Cereal and Ice Cream Can Spice Up Your Sex Life?


Most health food brands are marketed with a focus on what they can do for consumers’ weight, muscle or overall wellbeing. But what about sexual health? We’ve already seen The Icecreamists’ libidio-boosting Sex Pistol ice cream, and now Sexcereal is a breakfast wholefood designed to improve the sex lives of men and women, with distinct versions for each gender.

BigLifeLiving – the startup behind the cereal – worked with nutrition experts to create two different oat-based products that would give both genders the ingredients their body needs to help them in the bedroom. The female version contains cranberries, almonds, ginger and sunflower – designed to balance hormones – while the male version includes bee pollen, black sesame, wheat germ and Camu Camu – with the aim of restoring energy and testosterone. Combining the wholefood with three tablespoons of Greek yogurt will provide protein, fiber, iron and omega 3, as well as the necessary nutrients to increase the libido and boost general health, according to the company. A 300-gram pack is priced at USD 9.95.

Sexcereal claims to be the first gender-based wholefood and its promotion is executed with the assumption that men and women traditionally want different things from health products, along with the science to back up its claims. The company is also keen to stress that the product is not simply a gimmick — but will customers share that view?

The ice cream, called The Sex Pistol, contains ginkgo, biloba, arginine and guarana. It’s served with a shot of the highly intoxicating La Fee Absinthe. Apparently it’s only available in the UK for now, but I can only imagine it won’t be long before it comes over to the US.

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