Don’t Fear the Beard (Part 2)


A week after Kathy’s house party, Stacey’s mind was still reliving her most explosive climax ever at the hands and mouth of her new bearded fantasy man, Matt. After she and Justin went home, she all but forced him on the bed, sucked his cock to full arousal, scooted up to his face, and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his waiting lips and tongue. “Wow,” he said, “I can’t believe you’re still up for more.”  She rocked her pussy back and forth over his mouth while replaying her encounter with Matt over and over in her mind. Justin’s tongue expertly found her throbbing clit and flicked Stacey to another orgasm. As her love juices gushed down Justin’s face, and into his mouth, Stacey moaned, gripping the headboard with her right hand and rolling her nipple between her left thumb and forefinger. As good as it felt with Justin, she missed the friction of Matt’s thick stubble on her labia and inner thighs.

As Stacey pondered her options for Justin and his lack of facial hair, she felt him lift her hips off his face asking, “Do you have one more in you?” Rather than answer verbally, she scooted backwards to his still-hard cock, silently amazed that he could stay hard that long, and lowered herself around his thick shaft. As he filled her wet pussy, she grabbed Justin’s hands for support and balance and began to bop up and down, back and forth. They found their familiar rhythm quickly and Stacey closed her eyes as she grabbed Justin’s thighs behind her. His freed hands found her ample tits and began tugging on her nipples, escalating Stacey’s arousal. Her thighs began to stiffen as she arched her back with a low moan, signaling her climax. The rhythmic contracting of her pussy coaxed Justin’s throbbing cock to release its load. Stacey could feel her husband’s hot cum shooting up into her pussy, mixing with the juices from her own climax. She collapsed on top of Justin.

“Do you think you could start growing a beard?” she asked him breathlessly. He reached up and weakly rubbed his lower cheeks and chin. “I’m not sure how thick it would be. Mine’s always been kinda scrawny, but if you want, I’ll try…” he responded. “Thanks, baby,” Stacey whispered, as she rolled off Justin, turned over, and dozed off.


A few days later, with the weekend fast approaching, Stacey was online, checking out the party lineup at the local swing clubs. Wet t-shirt night at one, male stripper contest at another, blah, blah, blah. She decided to text her friend Kathy: “Hi sweets-how ‘bout another party at ur house? Invite some guys w/facial hair, K?” A few minutes later Kathy texted back:  “Been talking about inviting a few newbies plus you & J. TTYL” A tingle went up Stacey’s spine. She loved meeting new people, especially new men; she loved getting to know them almost as much as she loved fucking them for the first time. “I think I’ll buy myself some new panties,” she thought as she typed out on her laptop browser…


As she and Justin pulled up to Kathy and Scott’s house and parked in the driveway that Friday night, Stacey noticed a new truck parked in front of the house. “Hmmm…newbies must be anxious,” she chuckled to herself.  Justin gave a courtesy knock on the front door before opening it and walking inside. “What the fu…?” he muttered to himself as he saw a head that wasn’t Scott’s sitting on the sofa, looking out through the sliding glass doors as if he were in a trance. Then he saw Kathy’s head pop up from his crotch, “Hey, there. Didn’t hear you come in,” she said. “Dave, these are my friends Stacey and Justin. I told you about Stacey. She likes facial hair.” As her head disappeared, presumably to put her mouth back on Dave’s cock, Dave turned around and said “nice to meet you”, and revealed a full frontal bush. On his face. This guy must be Grizzly Adams’ son, Stacey thought. She smiled and followed Justin, who was on his way to the kitchen to crack open a beer and to find Scott. Stacey grabbed a beer herself, and went back into the living room to watch Kathy blow Dave. As she watched her old college friend bob, suck, lick and slurp, Stacey swore she felt her pussy tingle just a little bit. Her courage rising, she smiled her biggest smile and asked sweetly, “Got room for one more?” Dave grinned through his beard and said, “Sure, gorgeous. Kathy told me all about you,” at which point Kathy came up for air and said, “Let’s take it to the bedroom.” She got up, grabbed Dave’s hand, who, in turn grabbed Stacey’s hand and led her first partners of the evening into the master bedroom.

Stacey loved this room. There was a huge king-sized bed right in the middle with a leather headboard. To the right was a padded bench with padding on the armrests, perfect for blowing a hot cock or fingering herself while watching others play on the bed. To the left was Kathy’s stripper pole and just beyond was the master bath with the walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub. The trio climbed to the middle of the bed. Dave sprawled on his back and Kathy resumed her place between his legs, mouth on cock. Stacey took no time to undress and join them on the bed. Her pussy wanted some thick hair to rub against and a hot wet tongue to suck her swelling clit. She lifted one leg over his face and lowered herself down. She felt Dave’s thick beard start to tickle her inner thighs. “Ohhh…” she sighed as Dave opened his mouth slightly and found Stacey’s clit with his tongue. He flicked her clit back and forth, alternating with gentle kisses.

“Yesss….” She whispered, and began the familiar back-and-forth motion on his face. Dave’s hands reached around and parted Stacey’s thighs further, lowering her clit even more than it already was. This enabled him to start suckling Stacey’s hardened, engorged love button. As his lips closed around her clit, Stacey’s body responded. Her nipples grew darker, beads of sweat began forming between her C-cup tits, her breathing quickened, and she felt the ecstasy approaching. “GOD!!!” she yelled as her pussy contracted. “DON’T STOP!” she begged him. He obeyed and just lay there, applying a perfect combination of pressurized sucking and flicking her clit back and forth with his tongue. He continued this routine and brought Stacey to another climax before he stopped. As she opened her eyes, she saw Kathy rising from between Dave’s legs, his cum juices dripping from her chin. She had sucked him and swallowed his load all while Stacey was riding his face. Stacey crawled off Dave’s face and flopped down next to him on the bed, panting. She noticed him panting too, and he grabbed her hand to give it a squeeze. As Kathy returned from the bathroom, where she went to grab a towel, she said to Stacey, “I heard what a great time you had the other night, so I planned this party kind of in your honor.”

As Stacey thought about what that might mean, Kathy said, “Come with me.” Stacey got up and followed her down the hall to Kathy and Scott’s guest bedroom, which doubled as a theme room for some of their parties. Tonight the bed was moved over against a wall, and the padded chaise lounge from the living room was in its place, with four restraints surrounding it. “What’s all this?” Stacey asked. “You’ll find out soon enough,” Kathy said. Dave remained silent. “Let’s go meet the other newbies,” Kathy said. They walked back to the kitchen and Stacey stopped in her tracks: in the kitchen stood three gorgeous guys with various amounts of facial hair. No women were present; just these three guys.

“Ok, Stace – meet Greg, Max and Darren,” Kathy said. “Their wives are out in the pool with Scott and Justin.” Stacey craned her neck to look past Dave to the backyard, where she saw two blondes and a redhead, completely nude, lounging in the shallow end of the pool next to her and Kathy’s naked husbands.

“It’s Ladies’ Night, Stacey,” Kathy went on. “And we’re going to play a game. ”Stacey, you go first. C’mon,” she took Stacey’s hand and led her back to the guest bedroom. “These guys want to eat your pussy. It’ll be more fun with the restraints and a blindfold,” she added. Kathy sensed Stacey’s hesitation, and reassured her, “Relax, I’ll be right here, and it’s always been one of my fantasies to see you get gangbanged. Even if it’s with mouths instead of cocks.”

Stacey looked past Kathy’s shoulder and saw the three new guys, plus Dave, lined up in the hall. “Come on girl, let’s get started,” she instructed. She sat Stacey down on the chaise and the four guys came in. Kathy put the blindfold over Stacey’s eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. Stacey was surprised at the kiss, especially in the darkness that now enveloped her. She felt her hands being pulled down toward the floor, and her legs being spread as soft velvety straps secured her ankles to the floor. Stacey’s heart started racing. She felt a pair of hands run up her thighs, stopping short of her glistening pussy lips. She was about to say something when she felt a rough, sandpapery sensation against her clit. She figured it was Max, the second one she met. He was taller, brown hair, blue eyes, short stubble, like he had just shaved that morning. Max was good. He inserted his tongue inside her pussy, fully tasted her juices before slowly swirling his tongue around Stacey’s throbbing clit. “More, please more,” Stacey cried. Max obliged, darting his tongue in and out of Stacey’s soaking pussy, and alternately kissing and licking her clit.

Next was Greg, the shortest of the trio, with a shaved head and dark eyes, although Stacey didn’t know it. He gently kissed his way up Stacey’s right inner thigh, rubbing his softer, longer scruff along her skin as he continued north to her clit, which by now was so swollen with desire that it poked out from underneath its hood. Greg kissed her clit, ran his tongue up and down her slit, before surprising Stacey by inserting his tongue into her tight, pink asshole. She was confined to her darkness, unable to move her arms and legs, and all her energy was concentrated in the core of her womanhood. She felt an orgasm welling up inside her, and was ready to explode on Greg’s face. When she felt a finger penetrate her soaking cunt she let go. “YESSSS!!!” she cried as she writhed on the chaise, her limbs battling with the restraints. Greg continued rimming her ass, and as Stacey’s breathing returned to normal, his touch disappeared.

Darren was next. With his shaggy surfer-style hair, brown eyes and goatee, he was the least hairy of the three, but his scruff was thick. Darren leaned into Stacey’s pulsating cunt and wasted no time. He started by lapping her pussy juices like a thirsty dog in front of a bowl of water. He licked her so fast she thought he was like a human vibrator. He inserted two fingers and found her g-spot. Applying the most perfect pressure while continuing to lick her hungry pussy, Darren provided just the release Stacey was looking for. “More, please, don’t stop. I’m going to cum. More…” then it stopped. “What the hell???” Stacey screamed. “Shhh, babe,” she heard a male voice whisper. I’m gonna give it to ya.” She then felt her pussy being penetrated by a stiff cock. He thrust urgently, bringing Stacey back to the point of no return. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she implored. Stacey couldn’t help but notice this stranger’s scent. It was a familiar smell to her, but her mind was so focused on her impending orgasm she couldn’t think straight. The cock continued thrusting, and brought Stacey to a trembling climax, pussy contracting quickly around this thick cock. She heard him moan as he climaxed, shooting a huge load of cum high up inside her pussy. As he slowed down she said, “Please, take off my blindfold.” He reached up, took it off, and the subtle light temporarily blinded Stacey. As her eyes adjusted, she looked up into the face of her husband, Justin, who was smiling back at her. For the first time in her life, Stacey was speechless. She just lay there and stared back at him. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Honey, I may not have the scruffy beard, but babe, I got the cock.”

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