The Bachelor Party (Part 2)


David never felt more alive in his life. Here he was, the only man at his own bachelor party, with five beautiful women. Flanked on the bed by Stephanie and Jacqueline, two gorgeous friends of his fiancée, Alisa, he was still catching his breath after finishing some hot sex with each of them. And he still had three more ladies to go, including Alisa. His guy friends would never believe the stories if and when he got the nerve to tell them.

“Not getting tired, are you?” asked Carine, a dark-haired Portuguese fashion assistant he and Alisa befriended a few years ago. David loved her curves and adventurous smile. Carine was always up for anything.

David answered, “Sweetheart, I think it’s time I repay you for the kindness you showed Davy Cockett back at the strip club.” (Yes, that’s what he nicknamed his cock.)  “Didn’t you buy something just for that purpose?” he added.

Carine purred, “Well, yes I did, now that you mention it.” She went to the bag and got out her egg-shaped vibrator with remote control. She coyly handed David the remote, ran her tongue around the vibrator then dangled it in front of him. “Care to do the honors?” she asked.

“In a minute,” he answered, as he put the vibrator on the bed. “First I want to get reacquainted.” He pulled Carine close to him and started softly kissing her neck, nuzzling her velvety soft skin with his stubble.

She started to squirm. “Oooohhhh,” she said as she dropped her head back, her thick, wavy black hair cascading down her back. David moved one hand up to her breast, cupping it and teasing the nipple with his fingers. Carine squirmed a little more, but David had a firm hand arm around her. He slid the strap from her teddy down one arm, exposing her perky tit and hardened nipple. David took the nipple in his mouth as his free hand found Carine’s wet pussy. He stroked her slit before inserting a finger inside.

Her pussy tightened around his digit. “Nice control,” he whispered in her ear. He felt a hand putting the vibrator in his hand. He glanced around and saw that the hand belonged to Alisa. The vibe was already wet, thanks to Alisa coating it in some lube beforehand. David put the tip of the vibrator near Carine’s waiting pussy and applied a little pressure. POP! It slid up easily into her soaking wet  slit.

“Wow!” she gasped. Alisa had turned on the remote and it went to work, vibrating against Carine’s already-swollen G-spot. David sat her down on the bed, gently pushed her back so she was lying down, then he pulled her legs so her ass was right on the edge of the bed. He could see Carine’s fully shaven, glistening pussy as it softly trembled in response to the vibrations. He spread her legs apart and found her swollen clit, engorged and begging for attention.

David took her clit between his lips and sucked gently. Carine started mumbling something in a language he didn’t understand, but it sounded like she was happy. He alternated sucking her clit and running his tongue up and down her slit. He gently tugged on the vibrator’s cord, further teasing her g-spot. He remembered from an earlier encounter with Carine and Alisa a few months back that Carine liked a lot of different types of stimulation at once. She loved everything touched, sucked and penetrated all at once. She was a sexual multitasking machine. He found the bottle of lube, somehow managed to get it open without taking his mouth off her pussy, and squeezed out enough lube on his finger to get it coated. He then inserted his finger into Carine’s tight little asshole.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Carine moaned loudly. She continued thrusting her face up and down and grinding it on David’s beard. He continued sucking her throbbing clit as he finger-fucked her ass. He could see Carine grabbing the sheets, lifting up her head then dropping it as her eyes rolled to the back. He also knew Carine could squirt, so he gently tugged at the vibrator cord until it slid out of her pussy. He replaced the vibrator with his other hand, although it took some real concentration to finger-fuck her in both holes.

Oh, God, David, I’m gonna squirt! Don’t stop!!!” she ordered. He continued sucking and licking her clit, massaging her pussy with one finger and finger-fucking her asshole. He could also feel his cock getting rock hard again. He briefly considered how long it would take to get a condom rolled on so he could fuck her, but it was too late. Her pussy contracted and unleashed its juices, all over David’s face, the sheets, carpet, everything. Carine’s body trembled and pulsed with each release of fluid. She moaned and rolled her head back and forth on the bed. David slowly removed his finger out of her ass and kissed the inside of each of her thighs. She was still writhing on the bed, mumbling incoherently. Stephanie lay next to her, stroking her hair.

“God, you’re a stud,” said Jacqui, smiling.

“And he’s all mine, now,” Alisa answered as she handed David a towel to dry his face. She wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock. “I don’t think you’ve ever been with twins, right?” she asked.

“Not until now”, he answered.

Well, let’s get started, then,” Alisa answered as she led him over to the bed. She sat him down on the side that was still dry, sat down next to him and began kissing him deeply. Her hands went up to caress his face. He felt another set of hands closing around his cock and moving up and down. He opened his eyes and saw his future sister-in-law, Alli, giving him a hand job. He was very pleasantly surprised that she could do that and felt his cock stiffen even more. Then he felt a tongue licking the shaft. Oh, God, this was going to be good, David thought to himself.

As Alli worked her mouth up and down David’s cock, Alisa moved back and grabbed her glass dildo. She loved the firm, smooth feel of a glass dildo. This one had a g-spot tip that she hoped would make her squirt. She inserted the glass into her pussy, then let David take over. He had done this before, but it was hard to concentrate with Alli sucking his dick. David manipulated the dildo up and down, then in a circular motion. Alli sucked harder, and David really had a hard time concentrating.

“Let’s trade places, girls,” he suggested. He grabbed the huge black dildo Alli picked out and asked in amazement, “Jesus, Alli, who did you think of when you picked this out?”

Alli ignored him and grabbed the lube to squeeze some on BlackJack, the name on the dildo’s package. After coating it, she moved in front of David, spread her legs and, to everyone’s surprise, slowly inserted BlackJack inside her pussy. It was twelve inches long and had to be five or six inches around. Alli looked satisfied as she took BlackJack inside her. David took this as his cue and he grabbed what was left of BlackJack and started a thrusting motion. Alisa moved down and started sucking David’s cock. Her familiar strokes and touches encouraged Davy Cockett back to life after this break in the action.

Alli’s heels were nearly touching her ass cheeks, she had them drawn up so high. She grabbed her ankles and arched her back. “More, more, more!” was all she could muster saying. David’s arm was starting to ache, so he began turning BlackJack around inside Alli. She had never done this before herself, and loved the sensation. She pushed David’s hand aside. “Omigod, I need to do this. I’m ‘bout to cum,” she said to no one in particular.

David, feeling like his job was finished, turned his full attention to Alisa. “Come here, gorgeous,” he said as he lifted her head off his cock. He led her to a chair that was facing the window overlooking the city. The clear, moonlit night illuminated the city with a romantic glow. He bent Alisa over the chair so they could both see outward as he entered his fiancée from behind, bareback. At this point he didn’t even care if she got pregnant or not. He was marrying this amazing woman come hell or high water. She arched her back and spread her legs even farther to provide him easier entry. As he filled up her waiting pussy, he reached around and gently squeezed both her tits before moving his hands down to her waist. He started to thrust, she started to moan. Shortly after, the other four came around and started kissing Alisa’s face, sucking her nipples, stroking her back. David was fucking his future wife as he watched her four best friends make love to her too.

“God, I love you Alisa,” he whispered in her ear. He felt her pussy contract on his cock and he decided to let himself go. As he shot his load in Alisa’s pussy, he looked out the window at the city lights. It had to be three or four in the morning, he thought to himself. But as long as I have Alisa with me, I have energy for anything.

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  1. #1 by larryarcher on January 20, 2014 - 9:10 pm

    Fantastic bachelor’s party and I’m envious! Once my wife gave me 4 girls for a birthday present and I’ll always remember that just like I’m sure you remembered this one.

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