing each other.  I laid on top of Angelina and started making out with her. Rick started fingering both of us. At the same time. With one hand. He had his thumb in one of us and his middle finger in the other. Which is a testament to his huge hands. Then I decided it was time to have a taste of Angelina’s sweet, shaved pussy. She sucked Rick’s cock while I went down on her.  Her pussy was dripping wet as I put two fingers inside her to massage her G-spot while I licked her clit. Rick’s cock fell out of her mouth as her head dropped to the pillow. She moaned loudly as she came on my fingers. Her pussy juices gushed down my hand.

She caught her breath as she put Rick’s cock back in her mouth. “I want to taste you,” she told him as she began sucking him. She and I took turns for a few minutes licking his cock and balls. I could tell he was close to a climax by the sound of his breathing, so I kept licking his balls as she stroked and sucked his cock. He spasmed and came in her mouth and she gulped every drop.

She wanted to get a toy out of her bag, and pulled out a purple vibrator. It was one of those amazing Lelo vibrators that cost a small fortune, but worth every penny. She used it on herself while I kissed her lips, neck and nipples. Rick lay down on the other side of her and began stroking her clit as she inserted her purple friend inside her pussy. Her kisses started to become more urgent and hungry. She took her vibe out of her pussy and put it on her clit. Rick put two fingers inside and found her swollen G-spot. He massaged it faster and faster and as she squealed, “I’m gonna squirt! I’m gonna squirt!”

Rick said, “Holy shit, she’s soaking wet,” Angelina continued moaning and thrashing about on the bed as her pussy contracted a few more times. She looked a little disoriented for a few seconds then started kissing Rick furiously, saying, “You made me squirt!” She kissed me hard and said, “I want to do the same to you.” She rolled over and spread my legs apart and put her vibrator right on my clit. God, it felt amazing. I’m definitely asking Santa for one this year. Rick pinched and tweaked my nipples, which always accelerates my excitement. I came pretty quickly, pussy juices gushing all over that purple love machine.

We were kind of worn out after that, and decided to let someone in the growing crowd take our big bed for a while. So we got up, stripped the wet sheets, got dressed and went off to touch up hair and makeup. She noticed the time and said she probably should get home, because her husband would be expecting her soon.

During the car ride back to the bar (where she’d left her car), we talked about other things we’d like to do. She said she loved that others watched us in the playroom.  We also learned that Angelina recently discovered a taste for BDSM, and was already in training with a Dom. She suggested I come along with her some time, hoping her Dom would force her to do things to me. Basically she would be his Sub, and I would be her Sub. Rick and I weren’t sure if or how that would ever pan out, but it was fun to consider the possibility.

When we dropped her off, we both kissed her goodbye and all promised we’d do it again soon.  On the ride home, the thought of what we did made me so hot and horny that I demanded Rick fuck my brains out when we got home. We got ready for bed, laid down, and within a few minutes we realized we were exhausted from the two-and-a-half hour fuckfest we’d just engaged in. So we dozed off.

But in the morning, I felt the unmistakable poking of my lower back that meant only one thing. Rick was ready for action again, and frankly, so was I. We started the day the same way we’d ended it the night before. It took a couple of days for my sore muscles to recover, but they were an awesome reminder of a great time.

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  1. #1 by G on July 31, 2013 - 4:27 am

    Sounds like a great experience for all three of you! Very hot read!

    • #2 by shalynne on July 31, 2013 - 10:59 am

      Thank you for reading – and for commenting. We did have a great time and look forward to more fun with her!

      • #3 by G on July 31, 2013 - 1:18 pm

        I recently realized the fun of being with other women so I should thank you for the good read. I still have to finish my story!

  2. #4 by chasitybreeze on August 1, 2013 - 8:19 pm

    Whew! What a smokin’ hot story!! Brock and I have got to meet you guys!! I got so wet just reading this, I have to take a break from writing just to take care of it!! Thank you for such a HOT read!
    Loves and kisses in all the right places!
    ~Chasity Breeze ❤

    • #5 by shalynne on August 3, 2013 - 1:05 am

      We’d love to meet you and Brock! Glad you liked the story. Maybe someday we can create our own story together…

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