Dan Gets His Birthday Candle Blown


Emily let out a huge sigh of frustration as she surfed and clicked her way through various lingerie, bar, and swinger club websites. She was planning her husband Dan’s 40th birthday party and wanted to give him a night to remember. She and Dan had been in the lifestyle a few years now, and cultivated close friendships with about eight other couples they’d met on their journey. A lunchtime discussion during a weekend cookout yielded few exciting choices:
• “Let’s take him to a strip club and give him a stack of ones to entice some dancers to come home with us!” said one friend.
• “How ‘bout a free-for-all weekend in Vegas?” asked another.
• “We could rent out the club for the evening and have the place to ourselves…” suggested a third.
Emily dissed those ideas right off the bat. She wanted to give Dan an experience he and their friends would always remember. “I’m just not feeling it, Jules,” she complained to her best friend Julie. “I want to do something…you know…different.” Julie laughed, “Kinda hard to do, Em, when you’ve fucked a lot of different people in a lot of different places a lot of different ways already,” she said. “I’ve got an idea,” she added. “Let’s have a house party. We’ll invite the group plus a few newbies. I’ve added a few new couples to my online Favorites List. This will be a fun challenge for me. I’ll handle the details.” Julie was already scribbling ideas and names on some scratch paper she found nearby. Emily wasn’t sure if she wanted to hand over all the details for Dan’s party, but she trusted Julie, who was usually the life of any party she attended.
Two weeks later, Julie was busy finishing up the final details for Dan’s party that night. It was going to be a surprise for the birthday boy, as his actual birthday was three days later. Emily had arranged to take him out to dinner and told him they were picking up Julie and Ron, Julie’s husband, for drinks afterward before going to some charity auction. Dan suspected nothing as they pulled into the driveway. Julie’s blue sedan was the only car parked anywhere near the house.
“SURPRISE!!!!” everyone shouted. Dan was shocked into silence. He stood in the doorway, blushing, mouth open without a sound coming out. He stared dumbfounded at his group of friends as they rushed up to hug him, slap him on the back, shake his hand, and, in the case of one excited partygoer, grabbed his ass. “Happy birthday, you swashbuckling fuck!” Ron shouted. “Happy birthday, you sexy old fart,” said Amanda, another friend. Well-wishers throughout the room offered up celebratory words as they took his hand and led him to a huge cake in the shape of a set of large white titties. A hot pink candle was plunged into each cakey nipple.
Shortly thereafter, the liquor began to flow freely throughout the party as everyone enjoyed a BBQ buffet of chicken, brisket, ribs and all the side dishes. Guests began jumping in the pool and hot tub; eventually the swimsuits came off too. Dan was so happy about this birthday surprise he went over to Emily, who was talking to Amanda and her husband Jake. All three were nude, as was Dan. “Man, Em, you really pulled it off. I was totally surprised and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. Thanks, babe,” he said as he leaned in and cupped both of Emily’s D-cup tits, and kissed each nipple. Emily smiled back and said, “Oh, you have no idea what we still have in store for you.”
Dan cocked one eyebrow as he watched the naked girls walk away and into the kitchen.

“Shit, I wonder what that means,” he said, to no one in particular. “Who knows, with those two,” Jake answered. Just then, blonde, busty Amanda came out from the kitchen holding a basket, and Emily, with her wet, tousled strawberry blonde hair framing her face, carried out the birthday cake, nipple candles alight, and walked toward Dan. At that point Dan noticed the busty tits on his birthday cake matched the D-cups hanging on his wife’s frame. He grinned. Dan might have been the only guy on the planet that night to have the “Happy Birthday” song sung to him by two dozen nude, horny, and drunk guests.
“Blow out the candles, hot stuff!” a woman’s voice shouted from the back. “We want to get on with the game!” it continued. “Game?” Dan asked. Julie, his wife’s BFF and Dan’s favorite swing partner, emerged from the group. She was a gorgeous brunette, with long legs and a tight, firm ass that belied her 37 years. Dan was always amazed that a woman with three young kids could be in such good shape. Julie’s best attribute, Dan thought, was her pair of 36D breasts. They hung a bit lower than they used to, due to Julie’s years of nursing her children, but they were still spectacular. So much so, that Dan’s eyes riveted straight to Julie’s tits when she came forward.
“Ok, sweetie, we have a game for you.” Julie announced. “You’re going to get a birthday blow job. Not just any blow job, though. As our birthday boy tonight, ALL the ladies here have agreed to go down on you with their best techniques. But there’s a catch,” Julie’s eyes sparkled mischievously. “Each girl is going to draw a number out of this basket. The number represents how many strokes they’re each going to give you with their mouth before moving onto the next. Emily is going to draw last. You have to hold off cumming until Em has you in her mouth,” she instructed. “After Em has done her strokes, you can blow your wad.”
The guys hooted and hollered when they heard the rules. “You lucky son of a bitch!” said one. “Why can’t this be my birthday?” asked another. Julie walked around with the basket as each of the 11 girls picked out a piece of paper and opened it. “The numbers are varied, from 15 up to 65,” Julie said. Dan’s eyes grew like saucers. Silently thanking God that he took a nap after mowing the lawn that morning and mentally noting he’d only had two beers since arriving, Dan confidently sat in the patio chair that was offered him. Emily sat a paper crown from Burger King that one of her boys snagged for her at lunch upon Dan’s damp locks of hair. “Who’s going first?” she shouted.
“I guess me,” said their friend Jennifer. “I have 15,” she said. Jen placed a beach towel between Dan’s feet and dropped to her knees. Dan liked Jen. She was the youngest of their crowd at 27, with perky C-cup tits and lovely, full, pouted lips that she just dressed with hot pink lipstick. She lowered her face, pushed her long brown hair aside, and began to slowly lick Dan’s growing cock. She ran her tongue around the head, flicked it back and forth across the top, before plunging it deep down her throat and back up. “Ahhh…” Dan let his head drop back and closed his eyes. I don’t mind turning 40 as much as I thought I would, he thought. Jen savored those 15 strokes as she slowly aided Dan’s cock to a full-throttle hard-on. “Aw, I wish it could have been longer,” Jen said as she got up, pink lipstick smeared around her lips and chin, and leaned in for a quick French kiss with Dan. “Happy birthday, baby,” she said sweetly as she got up and walked away. “Thanks, baby,” Dan replied and smacked her bare ass in gratitude.
Next was Suzanne, the little hottie who lived next door. She and her husband Jim were the ones who introduced Emily and Dan to the lifestyle. They were about the same age, and Suzanne prided herself on giving great blow jobs. She kept herself in good shape for a 40-something housewife. Dan always enjoyed her full, mature C-cup titties and pretty blue eyes. Suzanne lowered herself and took Dan’s cock in her mouth. “How many strokes?” he asked. Suzanne simply handed him her slip of paper with the number 27 written on it and began to suck.
And suck she did. Dan always thought she’d had a vacuum strapped to the back of her throat. The suction she applied sent Dan into orbit. Already hard from having a young cutie blowing him earlier, he could barely hold his load as Suzanne alternated a swirl motion around his cock going down with the Hoover suction treatment coming up. 27 times she did that. Dan tried counting backward from 100 to hold off, which only barely worked, but he made it. “Happy birthday sweets,” she said as she got up and kissed him on the lips. “You made me feel 19 again, babe. Thanks,” he replied.
And so it went on, for another 34 minutes. Seven more hot ladies, all nude, with B+ titties or bigger, dropped to their knees and orally stroked Dan’s darkening, throbbing cock. He felt it all; wet tongues swishing around the velvety head, flicking the little crease in his frenulum, slobbering on the way down, throwing in a few courtesy licks for his aching balls, and applying various levels of suction on the way back up. He groped all the tits, ran his fingers through wet and dry hair, seemingly every shade of the rainbow in color, and just reveled in his good fortune. His Burger King crown fell off somewhere around girl number 5 or 6 and his dick ached to blow his wad and call it an evening. What could top this, he asked himself?
Julie was number 10; just before Emily, who would give the final blow job of the evening. “I have 58 strokes,” she announced just before dropping to her knees. Julie loved to have fun and tease. Just before stepping up to Dan’s throne of pleasure, she applied a tingly lip balm that she’d used on Dan and many men before. They all said it drove them crazy as the tingling sensation transferred from Julie’s lips to Dan’s aching, throbbing member. Her mouth was already wet as she lightly kissed the head and slid down the shaft, easily deep-throating Dan’s massive hard-on. Within seconds, Dan felt the familiar tingle around his shaft as Julie began her signature move. “Fuck! Jules, you had to put on your special lipstick,” Dan gasped. By now, he was out of mental tricks, and was resorting to calling up images of the ugliest girls he could think of to stave off the inevitable climax. Julie was somewhere around stroke nine when she started her swallowing trick. At some time in Julie’s past, she’d learned to swallow with a hard cock in her throat. The tightening of her throat around the lower ½ to 1/3 of Dan’s cock was heavenly. She lightly rubbed his taint with her fingertips, again sending Dan into orbit. God almighty, he thought, just let me get through this. Julie’s swallowing motions, alternated with soft, wet kisses from her pouty lips combined with her lush tits that gently brushed against his calves each time Julie’s head went down, was more than Dan could handle. He panted heavily, sweat beads gathering on his forehead. He started to feel dizzy. He was going to blow. Sorry, Em, I couldn’t do it, he thought. Maybe later tonight you can give me a private party. His thoughts were muddling and he was about to let go and shoot a huge cum wad into Julie’s pouty throat when the motion stopped. “57, 58!” he heard the crowd yell. “Holy shit, this man has a steel cock!” shouted Ron. The crowd roared with laughter as Dan caught his breath. He was still breathing hard when Emily’s pendulous tits appeared in front of him as she slowly lowered herself between her husband’s thighs. “My number is 65,” she said wickedly. “You’ve done a great job, but can you hold on?”
“Oh, God, I don’t know,” Dan replied weakly. For the last 45 minutes, Dan’s body was being tested to its max; brought to a state of heightened arousal to near climax by ten different women. He was exhausted but determined to see this game through to its logical conclusion.
“I won’t start swallowing till stroke 66, so hang on,” Emily ordered. She pursed her lips, lowered her head, and began to lick. Slowly at first, then faster. She stroked his thick cock with one hand at first, then clasped her fingers together and began giving him a hand job that matched the speed and rhythm of her mouth. She knew Dan loved this and continued for a dozen strokes. “Ffffuuuucccckkk…” he sighed. He was home free now. He could blow his growing wad of cum into his wife’s mouth in no time. “Yeah, baby, suck that cock,” he said as he grabbed a handful of Em’s long hair. She began to suck harder and felt Dan’s thighs begin to tremble and shake. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. By the time she was at stroke 48, she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. She stopped the hand job, started stroking his taint with three fingers on one hand and firmly jerked Dan’s cock with the other, hand following mouth with each stroke.
Dan began to see the promised land. He looked at the patio filled with 11 hot women, with all those bountiful breasts that he had played with earlier. There has been no greater birthday party than this one, and he owed it to his awesome wife Emily. “Ok, babe,” he said, and he blew a huge wad of cum into the back of Emily’s mouth. “GODDDDDDD!” he groaned as he clenched his teeth and threw his head back. His vision went white for a split second, and when he came to, the crowd erupted in applause. “Whoo hoo!” he heard them shout. Then they gathered around him; someone picked up the Burger King crown and put it back on his head. He felt hands slapping his back. He really wanted to get in that hot tub again. He looked down and saw Emily wiping a bit of cum off her chin with her finger. “Thanks, babe. You’re the best,” he told her. She swallowed again to clear her throat and asked, “Ok, who’s ready for cake?”

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  1. #1 by Blowjob on November 15, 2013 - 8:17 pm

    Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design.

    Outstanding choice of colors!

    • #2 by shalynne on November 15, 2013 - 9:41 pm

      What was the name of your old blog? Thanks for the comment.

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