Swing Club or Sexy Dance Club? (or, “How Late is too Late to Play?)

titty bling

Last weekend my husband and I went to a Swingers club. This club, which shall remain unnamed for now, is generally a fun club. We’ve been there probably four or five times in the last year and have met some nice people. They always have a fun ice-breaker activity and fun contests. (For the record, I was there defending my title from a contest I won last year!) There was a variety of ages represented and a few fairly large playrooms. If you’re into on-premise play, this is the place for you. And we had no complaints, even though we didn’t hook up with another couple that night. But we have noticed a trend at this club: people don’t actually play there until the very wee hours of the morning.

Why do you suppose that is? It’s not like the atmosphere wasn’t ripe for play; after the contest (in which I did not repeat as champion, but came in a very close second), there were lap dances for the birthday people and girls taking turns on the stripper pole in various states of undress. We ended up leaving about 1:30 a.m., after consuming a few drinks and talking to a lot of people. There were half-naked chicks grinding on the dance floor with guys and girls, the DJ was spinning tunes nonstop, the BYOBs were still flowing, and yet there were only two couples in one play room. Not playing with each other.

Not that we were disappointed or anything, but it did cause one of us to ask the other: is this really a swing club or is it just a super-sexy dance club?

Our past experiences in clubs have depended on whether it’s an on-site club or not. There are three or four on-site clubs in our area; we’ve played with couples and people at two or three of those, and have been to some house parties. Sometimes playtime depends on how many beds there are available. But for the most part, the other clubs’ playtime starts much earlier – usually before midnight. With the one or two off-site clubs we’ve been to, it’s hard to tell when people start to leave to play.

Nonetheless, it was a fun evening meeting people, dancing, drinking and getting half-naked on the stage in front of a hundred strangers (for me, anyway).

How about you? Do you like to start play by a certain hour? How late is too late?

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