Having a hard time starting a convo at a swing club? Try using props.


There is no question that being in the swing lifestyle teaches us a lot about ourselves; who we are, what we like, what we desire, etc. One of the most insightful things I’ve learned about myself lately is that I have a tiny bit of social anxiety when meeting new people, and sometimes I get very quiet until I’ve gotten to know someone. Not a good trait to have when you’re looking for other couples to have sex with. LOL

Hubby is less shy, but there have been a couple of times when we’ve been to a club and find ourselves sitting there, talking to each other and not mingling with new people. But a couple of months ago, we learned an easy way to break out of that rut.


We were out-of-town one weekend, with plans to attend a party at a new-to-us swing club. Most swing clubs are BYOB, so we had to stop somewhere to buy liquor. We found small liquor store and went inside, and took some time to check out the selection before getting some lemonade vodka. Hubby was looking around for some Jameson Whiskey, a new favorite, and came across some Apple Pie moonshine in a mason jar. “Hey, let’s take some of this and share it with people we meet,” he said.  We’ve had Apple Pie before and it’s pretty strong, but I said, “Sure.” We paid for our purchases and left.

Later, at the party, which turned out to be HUGE, Hubby started offering swigs of Apple Pie to most ladies who passed by. Some took him up on the offer, most didn’t. But it was a hell of a lot easier to start a conversation with complete strangers by offering them a fun drink than it was to just sit there. We offered some to a couple who ended up moving to our table and, later, ended up getting naked with us. J

Another convo prop we used just last week were “penis ring pops.” Before we headed out to the club, we stopped at a sex toy store to see what was new. We bought a couple of new toys, and saw some “penis ring pops” near the cash register. Since we were headed to a St. Paddy’s Day party, I pulled out the green ones, and we purchased those. We took them to the club and shared them with a number of ladies.  Although we didn’t play with anyone that night, it was a lot of fun and a great convo starter.

Do you take props with you to swing clubs? Which ones are your favorites?

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