My Pin-Up Girl

wet tits2

Deanna boarded the train after a long shift at the hospital one chilly Chicago day. She sat down and pulled the ponytail holder out of her hair, her long, golden-brown locks falling softly around her shoulders. The chill from the air gave her cheeks a flushed glow, and even her hospital scrubs and sexy black bra couldn’t contain her pendulous 36DDD breasts and nipples, hardened and erect from the cold, despite the puffy jacket she was wearing.

“That wind is a killer,” said the curvy blond sitting across from her. Deanna looked up and took notice of the fact that the only passengers in this particular car were this attractive blond girl and herself. Deanna smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s raw out there.  I like your scarf. What’s your name? I’m Deanna.”

“Thanks, I’m Casey,” the blond said, touching her bright blue wool scarf. “So which hospital do you work at?” Casey asked. “Northwestern,” Deanna said. “ER,” she added. “Oh, wow,” Casey responded. “So you must see a little bit of everything coming in there, like people who get stuff stuck in weird places.” “Yeah, we get mostly heart attacks, car crashes and a few gunshot wounds,” Deanna answered, “but every once in a while we get a guy who gets his dick stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose, or one who gets a gerbil stuck in his ass, but those don’t happen very often.” The girls continued chatting, through several train stops, when Casey got up and said, “Well, this is me. I enjoyed talking to you. Here’s my card; maybe we can have lunch sometime? You would make a great pin-up girl.” Casey stepped off the train and disappeared down the street. Deanna looked down at her card that read, “The Pin-Up Store: World’s largest selection of burlesque costumes and accessories, and pin-up portrait studio.”

At once, Deanna was intrigued. During their conversation, she tried not to be too obvious in her admiration of Casey’s physical attributes. But the fact was, she was just what Deanna liked in a woman: petite and curvy. Deanna couldn’t help but notice Casey’s round ass when Casey stepped off the train. She also sneaked a peek at Casey’s high, firm, perky tits. Deanna guessed she was around a 34C. She also briefly imagined kissing Casey’s full red lips, imagined those full lips on Deanna’s bare pussy…


Deanna and her husband Jon, were veterans in the swing lifestyle and shared their sexuality with many others; couples, single women and single men. Jon was a firefighter. They’d met 10 years ago at the hospital where Deanna worked and eloped after their third date.  Everyone said it wouldn’t last, but both Jon & Deanna were proud to have proven the naysayers, including their family, wrong.  Even after a decade of marriage, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

They jumped into the lifestyle shortly after their second year of marriage. Jon soon found himself in the “secretary/social scheduler” role, having signed them up for a number of swinger websites. Deanna was the bubbly talker of the two and her outgoing personality; her years in the ER talking to people from all walks of life made it easy to strike up conversations with anyone. She wasn’t afraid to ask someone if they were in the lifestyle upon detecting a certain vibe during a conversation.

Deanna hurried home and looked up The Pin-Up Store on the internet.  She was very pleasantly surprised to see all the pretty lingerie and the sample shots from Pin-Up portraits. Casey posed in several of the pin-up shots. Deanna was delighted to confirm what she’d already thought; Casey had a firm, tight little ass, and a pair of perfectly teardrop-shaped, milky white 34Cs. Casey looked glamorous in her corsets with her long blond hair cascading down her back. Her green eyes sparkled in every photograph. Deanna found herself wanting nothing more to kiss Casey’s full lips and lick her pussy. Hmmmm…how to make this happen, she wondered.

She left The Pin-Up Store’s web page up on the computer, hoping Jon would see it. A few minutes later, Jon walked by the computer desk, stopped and gave out a catcall. “Who’s this?” he asked.  Deanna, who was folding laundry, smiled and said, “I met her on the train this afternoon. I have to admit, I wanted to ask her if she was in the lifestyle.” “You should find out,” Jon said.

So she did. The next day before leaving work, Deanna sent Casey an email to the address on the business card. It read, “Hi Casey, this is Deanna. I really enjoyed our visit on the train the other day. My husband and I were wondering if you and your husband or boyfriend would like to go out for a drink. I checked out your website; love your pics.” At lunch she checked her email on her phone and was excited to see a reply, “Hi Deanna – Steve and I would love to meet you and your husband. We’re free tonight – what do you think?” Deanna didn’t even think to call Jon to check his schedule before replying back. “Tonight is great – how about The Village Tap at 7?” 20 minutes later she checked her email again and found a reply that said “Sounds good – see you then. Here’s my number if you need to text.”

Deanna found herself working a little faster, and checking the clock every few minutes. She hadn’t been this excited about meeting someone in a long time. She texted Jon with the news and he replied back, “sounds good.” Typical male response, Deanna thought. Oh well, maybe tonight will be more of a girls’ night. I’d be ok with that, she thought. Her mind went wild with possibilities.

Deanna finished her shift and planned her outfit and hair during the entire train ride home. She was pleasantly surprised to find Jon already there, sitting on the couch with a beer and dressed to go. He gave a little wicked smile and asked, “Ready to meet your new girl tonight?” “Ha, ha” Deanna said. She went into her bedroom, peeled off her scrubs and hopped in the shower. She let the warm water cascade over her breasts, her nipples hardening and darkening in the cool mist. She soaped up her big tits and washed the rest of her body quickly. Stepping out of the shower, she eyed her closet and decided on her dark jeans, a sheer blouse, white lacy push-up bra and black boots. After finishing her makeup, she went out and declared “ready to go.” Jon looked her up and down and smiled approvingly. “Nice bra,” was all he said. He slapped her on the ass and said, “Let’s go.”

After a short train ride, they arrived first at the Village Tap. Ordering beers, they sat down and waited for Casey and Steve. After about five minutes, they arrived.  Petite Casey and her man, Steve, came over and sat down. Steve was not as tall as Jon; he was only about 5’8” but he towered over Casey’s 5’2” frame. He was good-looking with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. They ordered their own beers and chatted. After a while they discovered they had a lot in common; they enjoyed many of the same social activities and interests. Deanna was feeling the effect of the beers and decided she had nothing to lose when she put her hand high on Casey’s thigh under the table and said, “I just love those pictures on your website. You are so pretty. I bet Steve has to beat the guys off you all the time.” Jon tried not to look too surprised, as Steve laughed.  Casey smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, Steve and I enjoy attention from others, both male and female.”

“Are you swingers???” Deanna asked, incredulously. Before Casey could answer, she continued, “Jon and I have been in the lifestyle for 10 years now and we really enjoy it.” Casey simply answered, “Yes, we have been in it for a couple of years. I like girls and guys, and Steve loves women, especially taller brunettes like you.” Then, without warning, Casey leaned over gave Deanna a soft, wet kiss. “We live three blocks from here,” Casey said. Deanna’s heart raced. “Let’s go,” she whispered breathlessly before reaching in for another kiss.

The foursome left some cash on the table for the beers, grabbed their jackets and walked out, past a few customers with raised eyebrows. Time flew quickly as they reached Steve and Casey’s apartment. When they stepped inside, Deanna smiled. The apartment was very industrial-looking, with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and framed tattoo-style artwork on the walls. Steve took Deanna and Jon’s coats and asked, “Another beer?”

As Jon and Deanna began to sit on the leather sofa, Casey said, “come on in here,” and led them into the bedroom. When Casey turned on the light, Jon just said, “Wow”. There was a huge circular bed in the center of the room, piled high with pillows and several mirrors on the ceiling. “Come sit,” Casey said as she patted the bed next to her. Deanna didn’t need to be asked twice. She sat right next to Casey, who started unbuttoning Deanna’s blouse. “I’ve been admiring these since we were at the bar,” she said as she unhooked the back of Deanna’s bra, freeing her lush, full tits. Casey said nothing as she leaned over and took one of Deanna’s erect nipples into her mouth and cupped the other tit in her small hand. She caressed the side of Deanna’s heaving breast as she sucked the nipple on the other. Deanna’s head dropped back. “Ohhhhh,” Deanna sighed and ran her hands through Casey’s blond mane. Deanna’s endorphins were running at full speed. She had never been ravished like this before. Casey’s hands slid beneath Deanna’s waistband, over her shaved mound to her throbbing clit. Deanna gasped, spread her legs even wider to allow Casey’s fingers easy access to her soaking wet pussy, and unbuttoned her jeans.  She opened her eyes to find Jon sitting on the other side of the bed, simply watching the action as the bulge in his crotch grew bigger. Steve was standing in the doorway, leaning up against the wall, taking it all in. “That’s my girl,” she heard Steve say.

Deanna couldn’t wait any longer. She kicked off her boots and jeans before tugging at Casey’s tight jeans. “Not so fast, sexy lady,” Casey said. “I tasted you in my mind the moment you got on the train and I’m going to finish my fantasy.” She stood up, peeled off her sweater and kicked off her own jeans, revealing a waxed pussy and a set of perky tits with the longest nipples Deanna had ever seen. Casey mounted the bed again, spread Deanna’s legs and lowered her head between them.

Deanna’s large tits heaved up and down as her breathing quickened. Casey spread Deanna’s pussy lips and took her long, swollen clit between her own soft lips. She alternated a sucking motion with licking and heard Deanna moan in delight. Casey ran her tongue up and down her entire slit, ran her tongue around that magnificent clit, then stuck her tongue inside Deanna’s pussy, lapping up the juices. Casey continued this routine for several minutes, using her tongue exclusively as she ran her French manicure lightly along Deanna’s inner thighs. Then Casey got what she wanted: a birds-eye view of Deanna’s orgasm. Deanna’s moans increased in volume and frequency as she came on Casey’s face. Casey watched in delight as Deanna’s pussy contracted and oozed out her pussy juices with each contraction. “Yesss, God, yesss,” Deanna moaned as she stroked Casey’s hair, forehead and cheeks. Casey decided she wanted to see Deanna climax even more, so she reached over to the nightstand drawer and took out her Hitachi wand. Jon, barely able to stand by this point, managed to plug it in the wall. Casey turned on the wand to the slower setting and applied it to Deanna’s throbbing clit for a second and pulled it back. Deanna replied by spreading her legs even wider.  Casey lowered the wand to the wanting clit again and Jon dropped his pants. His massive boner needed some attention so he positioned himself next to his wife and she opened her mouth to accept his hungry cock.

By now, Steve was primed and ready for action. He stripped off his clothing, walked over to the bed, and started caressing Deanna’s huge tits, taking one nipple in his mouth. She tried to utter a moan to indicate her pleasure, but it was stuffed full of Jon’s huge, throbbing cock. Casey lifted her head out from Deanna’s thighs and instructed her husband. “Fuck her now,” she ordered. Steve traded places with Casey, lowering his thick cock and penetrating Deanna’s soaked pussy. Jon, on the verge of climax, somehow managed to withdraw his boner out of his wife’s throat as Casey made her way around the bed to him. She hopped up on the bed, turned around, and backed into Jon’s cock so he could fuck her doggy style. As he started thrusting, Casey lowered her face to Deanna’s and began a long, deep, French kiss with her new busty lover.  As all four completed this love dance, the climaxes started like dominos; Deanna first, for about the fifth time, then Steve shot his load inside her; Casey loosened her liplock on Deanna in time to moan as she came on Jon’s cock. Jon finished the dance by pulling his cock out, flipping Casey over onto her back and shooting his wad on her tits, then gently positioning her next to Deanna, who was ready to lick her creamy love dessert.

“So….” Steve inquired, “shall we do this again next week?”

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