Room Service


great tits

Photo credit: A Lady That Kneels

“Look at her,” Nicole said as she turned her laptop screen toward her husband. “She’s hot. Let’s email them.”

Aidan agreed. “She has a great rack,” he added. Nicole had been planning a getaway to celebrate Aidan’s recent job promotion. She booked a suite at a luxury hotel about 40 miles away. Next on her to-do list was to find another couple with which to celebrate with them.

After a few days of screening online profiles, sending nudges, emailing face pictures back and forth, Nicole and Aidan agreed to meet Jake and Sassy for dinner and drinks. Jake and Sassy were a gorgeous couple in their early 30s. Jake was a fireman with a broad smile and chiseled abs. He looked every inch like a calendar model and Nicole was attracted to him instantly. Sassy’s real name was Samantha and her bright and bubbly personality only added to her appeal. She carried a gorgeous pair of DDD cup breasts on her petite, yet curvy frame. She was a natural blond with pale blue eyes. She and Aidan hit it off right away, and Nicole instantly knew that she would have her own fun with Sassy too.

“So you can get here on Saturday afternoon, right?” Nicole asked during dessert. “It would be great to get in a swim before dinner,” she added.

Yes, we’ll be there by three,” Jake answered. “We’re looking forward to it,” Sassy added.

Nicole and Aidan smiled at each other. “Great,” she said. “See you then.”

Over the next few days, Nicole’s anticipation of their weekend with Jake and Sassy thickened. Some days she felt like time was flying by and other days she thought would last forever. She spent an afternoon trying on sexy new dresses, and spent another afternoon getting her nails done and taking care of some waxing. She wanted everything to be perfect.

That Friday after work, Aidan and Nicole drove to the hotel, checked in and went to their room. The room was as beautiful as it appeared in the photos online.  Aidan pointed out the places where sex was possible: on the bed, of course, plus the full-sized sofa and loveseat in the sitting area, on the desk in the corner, on the large counter next to the sink in the oversized bathroom, in the jetted tub, on the side of the tub and in the shower. “I think we’ll have plenty of places to keep busy,” he reassured himself as Nicole rolled her eyes in response. Aidan drew Nicole close to him and kissed her.  “Let’s get something to eat,” he added.

After dinner capped off by a bottle of champagne they intended to finish back in their room, Nicole and Aidan returned to their suite.  He took her hand and led her into the bathroom where a candlelit bath was drawn and two empty champagne glasses stood ready for service. Aidan filled them as Nicole undressed and stepped in the tub.

“Oh, it feels so good and smells amazing,” Nicole said, noticing the rosewater scent of the bubbles.

“Yep,” Aidan replied as he slid in next to her.

“I know I’ve said it once, but congratulations again, honey,” Nicole said as she tapped her glass next to Aidan’s. They kissed again and Aidan’s hand slid down his wife’s stomach as Nicole instinctively widened her legs. Aidan’s fingers caressed Nicole’s clit and pussy lips as she moaned. She managed to set her empty glass down and wrap both hands around Aidan’s growing cock. She felt it harden as she stroked it, which always turned her on.

“Sit back, baby,” she whispered. Aidan leaned against the back of the tub as Nicole straddled him and lowered her pussy down around her husband’s cock. As she slid up and down, Aidan cupped her bubble-covered tits and tugged on her nipples. Then he turned her around and bent her over the edge of the tub and fucked her from behind. He reached around to massage her clit and grabbed a handful of her dark hair with the other. He continued massaging her clit and pounding her pussy until she let out a low moan as her pussy climaxed around his cock.  After a few more thrusts he came in her pussy and they both let out a contented sigh as they climbed out of the tub and into bed.

They awakened the next morning and had a late breakfast. They returned to the pool and claimed four lounge chairs. Nicole lifted Aidan’s wrist to check the time. At 3 pm Jake and Sassy met them poolside. Sassy wore a peach-colored sundress that did a fantastic job of showcasing her voluptuous tits. Her bronze tan provided a superb backdrop for her beautiful smile. Jake, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, looked delicious, Nicole thought.

As they exchanged hugs and kisses hello, Aidan handed the others a margarita each. “We’ve reserved this cabana for the day,” Nicole said. “So how ‘bout we change and go for a swim?”

Everyone agreed and all four joined together in the pool. They played water volleyball, and Aidan and Sassy showed themselves to be excellent teammates, trouncing Nicole and Jake two out of three games. The bumping and touching under the water heightened the couples’ arousals. As the sun began to slip away, Aidan suggested the foursome return to the room for showers before dinner.

As Jake followed Nicole out of the pool, he squeezed her ass. She turned and gave him a sexy wink. After they got back to the room and went inside, Aidan asked Sassy, “Want to join me in the tub?”

“Sure,” she smiled and walked to the bathroom, stripped and lowered herself into the tub as the water level rose. Nicole turned on the shower, took off her bikini and stepped in. Jake dropped his swim trunks and joined her. Aidan joined Sassy in the tub, turned on the jets and looked over at his wife, who was making out with Jake. His hands were on her ass and she was stroking his cock.

Aidan turned to Sassy and said, “I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve really been looking forward to tonight.” He leaned in to kiss her and began caressing her breasts. She returned his kiss and began stroking his inner thighs.

Nicole dropped to her knees and took Jake’s throbbing cock into her mouth and began sucking. Jake braced himself as he watched the water cascade down Nicole’s back as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He didn’t want to cum just yet, so he took his cock out of her mouth and sat down on the shower bench, saying “I want to feel you inside me.” She smiled and turned around, reverse-cowgirl style and lowered herself onto his dick. She loved how her pussy felt as he filled her. She reached behind to steady herself on the bench before she started bobbing up and down.

She looked over toward the tub and saw that Aidan and Sassy were gone. She looked out past the door into the room and saw the pair kissing as they made their way to the bed. She loved to watch Aidan be pleased by another woman and didn’t want to miss this chance to see a beauty like Sassy take Aidan to new heights of pleasure.  She reached up, turned off the water, and said to Jake, “Let’s join them.”

After drying off, they went into the bedroom and saw Sassy lying on the bed, legs spread wide. Aidan was rubbing Sassy’s clit, and as Nicole walked closer, she saw that Sassy already had a butt plug inserted and moaned as he twisted the plug. “She loves that,” Jake whispered in Nicole’s ear.


butt plug

Video credit: A Lady That Kneels

“Let me take your towel,” Jake offered. She handed him her towel and he led her over to the sofa. Sitting her down, he spread her legs as she leaned back. He knelt in front of her and started licking her pussy. It was soaking wet, from the shower or from watching Sassy, he couldn’t tell. Either way, she was primed and ready to go. He continued licking her pussy, then inserted two fingers inside and found her G-spot. She arched her back and dug her fingernails into the sofa cushions. Jake licked her swollen clit and continued massaging. Nicole felt her climax building and grabbed Jake’s hair. She squealed in an explosive climax that sent her pussy juices gushing out, covering Jake’s mouth and chin.

Sassy and Aidan weren’t far behind. After a quick tutorial from Sassy on just how she liked her butt plug inserted, he periodically applied pressure to her clit, which sent Sassy into orbit. She grabbed the headboard above her and gushed more pussy juices with each little push. Her huge tits were beaded with sweat and her nipples grew to the size of pencil erasers. She began gyrating her hips as she moaned, and it didn’t take long for her pussy to respond. Sassy was a squirter and as she came, she soaked the towels. Her body shook and jerked with each squirt.

Nicole just stared in amazement. She wanted to touch Sassy; to kiss and caress her magnificent tits, to inhale her essence and just get close to such a gorgeous, sexual creature. She grabbed Jake’s hand and led him to the bed. She crawled up next to Sassy, still trying to catch her breath, and kissed her neck and ears while running her hands lightly over her erect nipples. She climbed above Sassy, 69-style, and Aidan began alternating fucking Sassy’s pussy then withdrawing and putting it in Nicole’s mouth. He thrust in a pussy, then a mouth. Jake climbed on the bed behind Nicole, positioned his cock behind her as he entered and fucked her.

Moans of pleasure filled the room as both men unloaded their wads into their new lovers’ pussies. Sassy let out another squeal as she came one last time on Aidan’s cock and Nicole lifted her head and let out a “yessssss,” as she climaxed on Jake’s cock. She collapsed on the bed in exhaustion and ecstasy. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Room service?”

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