The Bachelor Party (Part 1)


David sprayed a quick mist of cologne on his neck and looked in the mirror. The face that stared back showed a hint of nerves. His mind saw an imaginary miniature devil sitting on his shoulder, congratulating him on what must be every man’s dream. He was still having a hard time believing this night would actually arrive, and having an even harder time believing his fiancee was ok with it.

Tonight was David’s bachelor party. But David will be the only male in attendance.

As a fashion photographer, David spent most days shooting thousands of digital images of the most beautiful women in the world. Many of his colleagues on these shoots were women. He worked with a handful of gay men, too, and an even smaller handful of straight men. David met his fiancee, Alisa, on a photo shoot. She worked as a makeup artist, but started her career as a fashion assistant, pulling together outfits for shoots and helping the models in and out of their clothes.

David was surprised at how hard he fell for Alisa. At 5’8″, she was the perfect height for modeling, but her curves discouraged most designers. Her dark brown hair fell just past her bra strap. Her olive skin complimented her warm brown eyes and made her look slightly exotic. But it was her hourglass figure that never failed to arouse him. Spending days and weeks on end with thin women obsessed with their weight made his time with Alisa seem like a tall glass of cool water on a hot summer day. Alisa had the most perfect pair of C-cup tits God ever created and a tight, firm, curvy ass that rocked all those designer jeans – the ones she could actually wear, that is. Every time David made love to Alisa, that devil on his shoulder reminded him what a goddess Alisa was. And that he should please that goddess by giving her what she wanted. 30 minutes of pussy-eating followed by a firm, solid ass-fucking.

I wonder if that’s on the menu tonight, he thought to himself. Alisa was pretty open-minded when it came to sex. She’d been with her share of girls over the years and she and David enjoyed group sex on occasion during their three-year courtship. The group sex usually happened as an afterthought during some tequila-infused wrap parties celebrating the end of a photo assignment and attended by models, boyfriends, girlfriends and the like. David actually proposed to Alisa after one such session, realizing that he would never again meet someone who was as adventurous in the bedroom as she was. He popped the question during breakfast on a tiny island off the coast of Belize nearly a year ago. Alisa immediately answered with a surprised “yes” even though David didn’t have a ring to give her. They picked it out together and she loved the single, three-carat solitaire he bought her.

And it was she who planned this party for him. Alisa decided she wanted to do something a little different for her man. So she invited six of her most beautiful girlfriends to join them for a night of debaucherous fun. She loved to watch David with other women, even though early in their relationship she struggled with some jealousy as David was a gorgeous guy surrounded by half-naked models all day long. Alisa always thought David looked an awful lot like another David: Beckham, the soccer star. Alisa’s David was a lot taller and a lot less tattooed, but had that same dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and usually wore perfectly manicured 5 o’clock shadow.

And tonight was his night. Alisa put together a line-up of T&A that rivaled any 70’s drama. Her best friend, Stephanie, was first on the guest list. Alisa knew Steph had a crush on David, and she was ok with it as long as it remained just that. Alisa also knew David loved Steph’s sexy red hair (and she was red all over) perky tits, and full, pouty mouth. Next was Carine, a Portuguese beauty they met on a photo shoot a few months ago. She and Alisa hit it off immediately, and discovered they had a lot in common, including mutual admiration of David. Carine was petite and curvaceous and loved both sides of oral sex.

Alisa also included her twin sister, Allison. She and Alli had never shared a man before, mostly because Alli had a very strong preference for women. Alisa banked on Alli making a move on one of the other girls before doing anything with David; an activity that David would no doubt enjoy because she was built just like her twin. Jacqueline, Alisa’s former roommate and Vogue cover girl of the month rounded out the guest list. Jacquie was a tall blonde, thin with the longest legs you’d ever seen topped with a heart-shaped ass.

David didn’t know who was on the guest list. All he knew was that he was supposed to be ready and downstairs at 9 pm to join the group in the limo. He grabbed his wallet and keys from the table in the entryway before heading back to the bathroom to empty the box of Trojans under the sink. His heart sank momentarily when he found only three condoms in the box. Oh well, he thought. If we’re gonna be safe, we’ll have to stop to get more somewhere along the way.

He stepped out the front door of his apartment building just as the limo pulled up. The driver stepped out and walked around to open the door to let him in. David climbed inside and scooted to the middle of the seat.

He greeted Alisa with a kiss as he scanned the inside of the car. “Helloooo, ladies!” he said. “Hi David!” they said in unison.

“Ready for some fun tonight?” Stephanie teased.

“You bet,” he replied with a smile.

“Tonight we’re starting the fun at your favorite strip club,” Alisa announced. “Then we’re stopping at the Juice Bar, where we’re each going to buy a sex toy that you’ll be using on us later in our room at the hotel.

David smiled a wicked smile and wondered aloud, “I hope I brought enough singles to tip the ladies tonight.”

“Don’t worry about that, babe.” Alisa said. “We got a couple of cash gifts in the mail this week from my aunt and cousin for the wedding. I figured we’d put it to better use this way than by buying another coffeemaker at Macy’s. We gotcha covered. I like to think of it as divorce prevention.” The girls laughed.

“Good idea,” David chuckled.

As the limo rolled up to Rick’s Treasure Island, David’s favorite strip club, David could feel the excitement in the air. Here he was, with five beautiful women, about to celebrate his impending marriage to one of the five. And there were twins involved! I am the luckiest motherfucker ever, he thought to himself.

“Here we are,” said Carine, in her sexy French-Portuguese accent.

They went inside and were led to the VIP Room, where three bottles of champange awaited them. Another hottie came in to uncork the bottles and began to fill the glasses. “Congratulations, gorgeous,” the hottie said to David as she winked. “You must have the coolest girlfriend ever,”she added.

“I do, and here they are,” laughed and pointed to the twins. Everyone laughed as the hostess left the room, looking a bit confused.

Over the next two hours the drinks flowed freely. As Alisa expected, her sister started inviting dancers into the room, presumably to dance for David, but ultimately to dance for her as well. Carine wasted no time getting the party started and, with Alisa’s permission, started her own lap dance on David before unzipping his pants to bring out his aching cock and began an exquisite hand and mouth dance of her own, slowly licking, sucking and massaging. Stephanie soon joined in the dance and paid sensuous attention to his balls, swirling her tongue around them, taking one in her mouth at a time. Alisa started kissing David’s neck, whispering to him, “this is going to be a night you’ll never forget.”

“Got room for one more?” Jacquie asked.

“Of course,” Stephanie invited her down between David’s legs. As the three of them kissed and sucked his cock, David noticed Alli making out with another dancer. Cool, everyone gets a little action, he thought.

Then he started feeling a tingle in his thighs. He looked down and couldn’t even tell which girls was doing what, but whatever it was, it felt amazing. He put his head back against the wall and let it happen. He felt stroking, sucking, tongues hands touching him in the best places. “God, ladies, you’re amazing,” he moaned as he came in someone’s mouth.

“Wonderful,” Stephanie lifted her head up, “You taste fantastic,” she said as she licked her pouty lips.

The group got up, straightened their clothes and emptied out the last of the champagne glasses. The ladies headed off to the restroom for hair and makeup touch-ups and David headed out to the club to tip his favorite dancers. The group met back up at the front door and went outside to get in the limo.

“So what’d you think?” Alisa asked.

“Christ, baby, I’m in heaven. Not much thinking going on right now. This is amazing.” he sighed.

The limo took them over to the Juice Bar to shop for sex toys. Alisa instructed them to select one that David would use on them later. Alli chose a huge black dildo that rotated and vibrated. Carine chose an egg-shaped vibrator, that she planned to put in her pussy while David sucked her clilt. Jacquie loved nipple clamps and got a pair of metal clamps attached by a chain that could be tugged on. Stephanie chose a butt plug and Alisa picked out a glass G-spot vibrator. David tossed a box of condoms on the pile as Alisa swiped her credit card. The store clerk smiled and said, “Big party tonight?”

“Bachelor party,” answered Alli, as the group left. The store clerk’s smile got even bigger.

The limo took the group to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. David wondered privately what the hell this night was going to cost him and Alisa, but wisely decided to say nothing. He demurely followed the girls up to the front desk, waited politely as Alisa handled the details with the desk clerk, then the girls up to the room. Jacqui carried the large, pink, unmarked shopping bag holding the sex toys.

Alisa opened the door to the room and the girls oohed and aaaahed. The honeymoon suite was lavish. A huge king-sized bed commanded attention in the center, along with a plush sofa facing the giganti windows overlooking the city lights. More buckets of champagne greeted them on the sofa’s side tables.

“Well,” said Jacquie, “Let’s keep the party going.” She disappeared into the bathroom to change into lingerie. The other girls followed as David uncorked the bottles and filled the glasses.

The girls emerged, one by one, wearing sexy lingerie. David’s cock wasted no time in its acknowledgement. Carine, wearing a sexy teddy, walked behind David and removed his coat. Alisa, wearing hot red bra and panties with garter stockings, came over and loosened his tie and gave him a long, wet kiss. She removed his tie and shirt before unzipping his pants and letting them fall to the ground. She helped him out of his shoes and socks as the rest of the ladies gathered around.

“Baby, we’re going to give you a night you won’t forget; right,girls?” Alisa asked.

“For sure.” they agreed in unison.

Alisa started sucking his cock first, bringing it to a full arousal. She was soon joined by Stephanie and they took turns licking and sucking as Carine and Jacqui kissed his neck. Alli started massaging Jacqui’s back and ass.

“Let’s get the toys out,” David suggested. Jacqui brought over her nipple clamps and handed them to David.He drew her close and softly kissed her and clipped one, then the other to her hard pink nipples. She took his hand and led him to the bed and pushed him down on top of it before climbing on top of him and lowering her soaking wet pussy down around his shaft.

“Ohhh,” Jacqui moaned softly as he began lightly tugging the nipple chain and she bobbed up and down on his cock. She started gyrating her hips in a circular motion on his cock which was something David had not felt before. He loved the sensation and felt a surge of arousal shoot through his cock. He kept tugging on the chain until Jaqui arched her back and shrieked “yessss! Oh my God, yesss” as her pussy contracted and gushed on David’s cock. She collapsed in a heap on top of David.

“That was….amazing,” she panted before rolling over and freeing him for someone else. Stephanie could hardly wait her turn. She put it on the bed next to David and climbed on top of him and started kissing him. He returned her kisses and slid his hands down to feel her shaved, wet pussy. She stopped briefly to coat her new butt plug with some lube. She handed it to David and said, “will you do it for me, please?” She rolled over to her side and lifted a leg for easier access and he obliged, sliding it inside as far as it would go. He then rolled her on her back and spread her legs and began to eat her sopping wet cunt. She rocked her hips back and forth just slightly as David licked her slit, moved his tongue up to her clit and swirled it around her hardened knot. She gasped and moaned louder than anyone he’d ever known. He raised his head, reached for a condom that Alisa had already unwrapped, and rolled it down his shaft. He grabbed Steph’s legs and pulled her down to the edge of the bed and entered her. She instantly wrapped her legs around his hips and began matching his thrusts with her own. She then moved her legs up and crossed her ankles behind his neck and he grabbed her legs and began thrusting harder, deeper. He felt her stiffen before her pussy began to contract.

“D-A-V-I-D!!!” she called out as she came.

David was in his own world. He thrust a few more times before he exploded inside Stephanie’s pussy. He was breathing so hard he thought he might pass out, so he withdrew his cock and collapsed on the bed, between her and Jacqui.

“God I need a drink,” he panted. “I think I’m seeing stars.”

“Drink up, baby,” Carine said as she handed him a glass of water. “We’re just getting started…”

To be continued.

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