Michelle’s Treasure Box


“So, who do you find ‘fuckable’ in here?” my husband Rick asked me. We were enjoying our drinks in a local swingers’ club and people-watching on a Saturday night. The club was packed with couples and single women, dancing, flirting, some were fucking in various ‘play rooms’. My eye was drawn to a gorgeous, curvy brunette sitting at a nearby table with a man, enjoying his company, yet checking out the possibilities…

Earlier in the evening, Rick and I decided that I would be the instigator on this night. Putting on my clingiest dress to accentuate my legs, I felt sexy and confident. I went over and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Shalynne,” I said and extended my hand. “Michelle,” she said, “and this is my husband, Jake.” He smiled and shook my hand and invited me to join them. I sat down and complimented her on her earrings. We chatted a few minutes more, then I waved my husband over to join us. We continued talking and laughing, then Michelle leaned forward and put her hand on my thigh, whispering, “I don’t mean to sound forward, but Jake and I were talking about how pretty you are, and how we’d enjoy playing with you, if you’re up for it.” I tried not to look too surprised, (or too eager), and replied, “I’d love to play with you, but I always play with my husband, so if he’s welcome, then I’d love for the four of us to play.” “Sure,” she said. “But would you be willing to play with me, alone, for a bit? The guys can join us afterward.”

My heart lept into my throat. I’d never played with another woman alone before. And Michelle was hot: she had 36DD tits, beautiful, sexy hips, and a juicy, round ass. She wasn’t skinny; she weighed about 150 pounds, but she was luscious. She had full lips and milky white skin. I couldn’t wait to run my hands over her tits, play with her nipples, and explore her wet, juicy pussy. Before I could even think, I said, “let’s go!” She took my hand as we got up, and led me to a bed in a group room. She stopped, turned to face me, then leaned in and softly kissed me. I reached around and ran my hands over her firm, curvy ass before moving upward to unzip her dress. As it fell to the floor I reached up and cupped her heavy tits in my hands and ran my thumbs back and forth over her hard nipples.

She moaned softly as I gently sat her down on the edge of the bed. She scooted herself back a little and I spread her legs, without any resistance from her. I got on all fours and began to explore her love box. I started lightly licking her slit, then parted her lips and ran my tongue slowly around her clit. She arched her back and started running her fingers through my hair. I slowly inserted one finger into her soaking wet pussy and found her G-spot. I began massaging it rhythmically as I reached up and caressed her left breast. Her moans became louder and louder then I felt it…her love nectar gushed out of her pussy, covering my face, hands and sheets with her sweet juices. I kept massaging and I felt her pussy contract again. I looked up and saw beads of sweat glistening between her tits as she caught her breath. “OH MY GOD, SHAY, THAT WAS AMAZING!” she said, and looked around to find that we were being watched by several couples and two men – our husbands.
“But now it’s your turn,” she said, and we quickly switched positions. I’m not sure how my dress came off, but it was gone; all I had on were my stiletto heels. She began kissing me, her soft lips parting mine as she ran her tongue around my teeth before progressing down my neck, then my own double Ds, down my stomach to my pussy that was soaked in anticipation of this beauty’s attention. I spread my legs to give her better access and she expertly found my throbbing clit and wasted no time. She kissed and gently sucked my clit as her fingers wandered into my hungry pussy. She found my happy spot in no time and within minutes I was writhing in ecstasy and moaning every bit as loud as she had been. After two orgasms, she slowed down the massaging and I heard familiar voices approaching us. “Can we join in?” Jake and Rick asked. “Of course,” I said, as Michelle and I got onto all fours on the bed. As we were getting into position, I looked over Michelle’s shoulder and saw the face of my husband. He was getting ready to penetrate Michelle from behind, as Jake gently drew my hips back to meet his. I could see Rick and Michelle finding their rhythm as Jake started to fuck me from behind and stroking my back. Michelle was moaning again with delight, obviously enjoying having my husband’s thick cock inside her. I was close enough to Michelle to kiss her again, and she giggled. “God, this is amazing,” she said before closing her eyes again and letting out a moan telling the room that she was climaxing all over Rick’s cock. Seeing her get such pleasure from my husband heightened my arousal, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment and riding my own wave of pleasure, straddled on Jake’s hard cock.

Then I heard more moaning, this time coming from the guys. Sensing they were about to shoot their loads into us, I said to Michelle, “let’s suck them dry.” She nodded in agreement and we both stopped rocking on our guys’ cocks and crawled over to our husbands, taking their cocks in our mouths. I could taste Michelle’s love juices on Rick’s throbbing cock, mixed with his pre-cum. I slowly drew him in and down my throat. I could hear Jake saying to Michelle, “aaahh, baby, that’s it. Suck it good.” I kept sucking Rick’s cock until I felt his legs shake. I knew he was close and kept flicking the head with my tongue. “Yeah baby,” he said, then his warm jizz bubbled out of his cock and slid down my throat. I kept sucking and lapping up his cum until he was clean. I looked over and saw that Jake had just climaxed and was lying back on the bed, nuzzling Michelle. Rick and I both collapsed next to them and after catching our breath, I gave Michelle a soft kiss on the lips and said, “when can we do this again?” “Soon,” she answered. “Very soon.”

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