Our “Sensual Couples Experience” at Temptations Resort


During our vacation in Cancun, Rick and I indulged in a “Sensual Couples Experience,” thinking it was just another couples’ massage. We love massages, and schedule one for ourselves every five or six weeks, on average, and thought it would be fun to get one while on our Temptations vacation.

We didn’t schedule it until after we arrived, making our reservation in person. The gentleman who took our name and room number didn’t tell us to expect anything out of the ordinary, so we expected just a typical couples’ massage, despite the name “Sensual Couples Experience.” I asked for a female masseuse this time, because my last few massages at the hands of men had left me a little sore.

We arrived a few minutes early, were shown to the locker rooms so we could change into a bathrobe and slippers, before hanging out in the “relaxation room”, waiting to be escorted back to the massage room. Shortly after, Neda and Pedra, two petite Hispanic women, appeared, smiled and escorted us to the couples’ room.

The room was really sensuous. Dimly lit apart from a handful of tealight candles, the room contained two massage tables heavily draped with blankets and sheets, topped with a satin sheet. Two enormous mirrors stood at either end of the room. One of the ladies said to disrobe and cover ourselves with the satin sheet, and they would return in a few minutes.

So Rick and I got naked and climbed onto our respective tables, lay face down and covered ourselves with the satin sheet. A couple of minutes later there was a soft knock at the door, and one of the ladies opened it as they both came inside. After making sure we had our faces snugly placed in the hole at the top of the table, they went to the foot of the table and very slowly pulled back the satin sheet. I mean really slowly. I’d never experienced that before, and it really heightened my sense of anticipation for what was coming next.

I’m not sure which lady worked on me and which worked on Rick, but I soon felt a pair of soft, tiny, feminine hands rubbing my back. It was so different that what I’d become accustomed to with my previous massage experiences. Her hands were very soft, and she soon covered me with oil, making her strokes very slick. She started on my back, moved down to my ass, then legs, then arms, then started over again. I started noticing that she wasn’t massaging me per se, but rather just sensually rubbing me. She continued covering me in oil and I thought I might just slide right off the table, but her little hands felt so good. She spread my legs and rubbed my inner thighs, right up to the Y where my thigh meets my pussy. Then she whispered in my ear “please turn over”.

I complied, rolled over, and she covered my eyes with a towel. She covered my stomach with oil, then started the routine over again. She rubbed my shoulders, arms,  moved down to my thighs, legs and feet, then came back up and lightly ran her hand over my breasts, being careful to avoid touching the nipple. It felt really good, how she would caress the sides first then the bottom of each breast, then would move her hand down to my mound, rub my inner thighs, then start over again. She did this for several minutes, before leaning down to whisper, “please get off the table.”

What??? I was thinking? I’d never had to do that before. She lifted the towel off my eyes, took me by the hand and helped me off the table before leading me over to Rick’s table, where she put my hands on his stomach and instructed me to massage him. He must have been out of it for a few minutes, because he didn’t notice anything different at first, but when I started massaging his cock, he lifted the towel and got a surprised look on his face. As I massaged him to a hard-on, my masseuse continued massaging me as I stood next to Rick. Mostly on my back and ass, but every once in a while she would reach from behind me to cup my tits before sliding her hands down my stomach.

I started to massage his chest, thighs and stomach, then would return to his growing cock. I gave him somewhat of a hand job to increase his arousal. Then the ladies told me to climb on the table between his legs. So I did, as they kept massaging me. I looked down and could see that my tits were glistening from all the oil. I leaned over him and wrapped my tits around his cock and titty-fucked him as I felt four little hands rubbing my ass and back. He groaned with pleasure as I alternated that motion with a hand job.

Then the ladies said in broken English, “we’ll leave you two alone for a while” and they disappeared. I leaned over again and gave him a blowjob before we moved to the other table. He mounted me from behind and we watched ourselves as he banged me doggy-style. I got pretty noisy as I came. Then I flipped over and started sucking his cock as he stood over me. Pretty soon he started playing with my pussy then I came again as I continued sucking. When he got ready to shoot his load, I pulled out and he came all over my face and tits.

We spent a few minutes afterward just sitting on the tables, cleaning off and catching our breath. I wondered aloud if anyone had heard me and Rick said, “Who cares? It’s great advertising for them.”  We put the robes back on and went back to the locker room to shower. Neda and Pedra were nowhere to be found. We got dressed and left them each a nice tip for their services before returning to our room down the hall for a well-earned siesta…

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  1. #1 by CaptKitty on June 3, 2013 - 2:02 pm

    Interesting. I actually booked a vacation to the same resort for August. This should be a fun vacation.

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