How We Became Swingers


This is a guest blog post by my wonderful hubby, Rick.

I’m not nearly the writer that my wife is, but she asked me to tell the story of how we came to be swingers. So here goes. When she and I began dating, I began to realize what a special woman I had met. I wanted to see if she was the kind of woman I could really love. I have always loved women, but I was always very shy as a young man. That began to change when I met a couple friends of mine who owned a strip club.

As a friend of a strip club owner, I got more than my fair share of attention. Not just the dancers, but the waitresses, beer girls and the bar tenders. They all were friendly because I was friends with the bosses.  This experience gave me a newfound confidence as a man. I know it was mostly all a façade, but it felt good none the less. Strip clubs though, are not the typical place to take a girl you just began dating. But I enjoyed going and I wanted to see if Shalynne was the kind of girl who would enjoy the strip club experience.  At that time Shalynne, was curious about women, but she wouldn’t have called herself bi-sexual. That’s changed, she loves playing with women now.

After a few months of dating I decided one night I would ask her if she wanted to go to a strip cub one night. She said “sure” and I was off to the races. Keep in mind that when we walked through the door, without paying a cover or a VIP charge, everyone and I mean everyone said, “Hey, Richard, what’s going on?” We had a great time and I even got to watch as she got a lap dance.  We went home after that and fucked like a couple teenagers. The next day I was thinking to myself, “that went very well; this girl might be a keeper. “

We went to the same club a few more times and then I began to think, “Maybe I can get her to a nude beach”. When I was in college, my friends and I frequented a place on Lake Travis near Austin called Hippy Hollow. The summer after I had convinced Shalynne to go out the strip clubs, I asked her if she would like to head to Austin for a long weekend. Once there I took the next step in my master plan. I asked if she would like to head out to the lake and do some skinny dipping and sun bathing au natural. Again she said “sure”.  I thought, “Wow, my kind of girl”. So off we went to Hippy Hollow. We stretched out for a while, and she didn’t hesitate to strip off the clothes and allow her glistening body to enjoy the warmth of the sun. She has perfect, natural 38DD breasts, very firm and beautiful; the kind of boobs that women go to a plastic surgeon and pay thousands of dollars to have created.

All around us I am noticing men and woman taking a look at her and feeling awesome that the woman I am lying naked with is catching the eye of those around us. After a short time baking in the sun we decided to take a swim to cool off. We venture into the water up to our shoulders. I take her into my arms and begin to stroke her body hoping to get her excited. The realization that if we started to fool around, we would be watched got me rather excited. My rock-hard cock was gently teasing her as the waves bumped us randomly together. She wrapped her legs around me and we started fucking, knowing all the while that everyone on the shore knew exactly what we were doing. It was the most exciting sex I had ever had.  She told me later that fucking in the water all the while people were only feet away from us was incredibly hot.

Before Shalynne, I had always been curious about the lifestyle but I never thought that I would ever meet a willing partner. I heard stories from some of the dancers at the strip club about going to sex clubs, or what I later found out were swinger clubs. After our experience at Lake Travis, I began to think,  maybe I had found the girl that might be willing to test the waters of the swinger lifestyle. But despite her willing to try the strip clubs and the nude beach, this was a big step.

At this point, I was batting 1.000 at getting her to do some different things sexually, but it took me months to work up the courage to ask her if she would be willing take things to the next step. I was way too scared to ask her if she had ever considered swinging, so I asked her if she would be interested in going to a “sex club”. She asked me “I have never heard of those; what are they?” I explained it was a club where we could go and watch others or let others watch us playing around. The thought of adding someone else to our sex life was still a distant scary thought. Again, always willing to test her own limits, she looked at me smiled and said “Why not? Sounds like fun.”. I think that was the very moment I knew I was madly in love.

We went to a club I heard to be newbie-friendly.  After some ice-breaking and a few drinks, I watched as she engaged in some some sexual touching and dancing with another couple while I stroked my cock. I have never been a jealous man and so the idea of another man or woman enjoying the sexuality of my wife has never been an issue, but until that moment I didn’t understand how sexy it would feel to watch the woman I love freely exploring the sexuality of other people. Watching her was one thing, but I wasn’t sure how she would feel about watching another woman with me. That would happen on another day.

It hasn’t always been smooth but after that first night I think we both knew there was no turning back. We were now officially a lifestyle couple and enjoying the lifestyle together has brought closer than I could ever imagine.


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