Coach, Get the Whiteboard: Some “X’s” and “O’s” of Sex

Rick and I went to a sex toy shop last month, to pick up a few gadgets before heading off to a swing club.  The “penis pops” were a great find (see my review in an earlier post about taking props to club). I also picked up a tiny bottle of something called “On” and a lip balm called “X on the Lips”.


According to Amazon (they sell everything these days!), “X on the Lips is a kissing balm that tingles with energy, has pheromones, and transfers in a kiss! X on the Lips is formulated for everyone that wants to magically electrify their kiss. A unisex pheromone blend has been added to X on the Lips to compliment your own pheromones and to enhance your ability to attract potential partners. Just apply to your lips moments before you want to attract a kiss.” Now at this club, we didn’t meet anyone we were particularly attracted to, and didn’t play with anyone else that evening. However, I did put some of this X on my lips and, strangely enough, some people at the table behind me started offering me whiskey shots shortly afterward. Rick had gotten up to go talk to the club owner, and I was just chillin’ at the table, dancing to the music, so maybe the people at this other table a) wanted to see if I was game; b) wanted to flirt and see where it would lead; c) felt sorry for me since I was sitting there alone (although I wasn’t in any way lonely); or d) overcome with desire for me after I put X on the Lips! I’ll never know, although I did take them up on a couple of shots before Rick came back to the table.


“On” is a stimulating clitoral gel that works by delivering intense heat to a woman’s happy spot. I rubbed some of this gel on my clit while at the club, and it does offer up the warm fuzzy feeling advertised on the package.  I’ve used it a couple of times and, for me, I had to use a lot more than the “two or three drops” recommended in the product instructions. I didn’t notice any increased intensity of my orgasms after using it, but I did enjoy the heightened warmth down there during foreplay. “On” can be purchased at Amazon as well.

In the myriad of products available to help us get turned on and get our rocks off, I would have to say X marks the spot (or hit the spot, in Rick’s case), while “On” didn’t really get me to my O Face any quicker.

What fun products do you like to use during playtime? Share your recommendations here!

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