Is your kiss on my list? Check out this swinger’s to-do list?

My husband and I got into the swing lifestyle to add a bit of zest to our relationship and sex life. I believe it’s brought us closer together, if only because we are forced to talk about some very intimate subjects. While there isn’t a shopping list of people and experiences we take with us when we go to a club, or a meet & greet, there are some specific things I’d like to say I did before it’s all said and done.

Here’s my Lifestyle Wish List (Swinger Santa, I’ve been a really good girl this year!)

  1. To have several women lavish me with attention, much like in the Red Room on Playboy Channel’s “Swing”.
  2. To squirt all over a stranger’s face.
  3. To watch my husband fuck another woman.
  4. To have my pussy eaten by several men with perfect 5 o’ clock shadow (Don’t Fear the Beard stories are based on that fantasy!)
  5. To travel somewhere with another couple just for the purpose of recreational sex in a beautiful setting.
  6. To have a threesome with Christina Hendricks.  And that’s my fantasy, not his. (Isn’t she gorgeous?? And what a rack!)Christina%20Hendricks%20in%20Easy%20Living%20Magazine-01[1]
  7. To convert the extra room over the garage into a play room.
  8. To sit on my husband’s face while another woman rides his cock and makes out with me.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on. And as I fulfill the items listed, I’ll come back and check them off – and spill all the naughty details!

What’s on your swinger to-do list?


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