He Said, She Said

She stood at the end of the bar waiting for her husband to return. She was shocked at how many people were in this club; she couldn’t take a breath without someone bumping into her. She came close to spilling her glass of chardonnay so many times that she left it sitting on top of the bar. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and was pleased at the reflection she saw. She and her husband were not new to the swing lifestyle, but this was their first time at this club. Just as she lifted the glass to her lips she felt a hand caress her ass and felt a body rub up behind her.

She tried to turn around, but the body pressed up hard against her. So she looked in the mirror behind the bar and saw a tall, sexy man smiling at her reflection. She was pretty sure it was his hand that was rubbing her ass.



“You’re a beautiful woman,” he half-yelled in her ear. “Where is your husband?”

She raised her left hand and toyed with her wedding ring, then the sparkly green bracelet that indicated her swing status. Some couples wore a yellow bracelet, indicating they were only interested in soft swapping and some wore red bracelets to let others know they were not participating in the activities tonight, for whatever reason. Green bracelets indicated to others that the wearers were wanted a full swap experience.

She replied, “Actually, I’m not sure where he is. He went to the restroom a few minutes ago but I haven’t seen him since.”

He put his hand over hers, revealing his green bracelet. “My wife and I play separately. Do you mind?”

Just as she tried to ask what he meant, she felt a hand lifting up the back of her dress and moving up her thigh. It was so loud she couldn’t protest without shouting. But it felt so good that she didn’t want to protest.  Her heart started racing and she dropped her head back against his chest. A quick glance around told her nobody was watching her or cared.

His hand moved from her inner thigh to her slit. She spread her legs apart slightly to encourage him to keep doing what he was doing. She felt herself becoming aroused and dropped her hand behind her back to see if this sexy stranger was aroused. Sure enough, his cock was hard and thick. She began to rub his cock with her hand as he found her throbbing clit and began softly massaging it.

His other hand caressed her neck before dipping underneath her dress and finding her hardened nipple. He tugged ever so slightly and the sensation it created sent a shiver right down to her wet pussy. She wanted to be fucked, right there, against that bar. And he knew it.

“Lean over, and spread your legs a bit wider,” he shouted in her ear. She complied, and felt a sudden cool breeze across her ass as he lifted her dress. Since she wore no panties, his access was going to be easy. She felt something at the opening of her pussy, then, without warning, she felt his penetration, then being filled up with his cock. She reached for the other side of the bar with both hands, steadied her legs and arched her back as he thrust into her.

His thrusts were so smooth, not jerky at all. To others, it could appear that he was simply grinding against her. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to them. She felt a hand massaging her clit and which caused her pussy to contract around his cock. He felt her juices gushing out around him and knew he couldn’t hold off much longer. He put both hands on her hips, sped up his thrusting action and soon blew his wad high up in her twat. She looked as though she were in heaven, her lips slightly parted and her cheeks flushed. She felt him pull out and lower her skirt. He turned her around and kissed her slowly and deeply. When he pulled away, all he said was “thank you, gorgeous.” He zipped his pants and walked away. She turned back to the bar to get a drink and saw her husband smiling at her from across the other side of the bar. He blew her a kiss as he sat his empty glass down and began to make his way around the bar to his wife.

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  1. #1 by Bryan Hart on July 4, 2013 - 4:45 pm

    Wow, very erotic. Love the blog. Don’t stop. This story was awesome.

    • #2 by shalynne on July 4, 2013 - 5:07 pm

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked this story. 🙂 No plans to stop – unless I can’t think of anything to write about, but since I’m writing about sex, I don’t think I’ll be running out of topic ideas. LOL

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