A Little Ditty ‘Bout Jack and Diane (in the hot tub)

Hot Tub

As I said in prior posts, sometimes life gets in the way of swinging. Rick and I have come through six weeks of traveling, attending weddings, graduations, hosting family visits, out-of-town work projects, helping kids pack, move, unpack, you name it. For a while now, we’ve felt like our lifestyle activities kept taking a back seat to other things, and it was kind of a bummer.  But finally, we made time last night for some play with a new couple we met recently, and WOW – was it worth the wait.

I didn’t want to jinx things by writing about them beforehand, but we met Jack and Diane (not their real names, of course) at a swingers meet-and-greet event. We immediately felt at ease with them, and discovered that we had similar tastes, desires and personalities. Jack and Diane were relatively new to the lifestyle, and at this point, were only interested in soft swapping in the same room. Rick and I could relate; we started in the lifestyle at exactly the same point before progressing on. We were comfortable with their boundaries, and offered whatever guidance and input we could when they asked questions about our experiences.

After that first meeting, we got together for a second “date” of sorts at a local strip club. We enjoyed drinks and dancers visiting our table, but things didn’t go any farther than that. But it did give us an opportunity to get to know them better, so we considered it time well spent. That was a few weeks ago. Then a week ago, we were pleasantly surprised to get an invite from them for dinner and play.

Jack and Diane showed themselves to be a very classy couple. They arranged dinner at a fabulous restaurant where we enjoyed an exceptional meal and more great conversation. Afterward we went down a block or so down the street to a local landmark hotel. After parking the car, we met them inside and followed them to the room – an amazing, cool, heavenly suite.

I don’t think anyone could have picked a better place to play. The suite was in a luxurious, Western-themed hotel. It was the size of a small apartment with an enclosed, private patio that included a hot tub. The bathrooms even had the old-fashioned, pull-flush toilets. They had even stocked the bar with our favorite drinks.

After touring the room, we moved to the patio where we all got undressed and stepped into the hot tub. Diane is a beautiful girl, with blond hair, blue eyes and a megawatt smile. I should add that she has lovely, lovely breasts. Jack is a very handsome guy with salt-and-pepper hair, blue eyes and a fantastic smile. We sipped our drinks a bit then Diane settled onto Rick’s lap. I took that as my cue to get comfy with Jack. I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching Rick receive attention from another woman. Despite being new to the lifestyle, she showed no hesitation as she began kissing him and caressing him under the water. I enjoyed making out with Jack as well, especially when he began to nibble and suck on my tits, which he knew would accelerate my arousal because he reads my blog. (I learned that at our first meeting.)

Diane and Rick moved to the corner of the hot tub where he lifted himself up so she could suck his cock. I continued stroking Jack’s cock as he played with my nipples, then we decided to take it to the other corner of the hot tub. At this point, I turned around to see what Rick and Diane were doing, and saw her furiously sucking his cock and him enjoying it. I smiled at him and turned around to pay some attention to Jack.

After sucking him for a few minutes, he leaned down and whispered, “Let’s play with Diane.” So we moved closer to them and I reached my hands around her to cup her breasts and kiss the back of her neck. Jack moved his hands down between my legs and found my slit. After a few minutes of kissing her, Diane lifted her head off Rick’s cock, arched her back and turned to kiss her husband. Then she turned to kiss me. She was a fabulous kisser and we began a torrid make-out session. I loved playing with her titties. I let her take the lead, since she told me at our second meeting that she’d never been with a woman before, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable she would be.

“Everything is so soft,” she said as she stroked my tits and ass. “You are beautiful,” I replied. We continued playing and kind of forgot about the men, which can happen during a foursome (sorry, guys). But pretty soon I felt some masculine hands explore my lady parts, so apparently they managed to stay involved.

“I want to eat your pussy,” I whispered in her ear. “Really?” she replied. “Yes, let’s do it,” I said. She moved over to the side of the tub and lay back against it. I lifted her hips up and alternated suction with licking. The guys moved to each side of her to play with her tits. She started moaning and gyrating her hips, which I found to be very sexy. After a few minutes, her movements grew more frantic and she arched her back and lifted herself up before tightening her thighs around my head as she climaxed.

I continued licking her pussy for a minute or two more as she relaxed and caught her breath. “Wow!” she exclaimed as she wiped water from her face. “That was amazing!” she added.  I smiled and moved back over to Rick, straddling him and feeding him my tits. We kissed and he grew hard again. I really enjoyed watching Diane give him head earlier, so I told him to get back up on the side of the tub and began sucking his cock. Soon after, I felt some fingers expertly finding their way to my pussy and I spread my legs to allow access. Jack found my g-spot and massaged it as I continued blowing Rick, but a few times I had to stop because I got so distracted by the pleasure Jack was giving me. He massaged me to a delicious orgasm and I moaned to express my pleasure. I went back to sucking Rick, who rewarded me by shooting a hot wad of cum inside my mouth.

After a few minutes of relaxing and coming down after the climaxes, we refilled our drinks and talked for another hour before moving back inside to the living area to cool off, watch a bit of TV and talk some more. We finally kissed them goodbye and left feeling as though we had a great time with a wonderful couple who we hope to play with again soon. Maybe next time Diane and I can give the guys tag-team blow jobs! (Wink, wink – are you up for it, girl?)

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  1. #1 by kdaddy23 on June 15, 2013 - 11:54 pm

    That was just amazing and exactly how such things should go; no muss, no fuss, zero fears.

    • #2 by shalynne on June 16, 2013 - 9:28 pm

      You’re right, kdaddy. It’s such an amazing experience when all are happy, satisfied and drama-free! Thanks for posting a comment.

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