Wearing Nothing but a Passport (or Planning our 1st Swingers’ Vacation)


My wonderful husband and I are going to Temptations resort in Cancun next month. This is our first swingers’ vacation.  Since I am a planner, I’ve started making a mental list of the things we’ll need to do beforehand, and the things we need to take with us. Over the past week I’ve realized that the prep work for a vacay like this takes a little more effort, like:

-Making sure we have togas for the Toga Party – really?? I haven’t thought much about togas since college, and that’s only because I was watching Animal House. Should I make one, or buy one? And all the accessories, too – gladiator sandals, clunky bracelets, a Cleopatra wig? And that’s just one theme night.

-Lingerie night – I have plenty to choose from already, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pick from that drawer. Of course I want something pretty, fresh and new.

-Tanning/Waxing/Hair Color/Mani-pedi – gotta keep those up because of course we want to attract many desirable playmates who are taking care of these same things, right? 😛

-Losing 15 lbs.- not sure I’ll make that goal, but I’m trying.

-Sex toys – do I want to take mine? What if I get pulled aside by TSA because they see my Hitachi wand on the little monitors? What if my suitcase gets opened? I read somewhere that it’s against the law in my state to transport sex toys. Is it worth getting arrested?

LOL – I am overthinking this. Or am I?

Update: one of the activities we’re going to indulge in is called the “Sensual Package for Couples.” It includes:
Jacuzzi with fruits of the season plate and drink of you preference
According to you fantasies… traveling to:
Brazil · Orient · Africa         (hmmmm….where should I (we) go?)
Experimenting an erotic massage – I think they mean “experience an erotic massage”, but hell, they had me at “erotic massage”. Can’t wait for this!

Readers, do you have any tips for a fun-filled swing vacay? Anyone been to Temptations before and want to share their experiences?

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