Ride Like You Stole It (or Ride Like You Swapped It)


This past weekend we went to an awesome resort that caters to lifestyle couples, nudists and bikers. The event was for biker enthusiasts, but friends of any of those three walks of life were welcome to attend. It started me thinking about swingers and their vanilla friends vs. lifetstyle friends; the topics you can discuss with one group, you can’t necessarily discuss with the other.

My wonderful hubby Rick rides a Harley, and I ride “bitch” (on the back). He is a member of a motorcycle club, or MC. Membership in MCs is for men only (although I am sure there are some ladies’ MCs out there). The “Old Ladies,” as wives and girlfriends are called, are not allowed into the club during meetings, and have no influence on the club rules, activities or agenda, although they can join the men after meetings for the social time. Of course, during social events, rallies, parties, women are always welcome (and encouraged) to show off their tits or simply go naked, and it’s okay for others to look at someone’s wife or GF, but touching is seldom encouraged. In fact, it’s usually DIScouraged.

One could easily assume that bikers, given their ‘anything goes’ nature, would be accepting of the swing lifestyle. But for the most part, bikers’ attitudes about their women are the same as their attitudes about their bikes: you may look, but DO NOT TOUCH unless I give you permission. To do anything else would be disrespectful.

On the other hand, lifestyle couples, by virtue of the fact they’re participating in the lifestyle, have implicitly agreed to allow others of the opposite sex to flirt, touch, and, in many cases, take the significant other to a separate room and fuck their brains out. But I know that if I told a man (or a woman) “no”, and he or she continued to pressure me, or make me feel uncomfortable, Rick would be one pissed off husband and make life hell for that person. And I would do the same for him.

It’s an interesting contrast.

We don’t usually discuss our swing adventures with our biker friends, although we do know of a few biker couples who’ve dabbled in the lifestyle. A while back we even took a couple who rides to a swing club (at their request), but once inside, we could tell the girl was visibly uncomfortable. We mutually agreed to part ways and have our own fun, and didn’t see them for the rest of the night. A month or two later, we learned they were divorcing.  That’s an extreme example, I understand, but

Back to this weekend; among other things, we spent a good chunk of one day sitting bare-ass naked in the hot tub with people who were either bikers or swingers, but didn’t meet couples into both lifestyles. For the record, yes, I did show off my titties, ass, and pussy to many people this weekend. I’m probably in the gallery of more than a few cell phones.

Personally, I feel that if you’re going to run around wearing nothing but beads and flip-flops, showing your junk to everyone, how is it less acceptable to actually swap partners for sex?

I think most of the swingers we met don’t ride, and most of the bikers we met don’t swap. But we met some cool people from both groups and we’ll continue to stay active in both lifestyles.

Bikers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic; do you swing? If not, why not?

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