Ladies: Are You A Picky Eater?

Recently I was surfing through online profiles at the lifestyle website my hubby and I are members of, and stopped to read a profile in its entirety. The author (not sure if it was the male or the female) wrote something that piqued my interest and attention. In the box that read, “Describe your bisexuality, if applicable”, the person answered:


Wow, I thought. He or she must have had one too many encounters with women who were happy to let you munch their carpet, but didn’t return the favor. I had an experience like that myself, a few months back. Although at the time, I was too drunk to realize it.

We were at a club in another city. We were spending the weekend there and decided to see what the local lifestyle had to offer. Rick set us up online and got directions to the party. When we arrived, I was dubious; this “party” was at a low-budget hotel in a seedy part of town. Oh, well, I thought, let’s see what fun we can have. We went inside and it was the biggest off-premise party I had ever been to: it was several ballrooms of this old hotel combined together. You could probably seat 500 people comfortably. There were a lot of tables to be sure, but there was also a huge dance floor, full DJ booth, a smaller stage with a dance screen in one corner (so you could see your silhouette on the screen, I wrote about this in another post). In the other corner was a full kitchen with volunteers to replenish the fruit, cheese, meat and dessert trays. There were three stripper poles mounted in a row against one wall and the playroom (so it wasn’t really an off-premise club after all).

We sat through the lengthy newbie orientation (with about 50 other people) then went out to have fun. We met several people, thanks to Rick’s Apple Pie Moonshine, that he shared with anyone passing by our table. We had been at our table about 30 minutes when another couple, in their early- to mid-thirties sat down and asked, “Can we sit with you? The people over at our table are boring.” “Sure,” we answered, and proceeded to get to know our new tablemates, with no immediate intention of playing with them.

After a few drinks, including moonshine and DIY margaritas, my newfound lady friend were dancing the conga line and doing who knows what else. After I went behind the dance screen, squirted for a complete stranger and returned to our table, the man at the table next to us asked Rick if he could touch me. Why he didn’t ask me himself is a mystery. But Rick said “yes”, so the nice man began stroking my thigh as I enjoyed the attention. Until my newfound lady friend (we’ll call her NLF because I don’t remember her name) came over and sort of shoved the guy aside, saying “Sorry, she’s MINE!” and started making out with me feverishly. She was massaging my tits and had her tongue all over my throat.

We continued this for a few minutes until Rick got nervous about table fucking, so he directed us all to take it to the tiny playroom. This room had four small couches/loveseats and a sex swing. That was it. For 300 people. Unreal. I think we may have cut in front of some people and found a couch to start playing. It was pretty apparent that all NLF wanted was me to play with her. She dropped her pants and took off her shirt, and I did enjoy her full tits and soaking wet pussy. I massaged her G-spot and licked her pussy until she squirted on my hand. I continued for a few more minutes then we switched places, when her HUSBAND started eating my pussy while NLF went to work on Rick’s cock.

Mr. NLF was pretty good with his tongue and I climaxed fairly quickly. We switched places and I started working on his cock. Then NLF left Rick high and dry and went over to her husband to start sucking her husband’s cock with me. After a few minutes of sharing cock, I went back to my husband, and he indicated he was ready to go. He later said she wasn’t really into sucking him, either.

I had a good time generally at this party, but the next morning I realized this girl was a taker and not a giver at all. I chalked it up to experience, but it made both of us realize that we need to do a better job of screening our future playmates – and maybe drink a little less moonshine…

So back to this posting I read: it started me thinking that all of us in the lifestyle have our likes and dislikes. Some are pickier eaters than others. I created this poll to find out what my readers like – hope you’ll participate!

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