My New Sex Toys Arrived Today!


I have taken a sex toy or two along on our swing adventures. I have a cool little backpack (my “go” bag) that I sometimes carry, with wipes, condoms, and, depending on my mood, my favorite vibrator. You just never know who you might meet at a club or house party, and sex toys can be a fun way to add something a little different into your play. Especially if you’re not getting off with your play partner, or have some downtime while your significant other still plays.

Funny story: one time, Rick and I were at a swing club, playing in the group room, and I was going down on a guy after his wife came over and offered to help me give Rick a blowjob. Another woman was on the bed next to us, enjoying having her pussy eaten by some guy. At one point, all I heard was a lot of moaning, I guess to signify her climax, then I heard her very sternly say, “DO NOT TOUCH THIS” as she laid it on the bed next to her. And nobody did.

I got some new sex toys today, weighted Orgasm Balls and a vibrator. I was looking for a new G-spot vibe and finally decided on the Silicone Pleasure Bendie from Eden Fantasys. I just started writing product reviews over there, so I will be adding my thoughts on these in the next few days.

On first look, the vibe looks scarier than it did on the website. This thing is huge. 9″ long and like 5″ in girth. Hmmm… And the orgasm balls are heavy. Really heavy. The online description said “these are guaranteed to make your orgasms stronger and more satisfying.” How could any woman refuse an offer like that? But I’m only wearing them around the house to start, because if they fall out of my pussy and roll across the floor I will die.

Here’s a fun fact courtesy of Playboy: did you know that in Texas, a person can only legally own three sex toys? I think my Silicone Pleasure Bendie must have been made in Texas, after all, everything is bigger here. 🙂

What are your favorite sex toys? Do you take them on swing dates? 


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