Don’t Fear The Beard (Part 1)

man with facial beard eats pussy

As she sat in the Jacuzzi and felt the hot water swirling around her as it lapped gently against her bountiful tits, Stacey felt bored. Not even the busty blonde who was fingering her could hold her interest. Stacey and her husband, Justin, were at a swingers’ house party – which is how they usually spent their Saturday nights. She looked at Justin across the Jacuzzi. He didn’t appear to be bored at all; a hot brunette was apparently jacking him off under the water as she whispered in his ear and kissed his neck. He started making his “O” face, and Stacey decided it was time to find something else to do. She was troubled at the fact that her blonde friend wasn’t holding her interest, but had no problem grabbing Blondie’s hand to stop the action and saying, “thanks, sweetie, but I’m feeling a little lightheaded and I need to get out.”

Before Blondie had a chance to protest, Stacey was out and walking across the deck to the outdoor bar. She and Justin had been to house parties here many times before and she knew her way around the backyard quite well. She and the female half of the homeowners were old college friends. In fact, they had eaten each other’s pussies many times before she met Justin. As Stacey went to the back side of the bar to find an open bottle of wine, her nipples hardened in the slight summer breeze. As she stood up to pour herself a glass of pinot noir, she caught a reflection of herself in the window and smiled. Her damp, blonde hair showed its natural curl, her tits were still perky and firm, her nipples were dark and getting harder by the minute. She was blessed with a high, tight ass thanks to all those hours dancing in the clubs with Justin.

“Looks pretty good, I’d say,” she heard a man’s voice say. She spun around quickly, ready to say, “I wasn’t looking at myself, really,” but instead she saw a gorgeous man; about six-foot-two, brown hair, deep blue eyes with the sexiest 5 o’clock shadow on his face she had ever seen. He was in good shape; not too ripped, so she knew he wasn’t spending hours at the gym, but not out of shape either.

All Stacey could do was utter a squeaky, “Hi”, and try not to spill wine on herself. “I’m Matt,” he said as he extended his hand. Trying to regain her composure, she shook his hand and asked, “Would you like some wine?” “Sure, if you tell me your name,” he laughed. Duh, Stacey thought, “I’m Stacey. Sorry. You just caught me off guard. I haven’t seen you here before. Is this your first time?”

“First time here, not first time swinging,” Matt replied. “I’m here with my girlfriend, Angie. She’s over there,” he pointed over to the cabana area where the only woman Stacey saw was a brunette with huge tits bent over sucking an older guy’s cock. “We’ve known him and his wife for a long time. I played with the wife inside before coming out here,” he explained. As he talked, Stacey came around to his side of the bar and took a quick glance down, but quickly returned her gaze upward, trying hard not to stare.

“How ‘bout you?” he asked. “First time here?” “Oh, no,” she said. “Kathy and I have been friends since college and we come here several times a month. My husband is over there in the Jacuzzi,” she said, as she pointed toward Justin, who was still enjoying the world’s longest handjob by his brunette friend.

Stacey and Matt continued making small talk, when Stacey realized something profound. In the four years she and Justin had been in the lifestyle, she had never been with a man with facial hair. She started to wonder what it would feel like to have Matt’s beard rub on her pussy. The thought made her pussy juices start to flow and her nipples tingle. She must have been staring a little too long, because Matt said, “Is there something on my face?” as he wiped his cheeks.

“Not at all” Stacey said. “I was just realizing that, in all the men I’ve been with in the lifestyle, none of them have ever had any kind of facial hair, and I was wondering what it would be like to…” she didn’t get to finish because Matt leaned over and started kissing her softly. She parted her lips to welcome his tongue inside her mouth and tried to stifle a giggle as his beard tickled her cheeks. He drew back and asked her, “Well, what do you think?” “I think I want more!” Stacey gushed.

Matt took her wine glass and sat it down next to his. He gently pulled her closer to him and started kissing her again. She moaned and her breathing quickened. He slowly moved down to her neck and started kissing and nuzzling her soft skin with his scruff. Stacey wrapped her arms around his neck and held tight. This was the most exciting thing that happened to her all night. She had fucked one other guy before the blonde in the Jacuzzi, but feeling Matt’s scruff against her skin awakened a desire in her she had not felt in some time. Matt took her tits in each hand, softly stroking the sides before playing with her nipples, which were long and hard and ready. Stacey was running her fingers through Matt’s thick brown hair and losing all sense of reality. Matt continued his trek south and stopped at her left breast. Taking the nipple in his mouth, he suckled her for a minute then ran his chin over the tip. “Ohhhhh….” was all she could muster. She had the presence of mind to run her hands down his chest and belly to his cock, now hard and pulsating. Stacey wrapped her hands around it and started stroking.

“Hey, girl, keep doing that and I’m going to shoot my load all over you. I want you to enjoy my beard some more. Let’s go over here.” Matt said. He led Stacey by the hand to a padded chaise lounge. Sitting her down, he knelt down in front of her and spread her legs. He ordered her to lie back and she complied. She was so ready to give herself to this beautiful stranger. As she spread her legs she could feel the wetness of her shaved pussy.

“What a pretty pussy you have,” Matt said. “So clean and pink.” He propped her legs up over his shoulders and gently spread her thick pussy lips apart and found her clit, engorged, throbbing, red, swollen and soaking wet. He ran his cheek against her right thigh and heard her gasp. He felt her fingers on his shoulders, his forehead and finally, his hair. As he ran his tongue up and down her slit, she started gyrating her hips. He ran his tongue down her slit, up around her clit, back down her slit to her ass then back up to her clit again. By this time Stacey was gasping for breath, her big tits heaving in anticipation.

Matt drew back the hood of Stacey’s swollen clit, took her love button in his mouth and started sucking ever so gently. Stacey arched her back and moaned louder. Matt expertly inserted two fingers in Stacey’s pussy and found her G-spot swollen, like it was ready to explode. He had never had a woman squirt on his face which excited him even more. Then Matt decided to try something his girlfriend liked occasionally; two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. He moved his hand around without Stacey even noticing and inserted his pinky finger into Stacey’s tight ass. And continued to suck her clit.

HOLY SHIT!” Stacey yelled. She felt her orgasm building and felt that familiar sensation of needing to pee. “Holy shit,” she whispered again. She was going to come on Matt’s face. She was being carried away on a host of new sensations: the feeling of his scruffy beard on her most sensitive parts, his finger massaging her ass like she had never experienced. As he continued sucking her engorged clit and massaging her g-spot and finger-fucking her ass, Stacey let go. Her pink pussy began contracting as she closed her eyes and moaned like an animal. This was by far the longest orgasm she’d ever had and it showed no sign of letting up. Then she felt the squirt. She opened her eyes to watch her pussy drench her hot new sex partner’s face. She was squirting her love juices in his hair, his eyes, his open mouth and he kept fingering her and sucking her. She felt her pussy contract again and said, “God, Matt, please fuck me!” “Gladly,” he said. He stood up, flipped Stacey over like she was a rag doll, without any complaints from her, and filled her soaking pussy with his huge stud. He took both of her hands behind her back, and held them with one hand while he managed to get that pinky back into Stacey’s hot little ass. It wasn’t three hard thrusts before he felt Stacey’s pussy tighten around his cock like G.I. Joe’s Kung Fu grip. He had been holding off so long he decided he couldn’t wait any more. Letting go of her hands, Matt grabbed her hips as he came, growling like a bear and shooting a hot load of cum in Stacey’s hot, soaking, exhausted pussy.

After he finished, he leaned down, wrapped his arms around Stacey’s waist and tickled the back of her neck with his beard. Stacey was still breathing hard as she looked over her shoulder at him and said, “I think I’m going to throw out Justin’s razor tonight when I get home.”

That night, Stacey discovered something new about herself and she wasn’t about to let it go. If one man’s beard could turn her on this much, think of how hot she’d get with several beards…stay tuned…


Photo credit: A Lady That Kneels





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